Jul 19, 2020

UFC Fight Island 2 Press Conference Transcript: Figueiredo vs Benavidez

UFC Fight Island 2 Press Conference Transcript
RevBlogTranscriptsUFC Fight Island 2 Press Conference Transcript: Figueiredo vs Benavidez

UFC President Dana White, and MMA fighters Deiveson Figueiredo & Joseph Benavidez took part in a post-fight press conference after UFC Fight Island 2. Read the full press conference transcript here.

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Dana White: (00:04)
All right. So, fight of the night was Mark and Raphael. Performance of the night, Lipski and Davidson. Both won $50,000. And Mick didn’t run out of here as soon as the fight was over, so if we have any questions, then Mick can actually answer something tonight.

Mick: (00:33)
That’s awesome. I think we’re all buzzing from that title fight, man. Just give us your thoughts on Davidson’s performance tonight.

Dana White: (00:39)
Pure violence. No controversy in this one. We have pretty nasty champions in those two divisions now.

Mick: (00:53)
For the longest time, there was debate over whether the flyweight division was going to stick around or not. With a guy like that as champ, is it here and you feel good about it?

Dana White: (01:01)
When is the last time I talked about getting rid of the…

Mick: (01:04)
It’s been awhile.

Dana White: (01:05)
Yeah, that’s here. Look at how good this guy looked tonight. Look at what he did. Ton of controversy in the first fight, from weight, to headbutts. No controversy in this one. This guy came in and did what he said he was going to do against the number two ranked guy in the world. He looked damn good doing it.

Mick: (01:27)
Yeah. We had another flyweight that kicked off the main card, Askar Askarov. Pantoja was the backup in case anything happened. Oscar beats Pantoja. Is he in a position where he might be in consideration for a number one contender fight?

Dana White: (01:40)
I don’t know. When I get home, we’ll figure that stuff out.

Mick: (01:44)
Very nice. About going home, wrap up your time here on Flat Island. It’s been quite the experience for a couple of weeks. What were your thoughts overall? And just kind of-

Dana White: (01:52)
It’s been incredible. It’s been an incredible … The whole thing since the beginning has been a crazy ride. These are the people to do it with. I knew that. We’re here. We did it, and one more to go. This next card’s very fun. It’s a very fun card, this next one. And I got to get home and start working on what’s next.

Mick: (02:17)
We had reports come out earlier tonight Adesanya and Costas is done for September 19th.

Dana White: (02:22)
I don’t think that’s true. I don’t think both have signed… Have both signed that deal? Yeah, it’s not done.

Mick: (02:28)
It’s not done yet?

Dana White: (02:29)
No, fucking guys. They were told not to say anything. [Kambache 00:02:36] breaks in immediately and tweeting and the fight is not done.

Mick: (02:40)
Can you say if that is the date that you’re targeting. Are you able to say whether that would be in the United States or whether it would be here?

Dana White: (02:46)
Probably be here.

Mick: (02:46)
Probably be here. And then I guess that would lead you to ask about Khabib as well, because that’s the date we thought he was going to fight. I know you said you were going to leave him alone, but would you put both of them on the same event? Or does that mean that he’s not going to fight in September?

Dana White: (03:02)
You just said, “I thought you said you were going to leave him alone. When’s he fighting?” You’re asking me when’s he fighting? I said, I wasn’t going to [crosstalk 00:03:09]. He’s going to fight when he calls me.

Mick: (03:11)
So, if he said “I’m good, September, would you put both those fights on the same pay per view?”

Dana White: (03:14)
I don’t know.

Mick: (03:16)
Fair enough. That’s all I got.

Speaker 1: (03:17)
Yeah. Going on to the Khabib thing, is there a total limit to how long you let him sit out without making Gacy defend his interim title? Or are you just waiting for that fight, no matter how long it takes for Khabib?

Dana White: (03:31)
Ask me that again. What’s the question?

Speaker 1: (03:32)
Is there a limit of time you have…

Dana White: (03:35)
A limit to put on Khabib? No. Khabib’s dad just died.

Speaker 1: (03:40)
Yeah, I know.

Dana White: (03:41)
His dad just died. You know what I mean? When he’s ready, he’ll let me know.

Speaker 1: (03:46)
You mentioned next week’s card. I just wanted to get your thoughts on Darren Till and Robert Whittaker as a fight and what you expect from that match up.

Dana White: (03:54)
What I expect from who?

Speaker 1: (03:55)
Till and Whittaker.

Dana White: (03:55)
Whittaker? Oh yeah. Yeah. I love that fight. I was just saying that card is awesome. That fight’s incredible. And very important fight for both of those guys. Yeah. I’m looking very forward to it.

Speaker 1: (04:09)
Is it safe to say that if Till wins, or even if Whittaker wins, they’re the number one contender to Costa, Adesanya?

Dana White: (04:15)
I don’t know. I don’t know. Let’s let the fight happen first. And then I’ll have all have been home and Mick will be home. We’ll both be home, figuring out what’s next.

Speaker 1: (04:27)
What did you think of Rafael Fiziev today?

Dana White: (04:30)
Yeah. He looked awesome, man. What a fight. You got to give respect to both guys in that fight, man. Some of those shots that were thrown, kicks and to the body and Oh my God. Yeah. It was a great fight. It’s the fight of the night.

Speaker 1: (04:44)
And last one for me. 2020’s been a bad year, but is it all worth it when you get to see Michael Bisping in that air tunnel?

Dana White: (04:50)
Yeah. Yeah. No, it was a fun episode. Yeah. It was fun.

Speaker 2: (04:57)
I’d love to get your thoughts on Jack HAMMERson’s win and where does he go from tonight?

Dana White: (05:02)
Yeah, looked good and made it quick. Made it look easy against the guy that isn’t easy to beat. Yeah, he put himself in a real good spot, man. So we’ll see. We’ll see how this thing plays out.

Speaker 2: (05:15)
Since you won’t be here for next week’s event. I would like to know what’s on the line for Fabricio Werdum, because I think the last fight’s in his contract with UFC.

Dana White: (05:23)
On the line for who?

Speaker 2: (05:24)

Dana White: (05:24)

Speaker 2: (05:27)

Dana White: (05:28)
I don’t know. Let’s see what happens with Werdum and yeah, we’ll go for that. Werdum’s getting up there too, 44, 45?

Speaker 2: (05:40)

Dana White: (05:41)
He’s getting up there. We’ll see.

Speaker 2: (05:43)
Aljamain Sterling is all over social media these days, campaigning to get the next chart. So I know you have to go home and talk to matchmakers, but is he the number one contender in the middleweight division?

Dana White: (05:56)
Is who the number one contender?

Speaker 2: (05:57)

Dana White: (05:57)

Speaker 2: (05:58)

Dana White: (06:01)
Yeah. I don’t know he’s in there. He’s up there. He’s one of them.

Speaker 2: (06:06)
And last one. Amanda Ribas is all over the place since her last fight on Saturday. She was cage side with you on Wednesday. She’s again on VIP area tonight. How big is she after the last week’s win?

Dana White: (06:21)
Huge. We were talking about her. Eric, where did that end up with her? How many…?

Eric: (06:27)
She grew 100,000 overnight. 100,000 on Instagram overnight.

Dana White: (06:32)
100,000 over…

Eric: (06:33)
Overnight on Instagram.

Dana White: (06:35)
Overnight she got a 100,000 new followers on social media and everybody was talking about her. When you go out, you couldn’t perform better than she did in the fight, in the interview and just doing the things that you need to do when you’re in that position. And that’s why we put her on the main cart.

Speaker 2: (07:04)
Do you know already what’s next for her?

Dana White: (07:07)
No, but she wants to fight again in the fall. So again, we’ll get home. We’ll get her figured out and we’ll see her again soon. Thank you.

Speaker 3: (07:19)
Hi, Dana.

Dana White: (07:20)

Speaker 3: (07:21)
This gentleman here said that one of the either Costa, or Adesanya had signed the contract. Do you mind sharing who signed the contract?

Dana White: (07:31)
The fights not done yet.

Speaker 3: (07:32)
I know, but he said that-

Dana White: (07:33)
It doesn’t matter. The fights not done yet. The fights not done. The people are out saying that the fight is done when the fight isn’t done. You know what I mean? It drives me crazy. If the fight was done. You would have saw a promo tonight inside the arena. There would have been promos on TV for it. And we would be announcing the fight. It’s not done.

Speaker 3: (07:52)
Sure. Last one for me. He was talking about, Amanda Ribas, after her win, she said that she would like to fight either, Esparza, or Marina Rodriguez, whoever win. Do you see her fighting one of those tough girls, do you think would be a good match?

Dana White: (08:07)
That’s a big jump. Yeah, she’s good. She buzz sawed through Paige, easily. I just don’t know. Normally what happens is we’ll get back to the office and get in the room and start arguing over what we think. What we think is next for her and what’s right for her. But maybe, maybe.

Speaker 3: (08:36)
Thank you.

Speaker 4: (08:37)
Dana. Wondering if you’ve had any conversations with Jared Cannonier. He tore his pectoral muscle in February. And wondering if you’ve had any conversations. He’d be ready towards the end of summer, early fall. And if he’d still be in line as that alternate? If Paulo Costa and Israel Adesanya fight gets officially booked?

Dana White: (08:58)
Will Cannonier be ready. Yeah. Yeah.

Speaker 4: (09:00)
So would he lose his spot, no matter what the result is for Darren Till and Robert Whittaker next week, as the number one alternate for that fight?

Dana White: (09:12)
I don’t know. Neither does Mick.

Speaker 4: (09:15)
And then the last question is what about Leon ‘Rocky’ Edwards? If Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington get booked, what maybe would be in line for him next? Any conversations with him for that next fight?

Dana White: (09:27)
For who?

Speaker 4: (09:28)
Leon Edwards.

Dana White: (09:29)
Oh, Leon. You know what’s going on with Leon? No. Sean?

Sean: (09:36)
No, but I know he’s starting to get back in there.

Dana White: (09:39)
Yeah. We’re working on it. See you in America.

Speaker 4: (09:43)

Speaker 5: (09:44)
Hey Dana, one more. There was a report on social media today that the UFC was looking to do a partnership with The Palms, which I guess would be you and the Fertitta’s working together again. Is there anything to that?

Dana White: (09:52)
That’s not true.

Speaker 5: (09:53)
Not true?

Dana White: (09:53)
Yeah. That’s not true. I got enough problems over here. I don’t need to be buying the fucking Palms.

Speaker 5: (09:59)
Well, this one wasn’t that you were buying it. It just said they’d like some UFC branding, maybe put a hall of fame in there. It’d be like a partnership type deal.

Dana White: (10:05)
There’s been so much bullshit talked about The Palms. It was I was buying it. I was buying it a few months ago. Now, I’m doing a partnership with them. Trust me, I’m doing all I can do to do this right here right now. Nevermind The Palms. Any other questions?

Male Reporter 1: (10:22)

Dana White: (10:22)

Male Reporter 1: (10:23)
About Figurido. Before the fight, he said that he would like to go as a champion for a second title. Go for the champ status. Would you be open for that idea, or would you rather watch him being a dominant champion as flyweight?

Dana White: (10:41)
Who wants to be a champion?

Speaker 6: (10:41)
Figueiredo [crosstalk 00:10:42].

Dana White: (10:41)

Speaker 6: (10:42)
… weight class.

Dana White: (10:44)
I’d like to see him defend this title a couple of time. Maybe if it depends the title a couple of times, that’d be interesting. Yeah.

Male Reporter 1: (10:52)
And that is already the right name for him as his first title defense?

Dana White: (10:59)
I have no idea. Yeah. You guys know, I don’t make fights the night of the fight. Any other questions?

Speaker 7: (11:07)
Yeah. A couple of questions on the Russian speaking fighters, Khamzat Chimaev obviously made a lot of noise in his debut. Is it true that he’s going to face Rhys McKee, that the fight has been booked already?

Dana White: (11:21)
What’s the question? [crosstalk 00:11:25].

Speaker 7: (11:24)
Khamzat Chimaev, is it true that he’s going to face…

Dana White: (11:26)
Oh. Yes, yes, yes. We got him another fight. Yeah. He has another fight. He’ll be fighting here on Saturday.

Speaker 7: (11:34)
That’s great. Another fighter, reports in Russian media that Roman Bogotov has been released by the UFC. Can you confirm this information?

Dana White: (11:46)
That who has been released by the UFC?

Speaker 7: (11:48)
Roman Bogotov. He was fighting UFC 251.

Dana White: (11:59)
What did he say?

Dana White: (12:03)
No, that’s not true, I guess.

Speaker 7: (12:07)
All right, thank you.

Dana White: (12:07)
All right.

Speaker 6: (12:07)
Anything else?

Dana White: (12:09)
Thank God Mick was here today, huh? All right, you guys really appreciate you guys coming out here and I hope it was a good experience for you. And good luck going home. I’ll see you back in Vegas. Thanks.

Jack Hermansson: (16:07)
What’s up guys.

Mick: (16:10)
Jack congratulations, obviously very, very impressive to get it done that quickly. What’s the feeling like for you right now?

Jack Hermansson: (16:15)
It feels amazing, man, all the hard work, now it’s done, now we can move to next five. I’m super, super happy.

Mick: (16:22)
It wasn’t going your way, right? You went for the take down, immediately he got the reversal. Was there any concern when you went for the take down to find yourself on your back?

Jack Hermansson: (16:29)
No, man, even if he ended up on top, he ended up in my world, so I knew what to do there.

Mick: (16:35)
Very nice. Yeah, and obviously went to the leg. Were you surprised that he didn’t try to bail a little faster? It looked like he was maybe a little too hesitant to try to get out.

Jack Hermansson: (16:46)
I missed the first attempt and then he came back into me, and I was thinking that he was going to disengage, but he wanted to go again. And it just gave me another chance where I could lock it a little bit better.

Mick: (17:00)
Was there any part of you that thought you would win this thing by first round heel hook submission?

Jack Hermansson: (17:05)
100%. People don’t know that, but the heel hooks has been a part of my game for a long time, but you don’t see me end up on the bottom so much. And that’s why you haven’t seen the heel hook so much before. Should I end up there again, you’re going to see another heel hook.

Mick: (17:21)
Last thing for me, it would seem to line up pretty good as we talked beforehand, Whittaker Till winner would seem to make a ton of sense. Are you laying out the challenge now? Is that the plan?

Jack Hermansson: (17:29)
That’s the plan, man. The winner between Rob Whittaker and Darren Till, that’s the fight to make, that’s the only thing that makes sense right now. So I’m keeping my eyes on that fight next weekend.

Speaker 2: (17:41)
I wasn’t very clear in what’s next for you. Are you 100% sure that that’s the way things are going to roll or [crosstalk 00:03:55]?

Jack Hermansson: (17:54)
I’m not sure, but that’s how it’s supposed to be. If you see coming up from this first round, finished right now, I don’t want to be fight somebody behind me. And looking into that top five, you have Costa and Adesanya and then Jared Cannonier should get his shots from the winner of that fight. And then you have the Darren Till and Rob Whittaker, that you’re going to place me with the winner of that fight, that makes sense.

Speaker 2: (18:25)
How do you see that fight playing out?

Jack Hermansson: (18:27)
Whittaker and Till?

Speaker 2: (18:30)

Jack Hermansson: (18:30)
I give a small edge to Whittaker in that fight, but I think it’s going to be a close fight. Both are great stand up fighters, but Whittaker has been a great champ, so I think he will take it.

Speaker 2: (18:44)
If the things play out the way you’re envisioning them to at the [inaudible 00:18:49] and Costa, and then Jared taking the next shot, who do you think is going to be the champ by the time you get there?

Jack Hermansson: (18:58)
I believe that Paulo Costa will be the champion when I fight for title.

Speaker 2: (19:04)
How do you see him beating Adesanya?

Jack Hermansson: (19:06)
He’s going to put some pressure on Adesanya, Paulo Costa’s pressure is just insane. He’s throwing so hard with everything he got, and he can do it for almost all of the rounds. It’s an incredible physique and power that that guy has. So I think that’s going to be problematic for Adesanya. But in this sport, you never know what’s going to happened. Adesanya is a great fighter, he’s a stand up wizard. So it’s going to be an interesting fight. Thank you guys.

Mick: (24:43)
Joe, I know this is a tough time for you, so thanks for coming back and doing this.

Joseph Benavidez: (24:46)
I feel like I need to, thank you guys.

Mick: (24:50)
Give me your emotions right now, obviously you’ve been here before, and it’s heartbreaking clearly, but what is the feeling right now?

Joseph Benavidez: (24:56)
I mean, it’s weird. I’ve died freaking 100 times, what’s another death? It’s different because I know I did everything right. And then in preparation, I didn’t take any shortcuts. I did everything right. This fight week, waking up early, acclimating, I’m doing activation breathing and yoga this morning in my room at 2:00 in the morning, waking up at 2:00 in the morning to fight at 6:00, activate, taking cold showers. Doing all the right things, I felt good in there. Honestly, I felt focused and present even with the no crowd. I could see things, fights go fast, but I could see just little movements, felt focused. So that’s the hard part. Last time was devastating because I couldn’t control it. It was something I was out of my control. And going into this fight, it’s like I just want a fair fight. I wanted the guy to freaking make weight, and I don’t want anything weird to happen.

Joseph Benavidez: (26:01)
And he went out there and proved that he was a better guy. So it’s hard, you can’t sit here and feel sorry for yourself. I was grateful for the opportunity to do it again and to get the opportunity to redeem the last fight. So I was grateful for that from the beginning, grateful to do it here at Fight Island and just overall grateful for life. That’s what it comes down to. To do it and to be able to do this is a blessing in itself, and that’s just on the fight side. I’m grateful for the opportunities and to be able to do it. I came in at 2:00 in the morning, it’s dark and I walk out, and it’s light before I go to the bathroom and now taking punches to the face at 6:00 in the morning. It’s funny to hear that, but I’m grateful that I’m capable to do that.

Joseph Benavidez: (27:11)
So and that’s just like I said, the fight stuff. And then I sit there and I said, I’m grateful for all my corners and them taking their time away from their family, they’ve been here for weeks away from their family, trapped in a hotel. I look at my wife, I’m so grateful or that. It’s like, nothing can be bad at the end of the day, you’re going home and having someone that makes you feel like the best every day. So I sit here humbled, impressed by him, and grateful I got the opportunity to go out there and display-

Joseph Benavidez: (28:02)
Grateful I got the opportunity to go out there and display what I prepared for, and it’s just, it’s just crazy. I’m walking around. It’s light outside getting stitches in a van and I’m just like, “Life comes at you fast, man.” I’m in an empty arena in Abu Dhabi, two in the morning in one hotel being shipped over here, and now it’s six in the morning and I just got the shit beat out of me. It’s crazy.

Mick: (28:27)
So you certainly showed a lot of heart, man. I know it didn’t go your way, but, ultimately, did you think you weren’t in trouble or did you know, I’m not going to tap, I’m just going to go out? Or did you think, “I think I can survive this?” What was the mindset?

Joseph Benavidez: (28:41)
I mean, there’s no quit in me. I’ve never quit. This is my fourth title shot. It takes a lot of perseverance and no quit to get there again and again and again. Even from this one to the last one, that was some of the hardest points of my life. The second to the third one, going through 10 guys, 10 fights, that’s what I do. I love to do that. I’m prepared to do that.

Joseph Benavidez: (29:11)
But what I had to face, even just the last fight with everything that was out of my control, that was so hard on me mentally. So to come back from that … I remember the way I felt after that last fight and I couldn’t control it. And it’s like, “How do I do everything perfect and something weird still happens?” I was just obviously not broken. I never wanted to quit, but that really challenged me.

Joseph Benavidez: (29:40)
So there’s no quit me, man. I always wondered what I would do if something was sunken. I’d be like, “Would I tap? Why not?” You’re going to get choked anyway, but I guess I didn’t. I don’t know. I don’t know. I mean, I’ll never quit doing anything. So I’ve always just tried to be the best. I’ve always tried to be the best I can be.

Joseph Benavidez: (30:06)
And that’s why this I can’t feel sorry for myself and I can accept because I had the best preparation, the best team. I felt good. I felt ready. I left no stone unturned and met a better, younger, freaking animal that was better than me this morning.

Mick: (30:38)
Last week for me, Joe. Certainly some time off and you’ll enjoy that, I’m sure. But do you know where you go from here? Do you keep chasing the title? Do you consider moving up a division, having a fresh set of names? Maybe not have to cut. I mean, do you know what’s next for you?

Joseph Benavidez: (30:56)
It’s really hard to answer it after a fight because you have emotions. I can’t even say, I don’t even want to say the thoughts I was having after the last fight, because I would have said them to everybody and maybe they weren’t fully blossomed or true at that point because the last one was hard, doing everything, everything being perfect, your third shot and bout.

Joseph Benavidez: (31:22)
Everything was destined, and then, not even did you lose, you just got it ripped away from you and you can’t control it. So this one, with a little more of a clear mind, my goal in this sport is just to be the best, be the champion. Right? I knew last fight was my last title attempt. It wasn’t because of circumstances.

Joseph Benavidez: (31:50)
So this one certainly was, but I wasn’t fighting in this sport from the beginning for any other reason then to be the best and I’ve been close. I’ve been lucky. I’ve been in that top two, three for, I don’t know, 11 years at two weight classes, and it’s been a crazy journey. It’s been awesome. And I’m not going out like that, and nothing’s guaranteed in this sport for sure, but I’m not going to get another title shot and I don’t want to go out on that.

Joseph Benavidez: (32:34)
So I just want to go out with another fight. And after that, I mean, there’s nothing else for me to do. I’m not going to beat 10 guys again. I know that was my last title shot, but like I just said, I don’t want to go out on that. So yeah, to answer your question, I’ve kind of said in my mind, I win the belt, defend it, until I lose, fight again until I win. If I lose, fight again till I win. So that’s kind of where I’m at.

Speaker 8: (33:15)
That’s it.

Joseph Benavidez: (33:16)
Thank you guys.

Deiveson Figueiredo: (35:16)
Put that on the table. [inaudible 00:07: 17].

Mick: (35:21)
Well Deiveson, congratulations. UFC champion. I think that’s the title that everybody’s working for. Now that you have it, what does it mean to you?

Interpreter: (35:48)
[foreign language 00:07:29].

Deiveson Figueiredo: (35:50)
[foreign language 00:07:34].

Interpreter: (35:54)
You know, now that I have the belt, I have to train very hard. I’m the guy that everyone wants to beat, so I’m the guy that everyone’s looking at.

Mick: (36:02)
We know how difficult the journey was to get here with the COVID tests and everything. Was there a part along the way where you thought, “Maybe we should reschedule this,” or, “This is not a good time for me to try and win this fight”?

Interpreter: (36:59)
[ foreign language 00:36:14]

Deiveson Figueiredo: (37:00)
[foreign language 08:25.

Interpreter: (37:06)
I’m a guy who doesn’t give up ever. So I had to overcome all those hurdles to get here This is something I had to do. I had to come in and show that I can make weight. I was able to make weight, so you can bet that I’m going to be a champion that’s going to hold this belt for a while.

Mick: (37:20)
In the fight you hurt him early and you were getting the choke attempts over and over and over and he wouldn’t tap out. I’m curious, were you concerned that I’m not going to be able to finish this guy, I got to slow down and ready to pace myself for five rounds?

Interpreter: (37:33)
[foreign language 00:09:32].

Deiveson Figueiredo: (37:36)
[foreign language 00:09: 44].

Interpreter: (38:04)
My brakes were broken in there, so I couldn’t really slow down, and after that first knock down, I knew that I had to capitalize on that and I knew I had to keep going.

Mick: (38:11)
Nice. Last thing for me. You said that everybody’s going to be gunning for you as a champion, but are there fights that you want? Are there names that you want or match ups or just goals that you want to accomplish as champion?

Interpreter: (38:34)
[ foreign language 00:10:21]

Deiveson Figueiredo: (38:42)
[foreign language 00:10:29]

Interpreter: (38:46)
I’ll accept a Superfight if they want to give me one, but when I’ll move up to 135, I want to be a two division champion, but I’m going to defend this belt as well.

Speaker 9: (38:58)
Deiveson, [foreign language 00: 10:58].

Interpreter: (39:05)
Can you explain why you chose the Mission Impossible tune for your entrance?

Deiveson Figueiredo: (39:10)
[foreign language 00:11: 10]

Interpreter: (40:11)
I never thought that I was going to become a world champion one day. So to me, this whole thing is a mission impossible, you know? I created my own gym with my brother. We brought in the coaches that we knew were going to be intelligent to help us, but I don’t train at a world class gym. It’s basically a backyard gym, so I have to give a lot of value to all my coaches and to everyone that helps me.

Speaker 9: (40:30)
[foreign language 00:12:31].

Interpreter: (40:37)
You’re 19 and one in MMA. Where do you think that places you on the list of pound-for-pound?

Deiveson Figueiredo: (40:43)
[foreign language 00:12:45].

Interpreter: (41:17)
I’m a knockout artist. Everybody knows that. And we put together that record with a lot of hard fights, and for anyone that wants to come in and challenge me and fight me, just be prepared because I’m a knockout artist.

Speaker 9: (41:37)
[foreign language 00:13:29].

Interpreter: (41:41)
You always said that you’d be the guy to beat Demetrius Johnson and he’s no longer into the UFC. Do you wish somehow that they would bring him back so that you could face him?

Deiveson Figueiredo: (41:49)
[foreign language 00:13:50]

Deiveson Figueiredo: (42:00)
[foreign language 00:00:10]

Interpreter: (42:09)
That’s definitely a fight that all the fans would want to see, me against Demetrius Johnson. But if the UFC wants to bring him back, I’m going to be very happy and I’m going to knock him out with a lot of pride, and I’m very happy to do that.

Female Reporter 1: (42:30)
Delveson. [foreign language 00:00:43]

Interpreter: (42:38)
You said that you’re going to defend your belt first, but do you have a timeline of when you want to move up and challenge for another belt?

Deiveson Figueiredo: (43:06)
[ foreign language 00:00:55]

Interpreter: (43:11)
I’d like to have a fight at 135. I’d like to be the guy to bring back Henry Cejudo from retirement. I think he was looking for a worthy opponent, and I think I’m that guy, so I would love to move up and be able to fight him at 135.

Female Reporter 1: (43:30)
[foreign language 00:01:32]

Interpreter: (43:48)
You had a really long week with quarantine and traveling and all that. Where did you find the strength to overcome all that? Was it simply fighting for the title?

Deiveson Figueiredo: (44:01)
[ foreign language 00:03: 25]

Interpreter: (45:22)
My goal this week was to make weight, and obviously after six days locked up in a room in San Paulo and then two more days locked up here in quarantine, I got out of the room pretty much for weigh-ins. So it was really tough. And I think it was really power of thought and mind over matter to be able to make weight. I said that I was going to come and I was going to finish Benavidez, and that’s exactly what I did. But my goal was to be able to make weight and then gladly I’m here tonight holding the belt.

Female Reporter 1: (45:51)
[foreign language 00:03:57].

Interpreter: (45:59)
Did you surprise yourself with how you dominated a top contender?

Deiveson Figueiredo: (46:05)
[foreign language 00:04:46]

Interpreter: (46:46)
After that first knockdown, I knew that I had to capitalize on them. I knew how to dominate him. And he was able to get out of some positions on the ground, and then I threw another knockdown, and I just needed to finish him and continue doing what I was doing.

Male Reporter 1: (47:09)
[foreign language 00:05:13].

Interpreter: (47:15)
You said you needed to win this belt and dedicate it to your grandfather. So now that you have the belt, is that who you’re dedicating it for?

Deiveson Figueiredo: (47:57)
[ foreign language 00:05: 27]

Interpreter: (48:04)
For sure. I’m taking this belt home, and when I get home, I’m going to go to his grave site and talk to him and take the belt. He’s the guy that always supported me. He was very important in my whole career, so I definitely dedicate this belt to my grandfather.

Male Reporter 1: (48:18)
[foreign language 00:06:27].

Interpreter: (48:38)
You’re the first male champion in Brazil in three years, since Jose Aldo in 2017. How are you going to break that taboo of holding the belt now?

Deiveson Figueiredo: (48:49)
[foreign language 00:07:19]

Interpreter: (49:18)
I want to dominate my division. And I think a lot of fighters think that fighting just going out there and throwing punches and getting into fights, but I think you need to have a game plan. You need to fight intelligently, and that’s the kind of fighter that I want to be.

Male Reporter 1: (49:30)
[foreign language 00:07:41].

Interpreter: (49:42)
What message can you send out to the Brazilian fans who have been waiting to get a champion and now they have one?

Deiveson Figueiredo: (50:01)
[foreign language 00:07:52]

Interpreter: (50:05)
I first have to thank everyone, all the fans, for all the good energy they sent me throughout this week through everything I went through. And then tonight on Fight Night, we wanted a Brazilian champion and now we have one. I’m taking a belt back home, and we can all be proud of that.

Deiveson Figueiredo: (50:41)

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