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  July 29, 2015   Reviewed by Zeenat
Wow! How quick!
I used Rev for the first time this week and was hugely impressed with the quality and turnaround. Excellent service - would definitely recommend.

  July 28, 2015   Reviewed by GB
Turn around time was fast! Very pleased with their service. I would definitely use them again!

  July 25, 2015   Reviewed by Bianca
Good, reliable and fast
I appreciate this service and use it regularly

  July 24, 2015   Reviewed by Hans Jonas H.
Everything went as planned
I needed some documents translated from Danish to English. did a great job. It costs me half the price of the Danish translation's companies.

  July 24, 2015   Reviewed by D.J.
You guys rock! 12 hours of interviews transcribed in only between 12 - 48 hrs!!! That's magic! How the heck do you do it? You saved my life! Thank you! <3

  July 23, 2015   Reviewed by Raymond
Very Impressive
We submitted a pilot sample and the output we received was absolutely exemplary.

  July 23, 2015   Reviewed by Sean is amazing!
I would highly recommend to anyone looking for fast, affordable transcription services. I simply could not believe how fast and accurate these folks were! I will use in the future for ALL of my transcription needs!!!

  July 22, 2015   Reviewed by Fr. G.
Wonderfully fast and accurate.
I’ve used for two years to transcribe recordings of sermons from priests who do not write full manuscripts for their preaching. I have always been amazed at how quickly can complete a 15-minute sermon (within 2 hours, usually) with such a high degree of fidelity. I did have one order where I received a transcription back that was replete with errors. I contacted customer service and had a new and accurate transcription within an hour and a credit to my account. Overall I am very pleased with this company and with their customer care.

  July 22, 2015   Reviewed by Henry
A job Well Done
The request for transcription was processed within 24 hours--in fact within the same business day. The work was done professionally and without any mistakes. I will be using Rev in the future.

  July 19, 2015   Reviewed by eric
head to toe assesment transcripts
Great even even though the audio was in a hard to hear accent!! Thank you!

  July 17, 2015   Reviewed by Steve
Three transcriptions. First one came back so FAST I was thrilled but then became a little disenchanted with the others took the predicted time. Also took a while to figure out how to GET them. I clicked the various apparent links and did not SEE anything happen. Every time it went to my download folder but I would never have known if I hadn't checked something else and there they all were. SOMETHING should change when you click on it and "CHECK YOUR DOWNLOAD FOLDER" should show up. Otherwise nice service for the buck. SMc

  July 17, 2015   Reviewed by Disappointed first time u.
Waiting 5 days to receive my transcript????
I lodged my transcript on Thursday 16 July 2015. When i go to my order history it states: your order is in progress, we are finding a qualified transcriptionist for your order, expected delivery July 20!!!!!!!! Yet on the website it clearly states: Orders will be delivered within 24 hours as long as the order is placed prior to 2 PM Eastern and the recording is not greater than one hour in length or complex in nature." well that sums up my order! Not happy.

  July 16, 2015   Reviewed by LUIS
Now that's what I call Outstanding Service!
I found another online service company for translation where I had to "request a quote" . Then 30 minutes later I received an email saying they did not do rush requests and that normally it would take 3-4 days so they recommend to go somewhere else. So I found REV, and right after I uploaded my document, I received a notification saying that it was being worked on right away. I went to sleep and next morning at 6am, I went to work had my cofee and after my morning meeting when I sat down in my computer I realized I had received an email around 15 minutes after I had uploaded my document that last night. Translation was perfect , professional and crazy fast!... Now that's what I call Outstanding Service!

  July 10, 2015   Reviewed by Luciano
great service!
I had over 400 minutes of interviews to be transcribed. After a smooth exchange of emails to get a confidentiality form signed (my institution requires it), it took less than 24 hours to receive the completed transcription files (the first one came within 3 hours of completing the order!). Not only that, but the number of errors was minimal. I'm happy with the service, and I have already recommended it to colleagues.

  July 8, 2015   Reviewed by Daniel
certified translation
I have ordered a certified translation of two academical degrees. They have been very fast and the translation is correct. They provide a certification statement. Very well.

  July 8, 2015   Reviewed by Ray
Excellent service on
Quick same day transcription service. Accurate transcription.

  July 7, 2015   Reviewed by Cecilia
Friendly, helpful and quick turnaround.
Friendly, helpful and quick turnaround.

  July 5, 2015   Reviewed by yaniv
Great overall. Just a few minor mistakes
I was pleasantly surprised how quick and accurate they transcribed the script. As I said only very few mistakes!

  June 30, 2015   Reviewed by Jeffrey
Great Service
I take a lot of recorded statements with my job. When I found REV.COM, I was excited that they will actually transcribe all of my statements. When I E-mailed the statement, it was completed within hours. You don't know how much easier this makes my job. Thank you very much for the service.

  June 27, 2015   Reviewed by Kerstin
huge time saver
Took a boatload of stress off my shoulders in transcribing a video portion of my class exercise. Was fast and accurate, and the price was well worth it. Thanks!