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  February 5, 2016   Reviewed by Jake
I am so thankful that I was turned on to Rev.
I have only had an account for a bit over a week and already have found so much value in Rev. Nothing could be easier. I do some of my best thinking and sales scripting while driving. Before Rev, I had to either wait to write down what I developed while driving or I had to outsource the transcription of my thought recordings to a freelancer...not knowing what I was going to get back while overpaying of course. With Rev, I hit the record button, get my thoughts out as fast as I can and then simply send it off to be transcribed. An hour of sales scripting for $1 per minute, you can't beat it. Mix the power of Rev with a couple of my long scripting tools and I can produce a dialed in hour long visual presentation in less than 48 hours. Rev is going to amplify my business in 2016!

  February 4, 2016   Reviewed by David
Better than expected
Rev is only $1 per minute - I didn't expect the quality to be so high!

  February 2, 2016   Reviewed by KMS
Exceeded my expectations
Very pleased. Highly recommend for transcription.

  February 1, 2016   Reviewed by Greg
Great transcript
Only minor revisions. Great work all around. Even delivered over a weekend.

  January 31, 2016   Reviewed by Beverly
Fast and Accurate
Great service at a reasonable price.

  January 26, 2016   Reviewed by Sam
Perfect :-)
Perfect Service. Timely and Accurate :-)

  January 24, 2016   Reviewed by James
Excellent work, timely and accurate.

  January 23, 2016   Reviewed by Len
Great Job on Student Interviews
The work was great in a very short time frame. Great job!

  January 22, 2016   Reviewed by Maureen
When it's easy, it's easy
As a marketing director, Rev offers a mission critical service that is delightful simple to use. Their app makes it possible to capture the best of my subject matter experts, their payment process is one-and-done and the end product is always spot on.

  January 19, 2016   Reviewed by Julie
Sheer Happiness
I have never been so happy as when I realized there was a service to help me transcribe my interviews!

  January 19, 2016   Reviewed by JP
Great speedy service
They promised my 52 minute audio wold be transcribed in 24 hours. It was done in less than 8. They did a great job with no errors. I would definitely use them again.

  January 17, 2016   Reviewed by Thomas
First time using the system
I had my 35 minute audio transcribed and back to me in less than 24 hours - great service.

  January 16, 2016   Reviewed by Tina
Extremely fast and accurate
I was amazed at how fast they completed my transcription. I was very impressed with the accuracy, spelling and punctuation. I will definitely be using them again.

  January 15, 2016   Reviewed by Cristian
Great service
Used it several times,and would continue to use it. Fast, affordable, and easy to do.

  January 11, 2016   Reviewed by Fred
Too many "inaudible" entries that seem very clear on listening to the recording.

  January 10, 2016   Reviewed by jeremy
deidre wade interview
Fast and accurate, way faster than i expected. I was pleasantly surprised with the service. I sent in te file left for work and t was wating for me when I got home, worth the money!!

  January 5, 2016   Reviewed by Harold
First Time User
I was impressed by the turn around time, less than six hours. The one file that could not be transcribed, my payment was refunded, no questions asked.

  January 4, 2016   Reviewed by Lester
Almost perfect
I had to have one of 20 files completely redone, and I found the use of designations for who is speaking to be somewhat inconsistent. Other than this it was accurate, fast, and very cost effective.

  January 3, 2016   Reviewed by Marwan
Rev Arabic translation
Excellent service. Very quick turnaround (24 hours guaranteed, my latest document [single page] was completed in less than 3 hours on a weekend). Organized and professional. Used this service 4 times till now and will definately use it again in the future.

  December 30, 2015   Reviewed by Lou
Very wowed and happy!!
This is the first time I have used Rev. com for a video transcription, and I was absolutely wowed by how fast and accurate they were. I submitted a 13 minute video from You Tube that I needed a transcription for, and they had it done with in 2 hours and it was extremely accurate!! I will definitely use them again! Great Job and Joanne, the person who was working on my project.