Automate Rev Transcription with Zapier

Zapier overview

Zapier is a service that allows you to connect different applications. You can connect Rev with popular web-based file storage systems like Dropbox or Google Drive to save time when placing orders.

For example, after linking Rev and Dropbox, you would be able to:

  • Send orders to Rev by simply dragging the file to be transcribed or captioned into a specific Dropbox folder
  • Receive the completed transcript or caption file in a separate Dropbox folder

This means you no longer need to visit to upload media and download completed files.

Integrations available with Zapier

Although Google Drive and Dropbox are the services most commonly connected with Rev, Zapier gives you the potential to connect hundreds of different services, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Dovetail, Instagram and more. You can see all available integrations here.

Zapier pricing

Zapier is free if you have up to five unique connections and send/receive less than 100 files per month. If you use more, they charge a monthly fee that depends on your usage. All Zapier pricing plans are viewable here.

Getting started

Just click “Use this Zap” and you’ll be guided through the process of

  • Creating a Zapier account
  • Connecting Rev to another service
  • Setting up the conditions that will trigger an order being placed with Rev

Keep in mind - sending media to Rev and receiving completed files are separate processes. If you want them both, you’ll have to set up two connections (Zapier calls these connections “zaps”).

Transcription Zaps

Caption Zaps

The Zaps above are the most popular connections with Rev, but remember: Zapier works with many services other than just Google Drive and Dropbox. See the full list here.