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  December 14, 2018  
Paul C.
Very quick turnaround time and 100% accuracy
  December 13, 2018  
Robert G.
Quick accurate good price
  December 13, 2018  
College of Engineering, UC B.
Excellent service with faster than expected turnaround time!
  December 13, 2018  
Emma M.
Very quick turnaround. Good transcription of a focus group.
  December 13, 2018  
Mitchell W.
The transcript was delivered in about 8 hours. There were only a handful of changes to make and they were very minor. It is a fantastic service.
  December 13, 2018  
Rachel R.
Unbelievable both in accuracy and turnaround time. Thanks
  December 12, 2018  
Great job done quickly and well.
  December 11, 2018  
Dhaval M.
My interviews were 60mins and 90mins long and had background noise as well as non-native speakers. Other website offered to transcribe them but would take 3 weeks. transcribed my interviews in less than 24hrs and that too accurately. I am very happy with it.
  December 11, 2018  
Robert P.
Excellent customer service and accuracy of transcription. Response times for each of several jobs were faster than promised. Web site and e-notifications worked perfectly.
  December 11, 2018  
Erik F.
I have had a few transcripts done They vary from quite good to excellent Ie from 3.5 to 5 Turnaround is extraordinary Overall very happy
  December 10, 2018  
My transcripts were delivered on or before the scheduled time. They were accurate and well done which I appreciated for my research study deadline.
  December 10, 2018  
Domagoj M.
As the title says, I was working for for nearly three months (September to December 2018) as a German subtitler, got paid regularly until out of the blue the day came when the company staff decided to close my account without any warning beforehand with this e-mail: "Unfortunately, we can no longer keep your subtitle account open. This is due to your quality and performance being below our acceptable average. Your subtitle account is being deactivated today. If you have any other account type with us, that will remain open. This decision is final. Sincerely, The Rev Team" If that was the case, then I would like to hear which projects were not satisfactorily done, so I could improve my skills and be able to please the customer. It also remains questionable what an acceptable average for is. The only criteria which had to be reached were a so-called commitment ratio and on-time delivery. Both of these two points were clearly above average, but nevertheless my account had been deactivated. I have sent two e-mails with the above mentioned objections to two different Rev Support Team members. Unfortunately, no one seems to be willing to respond to a deactivated account, so I decided to address and expose this issue here and I really feel the need to speak out against this uncooperative behavior of
  December 8, 2018  
Arlene G.
Awesome and I will definitely use again!
  December 8, 2018  
I can't emphasize how wonderfully executed my transcript was handled. I had four people talking over each other and each person was correctly identified each time and their quotes were completely accurate. Great job!
  December 8, 2018  
A+! Always extraordinarily fast turnaround.
  December 7, 2018  
Great customer Service, quick response and very fast turn-around. I am very please with their CC work! Highly recommend.
  December 6, 2018  
Fantastic quality and speed. Always love sending my content to them.
  December 6, 2018  
Ruttanatip C.
Accurate and easy set up and uploading of files.
  December 6, 2018  
Marvette L.
Thank you for a quick turnaround and great quality transcript. There were a few things marked inaudible which I think there were just due to cultural differences. Best service I've ever used!
  December 6, 2018  
Mark F.
Outstanding job! I was absolutely blown away by how fast and well done this job was! Heads and shoulders above the other services like this I've used!ZZ