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  January 15, 2019  
Mimi K.
Never any problems, always exceeds expectations
  January 14, 2019  
Zoe D.
The turnaround was fast and the transcription is crucial for our creative development process moving forward. Thanks for helping us realize our dreams!
  January 12, 2019  
Maxwell W.
I've had problems with Rev's quality before, but this time around it was really good. Not perfect, and a few things that should have been pretty easy to decipher, but overall I liked my transcriber.
  January 12, 2019  
John L.
You guys keep asking the same questions.....that I answered the first time. I use REV...and will continue to do so. I feel comfortable with the quality and return speed... Now, stop asking the questions over and over and over.
  January 11, 2019  
I paid for a birth certificate translation. The document I received is unreadable and unusable. They misplaced the first name and Date of Birth. When I provided the original document handwritten and asked for a correction, they said that they cant issue a new translation and asked to place a new order for another $33 . The customer service support was very unprofessional , greedy and unfriendly. I contacted my bank for a refund.
  January 11, 2019  
Matt D. has blown me away. Lightening fast. All of my orders have been 100% accurate. Super affordable. They have quickly become a trusted partner for my productions.
  January 11, 2019  
A. F.
Smooth upload and request process. Fastest transcriptions ever. With good formatting and accuracy.
  January 8, 2019  
Fast turn around, accurate content. Will be using again for sure.
  January 7, 2019  
Romona Foster, Social Media Trainer & C.
The service was quick and accurate. Just ordered my transcripts!
  January 7, 2019  
Anne Marie T.
Excellent Service - so accurate - highly recommend and will do business with again.
  January 6, 2019  
Finance w.
Really fast turnaround and decent quality transcripts. As a freelance journalist this is exactly what I'm looking for - they don't need to be word perfect but they do need to be quick and cheap.
  January 4, 2019  
Kennedy P.
It would have taken me hours to go through all the edits on my files. while I would have liked a little more description and I ended up having to review a lot of editing, but I was overall satisfied with the experience.
  January 3, 2019  
Roberto B.
The captions were completed quickly and with accuratedness.
  January 3, 2019  
Bill F.
Rev did a great job converting my interview to a usable printed copy. I would recommend it.
  January 3, 2019  
Very impressed. Very fast turnaround and high accuracy even on low-quality recordings.
  January 1, 2019  
Elizabeth Skola D.
My file was a transcript of a friend's improvised narrative that was part of a college music performance. Tons of electronic sound, some foreign language. I thought it would be very diffucult to get done. The REV transcriptionist did remarkably well, and turned it around the same day.
  December 31, 2018  
Kubra Y.
It's fast, mostly accurate and more affordable than its counterparts. Highly recommended.
  December 30, 2018  
Allison T.
The response was very fast even though it was the festive season. The quality of the transcript was good despite the fact that there was a lot of background noise in the one case.
  December 30, 2018  
Jennifer Jensen M.
Accurate transcription and VERY fast turnaround. AWESOME!!
  December 29, 2018  
Lillian H.
This transcript was exactly what I needed to proceed with my article. Thank you to