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How to Convert a Voice Recording to Text Online

As the demand for long-form content grows, the number of podcasts, interviews and in-depth articles published every day also rises. Whether you’re working freelance or for a major media company, you need all the available tools at your disposal to keep up with the demand. That’s where converting voice recordings or voice memos to text documents comes in.

After using any voice recorder app or browser based online voice recorder to record audio, or if you already have an audio recording, a trusted transcription service can be utilized to convert it into an editable, shareable text file in a matter of minutes.


1. Upload Your Voice Recording


Transcribe Audio to Text Upload

Paste the URL of your audio media file, or upload the recorded audio file itself to our safe and secure network.

Rev also transcribes video recordings, so try converting video to text via a video file or URL (like a YouTube video).

You can choose Rev’s human transcription services ($1.25 per minute, extremely accurate) or the automatic speech recognition services (25 cents per minute, but less accurate). Rev’s automatic transcription software provides a quick and affordable way to transcribe audio, and you get your first 45 minutes free.

2. Choose Custom Transcription Options

How to Transcribe Audio to Text Choose Options

  • Rush My Order – Get your transcript back 5 times faster
  • Timestamping – Sync your audio with timestamps on every paragraph. This allows you to jump to specific parts of the audio transcript.
  • Verbatim – Catch every word. Um’s, ah’s, and mm-hm’s.
  • Instant First Draft – AI-generated transcript delivered in minutes

3. Download Your Text File

We’ll handle all the transcribing, editing and file formats. You’ll be notified in an email when your file is ready and you can download it instantly.

You can also use the free Rev Transcript Editor for finalizing and perfecting your transcript.

AI or Human Transcription Services

There are two primary options to convert voice recordings to word documents. You can either use AI or human transcription services. With AI transcription, time is a tremendous benefit. Your transcription can be completed in the time it takes to pick up your morning coffee.

With human transcription services, it will take slightly more time, but you have the benefit of thoughtful transcriptions that need very little, if any, editing. Unlike AI speech recognition, humans can use discretion to remove unnecessary “ums” or understand how to format points in the conversation where speakers are talking over each other, for example.

The right choice for you and your team will depend on how much time you have and your allotted budget for converting voice recordings to text.

Costs of Converting Voice Recordings to Text

The costs for converting voice recordings to word documents varies depending on the services you use. At Rev, we strive to be the most cost-effective choice to transcribe audio files, while maintaining a superior quality transcription.

Customers who choose automated transcriptions can expect to pay about 25 cents per minute with an accuracy of 80-90%. So, you get your voice recordings in an editable document right away, but you may have to spend some time editing it.

People who choose human transcription services usually pay $1.25 per minute with 99% accuracy. You can choose to add a rush on your projects and other additions that will raise your price, but that’s the standard cost.

Get Started

Now that you have an idea for the different options available to you, it’s time to order your first voice recording to text transcription. It is incredibly simple. We’ll show you!

Choose a Service: AI or Human

First, choose how you want your transcriptions made. Consider your timeline, your budget and the amount of work your team has on their plate right now. Then decide on AI or human transcriptions.

How to Upload Voice Recordings

Next, you’ll upload your voice recordings. You can upload recordings directly from your computer, laptop or smartphone. Your transcription will be named after the file name, so remember to choose something that makes sense to you.

If you host your voice recordings on an external site, no problem. Just send us that URL and we’ll do the rest!

Review the Results

You’ll be notified as soon as your transcription is done. You can review your word document through your Rev account and download it to edit it yourself. And don’t worry if you accidentally lose the file. We’ll save all your transcriptions to your profile to access whenever you want!

Rev API for Businesses and Corporations

Are you converting audio to text for a business or corporation? Try transcribing audio files to text by requesting API access and integrating Rev’s functionality into apps or work environments you already have. Go to Rev API and sign up to get started.