Careers at Rev

Rev is a startup based in San Francisco building the most technologically-advanced platform for freelance work. We're looking for enthusiastic and talented people to join us in creating work opportunities for millions of people around the world.


Our business is driven by a focus on product and engineering. Our team combines technical know-how with business smarts to deliver useful applications and tools.


Rev exists to serve our users: the customers of our services and the freelancers providing them. Without their support and affection, we couldn't ship a single line of code.

Freedom and flexibility

Stay at home, come in to the office, or work from your favorite coffee shop—we give our team the autonomy and tools needed for success.

Benefits of Joining the Rev Team

Get paid

Be generously compensated by a well-funded startup. Enjoy full benefits, equity, and a 401k.

Customize your workspace

Want a stand-up desk? Need plants? PC? No problem. Your budget, your choices.

Make a difference

Be measured by your impact, not your effort. Help create real jobs for real people.

Work where you want

Be free to stay at home, come in to the office, or work from a coffee shop.

Have fun

Plan and participate in events like bowling, baseball games, ski trips and happy hours.

Stretch yourself

Learn new skills: talk to customers, drive product improvements, or learn to design. We will push you to your limits.

Current Job Openings