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  November 13, 2019  
Bryan H.
Very accurate, thumbnail video and highlighted text extremely helpful, and a two and half hour job returned in only 5 hours! Incredible job. Couldn't be happier!
  November 13, 2019  
Susan C.
The transcript was very accurate and turned around in 3 hours after saying it might be 12. Far preferable to the many hours it would have taken me.
  November 12, 2019  
Awesome and practical service at a reasonable price. Thank you!!!
  November 11, 2019  
Jordan T.
Awesome Accuracy!
  November 10, 2019  
Jim L.
Great service. Super fast and accurate.
  November 10, 2019  
I appreciated the ease and speed in providing my transcribing.
  November 9, 2019  
Corey B.
I could not believe how fast I got my transcription back and how well done it was. Definitely worth the low price of a dollar per minute. I would absolutely use their services again.
  November 9, 2019  
Fast and diligent work
  November 9, 2019  
Fast and accurate.
  November 9, 2019  
Sheyla S.
Thank you so much for everything!
  November 8, 2019  
Super service!
  November 7, 2019  
Quick, accurate transcription - it was done in less than an hour - well ahead of the time I'd expected.
  November 7, 2019  
Kimberly G.
I love The survey is so easy to use, affordable, and so very quick. Highly recommend.
  November 7, 2019  
Shane W.
Awesome, quick work.
  November 7, 2019  
I've used rev for a short time, and initially it was great. I've been using it to record phone interviews and transcribe them for a research project. Unfortunately, today it failed to record two interviews. When I went back to retrieve the call recording, all I got was 9 minutes 59 seconds of silence (for both calls). A call to customer support revealed that the app has been having technical issues and that the recordings were indeed lost. These were critical interviews and it was a blow to lose the recordings. Then I had to scramble to find an alternate call recording app to use for interviews scheduled for tomorrow, since I obviously wasn't going to attempt using Rev again. Giving two stars because when it worked it was great, but the loss of the two calls was quite the blow.
  November 6, 2019  
Kate W.
Extremely accurate and very fast. Great service.
  November 6, 2019  
Script U.
Transcription was mostly accurate, and delivered speedily enough (paid for expedited time, otherwise, the rating might be a star lower given the wait time).
  November 5, 2019  
Theo K.
Great service
  November 4, 2019  
bruno g.
great job! i want just discount.
  November 4, 2019  
Michelle D.
Super fast accurate service! Love it!