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  December 7, 2016   Reviewed by David
Got what I paid for
I got what I paid for, thought is was going to come in earlier but achieved what I wanted.

  December 7, 2016   Reviewed by Sus
Turns around transcriptions quickly and professionally
Quick, professional, good quality transcriptions. Once they couldn't handle a recording where one of the speakers had a Mexican accent, but spoke very good English. But that was the only hiccup so far.

  December 7, 2016   Reviewed by Aimee
I needed these captions for a school video. I put in my order around midnight and got it before class the next day. The captions were done perfectly and definitely saved my grade for that class.

  December 5, 2016   Reviewed by Peter G.
Good service, accurate transcription
This was very easy to set up an account and get the first job lodged with them. The transcription was accurate and delivered quickly.

  December 5, 2016   Reviewed by Sam
ScreenPlay transcriptions 12/4/16
Excellent turnaround. Great quality transcriptions. Thank you.

  December 5, 2016   Reviewed by Corey
Organize the files please!
If I upload twenty voice mails I should receive twenty transcripts in return. I get a complicated thread of emails each with a transcript in no particular order. So to have each one printed out I have to open up this mess of 20 response emails that are in a continuous overlapping thread and try and create order from the havoc. Can you at least put the conversations back in chronological order and send me them all at once? To try and open each of these files in this way is ridiculous!

  December 4, 2016   Reviewed by Michael
They do what they say.
Excellent communication.

  December 3, 2016   Reviewed by judith
fast and accurate
I am on a tight time line and this company makes it possible to meet deadlines!

  December 2, 2016   Reviewed by Greg
Perfect and fast
Came back within the hour. Perfect.

  December 1, 2016   Reviewed by Shawn A.
This service is amazing
Wow if they would have came up with this idea a long time ago it would have saved me a lot of heartache...!!!

  December 1, 2016   Reviewed by Jutta
Good Service
Very accurate and quick Service.

  November 30, 2016   Reviewed by Paul B.
Excellent. Thank You.

  November 30, 2016   Reviewed by Ben
Exactly what I wanted
I wish I had more to say! I needed a quick, accurate transcription service, and - for my first couple of orders at least - these guys have done just that.

  November 30, 2016   Reviewed by Thomas
Easiest and most reliable transcription service we've used
We love Makes lengthy interviews easy to grab and the transcriptions are 100% accurate and fast. We usually have ours same day and they are very valuable to the work we do. We tried a few other services and this one if much, much better.

  November 30, 2016   Reviewed by Robert
rev rocks
great service

  November 29, 2016   Reviewed by
Fast and Accurate
Great rate with fast and accurate transcription.

  November 28, 2016   Reviewed by Kathleen
Pleased with my results
Thanks for the thorough and accurate work. And, thank you for turning it around so quickly, even over a holiday week-end. I am very pleased and will use your service again! Thanks, Kathi

  November 25, 2016   Reviewed by Anthea
Excellent service
Easy, quick turnaround and cost effective.

  November 22, 2016   Reviewed by Kaitlin
Better, faster
More accurate and faster than any other transcription service at a competitive price. Combined with their confidentiality agreement - what more could you ask for?

  November 21, 2016   Reviewed by Sunil
Easy to use, good quality service.
My first experience was pretty seamless. Surprised at the quality and response speed.