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Text transcripts can be useful for all kinds of audio file formats: podcasts, interviews, speeches, meetings, the list goes on. Converting MP3 files to text provides several benefits, in everything from SEO to meeting notes to accessibility. Converting MP3 files & speech to text is a true game changer.

How to Convert MP3 Files to Text

1. Upload Your MP3 File

If your MP3 is on on your computer, upload the file here. You can also paste a public URL of your audio and get it transcribed.

2. Choose Additional Options

You can rush your MP3 transcript (5x faster delivery), add timestamps/timecodes, get a machine-generated "instant first draft", and more.

3. Get Your MP3 Transcript

Rev can convert MP3 to text within a matter of minutes. You'll be notified when your transcription is ready for download.

Rev's MP3 to text Converter Perks

Audio and Video to Text

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Why Convert MP3 Files to Text?

You can post MP3 transcripts to landing pages, and rank in Google (huge SEO benefit)

Convert MP3 recordings into meeting notes

Transcribe podcasts, interviews, speeches, meetings, etc.

FAQ's for Converting MP3 to Text 

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