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  October 22, 2018  
The captions and all that they do is really good. However if you need to make edits to them, or change any errors. The files do not work when you download them - and you have to contact support EVERY-TIME you have made an edit to get a file that works. I have had this problem consistently and have over 10 videos in captions now by then in 5 different languages. They need to fix this in order to be a viable company.
  October 22, 2018  
Maureen C.
Excellent transcript of my video.
  October 21, 2018  
Parag S.
Excellent. Highly Recommend this Service.
  October 19, 2018  
Lily H.
I work full-time and am in a part-time Phd program. Rev saved my life. Highly recommend if you’re so tired and busy that you sometimes forget to put your pants on before your shoes.
  October 18, 2018  
Richard Scott W.
Always topnotch, accurate, and fast. Thanks again, Scott
  October 18, 2018  
Eddie from N.
The transcribers that work for are very professional and fast. Turn around is faster than anything you can do on your own. Rev even offers additional services like time stamping for a modest fee. Love how you can play your video and what the transcript highlight the word spoken, and that you can download your transcript as a document. I do not give them five stars only because I believe they should pay their transcribers a higher hourly rate or percentage of profit. 60% Rev / 40% transcriber.
  October 17, 2018  
Frederick G.
Great Job!! Timely accurate and received the same day!
  October 16, 2018  
The turn around time was incredibly fast, less than 24-hours, for a 90-minute interview. The transcript was excellent allowing me to quickly finish my assignment.
  October 16, 2018  
James W.
How do they do it?! So fast, so spot on. Honestly this service is my new secret weapon. Totally recommended.
  October 16, 2018  
Todd B.
Found Rev based on an editor's review of transcription sites. My first experience with Rev matched everybody else's--good quality, lightning fast, and good customer service.
  October 15, 2018  
Doyle B.
Speedy. Accurate. Fair price. What else can I say?
  October 15, 2018  
Curtis G.
Great turnaround time and well done.
  October 15, 2018  
fast, simple, and accurate. wow! thank you.
  October 14, 2018  
Bill W.
Interviews were difficult to transcribe, but both transcribers did a great job.
  October 14, 2018  
Mary R.
accurate and quick really appreciate this service
  October 14, 2018  
Sam R.
Great Service! Very quick and reliable!
  October 12, 2018  
Emma P.
Express-quick and accurate!
  October 12, 2018  
D. S.
Incredibly fast turnaround, excellent accuracy, and great value. Highly recommended.
  October 10, 2018  
Anthony B.
I sent REV two 40 minute sitcom episodes ifor close captioning in the morning. They returned them late the same day. I spent about 4 hours reviewing their work. 5 earring transcriptions in one episode and 3 in the other. There were zero misspellings. personally I felt that is an amazing effort. I whole heartedly recommend them and would use them again. Oh yeah and the price was 1/6th of the other companies I was looking at.
  October 10, 2018  
Scott M.
I was very surprised at how accurate the transcript was, and how well designed their website is for listening to the audio and making corrections.