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  January 17, 2017   Reviewed by Jenny
Only a few recurring mistranscriptions, and an incredible turnaround rate. totally didn't expect to get my documents this fast.

  January 16, 2017   Reviewed by Matt S.
Inaccurate Translations for professional work
They used google translation and my client caught it. Very embarrassing, so I can't trust them again. won't give a refund to me that I asked for. They offered to do changes, but how do I know the changes are correct? they asked what parts are wrong, but how do I know what words are wrong without knowing the language? Not worth losing a client over this!

  January 14, 2017   Reviewed by John
Excellent service!
Submitted my first mp4 for subtitling and had it back, fault-free, within 2 hrs. Awesome!

  January 13, 2017   Reviewed by Carmen
Speedy turnaround. Accurate
Speedy turnaround. Accurate transcription. Reliable.

  January 13, 2017   Reviewed by Nancy
Great Job!
The turnaround time is amazing! The transcription was quite accurate. Thanks REV!

  January 13, 2017   Reviewed by Elisabeth
Transcribes exactly as it was!

  January 12, 2017   Reviewed by Colbyjack
Easy, fast, accurate!
I tried Rev myself for the first time after seeing material they had transcribed for another account user in a joint project. Previously I had spent a significant amount of time transcribing my own interviews, but I was reluctant to part with any transcribing fees. The other day, however, I needed a quick turnaround for a superhot deadline so I tried Rev. What a blessing! They transcribed 2 hours of audio with a turnaround of 5 hours with complete accuracy. It is easier to read than my own transcriptions and actually saved me money in the long run by saving so much time! A great ROI. I have no idea how they do it, but I'm using them from now on!!

  January 12, 2017   Reviewed by Robert
Highly recommended!
Very comprehensive and well put together interview transcriptions delivered in an incredibly quick turnaround.

  January 11, 2017   Reviewed by Mike
Great service
Great Service

  January 11, 2017   Reviewed by Lawrence Media I.
Always right and on time!
I've done hundreds of caption files for other business with REV and never had a bad experience.

  January 11, 2017   Reviewed by Mr Ian P.
Fast and Accurate
When I used for the first time this week I doubted whether it could meet its performance promises with a very long and difficult transcription. It came back typed perfectly within 6 hours. I am very impressed!

  January 10, 2017   Reviewed by Sue
Great experience
Excellent service, incredible quick turn around.

  January 9, 2017   Reviewed by Elizabeth
Fantastic service. Impressive!
I was so impressed with how easy and efficient this process has been. I submitted my interviews and had my first transcript back within 60 minutes. It has taken so much stress out of the process for me and I am thrilled to have discovered this service.

  January 8, 2017   Reviewed by Jerome
Services not recieved
I paid to have hesitations (ums, uhhs, etc) removed. Didn't happen most of the time. I didn't look into how to contest my bill, as I've already edited the copy.

  January 6, 2017   Reviewed by andy
good work.
Fast, excellent service

  January 6, 2017   Reviewed by Brian
Expensive, medium-to-low quality.
Honestly, I expected better for $1 a word. I got my transcript back with tons of [inaudible] stamps that I was able to correct almost immediately, and was filled with spelling errors like 'iderate', which is not a word, when the speaker said 'iterate', which is. I was very surprised, as the service had come recommended. Deeply conflicted over whether to try again.

  January 3, 2017   Reviewed by Barbara
Excellent and quick :)
You are excellent and quick :)

  December 31, 2016   Reviewed by SL
Excellent transcriptions. Quick tu …
Excellent transcriptions. Quick turnaround with a high level of accuracy.

  December 30, 2016   Reviewed by Chris
Super fast and quality was brillian …
Super fast and quality was brilliant.

  December 29, 2016   Reviewed by Safirah I.
Instant results
by the time i registered and paid for the item i believe my work was already done. within minutes of sending email i received my transcript- clear and concise. i was very happy with the response time Thank you