How to Transcribe a Conversation in 2021 & Get It That Same Day

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Have you ever wanted to read the subtitles while watching a video, or recount an interview without listening to the entire conversation? It’s possible to do the above things, thanks to transcription.

Transcription is the process of converting speech from audio or video files into written text. Some of the fields that heavily rely on transcription are the medical, media, and legal fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in the US in 2016, there were around 57,400 scribes for medicine and 19,600 scribes in courtrooms. 

How to Record and Transcribe a Conversation


1. Use a recording app to record the audio conversation

Rev has a handy Online Voice Recorder that works on both mobile devices and desktop computers. But any recording solution will work, including the one likely included on your mobile device. Record your conversation and then download it.

2. Upload the file to an online transcription service

Automated Transcription file upload Interactive screen

You can either upload a file of the conversation recording, or paste a public URL if your conversation is already online, like in a cloud storage URL. You can transcribe either audio or video conversations. has multiple transcription solutions. If you need premium-level accuracy, use the Rev human transcription service. Rev has a network of 60,000+ professional transcriptionists and guarantees 99% accuracy on all orders for this service.

There is also automatic transcription, or AI-powered transcription. This is a more affordable solution, but accuracy usually tops out at 85%, so you may need to make some edits to your final transcript.

Overview of Human Transcription

With access to the uploaded audio or the URL, professionals from the company get to work and transcribe your file with 99+% accuracy. These professionals are available 24×7 to ensure a quick turnaround time.

You will then receive your transcribed file as an editable document. You can view and edit the transcription using the online tools available on Rev’s website.

Overview of Automated Machine-Generated Transcription

Once you’ve uploaded your file or pasted the URL, your transcribed file is ready within minutes, through the use of artificial intelligence.

You can review and edit the transcription using the web-based editor on the website.

Your full transcript is ready to export and share!

Need to transcribe a phone call? Rev has a world-class call recording app for iPhone and you can transcribe your recordings straight from the app.

3. Check out and your transcript will be delivered within a few hours

You will receive an email when your transcript is finished, and you can edit it in Rev’s world class Transcript Editor.

Advantages of Online Audio Transcription Services

There are certain benefits to using an online audio transcription service. Having dedicated staff to transcribe audio is unnecessary overhead and developing an entire machine learning algorithm for the same is overkill.


Having an in-house service to transcribe audio is expensive, and you’re paying for it even when you’re not using it. If you employ the services of an external transcription vendor, you’re only paying for what you’re utilizing.

Experts from Multiple Domains

Online transcription companies have in-house specialists from varied domains. You can rely on a specialist from the desired field rather than having generalized in-house staff who may do a mediocre job due to a lack of knowledge in that particular field.

Better Quality of the Full Transcript

Since transcription is their core business, these companies have state-of-the-art algorithms and all the necessary tools required to provide you an output with maximum accuracy.

Free Bandwidth for Other In-house Tasks

By outsourcing the transcription of the recorded audio, you’re freeing up your staff’s bandwidth to focus on other core areas of your business, which they are more adept at handling.

Greater Reliability

Core audio transcription businesses have thorough quality checks before delivering the output. This ensures that the quality of your entire transcript is top-notch.

Which Transcription Service Should You Use to Transcribe Audio?

There are many transcription services that you can use to transcribe a conversion online. Choose the one that you find most reliable and economical. 

When you’re through with your market research, you’ll realize that Rev fits the bill perfectly. It’s extremely reliable and easy on the pocket. You can use either their human transcription services, which offer 99% accuracy or their automated machine-generated transcription, which offers 85% accuracy but is more affordable.

Intangible Benefits of Transcribing Recorded Conversations

  • Focus on the ongoing conversation while recording the audio or video, without worrying about capturing the details. We will do that for you
  • Gain valuable insights into a conversation that you could otherwise miss by simply hearing the playback of the original file
  • Win back your time by outsourcing the transcription work, and focus on your other important tasks

In Conclusion

Irrespective of whether you go for a manual or automated transcription, there’s no denying that the benefits outweigh the cost involved. It’s a worthwhile investment to make, one that you won’t regret!