Captions & Subtitles

How to Permanently Add Subtitles to Videos

Benefits of Permanent Subtitles You have just seconds to catch your viewer’s attention. Attractive images and catchy tunes are vital for getting them to engage with you. But so are captions. Yes, captions or subtitles…

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How to Transcribe a Conversation in 2021

Have you ever wanted to read the subtitles while watching a video, or recount an interview without listening to the entire conversation? It’s possible to do the above things, thanks to transcription. Transcription is the…

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What is a Video Transcript?

Nowadays, video transcripts are used more than ever, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only can they be used to transfer information, but they can also make your content searchable to a broader…

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How to Hardcode Subtitles into a Video

Hardcoded subtitles are a popular, no-fuss option to add subtitles to your video content. With hardcoded subtitles or captions, there is no extra file. The text is ‘burned’ onto the video image itself, and nobody…

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Other Resources

Understanding N-Gram Language Models

You won’t believe what happened ____! Is the word next on the tip of your tongue? That’s certainly the most probable option, but there are others as well. After, then, and to them are also…

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How to Search YouTube Transcripts

Very few moments in life are quite as frustrating as trying to find a specific section in a YouTube video. Not only is it incredibly time consuming to skip through a video’s timeline, but it’s…

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