Increase Efficiency of Every Meeting – The Best Zoom Transcription Software for 2021

If you haven’t tried transcription software for video conferencing before, we recommend you give it a shot.


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If you haven’t tried transcription software for video conferencing before, we recommend you give it a shot. There are many benefits to transcribing Zoom meetings and webinars, including:

  • Increased engagement because participants are better able to focus on the conversation, without having to worry about taking notes.
  • Improved accessibility, particularly for people with hearing disabilities.
  • Ability to create a speaker-labeled and searchable record for future reference.
  • Boosts your marketability and online visibility if you use the transcripts to create content, quotations for social media, or reports.

If you want to learn more about how to maximize the functionality of Zoom, check out our guide on how to transcribe a Zoom recording.

Here, we take a look at a few of the best Zoom transcription software options for 2021.

Who offers transcription software for audio and video conferencing?

Since late 2019, Zoom has soared in popularity from 10 million to 200 million+ free and paid users. Undoubtedly, some of its fanfare is owed to its automatic transcription capabilities offered to subscription holders. However, there are several online meeting apps that also offer built-in machine-generated transcripts. These include:

1. GoToMeeting’s Smart Meeting Assistant stores an unlimited number of transcripts in the cloud. They’re shareable, searchable and feature automatic scrolling as you watch the recording.

2. Microsoft Teams’ online meeting software offers live transcriptions and speaker attribution with avatars.

3. Cisco Webex Meetings boasts real-time English translation into 100+ languages alongside its transcription. Other speech-related features include a virtual assistant which responds to voice commands and the ability to set trigger words to auto-note key parts of a discussion.

Aside from using video conferencing apps to generate real-time transcripts, there are two other methods for online meeting transcription. Let’s look at some options for each:

AI transcription companies

1. Temi costs $0.25 per minute and comes with custom timestamps, labels to mark a change of speaker, a simple editing tool and more. There’s no integration with Zoom, or other online conferencing tools, so all transcription has to take place post-meeting.

2. Rev offers Live Captions for Zoom, which shows on-screen text for each speaker in real time on a Zoom meeting. This is built off the world’s most accurate speech recognition AI. While it’s not technically a live transcription, this is excellent for accessibility, and you can download a transcript of the Zoom live captions after your call by clicking “Save Captions”.

Human transcription companies

1. Rev offers three options for transcribing Zoom meetings:

  • Human transcription services cost $1.25 per minute and are 99% accurate, provided the audio files are clearly audible. An extensive network of vetted native English-speaking transcribers completes all work on a secure online platform, available 24/7/365.
  • Automatic transcription services cost $0.25 per minute and are 80%+ accurate. Rev customers can also use its free Transcript Editor tool to edit, share and view the transcript online. They’re downloadable too in a wide range of formats, including PDF.
  • Zoom Live Captions automatically adds captions in real-time to your webinars and meetings. For $20 per month, Zoom hosts on our Individual & Small Teams plan receive 80 caption hours per month and post-meeting transcripts. It’s free for participants and hosts control whether to provide live captioning. Attendees also have the option to turn off captioning in their own windows.

What’s the best Zoom transcription software?

Rev’s Zoom Live Caption service, along with its competitively priced transcription services makes it the best Zoom transcription software to use in 2021. The additional plus points of Rev’s offerings are:

  • Fast turnaround time averaging 3 hours. If you’re on a tight deadline and need it faster, check out our Rush service which is 5x faster.
  • Time stamps synced to your audio or video are available for an extra $0.25 per audio minute. Whether it’s a one-to-one Zoom meeting or an online conference, you can use our interactive, speaker-labeled time stamps to jump to any point of the audio or video. Check out our time-stamped transcription sample.
  • Five methods to upload your Zoom meeting recordings with ease to our secure servers via: direct file upload or URL, our mobile app, automatic upload from cloud-based apps and API.
  • Access to our 50,000+ network of professional transcribers who are trained in transcribing Zoom audio or video files.