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Voice to text transcription software helps you transform ideas and information from audio into text files that you can use, search through, share and turn into action. Essentially, all voice to text software transcribes audio input into text.

The best voice to text software for you and your organization largely depends on your work process and your goals. You have to decide if you want speed, accuracy or a combination of both. Before you start looking for the right software for you, think about the different ways you’ll use the transcription software & how you’re hoping it will make your workflow more efficient. And we’ll help you pick the best solution for all your needs below.

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The Best Audio to Text Transcription Software

1. Rev

Rev is the best voice to text solution if you need the best of all worlds. Rev offers 80% accurate speech recognition software for 25 cents per minute and 99% accurate human transcription services for $1.25 per minute.

Rev’s human transcription is the most accurate all around transcription solution in the world, and Rev’s speech recognition technology beats Amazon, Google, and Microsoft in overall accuracy. How does Rev beat those giants? Rev’s data from its network of 50,000 human transcribers help train the AI to be the most accurate solution in the world.

Rev Beats Google Microsoft Amazon

2. Temi

Temi is the industry leader in speech recognition software and has been used by ESPN, PBS, The University of Texas, and other major corporations. It’s the premier option for voice to text transcription, and only costs 25 cents per minute. It’s the best option available if you’re wanting pretty good accuracy rates and lightning-quick turnaround times for converting your audio files into text.

3. Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is a great option for people who want a traditional software-based solution. One key feature of Dragon Anywhere is the way it learns your speaking style over time. The software becomes more accurate the more you use it. You can also command the software to edit your documents in real-time, which is perfect for efficiency. Dragon Anywhere does come at a monthly cost, so if your budget is tight, consider another option.  

4. Descript 

Descript is a fantastic online tool that allows users to record, edit, and transcribe audio. Their editing tool is especially great for podcasters. They offer world class transcription, both human and automatic (machine generated) transcription.

5. Speechnotes 

Speechnotes is an option that is great for students or others who need to be conscious of their budget. It’s a free app that you can upgrade if you want, but it allows for free-flowing thoughts. The software will record as long as you want and allow you to edit the text with your voice or through type. It’s a great option if you need a quick solution.  

Learn More About Audio to Text and Your Transcription Software Options 

No matter what voice to text software you choose, you will see a positive impact on your productivity and workflow. Transcription gives you the ability to quickly search your audio files, turn audio and video files into written content (great for SEO), easily take meeting notes, turn interviews into text, and much more.

To learn more about the different ways transcripts can make your workflow more efficient, read through our other transcription content resources

It’s worth noting that transcription software is built on AI or machine transcription, so accuracy can be an issues. If you need more accurate speech to text solutions, Rev offers human transcription services that guarantee 99% accuracy on all transcript orders.