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Transcript quality depends on audio quality. Record clear audio for more accurate transcripts.
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Advanced voice & speech recognition technology
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4.5 star rating from 5,929 reviews
4.5 star rating from 5,929 reviews

How It Works

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Upload English Audio/Video Files

Upload files from your computer or simply paste a URL from the web. We use artificial intelligence to transcribe your file in minutes.

Review & Edit

Automated transcription isn't 100% accurate -- easily review and edit with our web-based editor shown to the side.

Share & Export

Share with your teammates and collaborators, or export your transcript in a variety of formats.

Transcript quality depends on your audio quality

Record clear audio to get accurate transcripts
Good Audio
Little background noise
Clear voices
Minimal accents
Result: 80%+ Accuracy
Difficult Audio
Heavy background noise
Accented dialogue

Trusted by 170,000+ customers
across all industries

Media companies use Rev to transcribe interviews, video content, and raw footage
Schools use Rev to transcribe interviews, lectures, and webinars
Law firms use Rev to transcribe depositions, dictation, and arbitration
Marketing departments use Rev to transcribe meetings, phone calls, and market research
Many others use Rev to transcribe religious sermons, podcasts, and therapy sessions

Free Features

Synchronized Audio & Text

Our transcript editor stitches your audio/video files to the text. Click on any part of the transcript and play the audio or video from that exact moment.


Isolate important speech & quotes in your transcript with the highlighting tool. Export just your highlights as a document.


Share an editable version of your transcript with teammates, or share a read-only version so other users can keep track of the edits you make.

Multi-user Access

Grant multiple users access to your team's transcripts. Add an unlimited number of members to your team.

File Search

Search across the contents of your files to identify the exact moment when something was said in a specific audio/video file.

Download Formats

Export your transcripts as text (MS Word, Plain Text, PDF) or caption files (SubRip Text, WebVTT).
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"It just made us a lot quicker, and it shows. We’ll continue to rock and roll, using Rev."
Rodney McMahon II Spotify
Rodney McMahon II
Head of Post Production
"Fast, accurate and great price for transcription. We use them for everything!"
Scott Stratten Unmarketing
Scott Stratten
"Rev provided high quality service and tight turnaround for a very competitive price."
Steven Flamisch Rutgers
Steven Flamisch
Press Officer

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