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  February 22, 2020  
thanks for all you do
  February 21, 2020  
Mary P.
It was easy to use. The transcript was completed in a timely manner. And actuate
  February 21, 2020  
Andy W.
Excellent work. Excellent service.
  February 21, 2020  
Rick Friedman-A Breath of Fresh E.
First-timer here, leaving a 5-star review because the service was excellent. I chose the less expensive first-draft option and I'd say the accuracy percentage was in the high 90s. I corrected a few words, commas, and periods. My podcast is 20-25 long, and I wanted to see if the time spent correcting was worth the money saved. I will use the first-draft choice again. As an added bonus, I will try to speak more clearly while recording and hopefully make it even easier for the system.
  February 20, 2020  
Easy to use, affordable, and quick!
  February 19, 2020  
Philip H.
As a dyslexic researcher Rev has been a godsend!
  February 19, 2020  
Natasha B.
Fast turnaround (14 minutes!) super accurate transcription. Affordable. Just love it!
  February 19, 2020  
Great service and very fast and affordable with ease to edit. Probably about 85-90 percent accurate. Love it.
  February 18, 2020  
K P.
Great value for the money
  February 18, 2020  
Jennifer M.
Rev did a great job on my last order, which was transcription by humans, not machines. It was fast and accurate. I will use them again!
  February 18, 2020  
The quick turnaround was great, but I did have to go in and clean up a lot of grammar. Whoever did the transcription for our video REALLY likes commas! Did save me some time from having to do the whole thing myself, though. $1/minute isn't bad either!
  February 18, 2020  
William C.
I submitted a long audio recording (2:46:17) of a church business meeting. They did the translation in about 30 hours, but the quality and accuracy was not very good, mainly in my opinion, because most of the speakers were Southern Americans with an accent. Rev went over it a second time, and it was improved, but still required me to do extensive editing to make the document acceptable as Meeting Minutes to be published. I would recommend they find and employ some Southern Americans and use them to transcribe such items as my audio file.
  February 18, 2020  
Christine G.
I have used your service several times, and I am always extremely happy. Your service is fast and very accurate.
  February 14, 2020  
Patricia L.
Having gotten transcript yet. Took too long don’t need it anymore
  February 14, 2020  
Frank R.
Great experience! Captions were delivered fast and accurate!
  February 13, 2020  
Jen N.
The service was accurate and very quick to deliver. Setting up the reqeust was simple. We'll definitely use again in the future.
  February 13, 2020  
Cindy D.
99 percent of the transcriptions from are spot-on. This service is invaluable to me.
  February 13, 2020  
Martina A.
It’s almost like magic and it’s almost for free
  February 13, 2020  
M. M.
Rev did a great job and super fast, very impressed. Thank you
  February 12, 2020  
Quick turnaround. Good service