Transcription and Caption API

A RESTful API to access Rev's workforce of fast, high quality
transcriptionists and captioners.

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How It Works

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Rev team goes to work
Our team, not software, captions your video 24/7 with 99%+ accuracy, 100% guaranteed.
We guarantee at least 99% accuracy for files that are clearly audible. We work closely with our clients to correct any discrepancies.

Trusted by 170,000+ customers
across all industries

Media companies use Rev to transcribe interviews, video content, and raw footage
Schools use Rev to transcribe interviews, lectures, and webinars
Law firms use Rev to transcribe depositions, dictation, and arbitration
Marketing departments use Rev to transcribe meetings, phone calls, and market research
Many others use Rev to transcribe religious sermons, podcasts, and therapy sessions

Why Use Rev

  • Transcripts <10 min: 6 hours or less
  • Transcripts <30 min: 12 hours or less
  • Captions <30 min: 24 hours or less
  • All work performed by humans, not AI
  • Rigorous QC process to ensure accuracy
Low Pricing
  • $1.50 minimum per file
  • $0.025 per additional second
  • Verbatim: $0.50 / min
Ease of Use
  • No minimums, contracts or subscription
  • Fast and simple account creation
  • No fee or minimums for using the API

Why Use Rev API

  • Per-word timestamps are FREE
  • Output in JSON, Word, PDF, .txt
  • Perfect for text analysis, AI training
  • Optimize file for specific formats
  • Output in 12 formats
  • Perfect for high quality captions, subtitles

Customer Spotlight


Instapanel is a market research firm built around delivering lightning-fast insights to agencies and brands.

“Using the Rev API to transcribe our user interviews saves us hours of time on every project” says CEO David Kahn. Projects are turned around quickly: Instapanel's 1-6 minute videos are returned in just a few hours, and the API integration means transcript orders are automatically placed and received when new videos are uploaded.

“With AI transcription, the quality just isn’t there.” Rev’s human workforce produces the accurate work required by Instapanel’s clients to derive insights from the videos.

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