BlueJeans Transcription: How to Record & Transcribe BlueJeans Meetings

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BlueJeans is one of the most popular online meeting and video conferencing solutions available today. Businesses and individuals everywhere use it because it’s accessible for anyone on any device, without having to download software. What happens if you want to get a word-for-word record of what was said during your event? Use these simple tips to record and transcribe BlueJeans meetings.

First thing’s first: How to record a meeting in BlueJeans

Only meeting moderators can record meetings, but it’s simple to do from your BlueJeans account:

Locate the red recording button on the bottom of the right-hand menu. Press it when you are ready to record.

You can also choose to enable Auto-Recording from your settings. This ensures the video conference records automatically from the moment the host starts the meeting.

All participants will be notified that recording is taking place, both with a visual and audio notification. Look for the blinking red icon in the upper, right-hand corner. It shows as long as the recording is taking place. New participants in the meeting can see that they are entering a live recording at the moment they join.

From their dashboard, the meeting host can control what video and screen content they record. (The software cannot record chat content.)  They can also select what team members have access to the recording button, including moderators.

Every moderator in the conference call can stop recording at any time. If one leaves, the recording won’t stop, ensuring a professional meeting experience for all involved.

To stop recording, one of the moderators must manually stop recording. Do this by pressing the record button again or ending the meeting. Participants will get a notification if one of the moderators stops the recording before the meeting ends.

Moderators can stop and start as many times as they need. BlueJeans will create a new recording chapter each video segment.

After the meeting, your BlueJeans recording should be in your account files.

How to download a BlueJeans meeting recording

The BlueJeans network has made it very easy to access your recording to share with your team. You can also download videos directly to your computer or laptop. Make sure you have given the server time to process and upload your video to your dashboard. Then, follow these steps to download the mp4 video file of your online meeting.

1. Sign in to your profile from the web browser

2. Go to your Recordings menu, and look for the video file for the meeting you want to download.

BlueJeans lists videos in chronological order.

If you have Enhanced Video features, you can download just the chapter or the video you want to save. (Otherwise, you will get one video file for the entire meeting.)

3. Click the recording. Then, click the download icon for that recording to save it to your downloads folder on your computer

You may wish to move your recording to another folder at this time. Some people prefer to move it to the desktop or another easy-to-remember location.

How to transcribe BlueJeans recordings

Now that you have a video file of your BlueJeans meeting, you might want more accurate meeting notes than what one of your participants has taken. Fortunately, it is very easy to make a meeting transcription from your video file.

  1. Visit and start an order for transcription services by clicking “Get Started”
  2. Rev will ask you to choose between three methods of providing a video. Select the option to “UPLOAD FILES”
  3. Finish your purchase. Rev charges $1.25 for 99% accurate transcriptions, done by professional transcriptionists
  4. Your transcript will be emailed to you, usually within the same business day

Your 99% accurate BlueJeans transcription file will let you see everything that was said in your meeting. You can download this file, edit it for easier viewing, and hand it out to your teams.

It’s one of the best ways to keep record of an important meeting, and is a great substitute for taking notes. It also helps attendees who are deaf or hard of hearing, who can be helped immensely by a text transcript.

Why you should use transcription for BlueJeans meetings

One other perk of getting transcribed meetings in this way is that you can always go back to the older meeting to see what was said. Sometimes, it‘s vital to get clarity or to document any spoken details. You can always download meetings from the BlueJeans recording history for transcription. You can upload any available mp4 video file, even old ones, to Rev.

BlueJeans offers several features for smart recording that ensure you only record the best parts of the meeting. While this may save time during the replay, many meeting coordinators don’t want to miss a word. Transcription gives you the best of both worlds. You save time by not having to watch the entire video again, but you won’t have to worry that you missed an important comment. Getting every important detail from your BlueJeans meetings has never been easier!

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