How to Get High Quality Microsoft Teams Transcription for Meetings & Recordings

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Video conferencing is the new ‘being there.’ And every business has its weapon of choice. Zoom captured the zeitgeist; Slack wants to be your friend; and it’s hard not to bump into Google Meet as you cruise the digital workplace.

But if your workplace already makes use of Microsoft 365, then Microsoft Teams has probably proven the Better Choice. Microsoft 365 Business Premium Teams is $20 per user per month. Like the Basic and Standard packages, Teams is included at no extra cost.

Live transcription within Teams is possible. This can be very useful for improving accessibility. However, getting a record of the transcript is trickier and is at the discretion of the meeting’s organizer and presenters. Of course, Teams can’t provide a finished transcript if nobody requested a live transcript in the first place. Also, this is not a very accurate solution compared to professional transcriptionists.

A more versatile and accurate way to get meeting transcripts from Teams is to use Rev’s transcription service. Rev provides human transcription services (99% accurate) for $1.25 per minute of recorded audio. Automatic transcription services (80%+ accurate) are $0.25 per minute. Rev also offers a number of integrations with Microsoft Teams through Zapier.

First Thing’s First: Record Your Microsoft Teams Meeting

You will need to provide Rev with an audio or video recording of your meeting. So that’s where we’ll start with our full instructions on how to get a transcription of your Teams video.

1. Start or join your Teams meeting

You need to be the meeting organizer or part of the same organization to record the meeting.

2. Start recording your meeting

Go to More actions > Start recording. Only one person can record the meeting through Teams. But, the recording will be shared in the cloud regardless of who pressed Record.

3. Stop recording

Go to More actions > Stop recording.

4. Download your meeting recording

When the recording has been processed, it will be available in one of two places: SharePoint for channel meetings and OneDrive for other types of Teams meeting. The link will also appear in the chat or channel conversation.

How to Transcribe a Microsoft Teams Meeting Recording

Ordering a transcript from Rev is a simple and intuitive process. Here are the steps that you need to take once you have your Teams recording.

1. Go to the Rev Transcription page

This is the landing page for Rev’s transcriptions services. Here, you can find out more about Rev’s process and compare prices against leading competitors. Spoiler alert: Rev is significantly cheaper than GMR, TranscribeMe!, and Scribie.

2. Click “Get Started”

Scroll down to find the big red button marked GET STARTED. Click it.

3. Upload your Microsoft Teams recording

To upload your Teams audio or video recording, find the file on your computer and drag it to the ‘Upload Files’ box. Or, click UPLOAD FILES and navigate to your recording through the dialogue box. You can also paste a URL if your recording is available on a public cloud storage location.

4. Choose transcription add-ons (optional)

Once your files start uploading, you’ll be presented with options for your transcript:

  • Rush My Order (+ $1.00/min). All files will be expedited and delivered up to 5x faster.
  • Timestamping (+ $0.25/min). Transcript synced to audio with timestamps on every paragraph.
  • Verbatim (+ $0.25/min). Include filler words (um, ah), nonverbal communication, and false starts.
  • Instant First Draft (+ $0.10/min). Machine-generated transcript delivered in minutes.

If you don’t choose any of the extras, the final price of your human-generated transcript will be $1.25 per minute of recorded dialogue.

Please note, you can continue to upload additional recordings at this stage if you have more than one Teams meeting to transcribe.

Your estimated delivery time will appear once your video has uploaded.

5. Checkout

Click CHECKOUT. You will have the opportunity to sign in to Rev or open an account if necessary. Make your payment and sit back.

6. View and edit your transcript

Rev will email you the moment your transcript is ready. Click View and Edit Transcript to access the transcript in our unique editor alongside your uploaded video. Here, you can play through your video while checking your transcript. Edit, highlight, strikethrough, or annotate your transcript if you wish. Rev has an excellent Transcript Editor for final touch-ups. Finally, export in Word, PDF, or .txt format.

How to Get an Automated Teams Meeting Transcript with Rev

Rev’s human-made transcripts are guaranteed 99% accurate. But if speed and budget are more important to you than accuracy, Rev offers computer-generated transcripts with industry-leading accuracy of 80% or more. Final accuracy depends on background noise, strong accents, and the use of uncommon names or technical words.

If you have already started uploading your video following the process above, it is easy to switch to automated. Look at the four checkboxes for additional options. You can check the fourth, Instant First Draft, to pay for a fast, automated transcript in addition to your human transcript. Or, click Order separately? to switch from human to automated transcription altogether. Ordering automated transcription alone costs $0.25 per minute.

The other way to get an automated transcription is to follow the same instructions as above, but starting from this automated transcription page. Click TRY FREE NOW to get to the upload page and finally the checkout, although you won’t be presented with the extra options along the way.

Boost Productivity with Teams Transcription for Meetings

A meeting transcript is an excellent tool to check details, bring colleagues up to speed, and keep a record of your company’s processes. The proliferation of video conferences and the affordability/accuracy of transcription services mean that it now makes more sense to transcribe a meeting than to let it pass by. If your organization uses Microsoft Teams for meetings, why not give transcription a whirl next time around?

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