Media & Entertainment Transcription & Captioning

Announcing: Rev Premium Service Captions

The Rev team is thrilled to unveil Premium Service Captions, our latest enterprise innovation for Rev Pro customers. For businesses managing large volumes of video content, Premium Service Captions grants you on-demand access to our…

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Highlights from the Script-Based Editing Webinar

We sat down with Robert Weiss, VP at a video marketing agency, and Chris Bové, a documentary editor, to discuss how they approach the post-production process. In out chat, we discovered some interesting differences between…

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How to Hardcode Subtitles on a Video

Hardcoded subtitles are a popular, no-fuss option to add subtitles to your video content. With hardcoded subtitles or captions, there is no extra file. The text is ‘burned’ onto the video image itself, and nobody…

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