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  January 20, 2020  
David C.
So easy and accurate transcription, wouldn't use anything else!
  January 19, 2020  
Greg S.
Great turnaround time. Bummed you are raising your rates though !
  January 16, 2020  
Catalleya S.
I'm always so pleased with the work! Thank you!
  January 16, 2020  
I paid ten extra dollars for time-stamping but it was only stamped a handful of times at moments of cross-talk. Very accurate transcription though, flawless.
  January 15, 2020  
Nelecia M.
Though I am mostly satisfied, I am a bit disappointed several lines were deem inaudible. As a result, my document was not completely translated
  January 14, 2020  
Quick, 96% accurate, well done.
  January 14, 2020  
Adam S.
Super fast. Nearly 100% accurate. Love Rev
  January 13, 2020  
Robin S.
Very quick, thorough. Easy app to use on my first run. Thank you.
  January 13, 2020  
Paul W.
Fast, accurate, excellent quality. I'll use them again.
  January 12, 2020  
J. L.
Took an additional hour to clean up text, correct grammatical errors (there, they’re, their seemed to be an issue). Don’t know if I would do this again for short clips- I think it’s be faster to do it myself.
  January 10, 2020  
Mark Anthony R.
Needed a CC on my film trailer in less than 12 hrs. My order was completed within less than a half hour after all items were uploaded to their site! I am totally impressed!
  January 10, 2020  
Clay K.
Rev has revolutionized my work as a Private Investigator. Absolutely outstanding.
  January 9, 2020  
Rob R.
Really good, got the captions very quick. Minimal errors in style. I gave it 4 stars not 5 stars because I'm unsure about the fairness of your labor practices. This gig economy stuff is really unregulated, a five-star experience for me would include the company taking a leadership role in the industry.
  January 7, 2020  
Rev. Dr. Diana R. W.
Thanks so much for a job well done!
  January 5, 2020  
This is an absolutely great service. I like it a lot. I only wish they had the opportunity to email entire folders of finished transcriptions. But other than that minor issue I am highly recommend Rev
  January 4, 2020  
Stacey F.
Joseph was an amazing help!
  January 3, 2020  
Rich M.
Excellent on accuracy and the turnaround was faster than estimated
  December 29, 2019  
William S.
Great job transcribing!
  December 29, 2019  
Mike R.
Rev is a very good service, that keeps getting better. I use it regularly, definitely worth the money.
  December 29, 2019  
Fantastic service. Nothing bad to say At all. I just wish you could do Norwegian!