Convert Mp3 to Text

Text transcripts can be useful for all kinds of audio file formats: podcasts, interviews, speeches, meetings, the list goes on. Converting MP3 files to text provides several benefits, in everything from SEO to meeting notes to accessibility. Converting MP3 files & speech to text is a true game changer.

How to Convert MP3 Files to Text

Whether you’re trying to focus in an interview, keep track during a meeting or listen to an industry leader at a conference, making audio recordings is a great way to create a record of an event without having to be taking notes constantly. 

But what do you do with the recording?

From sifting through interview findings to reflecting back on lectures, transcribing MP3 audio files into text  will help you review materials much more quickly than listening to hours of audio. 

So, whether you need to convert an MP3, a WAV or other common file format to text, Rev’s audio transcription service can help you create fast and accurate transcriptions. 


Why convert MP3 Files to Text with Rev?

Simple and fast to do

If you need to share prospective employee interviews with your team, present the main takeaways from a long meeting or even make a written record of a legal meeting, transcribing your MP3 files to text makes it easier to share information with others or keep track of notes for the future. 

However, manually listening to and transcribing your MP3s is a hugely time-consuming process and may not be the best use of your resources. Using an automatic transcription service like Rev’s will help you create accurate transcripts that you can easily refer back to whenever you need.


Transcribe MP3 to text online

Rev works with most web browsers, making it easy for anyone to transcribe MP3 files online. There’s no need to download any software - all it takes is a few clicks. 

You can also easily place orders directly from other online platforms like Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo, or your Google Drive account, keeping everything online. 

Want to customize your transcripts? Once you’ve got your text file, our free, interactive editor allows you to fix typos, adjust timings, and change speaker names side-by-side with your content. See how easy it is with our interactive editor example.

Edit your transcripts

And you don’t have to be an IT specialist either. Rev’s transcription service is easy to use, with explanations every step of the way. Just upload your MP3 file to get started, and we’ll do the rest. 

Once one of our 70,000+ freelancers has transcribed your MP3 with 99%+ accuracy, you’ll have a text file that’s easy to scan and share, giving you more time to spend on the important things.

How to transcribe MP3 to text

Converting your MP3 files to text with Rev is quick and easy. Here’s how: 

  • Upload your MP3 file to Rev - just click ‘Upload Files’ and select your audio file from your computer. If you’re ready to go, you can upload your file here too. You can also paste a link to a public URL to get started. 
  • Choose Additional Options - from adding timestamps to rushing your order for 5x faster delivery, you choose a range of additional extras for your transcript. Simply check the box next to the option you want. When you’re ready, click ‘Checkout’ and let us get to work. 
  • Download your transcript- Rev can convert MP3s to text within a matter of minutes. You’ll be notified when your transcription is ready for download. 


1. Upload Your MP3 File

If your MP3 is on on your computer, upload the file here. You can also paste a public URL of your audio and get it transcribed.

2. Choose Additional Options

You can rush your MP3 transcript (5x faster delivery), add timestamps/timecodes, get a machine-generated "instant first draft", and more.

3. Get Your MP3 Transcript

Rev can convert MP3 to text within a matter of minutes. You'll be notified when your transcription is ready for download.

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Why Convert MP3 Files to Text?

You can post MP3 transcripts to landing pages, and rank in Google (huge SEO benefit)

Convert MP3 recordings into meeting notes

Transcribe podcasts, interviews, speeches, meetings, etc.

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