May 8, 2022

UFC 274: Dana White Post-Fight Press Conference 5/08/22 Transcript

UFC 274: Dana White Post-Fight Press Conference 5/08/22 Transcript
RevBlogTranscriptsDana WhiteUFC 274: Dana White Post-Fight Press Conference 5/08/22 Transcript

Dana White reflects on the outcome of UFC 274 on 5/08/22. Read the transcript here.

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Dana White: (00:02)
What’s up guys. All right. The attendance tonight was 17,232, 15th consecutive sellout. The gate was 6.13 million. We broke another arena record. The only transport tonight was Tony Ferguson. Performance of the night, Chandler and Andre, and the fight of the night was Royval and Schnell. They all won 50 grand. Congrats.

Speaker 2: (00:30)
Too soon on an update for Tony at this point?

Dana White: (00:32)
Yeah. Yeah. I don’t know anything about Tony, other than that was the most vicious knockout I’ve ever seen.

Speaker 2: (00:38)
Yeah. No doubt. Any updates on Cowboy as well. Obviously that fight got pulled, because he was… Have you heard anything more?

Dana White: (00:42)
No. You know, from what I hear, he got food poisoning. He went to some taco place last night, and got food poisoning, and apparently it was really bad. Like, he had really bad food poisoning. They tried to give him an IV, and it didn’t work, and so we’re trying to move the fight to another date.

Speaker 2: (01:02)
I was going to ask. So you want to keep that match-up together?

Dana White: (01:04)
We’re going to try to, we’ll see. You know, I think Lauzon wasn’t too confident that the fight… He’s down to do the fight, but he doesn’t think that Cowboy would want to make 55 again.

Speaker 2: (01:17)
Ah, interesting. Incredible main event, obviously, as long as it lasted, back and forth. I mean, I guess, what’s you your initial thoughts on, like I said, a great main event.

Dana White: (01:23)
It was what I expected. It was what you expected. It was what we all expected. You know, two seriously bad dudes going at it, and Oliveira proved tonight, he’s the best, man. He really is.

Speaker 2: (01:41)
Can you give us your thoughts on this whole weight fiasco, and him losing the belt, and just, I guess you’re [inaudible 00:01:47]?

Dana White: (01:46)
It’s a nightmare. I mean, it’s a nightmare. You know, we were just talking about it in the back there. What we need to do… We have this issue where guys come out, and they’ll start checking the scale the night before, and all the Europeans, and guys from other parts of the world do kilos. So they all start fucking with the scale, to look at kilos. Who knows? There’s so many moving parts to this beast of a machine that we run every week, and we got to have a security guard in there where the scale is now, and it’s just something we’re going to have to do.

Speaker 2: (02:20)
Is there any thoughts from you, or the rest of staff on him? His status is champion. Right? I mean, it’s your belt. I mean, if you want to give it to him, you can give it to him. Right? Isn’t that what you said? Like when it was Al Iaquinta who was going to fight for it, and you’re like, “Yeah. We don’t care if he beats the guy. We’ll give him the belt.” So [inaudible 00:02:34].

Dana White: (02:34)
Well, listen. He’s the guy. He’s the guy. He didn’t make weight. We have rules. He didn’t make the weight. He doesn’t… He doesn’t… You know, the belt is vacant, but I think… You know, I’m sure in the minds of the media, and fight fans, Oliveira is the champion. You know? But technically, he’s the number one contender now. You know? He’s the guy.

Speaker 2: (02:56)
But clearly whatever the next title fight is, he’s on one half of it against [inaudible 00:02:59]?

Dana White: (02:59)

Speaker 2: (02:59)
Okay. Fair enough. Your thoughts on the co-main? Not quite the excitement level in the co-main event, that we had in the main, a bit of a frustrating watch, I guess. What were your thoughts on that one?

Dana White: (03:06)
Yeah. That was a weird fight. You know, it seemed like they didn’t want to engage. I think there was a total of six punches thrown the first round. So, yeah. That’s a tough one. It happens sometimes.

Speaker 2: (03:19)
Rose was just here. She said she thought she won. She wasn’t sure why. I mean, did you think that it was more competitive, or that Rose may have won?

Dana White: (03:26)
I don’t even know, man. I started zoning out halfway through it. So, I don’t know.

Speaker 2: (03:31)
I see. I guess the last question for me is: Because of the way that fight played out, would you ever look at pairing them together a third time, or do you now look at that as like, “I’m not going to do that fight ever again.”?

Dana White: (03:40)
Well, I don’t think anybody’s clamoring for that rematch. We’ll have to figure something else out. Now, listen. Rose is one of the best. She’s always going to be there. We’ll see what happens. You know, you got… Did we announce that fight yet? Did we announce the one?

Speaker 3: (03:56)
Well, just say it. Just say it, and then we’ll let you know if you did, or not.

Lynnae: (04:01)
I don’t know.

Dana White: (04:02)
Weili and Joanna?

Lynnae: (04:02)

Dana White: (04:02)
Yeah. Okay. So when that fight happens…

Speaker 2: (04:08)
But you look at that as the number one [inaudible 00:04:10]?

Dana White: (04:09)

Speaker 5: (04:11)

Dana White: (04:12)

Speaker 5: (04:12)
Down here, to your right. Obviously, being a champion comes with Pay-Per-View points. I don’t know if you guys have discussed that, but what’s Charles’ status with Pay-Per-View points?

Dana White: (04:20)
He gets it.

Speaker 5: (04:20)
He will still get them.

Dana White: (04:21)

Speaker 5: (04:22)
Even for his next fight, as well?

Dana White: (04:24)
That’s a good question. I don’t know. We’d figure that out.

Speaker 5: (04:29)
Tonight, D.C. got inducted into the hall of fame. Curious if you’d just give us some thoughts on Daniel Cormier, and what he’s been like to work with?

Dana White: (04:34)
Love him. Super important to the sport. Obviously, means a lot to this company, and yeah, love him.

Speaker 5: (04:43)
Awesome. Thanks.

Dana White: (04:44)
Happy for him. It’s cool to see somebody that happy to be inducted too. He was pretty busted up, because we don’t tell these guys when we’re doing it. We just surprise them the night of. So, yeah.

Speaker 5: (04:56)
What was your reaction to the Charles weight thing in real time, like as you’re getting updates about it? What was…

Dana White: (05:02)
Oh my fucking God. It’s the worst thing that can happen during a… So when the weigh-in is going on, Lynnae is texting me everybody’s weight, as they come in, and she hit me with all the people. I hit her back, and I said “No Oliveira?”, and she’s like, “He’s up next.” So I was like, “Oh shit. Why is he last? What’s…” You know? The worst thing that could possibly happen, happened.

Speaker 5: (05:31)
Thanks, man

Speaker 6: (05:32)
Dana, next to you, right here. I know you called Michael Chandler’s knockout the most vicious you had seen, but what do you want next for Tony? That’s now three, four in a row, when he’s, as you said, coming off of a bad knockout loss [inaudible 00:05:42].

Dana White: (05:42)
Yeah. Well, everybody was asking me this week, leading up to this fight, is this a make or break for Tony Ferguson, and if whatever. I said, “No. I mean, he’s still one of the top 10 guys in the world. He looked damn good in that first round, but that was a vicious knockout. You know what I mean? I think what needs to happen now is, Tony needs to take some time off after that knockout. I don’t know. You know? But it’s not like, “Oh my God. Tony got dominated, and looks like he doesn’t even belong here.” Tony looked good, right up until he got caught. You know, in this game, anybody can get caught with anything.

Speaker 6: (06:21)
Michael Chandler also said he’d be down to fight Conor at 170. Conor said that fight could actually happen in the future. Maybe not next, but what do you make of that call out?

Dana White: (06:28)
Yeah. That’s a fun one, man. I mean, who the hell wouldn’t want to see that fight?

Speaker 6: (06:31)

Dana White: (06:32)
Yeah. That’s fun. But Conor’s not ready yet. So Conor’s hurt, so when Conor’s 100%, and can actually really start training for a fight, then we talk about what’s next for Conor. But listen, who doesn’t want to see Chandler versus Conor? Raise your hand. Oh. He’s just messing with his camera there. I thought he was raising his hand.

Speaker 6: (06:55)
Andre Fialho said… He ran down, back here, and he said he already booked a fight for Singapore in a couple of weeks, but didn’t have a opponent yet.

Dana White: (07:02)
Listen, man. You know me. I love that shit. He came back into my green room after, and was like, “I want to fight…” He’s just laid out three dates for me that he wants to fight. Matchmakers are screaming, “No.” I’m like, “We’re doing it.” If he wants to do it, I’m in. I love that shit.

Speaker 6: (07:17)
But no name yet? He didn’t say. He didn’t have a name.

Dana White: (07:18)

Speaker 6: (07:19)
Then do you have to have a conversation with Shogun now? I know he said he wanted two more fights, so I would assume next fight would be the end of it [inaudible 00:07:25].

Dana White: (07:25)
Yeah. I think Shogun is… Shogun has one fight left. You know, and again, I mean… Actually, I’m glad you asked me that question. Anderson Silva. What the fuck is Anderson Silva talking about? When have any of you ever heard me talk negatively, except for the fight in Abu Dhabi, about Anderson Silva? Never. I’ve never talked bad about Anderson Silva. Not only that, we let the guy fight through his contract. He lost seven of his last eight, or eight of his last nine fights, and always treated him with… I don’t know where the hell this is coming from. From him, that then I started trying to make it so he couldn’t make money after. You know? I said, “Jake Paul’s looking to fight somebody. Fight Anderson Silva. That guy’s out there. You know, he’s available.” He’s 47 years old. It’s baffling to me.

Dana White: (08:21)
Anyway. So that, you asked me that. It’s like, Shogun is a legend, not just here, but in the sport. Pride here. It’s not like Shogun went out there tonight, and looked like, “Oh my God. This guy can’t even compete in the sport anymore.” He’s got one more fight left on his contract, so I’ll give it to him, and let him make that money, and go out the way he wants to.

Speaker 6: (08:44)
When’s the last time you actually talked to Anderson?

Dana White: (08:46)
It’s been a long time, but his son hits me up. He wants to come to fights. Absolutely. This is his house. If he ever wants to… That came out of left field, and makes absolutely no sense to me. Unless, you guys have heard me say something that I don’t remember saying. The only time I ever said anything negative about Anderson Silva was in Abu Dhabi, after that fight.

Speaker 6: (09:08)
Finally, Randy Brown said the fighters weren’t allowed to walk out with flags. Is that something that’s going to be moving forward.

Dana White: (09:13)

Speaker 6: (09:15)
Any specific reasons, or just flags.

Dana White: (09:16)
You know why. You guys know why.

Speaker 7: (09:18)
Hey, Dana.

Dana White: (09:19)
Let’s not even play that fucking game.

Speaker 7: (09:20)
Dana. I think you had expressed some frustration towards Anderson when he made that comment, that the UFC was more of a family back in the day, when he referenced Lorenzo being there, and how it’s been different. Do you recall that one as…

Dana White: (09:33)
No. Is that negative?

Speaker 7: (09:34)
No. He had said that about you, and I think you were frustrated about it.

Dana White: (09:38)
I don’t think I was frustrated.

Speaker 7: (09:39)
Okay. Another question. A lot of people [inaudible 00:09:43].

Dana White: (09:43)
Did you hear me talk negatively about him?

Speaker 7: (09:44)
No. I don’t think it was particularly negative, but you thought he was kind of out of line when he made that comment to [inaudible 00:09:49].

Dana White: (09:49)
Thought it was probably weird or something, but never negative. I never said anything bad about Anderson Silva. Tell me something I said bad about Anderson Silva.

Speaker 7: (09:55)
Yeah. I think you’re right. A lot of people kind of freaking out, when they saw that war room, all the fights on the board and stuff. I know a lot of those have been confirmed. I’m sure you know what I’m going to ask. Nate Diaz versus Khamzat Chimaev, what’s the deal with [inaudible 00:10:08]?

Dana White: (10:08)
Yeah. Some of those are just placeholders. So when we go in there, we’ll have placeholders in place. None of that stuff are done deals. Those are all… Just some of them are just placeholders. Some of them are done, and some of them aren’t.

Speaker 7: (10:20)
Is that a fight you want to do?

Dana White: (10:22)
Yeah. Is it being offered to Nate?

Dana White: (10:28)
I don’t know.

Speaker 7: (10:28)
Okay. Another one that was on there was Jones and Stipe. Jon Jones had come out over the weekend, and said the UFC is playing little games on making that fight. Do you have any idea what he is referencing?

Dana White: (10:37)
I’m sure he did. You know what? Now that would be something that I could go, “Oh, Jon…” If I was Jon Jones, I’d think the same thing, because it’s on the board in there, but you can’t… That’s why we shot that podcast in there, but we didn’t announce anything, or say anything. That’s just shit that’s on the wall in there, and that fight is not happening then. No.

Speaker 7: (10:54)

Dana White: (10:55)
So, no games. Jon knows what’s going on. That wasn’t… You know, that’s something that people read on the wall, not something that we said is done.

Speaker 7: (11:04)
You guys put together Max Halloway and Volkanovski. That was part of the lineup that came out today. Was that always the fight that you guys wanted to do next, since it was originally booked earlier this year?

Dana White: (11:13)

Speaker 7: (11:14)
Perfect. Thank you.

Dana White: (11:15)

Speaker 8: (11:15)
Hey, Dana. After everything that went on this weekend, Beniel Dariush and Islam Makhachev, you still want to make that fight next?

Dana White: (11:22)
I do, but Joe Rogan just grabbed me in the hallway, and told me not to.

Speaker 8: (11:27)
Winner of that fight, would that be for the number one contender spot?

Dana White: (11:30)

Speaker 8: (11:31)
So then with everything that went down this weekend, any way Michael Chandler, or any other name, could be fighting Charles Oliveira for the vacant, lightweight strap, before that fight, if we get the results for that?

Dana White: (11:42)
Yeah. I don’t know. I mean, the fight just happened.

Speaker 8: (11:45)
Brandon Royval, number six. He got the victory. He got the performance bonus. He called for a flyaway title belt. What do you think he’s got to do? He’s probably at least one more fight away from that.

Dana White: (11:55)
Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t know tonight. I don’t make fights the night of the fight.

Speaker 8: (12:01)
Any update on what to do for the flyweight title? Are we going to see the trilogy fight with Brandon Mareno and Figgy? The quadrilogy, rather.

Dana White: (12:07)
Probably not. Yeah. It’s probably not going to happen.

Speaker 8: (12:10)
What’s going to happen instead?

Dana White: (12:12)
Well, I’ll tell you when we announce it. Appreciate

Speaker 8: (12:13)
Appreciate It.

Dana White: (12:14)
All Right.

Speaker 9: (12:15)
Hey, Dana. Right behind, over here.

Dana White: (12:16)

Speaker 9: (12:17)
The Footprint Center was rocking all night. I think I saw three empty seats throughout the night. I’m pretty sure those people were in the bathroom. So what’d you make of the crowd tonight?

Dana White: (12:25)
That’s always… This is the second time that this place has been incredible. The fans here are nuts. I love it.

Speaker 9: (12:31)
After Trinaldo’s fight, he said that he stopped aging at 33. Are you ever surprised when he comes out? He’s 43 years old, and he looks like he has a lot left in the tank. Were you surprised by his performance tonight?

Dana White: (12:40)
Yeah. No. I wasn’t surprised, but no, the guy’s a savage.

Speaker 9: (12:44)
Thank you.

Dana White: (12:44)

Speaker 10: (12:46)
Dana, [inaudible 00:12:47], from Fox Sports Australia.

Dana White: (12:48)
Hey, buddy.

Speaker 10: (12:48)
How’s it going? Just back on that Volkanovski versus Holloway trilogy fight. How important is that to Volk’s legacy, considering that there were so many question marks over the decision win last time?

Dana White: (12:59)
I don’t know if there’s any question marks about him now. I mean that guy… After his last performance, he looked unbelievable, unstoppable. You know, it’s one of those things, as you continue to win, and you continue to feel comfortable in there, and you continue to feel like this is your house, you only get better. It’s going to be interesting to see this fight. You know? This is the fight that needs to happen. I think everybody wants to see it. It’s arguably his toughest test he’s had, in all of his defenses since he’s been champ. It could be the defining moment in his career, where it’s like, “Let’s not discuss this again. Let’s never have this conversation again.”

Speaker 10: (13:47)
He wants three fights this year. How likely is that to happen?

Dana White: (13:50)
Very likely. If he wants three, we’ll definitely get him three.

Speaker 10: (13:53)
He’s indicated he wants to move up to lightweight at some stage. Who could we see him fight in lightweight? Because he’s right up there in the pound for pound ranking. Does that [inaudible 00:14:03].

Dana White: (14:02)
Yeah. I mean, if he continues to win, and dominate that division, and he wants to move up to that division, he could take on the champion.

Speaker 10: (14:12)
Straight away?

Dana White: (14:13)
Sure. Champion versus champion. Love it.

Speaker 10: (14:15)
Yeah. Because it’s a pretty stack division.

Dana White: (14:17)
Yeah. Nasty division.

Speaker 10: (14:19)
Just one final one on international fight week. Israel Adesanya, one of the biggest superstars in the sport. Just your thoughts on that fight with Cannonier?

Dana White: (14:26)
Yeah. You know, he’s another guy. That’s what I love about Israel. He always wants to fight. This guy wants to fight all the time. He wants to stay busy. Yeah. He’s another guy that’s been cleaning out that division. So Cannonier’s the next guy.

Speaker 11: (14:43)
Dana, just one for you right here, to your right. Chandler says that he’s Dana White’s favorite fighter. Can confirm, or deny this?

Dana White: (14:52)

Speaker 11: (14:52)
Michael Chandler?

Dana White: (14:55)
I like Michael Chandler. Yeah. The Dana White privilege thing is ridiculous. Tonight had nothing to do with Dana White privilege. I had nothing to do with what happened in there tonight. I saw… Somebody sent me this fucking stupid article, that some moron wrote last week about Dana White privilege, and that, basically bitching about fighter pay. Then Conor came out with a statement about Tony, and then this guy said, “This guy embodies Dana White privilege.”, whatever the fuck that even means. It’s the most ridiculous thing that I’ve ever heard in my life. So you’re bitching about fighter pay, yet a guy like Conor McGregor, who’s built himself up, sold millions of Pay-Per-Views to become a star, has Dana White privilege? Fucking one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read in my life. It’s unfortunate that that’s the type of fucking guys that write stories in this sport. But, anyway.

Speaker 11: (15:55)
Awesome event.

Dana White: (15:56)
I hope I answered your question.

Speaker 12: (15:59)
Hi, Dana.

Dana White: (16:00)

Speaker 12: (16:01)
Mauricio Shogun, he has just one more fight. Right? In the UFC?

Dana White: (16:05)

Speaker 12: (16:05)
What kind of opponent do you have in mind for him, for his last fight?

Dana White: (16:09)
Sir. I love you. The guy just fucking fought two hours ago. I have no idea who he’s going to fight, when he fights again.

Speaker 12: (16:17)
Sure. Fair enough. For you, what makes more sense? Conor fighting Michael Chandler? Charles Oliveira, or [inaudible 00:16:27], since everybody’s calling him out?

Dana White: (16:30)
Yeah. I mean, he’s the biggest superstar in the sport. So everybody’s going to call him out. I think that… First of all, talking about Conor is… He’s not ready. When Conor’s 100% healthy, you look at what the leg… Like, I’ll give you an example. You guys, for the last, however many months, want to talk to me about Conor? I would’ve never said Chandler in a million years, and then tonight happened the way that it happened, and Chandler says, “Hey, Conor. Let’s fight.” Conor’s like, “Yeah. You know what? I actually would like to fight you. I think it would be an exciting fight. So by the time Conor is ready to actually compete, who knows what’s going to happen? Who knows what the landscape’s going to be? But I promise you, we’ll make a good one.

Speaker 11: (17:13)
And Dana right back over here again.

Dana White: (17:14)

Speaker 11: (17:15)
If you were, for some reason to listen to your friend Joe’s advice, and make Makhachev versus Oliveira, is there a potential for a Dariush / Chandler matchup? I haven’t heard many people speak about that. Would that match up interest to you?

Dana White: (17:27)
I don’t know, brother. I don’t know. You know, when I get up here after a fight like tonight, I’m not even thinking about that stuff. Tuesday, we will get back into the war room. We’ll put some shit on the board that might happen, we’ll put some shit on the board that will happen, and we’ll figure it out. I don’t know tonight. But you know, I’ll give you this. I’ll be honest with you. You know, I get it. Listen. Who doesn’t think Dariush and fucking Islam is a great fight. I mean, it’s a fucking killer fight. I would love to see that fight, to see who the number one contender is. But I’m not going to lie. After tonight, I wouldn’t mind doing Islam versus Oliveira either. So, we’ll see what happens. We’ll get in the war room, and argue about it, and figure it out.

Speaker 11: (18:14)
Thank you.

Dana White: (18:14)
Thank you,

Speaker 14: (18:15)
Dana. Do you have any updates on when you are planning on going to Salt Lake City?

Dana White: (18:20)
Yeah. Did we announce that? Soon, my friend. Soon. We are definitely coming to Salt Lake City, and it’ll be soon. You good? Have a good…

Speaker 7: (18:32)
Just one more. Since we’re talking about all the lightweights, I asked you this in Jacksonville. Dustin Poirier has really wanted to fight. Any update on a potential fight for him?

Dana White: (18:39)
No. Not yet.

Speaker 7: (18:40)
Okay. Thank you.

Dana White: (18:41)
Thank you, guys. Have a great night.

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