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Record and transcribe any calls on the iPhone - both outgoing & incoming calls. Perfect for phone interviews and business calls.
Now available in the U.S. for iPhone.
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Free and unlimited recording

No hidden fees or ads


Outgoing and incoming calls

unlimited recording

In app transcription service

convert any recording to text

Share recordings & transcripts

via email, Dropbox, and more

What people are saying

Great for journalists
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I often conduct phone interviews. This is a simple utility without any frills or unnecessary features. Call, start recording, send my recording in to be transcribed. I save hours every day and the price is well worth the time saved. Thank you to app developers who are keeping it simple for us.
Call recorder plus transcription is A+
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I'm so happy that Rev finally made a call recorder. I've been a user of Rev transcription service for years for my interview recordings. Recording calls has always been a hassle. This app makes it pretty painless to record cell phone calls and then getting them transcribed is a tap away. I love Rev and this call recorder!
Ny pizza 99
Easy-to-use call recorder
Review Stars
Love how simple it is to record phone calls. Much better than some of the other apps that I've played around with (including some that cost money). Bonus is that this app is free and allows me to send recordings to be transcribed. I sometimes conduct interviews over the phone and it's nice to record those calls and get a transcript of what was said...


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