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  January 24, 2022  
Giuseppe (.
I asked to prepare transcripts for over 40 videos. The transcripts were accurate, despite the Italian accent of the speaker.
  January 23, 2022  
Ubong I.
Please can you people stop sending me this review again. I felt so bad and disappointed from REV.COM services. I will need my $185 back because did messed my project. Instead of you guys solving the problem you are looking for review. You keep sending me review for what 😦? I need my money back ASAP Amazon Prime feedback after I submitted this CC, rejected it 2 times with the reason that he captions you sent to me are 1) INCOHERENT 2) Captions are out of sync from the audio track. I need this to be fix or return my money back ASAP Some of the words were missing that means whoever was working on this is incompetent.
  January 21, 2022  
Lauren C.
I've used Rev in my business and routinely recommend it to clients. It's an excellent service, the accuracy is phenomenal, and the turnaround is great.
  January 20, 2022  
A P.
Great job, great transcription
  January 18, 2022  
Tony S.
Retired WW IT Director who helped create the internet/laptop/online banking and developed/established SW Architect profession. So little more critical than most. Transcription consistently missed a couple of words. Outside of that….very nice job overall!
  January 18, 2022  
Renee S.
This service is amazing and wonderful to have when you need a recording transcribed! I will use your service all the time. Thank you again!
  January 16, 2022  
Joanne V.
They do exactly what they say on the tin. Excellent service. I was pleased with the speed and accuracy. You won't be disappointed.
  January 14, 2022  
Jeff R.
I love you guys! The best of the best!
  January 13, 2022  
Peter F.
Spectacular results from an 10-minute audio of a very fast-talking person with a heavy "Caribbean" accent! It was ready an hour before Rev's promised 3-hour turnaround. Will use again at every opportunity.
  January 13, 2022  
Truly an excellent service: Rev offers an unbeatable combination of high speed at low cost with highly reliable quality. Enthusiastically recommended as a reliable provider.
  January 13, 2022  
Matthew P.
I’m quite certain that most of your transcribers are just submitting the auto generated script as their work. There are glaring errors in the dialogue that point to this. It’s clear to me that all I’m really paying for is the much cheaper auto generated transcript, and thus getting severely ripped off. Moving forward I will only be paying for the auto generated script.
  January 12, 2022  
keith w.
Quick turn around, accurate read. I would recommend to anyone. Being able to search for key words on their provided word document was a big time saver. Well worth the cost.
  January 12, 2022  
patti f.
I needed legal audio interviews transcribed. The transcriptions were perfect and completed within 24 hours. I will only use Rev in the future!
  January 12, 2022  
John F.
Tremendous! Rev is a lifesaver!
  January 11, 2022  
Eric J.
Very fast, very accurate, very affordable. Didn’t think I would ever need and after using once I used again a day later.
  January 10, 2022  
We could not have been more pleased with the swift and quality work on obtaining closed caption files from Rev. And making the very minor edits on a couple of items was so easy because of the great system Rev has. We would recommend them to anyone looking for closed captioning services.
  January 9, 2022  
Julie E.
Very impressed with how fast my videos were transcribed and captions added. Also very accurate! Available in a few minutes and saved me hours of video editing. I will definitely use again!
  January 8, 2022  
Paul L.
This is an excellent service that I use every week. I prefer to record and transcribe conference calls, interviews, and online meetings instead of taking notes. I've also used the Rev for captioning video, which is very easy and affordable to do. It is a must have for my work.
  January 7, 2022  
I use services on a weekly basis for my YouTube channel. I'm generally happy with their captions for my videos. But unfortunately many times I keep getting back my videos with terrible caotions and when that happens I need to sit for an hour long to reception and edit their mistakes. And that can be very frustrating to say the least, because you end up paying for a service that you need to work on it youself later. So they should pay me instead.
  January 6, 2022  
Dennis B.
Excellent from start to finish.