How to Download YouTube Subtitles as Text & Transcript Files

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Subtitles are an easy and highly effective way to make your video content more accessible to a wider audience.

First, multilingual subtitle options benefit people who don’t speak the audio’s native language. But they also benefit people who may be Deaf or hard-of-hearing, as well as people who choose to watch your video without sound — whether out of preference or necessity.

Plus, viewers can use the text from those subtitles. For instance, if you’re trying to Spanish, watching a video with Spanish subtitles could be a helpful tool and study aide. YouTube offers viewers the option to download a video’s subtitles as text, provided that the video’s creator has already added those subtitles to their video file.

Below, we’ll walk you through how to download YouTube subtitles as text files. So if you need to download a video’s subtitles for offline use, here’s how to do it:

1. Go to your desired YouTube video

2. Check to make sure the YouTube video has captions/subtitles added with the “CC” button

3. Go to “Settings” and click on “Subtitles/CC” to see which subtitle languages are available

4. On the menu below the video, click the three dots next to “Save” for more options, then select “Open Transcript”

5. An interactive transcript will appear next to the video on the right side of the window

6. Click the dropdown menu at the bottom of the transcript to select the language of your subtitles

(NOTE: The video must already have these subtitles uploaded for them to appear on this menu.)

7. Click the three dots at the top of the transcript to turn the timestamps in the transcript on or off.

8. Once you’ve selected your desired language and the timestamps fit your preferences, highlight the transcript, copy it, and paste it to a word processor or notepad app of your choice

And there you have it! Pretty easy, right?

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