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  March 27, 2015   Reviewed by Emma
Excellent transcript and customer service
My transcript was over 6,000 words and the accuracy was perfect. The transcript was sent back to me in less than 24 hours and I had a slight problem trying to download the file but their customer service team responded straight away with an attached copy of the file - will definitely use them again.

  March 27, 2015   Reviewed by Gary
Loved the turnaround time, accuracy and comments provided by the transcriptionist......will definately use this service again!!

  March 24, 2015   Reviewed by Carrie
Fast, Good quality turned a transcript around for a 60 minute podcast in 24 hours. I was impressed with the speed and accuracy. I'd use them again.

  March 23, 2015   Reviewed by Joshua
Good service reasonable price
I didn't shop around and this is the first time I've used this service. Transcription was 98% accurate for 1.25 cents per minute of speech (with timestamps). Fast turnaround time.

  March 23, 2015   Reviewed by Janet
Well done Rev
Even with tricky New Zealand accents you have done a great job

  March 22, 2015   Reviewed by Inbar
Fast and great service
Fast and great service

  March 14, 2015   Reviewed by Cara H.
Does not deliver as advertised
They advertise 24 turn around time but it has been over 24 hours and I still have not received my order. When I called them after I paid for my order, April guaranteed me 24 hours. I called today and Lisa told me they were backed up. That is not my problem. Do not advertise something you guys cannot deliver! This was my first order and my last. I am going to make sure to tell all my friends never to use this company.

  March 9, 2015   Reviewed by Claude Benjamin N.
Regarding theTranslation Services
You are doing a good job. Congratulations

  March 6, 2015   Reviewed by Anthony
Great Service!
I normally don't write reviews, but the transcribing service was excellent. It literally saved me hours upon hours of my time for a great price. Truly worth it.

  March 6, 2015   Reviewed by Shelley
Accurate and Fast!
What a great service! I will be using more often for many projects. What once took days now takes hours. I received 12 video clip transcripts within 24 hours and the work was accurate!

  March 4, 2015   Reviewed by Happy A.
Transcription Success
My experience with was excellent. I used this to support the transcription process of my dissertation research. This service saved me an estimated 40 hours of work.

  March 1, 2015   Reviewed by Jody
Fast, Accurate and Reliable!
I've used for several years and will continue!

  February 28, 2015   Reviewed by Rod
These guys rock
Honestly have stepped up wonderfully. Each time delivered in under 24hrs and some of the interviews were not exactly crystal clear shall we say but the transcription was spot on. Highly recommended.

  February 27, 2015   Reviewed by Viki
Very accurate super fast service
First time using rev and very pleased with speed and quality of work!

  February 26, 2015   Reviewed by Mark
Great job, great price
The transcripts were two-person interviews and were done very well. 99% of the transcription was dead on, and the remaining 1% were because the recording was illegible - I replayed it myself and also could not hear the words. I could not expect a better or more timely experience.

  February 21, 2015   Reviewed by Perry Frazier G.
i could not have asked for a better experience.

  February 20, 2015   Reviewed by Muhammad Y.
Quick Service
Great service. Got my transcript back in less than 24 hours and saves tons of time.

  February 20, 2015   Reviewed by Robert
Wow....I didn't expect this :)
As a researcher, I was very concerned about getting my participant's interviews transcribed accurately and quickly. Rev not only provided the level of quality that exceeded my best expectations, they did it about 48 hours. All I can say is wow and thank you!

  February 16, 2015   Reviewed by Eric
Great Service
Quick turnaround time and accurate translation.

  February 13, 2015   Reviewed by Michele
Great Service
We have been using for multiple transcriptions. The cost is minimal compared to the time it was taking me to transcribe conversations. Zero problems and the turn around is great.