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With video conferencing, remote workers and mobile employees are able to communicate with their peers in an interactive and collaborative way. Videos even allow professionals to present compelling strategies to clients and stakeholders. In fact, this interactive recordings trend is expected to increase to $4.48 billion by 2023.

While there are a few video conferencing companies to utilize, GoToMeeting is one of the most popular ones. And it’s easy to see why. This real-time conferencing tool allows presenters to share their screen, record sessions, and even get a transcript for future use.  

GoToMeeting transcription is extremely important for virtual meetings, so let’s dive right in.

How to Transcribe a GoToMeeting Recording

There’s always the DIY approach to getting a GoToMeeting transcription. However, digital recordings take a painstaking long time to review. While you can be ready to analyze the material, you’ll have to listen intently and rewind multiple times to ensure your notes are accurate. 

In fact, a one-hour recording usually takes more than four hours to transcribe. That’s not a good use of your time. However, there are professional transcription services out that can do it for you!

Option 1: AI Transcription 

One of the reasons why GoToMeeting is one of the more popular video conferencing tools is due to their smart meeting assistant which provides text meeting transcriptions for all recorded meetings. 

To enable the automatic GoToMeeting transcription option for any meeting that’s previously been recorded, you’ll need to be an admin. If you aren’t, contact your account admin to make sure both cloud recording and transcriptions are enabled.

AI GoToMeeting Transcript Step 1

Then, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in by going to
  2. Click on settings in the top toolbar
  3. Go to cloud recordings and transcription, click in the ‘transcribe recorded meetings’ box

Make sure to hit save.

AI GoToMeeting Step 2

To access and view GoToMeeting transcription, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in
  2. Click on the meeting history tab
  3. Find the right meeting, and click view recording & transcript. This will then open up a page with an interactive recording and a text transcript. 

There are two downsides to this transcription method. The first being that GoToMeeting only supports English transcriptions, which can be a bit limiting for those global companies. 

The other downside is accuracy. AI has a hard time of understanding nuance or slang language often found in audio and video files. Plus, multiple speakers, heavy accents, and unclear audio can really be a train wreck for AI. Due to this, the transcription accuracy can be poor, meaning you’ll have to take hours out of your day to review and edit the transcript before sending it out. 

Option 2: More Accurate Human Transcription

People are drawn to human transcription simply because real people listen to an audio or video file and convert it to text. This method means you’ll get far more accurate results. In fact, will give you 99% or better accuracy with all transcripts.

How can you upload your video to Rev?

1. Select the video in GoToMeeting. Depending on settings, the recording manager will launch automatically after the recorded meeting has ended, or it will need to be launched manually. To do that, you’ll need to right click on the daisy and click convert recordings.

Human GoToMeeting Transcript Step 1

2. Convert and download meeting. By default, the recording will be saved as a .GTM. To convert, click choose a file format from the drop-down menu that appears in the recording manager. Good video file formats include .wmv, .mp4, and .mov. Once you choose the format, click convert recording and wait a few minutes for it to process. 

3. From the checkout screen, you can easily upload your audio or video file. Make sure to select the right video and follow the onscreen prompts.

Rev Transcripts GoToMeeting

4. When your file is ready, you’ll receive an email with your GoToMeeting transcription. From there, you can review the transcript before downloading and sharing it.

Top 4 Benefits of Getting Transcriptions for GoToMeeting Meetings

Business professionals rely on online meetings – both video and audio – to conduct and document business meetings. This digital form of note taking is extremely beneficial as it allows all meeting attendees to stay fully present and focused on key content in the meeting instead of getting caught up in note taking. 

Additionally, here are 4 benefits on why you need a GoToMeeting transcription:

1. Transform Content into a Searchable Media

Whether it’s a sales presentation or financial overview, it’s critical that all of the information presented is as accurate as possible. That can be extremely difficult to do with just an audio or video recording, especially if the sound cuts out. Plus, finding the right minute marker of when a stat was said could take hours.

Enter in transcriptions. They will give you the power to quickly search for keywords in a search bar and pull up the exact financial information you need. This searchable content can be pulled up in mere seconds. 

2. Share Content with Absent Coworkers

Life happens and sometimes coworkers miss meetings. How can you catch them up on the missed meeting without taking time out of your busy day? Transcriptions make it very easy to share. 

Whether you use GoToMeeting transcription or another platform, both transcription services will allow you to share the transcripts link via email. The transcript can then be downloaded and read through by meeting participants and those who missed the meeting. 

3. Catches All The Details

We’ve all been in those 3+ hour meetings where a certain topic or action item gets discussed and debated. But at the end of the meeting, do you remember what was said? Who is in charge of making that marketing presentation?

While recording the meeting can help, how many times do you rewind an audio clip or video after missing a key point? A GoToMeeting transcription will eliminate the need to backtrack on all audio and video recordings. The transcribed text will outline who said what during their talk time, and allow you to catch every detail of it.  

4. Easily Create Action Items and Follow-up Tasks

Similar to the above, text transcripts make creating action items and a task list very easy. Instead pausing and rewinding to then hand-write out action items, you can search for action items and simply copy the transcript and enter it into a separate Word doc. This means, you’ll have even more time to dedicate to your action items.

GoToMeeting Transcripts


Wrap Up

A GoToMeeting transcription can be very beneficial for a variety of reasons. Utilizing’s transcription services means you’ll receive a 99% accurate (or better) GoToMeeting transcription in 12 hours or less (depending on how long the file is). This content can then be used to create action items and distributed as meeting notes. Let help you today.