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  May 22, 2017   Reviewed by Mandy N.
Quick, easy, good quality

  May 21, 2017   Reviewed by Jim G.
My transcription was fantastic
My transcription was fantastic. 17 hour turnaround. Amazed me. And was spot on. Will be using them for more.

  May 20, 2017   Reviewed by James B.
Outstanding, rapid and highly accurate!
I was skeptical about the accuracy of the transcription, as the source video was highly technical in nature. However, I was extremely impressed at the capability and accuracy of the results, and using these transcriptions has saved me huge amounts of editing time. I was also extremely impressed with the speed of the turn-around. I will definitely be using this service again :-)

  May 18, 2017   Reviewed by Austin B.
Great work even on tough transcripts
Great fast work of high quality. They do a very respectable job even with my complicated specialized terminology and foreign language accents.

  May 18, 2017   Reviewed by Edward H.
I use for technical discovery …
I use for technical discovery of research in various industries including manufacturing, software development, food logistics, industrial design, and internet of things. Interviewing my clients and getting transcriptions from rev makes this process easy. The quality of the transcriptions is excellent.

  May 18, 2017   Reviewed by A. G.
Great service
Great service. Very fast and, given that my interviewee had a difficult accent-pretty accurate! But note, I have already filled in one of these surveys. Will I get asked every time I send some thing? I hope not.

  May 17, 2017   Reviewed by Salvatore S.
First time using a transcription …
First time using a transcription service, and I was so incredibly impressed. I sent a video of a talk I gave, and within a few hours, I received a flawless transcription of it. I was amazed...and for less than 20 bucks! I will definitely be using again.

  May 15, 2017   Reviewed by Kristen F.
Once again
Once again, great job!

  May 12, 2017   Reviewed by kate s.
Quick, accurate and helpful when I had to call about one file they had issues with. There was background noise that made it difficult to transcribe. They clearly explained what was going on and the file was transcribed best they could - or anyone could for that matter. Thank you for saving me hours!

  May 12, 2017   Reviewed by Zoe B.
Excellent – Fast, accurate and simple. I would recommend this company to anyone!

  May 10, 2017   Reviewed by SC
The service works
The service works, however, words were missing and instead of writing those words in, [speaks in foreign language] was used instead rather than typing in the words I had written out and added as an attached document. Some words were spelt incorrectly, such as the word connection, which was spelt "connexion". Overall, a fast service that I'd probably use again.

  May 9, 2017   Reviewed by Andrea
This is a great service that saved me a …
This is a great service that saved me a TON of time!

  May 9, 2017   Reviewed by Krystal B.
1st time
Very fast with the results, some words arent quite the same as what was said but should be okay.

  May 9, 2017   Reviewed by Jeff M.
Great price and fast turn around times.
Great price and fast turn around times.

  May 9, 2017   Reviewed by David J.
worst subtitling company ever...
I have about 4 specific requests for our subtitles: .vtt format, title screens included in the translated subtitling, no atmospherics, and no opener elements subtitled like copyright screens etc. These requests were explained on our first project with REV. However, every submission has failed to follow these 4 simple requests. Sometimes it has taken over 20 tries for Rev's team to submit an accurate file. That’s 20+ reviews I’ve had to do of their work, 20+ times having to email support, point out whats wrong and wait for a response, and 20+ times of having them return the file still with the same errors. Rev is at such a low level of accuracy when it comes to ensuring instructions are followed that we have lost more time and money than if we had gone with ANY other subtitling service despite the speed/cost advantage REV claims to offer. I feel utterly defeated at the inability to help Rev’s team “get it” and will never be submitting a project again to their incompetent team.

  May 9, 2017   Reviewed by Annaline
Simply the best
The transcripts from REV is fast and accurate! They have helped me create lots of documentation for my business. If it was not for them, the documentation would still be undone. Thank you very much.

  May 8, 2017   Reviewed by Ray M.
Very quick
Very quick. Very accurate. Thoroughly recommended.

  May 7, 2017   Reviewed by Chris C.
Excellent service.
Excellent service. Excellent turnaround time. Highly recommended.

  May 7, 2017   Reviewed by Christiopher P.
Fast and accurate...
Fast and accurate...

  May 5, 2017   Reviewed by C B.
Great service
One of the transcriptions came back PERFECT! The others had a couple of typos/spelling errors, but overall I was incredibly happy with the service. Super fast turnaround. Easy web interface. Will definitely use them again.