Jun 10, 2021

UFC 263 Pre-Fight Press Conference Transcript June 10

UFC 263 Pre-fight Press Conference Transcript
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Transcript of UFC 263 pre-fight press conference on June 10, 2021.

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Speaker 1: (00:00)
A pair of rematches for UFC championships headline a loaded card from top to bottom, but before that, an icon of the sport makes his return. First to the stage, the embodiment of a true fighter with a name that’s synonymous with a 209 Stockton, California. He’s as real as it gets, the one and only Nate Diaz. His opponent, a surging welterweight contender unbeaten in his last nine fights and laser-focused on wrapping a UFC title around his waist. Here is [Inland’s 00:00:55] Leon Rocky Edwards. Up next, it’s a rematch of one of 2020’s greatest wars, once again for the flyweight title. First to the stage, a Mexican warrior with endless heart, unbeaten over his last four fights. This is Brandon Assassin Baby Moreno. He faces one of the most devastating champions in the sport, whose rise to the top of the mountain has included the most finishes and knockdowns in the division’s history. Please welcome the defending UFC flyweight champion, the God of War, Brazil’s Deiveson Figueiredo.

Speaker 1: (01:55)
And in the main event, two of the best middleweights in the world run it back for the 185-pound title. Introducing first a destructive force who’s blitzed through each of his last five opponents, looking to become the first Italian UFC champion, Marvin The Italian Dream Vettori.

Speaker 1: (02:18)
And finally, he is one of the most exciting, unpredictable, and spectacular superstars in all of combat sports, attempting to continue his reign of dominance and remaining undefeated at 185 pounds. Here is the defending UFC middleweight champion, The Last Stylebender, Israel Adasanya.

Speaker 2: (02:46)
What’s up, Arizona? How are you? Thanks for coming out today. We appreciate it. It’s good to be back with you guys. John Morgan, where are you at?

John Morgan: (02:57)
Right here. Israel, I want to start with you, Israel. This is a rematch that it’s been in the works for a long time, but one that you didn’t really seem all that excited about for a long time. But now that it’s here, is this a fight that excites you and gives you energy? Or is this just the fight that you had to take?

Israel Adasanya: (03:17)
Well, he said he wanted October. Robert said he wanted September, and I said, “I’m the king. Who wants June?” He doesn’t deserve this, but he stepped up. I wasn’t excited at first, but then seeing the way [inaudible 00:03:28] silenced everyone in his last fight makes me excited to do the same thing this weekend.

John Morgan: (03:36)
And of course, it’s been three years, and fighters evolve and Marvin’s gone five and O since then. So I’m just curious, where do you see him versus [crosstalk 00:03:43].

Israel Adasanya: (03:43)
Five and O against who? Five and no against who?

Marvin Vettori: (03:45)
Who did you beat [crosstalk 00:03:47] or what did you do to [Jan 00:03:51]? You lost your last fight [crosstalk 00:03:52].

Israel Adasanya: (03:52)
You can look at the record. Look at his side, and look at my side [crosstalk 00:03:56]. I’m the f**king champion and you ain’t, b***h [crosstalk 00:04:00].

Marvin Vettori: (04:01)
Not going to be for long. I’m taking everything. I’m taking [crosstalk 00:04:06].

Israel Adasanya: (04:05)
I can’t even hear what you’re saying.

Marvin Vettori: (04:06)
I’m taking everything.

Israel Adasanya: (04:07)

Marvin Vettori: (04:08)
Buy some f**king new [crosstalk 00:04:09].

Israel Adasanya: (04:09)
Stand up. Stand up [crosstalk 00:04:11] your pants is on backwards. Your pants is on backwards [crosstalk 00:04:15].

Marvin Vettori: (04:15)
You’re full of s**t. I prove you wrong so many f**king times, you don’t even know anymore. These are all the people that believe in through your own bulls**t assed hype, and they’re all going to get shut out.

John Morgan: (04:29)
And one last thing is [crosstalk 00:04:35] obviously earlier this year, you came up short in the bid for champ champ status. You handled it like a champ, but I just wonder if the energy is different this time. You’re not going for something new. You’re trying to keep what’s yours. Is there a different energy around this fight?

Israel Adasanya: (04:49)
I’m a man. I step up even if I lost. Even if I lost, I take it and I accepted and I move on. Unlike him. He holds onto that [crosstalk 00:04:56]. August 2018 by [USADA 00:05:07]. Trust me.

Marvin Vettori: (05:07)
Man, what about your… Listen, I’ve got nothing [crosstalk 00:05:10].

Israel Adasanya: (05:09)
Take with your shirt off. [crosstalk 00:05:15] Hey, take your shirt off [crosstalk 00:05:16] on his back, all his [bacne 00:05:17], I can draw a sailboat on connecting the dots.

Marvin Vettori: (05:20)
I’m lucky you didn’t show up with a f**king c*** on your forehead this time, b***h.

Israel Adasanya: (05:26)
What’d you say?

Marvin Vettori: (05:26)
I’m glad you didn’t show up with a c*** on your forehead this time, b***h.

Israel Adasanya: (05:28)
A c***?

Marvin Vettori: (05:29)
Because of your bulls**t assed testosterone that you take. First it’s the t***y, second is your c*** on your forehead. What women have. Probably don’t like them, right?

John Morgan: (05:41)
I want to go next to Nate, if I could. Nate, I know that [crosstalk 00:05:45] I know that press conferences aren’t necessarily your favorite thing, but it sounds like there’s a lot of people here to see you. And I just wonder if the energy…

Nate Diaz: (05:54)
Whoa, let’s go [crosstalk 00:05:55].

John Morgan: (05:55)
Something special for you.

Nate Diaz: (05:56)
What was the question?

John Morgan: (06:12)
I said I know you don’t necessarily love doing these press conferences all the time, but you see this crowd that we haven’t had in a long time, and a lot of them are here to see you, very clearly. Does that bring some excitement to the day for you?

Nate Diaz: (06:24)
Yeah. It makes me happy to be back and be on a great card. So I’m pumped about it.

John Morgan: (06:32)
And Nate, as far as the fight itself with Leon, stylistically, is it one that excites you? Is the one that gets you pumped up for the challenge? Or is this just a business assignment? I know you wanted the best fighter you could fight. So is this a fun one for you or is it just the next one?

Nate Diaz: (06:46)
I believe, just like how [GSP 00:06:48] was doing his thing back in the day, I think he’s doing the same thing, and he’s not getting no love for it. So I’m pumped to fight a worthy opponent, and that’s what I’m here for. I’m coming to win.

John Morgan: (07:00)
Lastly, Marvin, I just want to wrap up with you. Obviously, Israel’s style is so unique. You’ve had some time in there with him. Do you believe that this being a rematch gives you an advantage because you’ve had a chance to see that unique style?

Marvin Vettori: (07:12)
I have the advantage because I’m the superior fighter. I can do everything. He doesn’t have all the answer for what I bring to the table. That’s what it is. He doesn’t have all the answers of what I bring to the table.

John Morgan: (07:26)
We talk about fighters’ evolutions, but we’ve seen him lose for the first time. So do you feel the time since your first fight, he’s gotten better? Or has he gotten better?

Marvin Vettori: (07:34)
He’s gotten better. He’s gotten sharper, but he didn’t add nothing.

Israel Adasanya: (07:39)
Like I said, look at the list of who he’s fought. The only person I know on that list is Jack [inaudible 00:07:43]. He only go here because he bought a bum at number 10. He was number six, and he got to number three.

Marvin Vettori: (07:47)
Yeah, we can go back, and who did you beat? Who did you beat properly? [crosstalk 00:07:51].

Israel Adasanya: (07:51)
Dude, I’m going to make you my next b***h. I’m going to do you like I did [Costa 00:07:55].

Marvin Vettori: (07:55)
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You believed on your own hype, and that’s where [crosstalk 00:08:00].

Israel Adasanya: (08:00)
Man, I don’t get drunk off my own hype. I sip off the Kool-Aid, but trust me, I’m going to make you my next baby mama.

Marvin Vettori: (08:05)
Again, he’s going to speak [inaudible 00:08:07] don’t make me start speaking [crosstalk 00:08:10].

Israel Adasanya: (08:10)

Marvin Vettori: (08:13)
[foreign language 00:08:13].

Israel Adasanya: (08:16)
Grazi, my friend, grazi. Bring that s**t.

John Morgan: (08:19)
And Marvin, just last thing for me, you’re here to win the UFC title, but there’s a lot of yelling going on right now. So, is this just about winning the title and becoming a champion, or is this a personal fight for you?

Marvin Vettori: (08:30)
It’s both. I’m getting two in one. I’m getting revenge, whatever it was, that fight and get and be the first Italian UFC champion ever.

Speaker 3: (08:44)
Back here. A question for Deiveson.

Speaker 2: (08:55)
Yeah, go ahead.

Speaker 3: (08:56)
Deiveson, it seems like you’re taking preparation for this camp very seriously. You’ve said that your opponent, Brandon Moreno, has said some things that you’re not a fan of. What specifically has he said that makes this personal for you in this rematch?

Translator: (09:13)
[foreign language 00:09:13].

Deiveson Figueiredo: (09:31)
[foreign language 00:09:31].

Translator: (09:32)
First of all, he speaks a lot.

Deiveson Figueiredo: (09:35)
[foreign language 00:09:35] I’m going to knock you out. I’m going to knock you out.

Translator: (09:59)
First of all, he talks a lot, and I’m going to shut him up because I’ll knock him out-

Translator: (10:03)
Well, he talks a lot and I’m going to shut him up because I’m going to knock him out of the first round.

Moderator: (10:07)
Brandon, what’s your response to your opponent’s prediction?

Brandon Moreno: (10:19)

Brandon Moreno: (10:22)
[foreign language 00:10:22].

Brandon Moreno: (10:25)
Man, I speak too much because I have my own voice. I’m not a puppet of anybody, so that’s why I talk too much.

Brandon Moreno: (10:31)
I was very honest with myself about what I think about the fight. The guy, he tried to knock me out in the first fight, and then he started making excuses.

Brandon Moreno: (10:44)
It’s fine. It’s fine, guys. It’s really fine. [foreign language 00:10:48].

Brandon Moreno: (10:49)
But hey, I mean, this next tirade is the real deal. These days, he can try and knock me out again or try a little bit of me, you know? So I’m ready. I’m ready, guys.

Moderator: (11:08)
One last one for Nate. Over here.

Moderator: (11:12)
After your fight with Jorge, you had said there were some injuries and you couldn’t really focus on your cardio as much as you wanted to. How has this camp been in preparation for a five round fight with Leon?

Nate Diaz: (11:25)
Camp went good.

Speaker 4: (11:35)
Just following up on that, Nate. This fight is a five round fight. I was curious. Do you see that benefiting you, knowing that you’re known come on stronger in the later rounds?

Moderator: (11:47)
Who is that a question for?

Speaker 4: (11:48)
Nate. I said to Nate. Does he think a five round fight benefits him more than Leon?

Nate Diaz: (11:56)
Yeah, it’s possible. But I was ready for a two round fight, regardless.

Speaker 4: (12:06)
And to Leon. Obviously Nate is probably the biggest name you’ve ever fought, but as a fighter, do you see him on your level? And how do you think he’ll look in the octagon on Saturday?

Leon Edwards: (12:16)
Skillset wise, I am leagues above him and I will show that come Saturday night. I know he says it’s kill or be killed. And I’m here to kill, so I cannot wait.

Speaker 5: (12:29)
Over here, over here. Can you hear me?

Moderator: (12:31)
Go ahead, sir.

Speaker 5: (12:31)
Hi. Israel, you’re a long way from home, but look at the energy here. I mean, it’s almost noon on Friday in New Zealand and these people are showing you love. How does it feel?

Israel Adesanya: (12:43)
What’s up Phoenix?

Israel Adesanya: (12:47)

Israel Adesanya: (12:48)
I remember the feeling last time, three years ago, almost years ago to the month. I remember the feeling, the magic that was in the air when I took this guy away. But this time I’m going to use that energy from you guys again. It’s kind of exciting to see you guys out here.

Israel Adesanya: (13:01)
Let’s go. Wait until Saturday. I’m going to use this energy.

Speaker 5: (13:06)
So, we’re at the scene of the last fight, a disputed win. And I put that in quotes because Marvin is still disputing that you won that fight. How does that make you feel?

Israel Adesanya: (13:15)
It’s amusing to me.

Marvin Vettori: (13:16)
He’s telling himself a story.

Israel Adesanya: (13:18)
Let him know what you think.

Marvin Vettori: (13:19)
He’s telling himself a bulls**t, because his whole character is bulls**t and he’s just… He believes it, in his own bulls**t, that’s what it is. He’s fake to the fullest.

Israel Adesanya: (13:27)
Well, I’ll tell you this thing.

Marvin Vettori: (13:29)

Israel Adesanya: (13:30)
This weekend you won’t need the judges. We’ve got Chris Lee out of [crosstalk 00:13:33].

Marvin Vettori: (13:32)
I can tell you the same.

Israel Adesanya: (13:33)
You won’t need the judges.

Israel Adesanya: (13:34)
Oh no, I’ll show you the same. I will show you the same.

Marvin Vettori: (13:37)
Oh, yeah. Oh, please, bring it. Bring it. Bring it. Bring it.

Israel Adesanya: (13:38)
Do your thing. What are you to do? You going to try and sniff my jocks?

Marvin Vettori: (13:40)
Bring it.

Israel Adesanya: (13:41)
You going to try and sniff my jocks?

Marvin Vettori: (13:41)
Because the only thing you been doing is running. That’s why you wear Puma.

Israel Adesanya: (13:41)
You’re going to try sniff my jocks for five rounds boy. In the second round you’re going to hit the floor. You’re going to be sniffing the floor. That plastered ass goes on the left side of your face.

Marvin Vettori: (13:48)
Blah, blah.

Israel Adesanya: (13:50)
[foreign language 00:13:50] You s**t packer. F**k you.

Marvin Vettori: (13:51)
[foreign language 00:13:51].

Speaker 5: (13:51)
One last one for you, Israel. [foreign language 00:13:57], which is what you’ve always called yourself. The heart of the lion. The lion is the king of the jungle. Are we going to see the lion come out on Saturday against Marvin Vettori?

Israel Adesanya: (14:10)
Get a load of that.

Israel Adesanya: (14:30)
Just make sure UNADA don’t test us after this.

Marvin Vettori: (14:31)
UNADA has to check you for sure.

Israel Adesanya: (14:36)
Bro, if they tested, you’d pop. You piss hot right now. I know you’d piss hot right not because you’re already popped.

Marvin Vettori: (14:41)
Easy, easy. I have nothing to hide.

Israel Adesanya: (14:42)
You have everything to hide.

Marvin Vettori: (14:45)

Israel Adesanya: (14:45)
Hey, stand up. Your pants is on backwards. Show us again.

Marvin Vettori: (14:47)
What about your t****s? Nobody even asks about those t****s.

Israel Adesanya: (14:49)
Bro, look at your face. Look at your eyes. Look at your teeth. Look at how gapped they are. Spread your teeth out even more.

Marvin Vettori: (14:55)
What? What?

Israel Adesanya: (14:56)
Show us your back. Show us your bacne.

Marvin Vettori: (14:57)
What are you talking about?

Israel Adesanya: (14:58)
I know exactly what I’m talking about. Show us your bacne.

Marvin Vettori: (15:01)
Listen, I was born like this. And you’re making fun of me? [crosstalk 00:15:01].

Israel Adesanya: (15:01)
It’s too hot for that suit. What the f**k are you wearing? It’s too hot out here in Arizona. This punk ass b***h trying to look like he’s a class act.

Marvin Vettori: (15:07)
What? Dressed like this? What the f**k is that thing, bro?

Israel Adesanya: (15:09)
M*********er, I’m dressed for this heat right here.

Marvin Vettori: (15:10)
You try to talk about how I’m dressed? Let me teach you a couple things after I beat you in the cage.

Israel Adesanya: (15:13)
Hey, bro, you don’t heat? I’m sure you are. You’re sweating under that s**t.

Marvin Vettori: (15:16)
Let me show you.

Israel Adesanya: (15:17)
Yeah, show us your butt crack. You’re sweaty as f**k.

Marvin Vettori: (15:21)
Nah, nah. Not at all. I can teach you how to dress if you want, if you’re nice.

Israel Adesanya: (15:25)
Who’s dressed better right now. Me or him?

Marvin Vettori: (15:29)
How the f**k is that even a question? How the f**k is that even f**king a question, man?

Israel Adesanya: (15:34)

Marvin Vettori: (15:37)
What the hell?

Israel Adesanya: (15:37)
Hey, you know how you say you don’t know what to call me? Don’t call me your friend. Don’t call me your brother. Call me champ, b***h.

Marvin Vettori: (15:44)
Yeah, yeah. [inaudible 00:15:44] How is that even a question? You dress like the bum outside my house.

Speaker 5: (15:50)
Let me go to Nate real quick. Nate, how does it feel to have fans not just in the arena, but coming on Saturday, have fans in the arena? This feels like a second home for you. This is not California, though. This is Arizona.

Nate Diaz: (16:03)
Hey, I love everywhere I go. I love the support and I love the whole s**t, man. It’s great. This is great that these guys are getting it, doing their thing, too. F**k yeah. Real fun. So that’s cool.

Speaker 5: (16:17)
All right. One last one, Nate.

Speaker 5: (16:20)
After this fight, what’s next for you? Is that a possibility to have another BMF fight? Are you going to fight against Masvidal? Or everyone keeps talking about Nick, your brother fighting him, but I don’t see you as someone who’s going to let your big brother handle that for you.

Nate Diaz: (16:37)
Yeah. Every fight is going to be the baddest m********ing fight you ever seen. And then besides that, and my brother next, that’s even a better fight than you’ve ever seen. So, it’s perfect.

Speaker 5: (16:48)
One last one. Leon, this fight for you is a big fight. How difficult are you going to make Dana’s job, if you win the fight, to now put you as a contender against [Uzman 00:17:01].

Leon Edwards: (17:00)
I have to go out there and prove my case. I’ll go out there and smoke a guy like Nate. That’ll put me in the spot I deserve. Number nine in a row. That’s the third most in history of the promotion, so I’m looking forward to it.

Leon Edwards: (17:12)
I know Nate is a tough guy. He’s [crosstalk 00:17:15]. There’s a lot that is going to be paid outside tonight.

Speaker 5: (17:17)
All right. Thank you.

Moderator: (17:20)
Go ahead. Go ahead, sir.

Speaker 6: (17:25)
Deiveson, [foreign language 00:17:27]

Moderator: (17:36)
Deiveson, it’s been a long time since you’ve done a fight with fans. To have the attendance and the crowd back, not only that, but against you, how do you deal with that?

Deiveson Figueiredo: (17:46)
[foreign language 00:17:46].

Translator: (17:46)
I’m going to show him. I’m a show man. And I’m going to put on a show for you guys. I’m going to knock him out. So, I’m going to put on a show and make you guys love me.

Speaker 6: (18:16)
Deiveson, [foreign language 00:18:17]

Moderator: (18:17)
Deiveson, this week you spoke to them, the Brazilian press. And you actually already mentioned a couple of upcoming challenges for you. So, you mentioned a couple of names, but can you elaborate more on that and talk about possible names, ranked names or big fights?

Deiveson Figueiredo: (18:50)
[foreign language 00:18:50]

Translator: (19:12)
I’m always looking for the big fights and I want the boss to listen to this one because I want him to put me and give me a chance to move up on category because I want to get that belt.

Speaker 7: (19:24)
Is he over here? What’s up, brother? What’s up?

Moderator: (19:26)
Go ahead, sir.

Speaker 7: (19:28)
What do you think about your opponent? You think this is some fake bravado? Because I’ve never seen this swag. Are you setting him up mentally to get knocked out, to stand in front of you? Because he’s like acting like he’s gangster but do you think he’s about that life?

Israel Adesanya: (19:42)
Hey man, there’s only one gangster on that slate. You know who it is, bro.

Marvin Vettori: (19:45)
Who is that? Is that you?

Israel Adesanya: (19:47)
What you saw [crosstalk 00:19:49].

Marvin Vettori: (19:49)
B***h, I’ve seen you outside of-

Israel Adesanya: (19:53)
Shut the f**k up. Your daddy’s talking. Just shut the up. Your daddy’s talking.

Israel Adesanya: (19:56)
[crosstalk 00:19:56].

Marvin Vettori: (19:56)
For sure. Shut the hell up, man.

Israel Adesanya: (19:56)
Listen, you saw what he did when he saw me. You saw-

Israel Adesanya: (20:03)
I begged.

Marvin Vettori: (20:03)
Shut the hell up, man.

Israel Adesanya: (20:03)
Listen, you saw what he did when he saw me. You saw how he was. “Oh, I’m going to get your belt, friend.” I said, “I’m not your friend.” He doesn’t keep that same energy. All that s**t on ESPN, [crosstalk 00:20:13].

Marvin Vettori: (20:12)
You f**king little boy.

Israel Adesanya: (20:14)
You can’t even understand the mumbling he’s saying. Doesn’t he look that nigga from the Goonies? Show him that picture again.

Marvin Vettori: (20:19)
So what? Because you think you look good. You look like a f**king bum.

Israel Adesanya: (20:21)
Shut up you pig face dumb b***h.

Marvin Vettori: (20:25)
Look how you look. Look how you dress.

Israel Adesanya: (20:26)
Look at how you look. You look like the f**king [crosstalk 00:20:29] from Lord of The Rings. [crosstalk 00:20:30].

Marvin Vettori: (20:30)
I look better than you will ever think.

Dana White: (20:35)
All right, sir. Do you have another question?

Speaker 8: (20:39)
Does it bother you the fact that since you lost at 205, that these dudes at 185 are trying to try you and think that the division’s up for grabs?

Israel Adesanya: (20:46)
And remember what happened. Remember what happened after UFC 248, when everyone was sleeping on me and I say, “Y’all must have forgot.” And I went in there to Abu Dhabi on a private island and fight in front of a lot of billionaires and I f**ked this m*******ker up. I’m going to do the same thing this weekend in front of you guys. I’m going to f**k this dude up. Trust!

Speaker 8: (21:04)
Next question’s for Nate. How’s it feel to be the star and you don’t have to say but five words and you got all these people in the palm of your hands?

Dana White: (21:15)
Talk into the mic.

Speaker 8: (21:17)
I’m six, five. Is this good? Is this good? Okay. How’s it feel to be the star don’t even have to say anything and you just being up here, you got all these people in the palm of your hands doing what you want them to do when you don’t even say but five words?

Nate Diaz: (21:30)
Because they got a show going and it’s perfect.

Crowd: (21:37)
Diaz! Diaz!

Speaker 8: (21:38)
Five questions-

Crowd: (21:38)
Diaz! Diaz! Diaz! Diaz! Diaz! Diaz! Diaz! Diaz! Diaz! Diaz! Diaz! Diaz! Diaz! Diaz! Diaz! Diaz!

Speaker 8: (21:51)
Brandon. My final question for Brandon. Do you think Deiveson’s overconfident? The fact that you stood in front of him for five rounds, he’s still talking noise, and he thinks he’s going to get you out of there because you think that you got the mental edge over-

Brandon Moreno: (22:07)
Brother, ask me again because the people here, the energy right now, I can’t hear you. Sorry.

Brandon Moreno: (22:19)
All right. So maybe mental. He’s trying to make it some narrative in his mind maybe to keep focused, to be concentrated on the next fight. So if that was works for him, it’s fine for me. I don’t care. You know? I just want to be the next flyweight champion. That’s the most important thing in my career. I mean, for my Mexican people, for my people right now here in Phoenix, it’s crazy that. So for me, for my family, for everyone.

Dana White: (22:49)
Go ahead, sir. You got a question?

Speaker 9: (22:51)
I do. Senor Brandon. How do you expect to come out of this fight? TK or submission?

Brandon Moreno: (23:01)
Man, I want to finish the fight early. You know? I want to go to my room, eat some burgers, some pizza, because I love the food. That is one of the best part of the life, the food. So I want to finish the fight early. But in this level, it’s so hard to finish the fight early because he’s real. I mean, he’s trying to lie to himself because he say I’m trash talk. The people know me, brother. The people know me. I’m not that guy. I never trash talk with anybody. So man, I just want to finish the fight early. But the guy’s real, the guy’s powerful, so I need to take care of myself, too. You know? I need to be smart in that fight. So I’m prepared to finish the fight in the first, second round, but if it’s necessary to make another [inaudible 00:23:47] for both, for us, for the people, man, I’m ready.

Crowd: (23:51)
Let’s go!

Speaker 9: (24:00)
My friend, just to be fair, what do you have to answer to that?

Speaker 10: (24:58)
[foreign language 00:24:58].

Deiveson Figueiredo: (24:58)
[foreign language 00:24:58].

Speaker 10: (25:02)
This guy is sick. He was sick in the first fight and he wasn’t 100%. He was actually fighting at 30%. But now I’m at 100% and I’m going to give my all and you’re going to see what it’s all about.

Dana White: (25:16)
Go ahead. Yep.

Speaker 11: (25:17)
This question is for Brandon Moreno. Brandon, you can be the first Mexican born and raised UFC champion. And you have a country on your back. A lot of kids want to be like you when they grow up. How these big responsibility and beautiful pressure affect you?

Brandon Moreno: (25:32)
Man, at first, it was hard. You know? Because, yes, I mean the first guy who born in Tijuana, Mexico is five hours from here. It’s crazy. But right now, I think I have the correct mindset to believe in myself. You know? I have that responsibility because if I get the title, the sport in my country, Mexico, can grow up a lot. So we have a lot of really good guys in the UFC. You know, Pantera Rodriguez, Alexa Grasso, [inaudible 00:26:06]. But, man, first Mexican champion. Man, I love how that sounds. You know? Nice.

Speaker 11: (26:17)
It’s big, not only for Mexico, but for Latin America, too. They both say that the last fight was the best fight in the history of this division. And was he only 21 days notice. I can’t imagine that change at your life. How different was the preparation for this fight since you have a full camp and a lot of responsibilities being a UFC star?

Brandon Moreno: (26:36)
Man, oh, UFC star sounds good. You think I’m a star, boss?

Dana White: (26:40)
What’s that?

Brandon Moreno: (26:41)
You think I’m a star in the company?

Dana White: (26:47)
If you win this fight, you’re going to blow up in Mexico.

Brandon Moreno: (26:51)
Yeah! Woo! Man, so the last fight was hard. You know? Just three weeks to try to make some game plans and so to try to make some good drills for the fight was hard. You know? I cut weight again. Make everything again. For the title, against this guy, he’s a really good opponent. So this time, six months of preparation was crazy. You know? Even after the fight, I tried to stay focused with my family. I spent time with my family. But one part of my mind still was in the fight. So, man, I used all this time to prepare myself for the rematch. And that said, it’s different.

Speaker 11: (27:35)
Thank you, champ. [foreign language 00:27:36].

Dana White: (27:38)
Go ahead.

Speaker 12: (27:41)
For Israel. First, for Israel. When did things become so personal with Marvin? And I mean, is that a good thing for you? Does that kind of get you more up for this fight?

Israel Adesanya: (27:51)
Hey, man. I’m not vegan. I like that beef. Trust me. I like beef when it’s between people like-

Marvin Vettori: (27:56)
Hundred percent.

Israel Adesanya: (27:57)
Italian beef. Hey, his beef is already [steroided 00:28:00] up. He’s eating that horse meat.

Marvin Vettori: (28:01)
Oh, my God. He’s crazy. What the f**k he’s talking about? Like he’s the one showing up with t***ies, man. That ain’t normal. You can see my physique throughout my whole career. There was never a change. A hundred percent Italian, natural, clean beef. Can’t say the same for you.

Speaker 12: (28:19)
And then just for Brandon Moreno. Brandon, a lot of fans here in Phoenix of Brandon Moreno.

Brandon Moreno: (28:26)
Yeah, I love it.

Speaker 12: (28:27)
Did you expect this? Did you expect this?

Brandon Moreno: (28:28)
Man, f**king I love you guys. I f**king love you guys. Man, so before to come to the UFC, I fought here like three times. Three times here in Phoenix and two times in Tucson. So the people know me, definitely, here in Phoenix. Man, I’m just trying to be very humble. I’m just trying to be very kind with everybody. I’m trying to be very educated and the people are appreciated. You know? And that’s it.

Speaker 12: (28:55)
Also, for Brandon. I noticed that Nate next to you offered you something a few minutes ago, but you didn’t take it. He offered you a little something.

Brandon Moreno: (29:05)
Yeah. It’s for everybody. Man, this guy is amazing. It’s the first time I meet Nate and he’s an amazing person, bro.

Speaker 12: (29:16)
There you go. And just for Nate. Nate, you have a house out in Paradise Valley with all your boys. Why did you choose to stay so far away? And what’s good about that situation and that environment?

Nate Diaz: (29:29)
I just got all my army, my team, my whole everybody’s there and you already know what it is. We’ll be there fight day.

Speaker 12: (29:38)
I noticed that you lit something up a few minutes ago. What exactly was that?

Nate Diaz: (29:44)
That’s Kill 4209. That’s the chronic right there, baby. You already know what’s up.

Speaker 12: (29:52)
And then last for Dana. UFC 265 in August. Any update on that main event and location?

Dana White: (29:59)

Speaker 12: (30:01)
All right.

Dana White: (30:01)
Good shot.

Speaker 13: (30:01)
All right. Good shot.

Speaker 14: (30:04)
Houston was my last rumor. Is it looking like Houston right now for August?

Speaker 13: (30:08)
It could be. That’s what we’re shooting for. We’ll see what happens.

Speaker 14: (30:10)
And then what about September? Do we know anything about September yet? All right. I tried. Thanks guys.

Speaker 13: (30:17)
Thank you. Go ahead. Give the last question sir. What have we got?

Speaker 15: (30:20)
All right. Here we go. That’s perfect. Because I’m from right here in Arizona and I want to ask you about being back here, Dana. At one point in time, we weren’t sure we were ever going to get a UFC event in Arizona. But here you are with one of the biggest cards in company history right here. Can you just talk about coming back and being here in Arizona?

Speaker 13: (30:36)
Yeah. You know, it was always super unfortunate because it’s so close to Vegas and we were always doing Vegas events. Did the last one here, and then this pandemic hits, you got Florida, you got Texas and you got Arizona.

Speaker 13: (30:50)
So thank God for those three states. And we love this place. And the fans, coming back to this event, we had the record already. We broke the record and we broke our own record and almost doubled it. That’s how bad-ass Arizona is.

Speaker 15: (31:11)
For Izzy. What’s up champ. How are you?

Israel Adesanya: (31:15)
Very well.

Speaker 15: (31:16)
I want to talk to you about what’s changed for you, because you beat him last time out and everybody wants to ask him what have you improved on? How have you gotten better? You’re getting better too, moving up and fighting Jan, defending those take downs against a bigger guy. How much better have you gotten to face him this time?

Israel Adesanya: (31:32)
Like I said, you can look at both sides. Since we last fought, honestly speaking, since we last fought, you can look at the stack of people he’s fought and the stack of people I fought. It’s a vast difference. It’s a vast difference. [crosstalk 00:31:45] my last fight-

Marvin Vettori: (31:46)
You lost against Romero. You lost against me. And then you lost against Blachowicz.

Israel Adesanya: (31:50)
I’ll tell you one thing-

Marvin Vettori: (31:51)
[crosstalk 00:31:51] Who did you beat? You beat Borrachinha? That he was drunk the night before. That’s who you beat? Great. Wow.

Israel Adesanya: (31:55)
Who have you beat? Tell me-

Marvin Vettori: (31:56)
[crosstalk 00:31:56] yeah, no. What did you-

Israel Adesanya: (31:56)
Who have you beat? Name 3 top 10 opponents you’ve beaten. Name.

Marvin Vettori: (32:00)
Listen, I showed up every single f**king time-

Israel Adesanya: (32:02)
Exactly. You ain’t got s**t.

Marvin Vettori: (32:03)
I showed up every single f**king time.

Israel Adesanya: (32:05)
I can tell you who I’ve beat.

Marvin Vettori: (32:05)
The people here in Vegas won’t fight with me.

Israel Adesanya: (32:05)
All you know who I’ve beat.

Marvin Vettori: (32:07)
That ain’t my fault, man.

Israel Adesanya: (32:08)
Hey man. It’s your fault.

Marvin Vettori: (32:12)
Whoever that [crosstalk 00:32:12] showed up got beat by me-

Israel Adesanya: (32:13)
It’s your fault because you don’t run your own career.

Marvin Vettori: (32:14)
I proved you wrong so many f**king times.

Israel Adesanya: (32:14)
I run your career. I’m the narrative of your career. I run your f**king s**t.

Marvin Vettori: (32:16)
You tried to ignore me, b***h.

Israel Adesanya: (32:18)

Marvin Vettori: (32:18)
You tried to ignore me. Here I am.

Israel Adesanya: (32:20)
[crosstalk 00:32:20] Want to tell me? I never ever [crosstalk 00:32:21]

Marvin Vettori: (32:20)
I’m Your f**king [crosstalk 00:32:22] neighbor b***h.

Israel Adesanya: (32:22)
Look at me.

Marvin Vettori: (32:22)
I’m your f**king neighbor.

Israel Adesanya: (32:24)
Fight me now b***h. What are you going to do? What are you going to do? Try it again. Try me again. Look at him. You know what that’s called? That’s called roid rage. That’s called roid rage. Try me again. That ain’t caffeine. That’s roid rage, b***h.

Speaker 13: (32:38)
Thank you Arizona. We appreciate it. I’m going to square these guys off right now.

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