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  February 26, 2017   Reviewed by John
Very reliable
They do a great job. I recommend them to everyone.

  February 25, 2017   Reviewed by Chris
Very fast and accurate. Great price.
The title says it all. Wonderful service!

  February 25, 2017   Reviewed by TheJohnoShow
Super Fast! Super Clean!
This is a great service at the perfect price. My project was completed way before the 12 hours they said it would take. I'll definitely be using them again.

  February 25, 2017   Reviewed by Lorena
Excellent service- highly recommended!!!!
Brilliant job transcribing 6 audios. Will be using your service regularly. Thanks!!!!

  February 24, 2017   Reviewed by L. H. is a fantastic service is a fantastic service that is easy to use and affordable. They also get your transcription requests completed in a timely fashion. Yesterday was my first time using them and I will certainly use them again!

  February 24, 2017   Reviewed by MJW
Excellent was absolutely great. I received my transcript back the same day and since this was my first time using a company of this nature I listened to the interview and re-checked the work. It was excellent. I made very few minor changes that were more based on the audio being difficult to hear. Because I conducted the interview I had a better picture of what was said.

  February 24, 2017   Reviewed by Lee
Super quick turnaround and ridiculously accurate. Very happy.

  February 24, 2017   Reviewed by Kate
Excellent transcription service
Really fast response and accurate transcription of my work, I couldn't be happier and will be using again!

  February 24, 2017   Reviewed by Gak
Good job!
It was fast, it was furious, it was accurate. Here's the reason it wasn't all five stars (and it's possible the fault was my own): the transcribers couldn't make sense of the names of local towns and streets -- perhaps they should be given such information (the basic character of what they're transcribing or some such).

  February 23, 2017   Reviewed by Lydia
Great value, low hassle and high quality service
I was recommended by a colleague. I found the service to be very good value, offering a very high quality of transcription with a very fast turnaround time, at a competitive price and with very little hassle. I would recommend them highly.

  February 22, 2017   Reviewed by Elise
Extremely quick and thorough service
It was our first time using Rev and it exceeded our expectations. Creating a job was easy to navigate, the transcription file arrived in less than 24 hours and due to the high level of accuracy, it saved us a ton of time if we had've tried to transcribe the audio file ourselves in-house. Very impressed.

  February 20, 2017   Reviewed by michael
First experience
First experience. They got it all done within the timeframe they tackled stuff with background noise and did a very good job with it

  February 19, 2017   Reviewed by Rick
Great but with some typeos.

  February 19, 2017   Reviewed by James
Join the Evolution
Great service and cost effective. I would like to be emailed when my job is ready though. Maybe my settings are wrong.

  February 18, 2017   Reviewed by A.D.'s service was great!
My order was completed and returned to me in less than 12 hours. I only had a few, but very minor edits. They saved me hours, if not, days of work!

  February 18, 2017   Reviewed by Fred
Sloppy transcription.
I am very forgiving of transcriptions since I can easily correct mistakes because I conduct the interviews. However, this was really bad. My first unsatisfactory experience.

  February 18, 2017   Reviewed by Kyle
Great work and fast turnaround
Very easy to get the process going. No slip ups at all. Got everything back on the same day.

  February 17, 2017   Reviewed by Leona
Excellent service
The transcriptions of my interviews for my doctorate degree were almost 100% verbitum. The turnaround for them was quick as well. I will definitely be referring friends to use this service.

  February 17, 2017   Reviewed by Patrice
Prompt and Accurate
I appreciate Rev being prompt and accurate.

  February 17, 2017   Reviewed by Jeff
Well Done
This was my first time using They did an exception job. The turn around was very quick.