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  September 21, 2019  
I am in the middle of a complex US Visa application for my husband and we have to translate multiple legal documents in multiple languages, so the task at hand is not only challenging but can be very expensive and very daunting. The Rev team not only has made this ultra easy for us, but there were also incredibly helpful with OUTSTANDING customer service! Jenny is amazing and always proactive and polite! I am now a loyal advocate and at $33 a page with a certificate (in Italy this cost us over $150 a page!!) I will always use as my go to translation company. Thank you!
  September 19, 2019  
She N.
My job is to create show notes for a podcast. That is supposed to be my only focus in what I am doing. Part of my work is cross-referencing my show notes with the transcriptions. However your transcribers is really doing a poor job in creating those transcripts and don't even take the time to find out the correct spelling of the names, capitalizing the names, and not even bothering to understand and just write inaudible when the words are easily identifiable. It has now became part of my job to correct those mistakes. I am a transcriber too so I know what makes a good transcription and I say the transcriptions you provide are poor and mediocre. For the rate you are charging, it's not worth it. Better run in auto-transcribers that are free. I guess part of the reason is how poorly you pay your transcribers per audio minute. Don't you have someone who checks the quality of these transcriptions? You should have one!
  September 17, 2019  
Mr I.
Had 105 files transcribed, 100 of which were great. 5 had serious problems with the TC accuracy and was told their software has a problem when lines are repeated. Unlike my other transcription company, they don't have the capability to fix it manually so I got a refund for the five files they couldn't fix. Spent the next day and a half manually correcting the time code and reviewing the other files to make sure they didn't have a problem also. Found other files with problems but it's not worth calling up again to deal with it. The customer service agent Christine, sounded genuinely sorry though and was very sweet, but has no power to get the situation fixed. Beware if you have lines that repeat. Ended up spending half the cost of doing it with my previous transcription company, but ate up an extra day and a half of my time I'll never get paid for.
  September 17, 2019  
Scott Nishimura, Fort Worth M.
Great performance. 100 percent accurate, and fast translation.
  September 17, 2019  
Diane F.
Rarely do I have to change a word. The transcriptions are not only timely, but usually beat the expected wait time. I have recommended to all my colleagues who need this type of service. Very happy with the service and product!
  September 17, 2019  
Tara D.
I was pretty hyped to start doing online audio transcriptions, as I am a pretty fast and accurate typist, and I can do this from home! Going in, Rev gives you a couple "training" videos, which are actually just you transcribing short, challenging audios, with them popping up "tips" here and there. You are given 100 audio minutes to prove that you are able to transcribe accurately, and you are graded after each piece of work you do to that endeavor, even the training videos. You can be scored between 1-5, 5 being "near perfect". You get your sores after each audio you transcribe, along with about 50 thousand other email "reminders" to tell you that your work is below average (even when all your scores are 5's), and to remind you of late work (even when over an hour remains until the deadline). It's a LOT of emailing. My biggest issue is, after a week of busting my hump on audio transcriptions (I'm talking 4 hours+ to transcribe a single 20 minute audio file), and scoring 5's the entire time, I still got terminated after my 100 hours claiming my scores didn't measure up to their standards. Again, I scored 5's on all of my work, which is the highest score you can have, and somehow they averaged all 5's to be JUST under the 4.5 mark... and here's the kicker; there is no way to dispute your score. My account was terminated ASAP. I was unable to login, and I was unable to ask about or dispute my score. Once you become one of their transcriptions (assuming that's actually possible), they claim you have access to more jobs, and higher wages, however I believe that this is a SCAM, to get cheap transcription work. I was indeed paid for the 100 hours I did transcribe, however it was at the minimum pay amount despite my perfect 5 scoring. They pay you through paypal, without fees. I am tempted to start a second trial account, in order to determine if I would be terminated again after another 100 perfect hours, but at the same time I am trying to tell myself that it wasn't me, that it's just a crappy company. It sucks to work so hard on something only to be told you aren't good enough with CONSTANT email reminders telling you that you are below their average transcription standard, especially when you are literally scoring the highest possible score for accuracy AND formatting. You also have to fight for audio files to transcribe. One or two will pop up every hour or so and you have to basically sit and constantly refresh the page, and race to be the first to "claim" it. The instruction manual instructs you to carefully preview the audio file before claiming it, to determine if it's within your ability range (accents, bad audio quality, etc), but do not do that. You just grab and go; and if you miss it, you're out of luck until the next one pops up. There are also VERY conflicting instructions. You are given a manual to read that explains their formatting procedure, and what words to omit, etc. however some of the people grading your work have graded me incorrectly (they put notes in your grades on what you did wrong, if anything), such as, you should have used a hyphen rather than an ellipses, even when the manual tells you to use an ellipses in that situation (small errors in small quantities will not apparently affect your scoring). They also send you a mandatory quiz about halfway through your training hours, to see how you are doing, and they give you tips and answers in the quiz which actually do NOT coincide with what the manual says. They literally set you up to fail by giving you completely conflicting instructions. I did enjoy their intuitive UI used for the transcribing, however. keyboard commands to insert timestamps, and to back up the audio; to pause and play with just keystrokes makes for quicker work, however I cannot get passed the idea that Rev is scamming you (while shaming you) for cheap transcription work before they drop you and move on to another. Don't waste your time.
  September 16, 2019  
Wilson K.
Great service and transcription was excellent - seemed like they did research for certain words too! Very impressed.
  September 16, 2019  
Korey P.
I am so grateful to have discovered REV. It has made my dreams of teaching and writing materialize so quickly. I have been speaking to college students for over 15 years and asked over and over why I have not written a book. Recording and transcribing my workshops with REV has streamlined the process and a first draft is imminent. The accuracy and the speedy turn around leaves me no choice but to get the work done.
  September 14, 2019  
Sanghamitra M.
Hassle free ontime delivery and very good quality transcription.
  September 14, 2019  
Michael S.
They did not make corrections of mistakes after I told them.
  September 13, 2019  
Kim P.
This was such an easy process and much quicker turnaround than I expected. I would use again!
  September 12, 2019  
Brian K.
Every time I use the service, I’m blown away by how fast the transcription comes back.
  September 11, 2019  
We were grateful that you included both audio and video so we would give five stars for your attention to both aspects, and the speed with which you were able to do it. Many thanks from the Gardner Group.
  September 10, 2019  
Barry L.
Sooo much easier than I thought it would be. The fact that you can edit the file yourself is awesome, and the transcription was pretty close to right on. My only suggestion is there needs to be an easy to find, and use, help menu. There was a funny glitch on one file where said it couldn’t save it, then when you opened it again, it had been saved. I tried calling but it was a long weekend, and I had a deadline. Luckily downloading right after opening the file worked. In short the process of how this all works is not readily available once you get your file and needs to be made more user friendly. Right now it was clear to me that the logic for this was set up by tech people, and I’m a guy who wears a lot of hats, but tech hat is not one of them. Otherwise I’m a fan.
  September 9, 2019  
David N.
Thanks so much and VERY timely!
  September 9, 2019  
Yoni P.
Very prompt and efficient service
  September 9, 2019  
Dora M.
Great service!
  September 7, 2019  
Nathalie B.
Great service, fast and very accurate!:)
  September 7, 2019  
Brice N.
Quick and accurate transcription. Thanks for the great work.
  September 7, 2019  
Brett M.
Sooo damn fast.