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  May 20, 2019  
Richard G.
Fast, accurate, reliable!
  May 20, 2019  
Fast, very accurate and reasonably priced.
  May 20, 2019  
Lisa M.
Nicely done and very quick
  May 19, 2019  
Cindy M.
I was very impressed with both the speed of delivery and accuracy. I'm a first time user so I didn't know what to expect. I'll certainly use them again. Thanks Cindy Marr
  May 18, 2019  
Rob W.
A couple of names were spelled wrong, even though I had sent the correct spelling. Still, easy to fix with a text editor.
  May 17, 2019  
Mark M.
It was very accurate and useful. Thank you.
  May 17, 2019  
John A.
I really appreciated the quick turnaround and accuracy of the transcription. Great work and thanks! John
  May 17, 2019  
Marcia S.
Easy fast and a good price.
  May 17, 2019  
Tom M.
Highly recommend!
  May 15, 2019  
Accurate and fast, loved the work
  May 15, 2019  
Mariette M.
This APP is the most outstanding and helpful app for an educator. I teach my class and on that same day, I upload the audio version and have the entire transcript written about for me. I even use it to translate my Spanish classes. I can NOT imagine working without it!!
  May 14, 2019  
Ian H.
Fast. Very fast and accurate. This might change my life...
  May 14, 2019  
Frank D.
Great service, great price, quick turnaround. We upload videos we need to be transcribed so we can create follow up blog contents for our viewers. Rev sends you a link to a dashboard showing your transcript side by side with your video that allows you to play, listen, and make any needed corrections (eg industry-specific jargon, proper names etc).
  May 14, 2019  
They are amazingly quick and accurate. I gave them a 55 minute discussion with 3 people they had it ready by 8 AM the next morning. It was about 25 pages and almost no mistakes! I've used them in the past with foreign accents. Very good but no one can get that kind of thing perfect.
  May 14, 2019  
latasha s.
Transcripts have been accurate and very timely. There was one audio file that was extremely hard to hear but the transcript was produced with accuracy. Well worth the investment.
  May 14, 2019  
Jim b.
Great service
  May 13, 2019  
The Rev service is just what I was looking for. A fast, convenient and reliable transcription service that’s tech-friendly!
  May 13, 2019  
Con K.
Super fast turnaround and 100% accurate. Very impressive.
  May 13, 2019  
Justin J.
The transcription was worse than if I had my 9 year old do it over a months time. This is by far the worst transcription I have ever seen in my entire life.
  May 13, 2019  
Lisa P.
There were some inaudible pieces, which when I listened to my recording I was able to understand and edit my transcript. There were two words, strong curse words, that were transcribed that were not in the recording and I had to fix after listening to the recordings...but for the most part all was pretty good and saved me a ton of time.