Feb 12, 2020

Speech Transcripts from New Hampshire Primary: Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar

Transcripts Speeches from New Hampshire Primaries
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Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar all delivered speeches to their supporters during the New Hampshire Democratic primary. Read the full transcripts of their speeches.

Bernie Sanders New Hampshire Primary Speech Transcript

Bernie Sanders: (00:00)
Thank you.

Audience: (00:12)
[crosstalk 00:00:12] Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.

Bernie Sanders: (00:12)
Thank you.

Audience: (00:22)
[crosstalk 00:00:22] Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.

Bernie Sanders: (01:04)
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you New Hampshire. Thank you New Hampshire.

Bernie Sanders: (01:17)
Let me take this opportunity to thank the-

Audience: (01:21)
We love you Bernie!

Bernie Sanders: (01:21)
… people of New Hampshire for a great victory tonight. Let me thank the thousands of volunteers in New Hampshire, thank you, who knocked on doors in the rain, and the snow, and the cold. The reason that we won tonight in New Hampshire, we won last week in Iowa, is because of the hard work of so many volunteers. Let me say tonight that this victory here is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.

Audience: (02:48)
[crosstalk 00:02:48] Bernie beats Trump. Bernie beats Trump. Bernie beats Trump.

Bernie Sanders: (03:01)
With victories behind us, popular vote in Iowa, and the victory here tonight we’re going to Nevada, we’re going to South Carolina, and we’re going to win those states as well.

Bernie Sanders: (03:18)
Tonight I want to take the opportunity to express my appreciation and respect for all of the Democratic candidates we ran against. Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden. What I can tell you with absolute certainty, and I know I speak for everyone of the Democratic candidates, is that no matter who wins, and we certainly hope it’s going to be us, we’re going to unite together … We are going to unite together and defeat the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country.

Bernie Sanders: (04:14)
The reason I believe we are going to win is that we have an unprecedented grassroots movement from coast to coast of millions of people. The reason that we are going to win is that we are putting together an unprecedented multi generational, multi racial political movement. This is a movement from coast to coast, which is demanding that we finally have an economy and a government that works for all of us, not wealthy campaign contributors.

Bernie Sanders: (05:14)
I want to thank all of those people who have worked and contributed to our campaign, but make the point that in this point in the campaign we are taking on billionaires and we’re taking on candidates funded by billionaires. But we are going to win because we have the agenda that speaks to the needs of working people throughout this country. Healthcare is a human right not a privilege. The wealthy and powerful will start paying their fair share of taxes. We will make public colleges and universities tuition free, and cancel all student debt.

Bernie Sanders: (06:26)
Unlike Donald Trump we know that climate change is very real and an existential crisis for our planet. We are prepared to tell the fossil fuel industry that they’re short-term profits are not more important than the future of our planet.

Audience: (06:57)
[crosstalk 00:06:57] Green New Deal. Green New Deal.

Bernie Sanders: (07:04)
We are going to end a racist and broken criminal justice system. We are going to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Our gun safety policies will be determined by the American people, not the NRA. Under our administration it will be women, not the government, who control their own lives.

Bernie Sanders: (07:52)
Now our campaign is not just about beating Trump. It is about transforming this country. It is about having the courage to take on Wall Street, the insurance companies, the drug companies, the fossil fuel industry, the military industrial complex.

Bernie Sanders: (08:28)
Tonight I want to thank the people of New Hampshire for this great victory, thank our volunteers, and urge all Americans to join our effort to transform this country at BernieSanders.com.

Audience: (08:43)
[crosstalk 00:08:43] Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.

Bernie Sanders: (09:03)
It’s onto Nevada, it’s onto South Carolina, it’s onto win the Democratic nomination and together … And together I have no doubt that we will defeat Donald Trump. Thank you all very much.

Elizabeth Warren New Hampshire Primary Speech Transcript

Elizabeth Warren: (00:27)
Hello New Hampshire. The results are still coming in from across the state, but right now it is clear that Senator Sanders and Mayor Buttigieg had strong nights and I also want to congratulate my friend and colleague, Amy Klobuchar for showing just how wrong the pundits can be when they count a woman out.

Elizabeth Warren: (00:59)
Since we are here tonight among family and friends, I also want us to be honest with ourselves as Democrats, we might be headed for another one of those long primary fights that lasts for months. We’re two States in, with 55 States and territories to go. We still have 98% of our delicate for our nomination up for grabs and Americans in every part of the country are going to make their voices heard. That’s right.

Elizabeth Warren: (01:36)
The question for us Democrats is whether it will be a long bitter rehash of the same old divides in our party or whether we can find another way. Senator Sanders and Mayor Buttigieg are both great people and either one of them would be a far better president than Donald Trump. I respect them both. But the fight between factions in our party has taken a sharp turn in recent weeks with ads mocking other candidates and with supporters of some candidates shouting curses at other democratic candidates.

Elizabeth Warren: (02:18)
These harsh tactics might work if you are willing to burn down the rest of the party in order to be the last man standing. They might work, if you don’t worry about leaving our party and our politics worse off than how you found it, and they might work if you think only you have all the answers and only you are the solution to all our problems. But if we’re going to beat Donald Trump in November, we are going to need huge turnout within our party and to get that turnout, we will need a nominee that the broadest coalition of our party feels like they can get behind.

Audience: (02:56)
Warren. Warren. Warren.

Elizabeth Warren: (03:14)
We cannot afford to fall into factions. We can’t afford to squander our collective power. We win when we come together. The Reverend Jesse Jackson once said, “It takes two wings to fly,” and I think he’s right. Our campaign is best positioned to beat Donald Trump in November because we can unite our party. We can unite this party and this country by mobilizing people behind ideas that are not only popular with huge majorities of the American people, but that also accomplish structural change for our broken government and our rigged economy.

Elizabeth Warren: (04:08)
We can unite people around the wealth tax on the very richest Americans so we can invest in education for all our children. We can unite people around ending corruption in Washington, ending the corruption that has met stagnant wages, rising costs, and a tighter and tighter squeeze on the middle class. We can do that. Ending corruption that leaves more and more working families with less and less hope for a better future, and that has crushed people of color even harder. Ending the corruption that has shortchanged our kids, our schools and the very survival of the planet, they will inherit.

Elizabeth Warren: (05:03)
Families in America today are running out of time. We have faced decades of shrinking opportunity, decades of rising inequality, decades of a widening racial wealth gap. Big business has captured and use government to serve its own interests at the expense of smaller businesses and the expense of the American people. I believe in markets, but markets without rules are theft. Market without rules perpetuate racial discrimination. For too long the rules have been rigged against people who just want a level playing field.

Elizabeth Warren: (05:47)
2020 is our time to change who makes the rules. Now, it was never my plan to run for office of any kind.

Speaker 3: (06:06)
The president.

Elizabeth Warren: (06:06)
Well, good. But not my plan and I have been in this fight though, this fight for working families for decades. I fought credit card companies as they tried to trick and track consumers. I fought our own banking regulators to hold them accountable during the financial crash. I fought to build a new federal agency to protect consumers from predatory financial institutions.

Elizabeth Warren: (06:43)
I got in this fight, I ran for office because I saw that families were being squeezed harder than ever and too many politicians were not getting enough done. I’m here to get big things done. Because here’s the thing about politicians, whether they’re offering vague platitudes or powerful rhetoric, they will ultimately face the same test, actually getting anything done in a Washington that is badly broken.

Elizabeth Warren: (07:22)
Americans from all political backgrounds don’t need a bunch of flowery words to explain this. They know deep down in their bones exactly why government doesn’t work for them. It’s corruption and we need to call it out for what it is. The corruption that gives lobbyists a louder voice than voters. The corruption that lets big companies pay nothing in taxes while small businesses pay full freight. The corruption that ensures that nothing ever changes on done violence or climate policy or drug prices, even though nearly everyone in America wants change.

Elizabeth Warren: (08:10)
Let’s be specific here, on a day when career prosecutors showed more backbone than almost every Republican Senator standing up to this president. Americans of all political strikes are gravely concerned about the corruption of a Trump justice department that abandons the rule of law to give sweetheart deals to criminals who commit their crimes on behalf of Donald Trump. And yes, Roger Stone, I’m looking at you. Yes. [inaudible 00:09:01].

Elizabeth Warren: (09:02)
Tonight I have a message for our party and for this nation. Our best chance of beating Donald Trump is with a candidate who can do the work. And I mean the hard disciplined work. A candidate who can build a campaign to unite our party and a candidate who can build a movement that is ready to take on corruption and win.

Audience: (09:39)
Warren. Warren. Warren.

Elizabeth Warren: (09:39)
You guys so great. The only way we can take on corruption in Washington is if we’re not beholden to it. Let’s just check the facts. Amy and I are the only candidates in this race who are not either billionaires or supported by super packs. Unlike other candidates, I don’t fund my campaign by spending time behind closed doors, sucking up to wealthy donors.

Elizabeth Warren: (10:17)
Our movement is powered by you. It is powered by people. Over the past year I’ve had the chance to shake hands or hug way over a 100,000 people in more than 220 town halls in 29 States in Puerto Rico, and you know, there are a lot of differences among us. We come from different backgrounds, different religions, languages and experiences. We have different dreams and different aspirations. We feel the urgency of this moment in different ways, but with all of those glorious differences, for the most part, we want the same things.

Elizabeth Warren: (11:03)
We want an America where decisions in Washington aren’t bought and paid for by lobbyists and big donors. We want an America where every person has a voice in our democracy. We want an America where fossil fuel companies don’t have a vice grip on our planet. An America where we can breathe the air and drink the water. An America where every child can dream big and actually have a chance to make it. Because no matter the color of your skin, who you love, how you worship or what zip code you live in, you deserve America where you are safe and your opportunities are just as good as anyone else’s.

Elizabeth Warren: (12:00)
You are amazing. I can see that America, that America is within our reach, and if you can imagine that America, if you think it’s worth fighting for, then join us. Go to elizabethwarren.com right now, pitch in a few bucks. Sign up to volunteer, get involved with our campaign. This moment will not come our way again.

Speaker 3: (12:41)
We’re with you.

Elizabeth Warren: (12:46)
So tonight-

Audience: (12:46)
Warren. Warren. Warren.

Elizabeth Warren: (12:57)
Tonight, I’m here to say thank you. Thank you to every volunteer. Thank you to every organizer, to every door knocker to every forward and banker for every $5 donor. Thank you. Thank you for helping build a movement to take back our democracy and to rebuild it from the grassroots up. While I’m thanking everyone, I want to take just a moment… Where are you… to thank my sweetie Bruce. I also want to thank the good boy who posed for one selfie after another, our baby. The fight we’re in, the fight to save our democracy is an uphill battle, but our campaign is built for the long haul, and we are just getting started.

Elizabeth Warren: (14:14)
I am grateful down to my toes for what our campaign has been able to accomplish so far. My plans for this country have been influenced by letters pressed into my palms by little girls. My will to fight has been strengthened by the people who have whispered their dreams in my ears. My determination to lead a movement has been forged by the tens of thousands of people who have said they are ready to fight for an America they know we can be. Because if we have the hope that comes with dreaming big, if we have the courage to fight hard, we are going to win. Thank you.

Pete Buttigieg New Hampshire Rally Primary Speech Transcript

Pete Buttigieg: (00:00)
… the vote and move Americans toward a brighter future.

Audience: (00:03)
Get Trump out.

Pete Buttigieg: (00:05)
That too. Here in a state that goes by the motto, live free or die, you made up your own minds.

Pete Buttigieg: (00:22)
You asserted that famous independent streak. Thanks to you, a campaign that some said shouldn’t be here at all, has shown that we are here to stay.

Audience: (00:33)
President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete.

Pete Buttigieg: (00:57)
So many of you turned out. Die hard Democrats, independents unwilling to stay on the sidelines, and even some newly former Republicans ready to vote for something new. Ready to vote for a politics defined by how many we call in, instead of by who we push out.

Pete Buttigieg: (01:28)
So many of you chose to meet a new era of challenge with a new generation of leadership. So how many of you decided that a middle-class mayor and a veteran from the industrial Midwest was the right choice to take on this president. Not in spite of that experience, but because of it.

Pete Buttigieg: (02:03)
Now our campaign moves on to Nevada, to South Carolina, to communities across our country. We will welcome new allies to our movement at every step.

Pete Buttigieg: (02:24)
We will go forward, thanks to the work of our extraordinary team of staff and organizers and volunteers. I may be biased on this, but I’m also right. We have the finest team in politics today.

Audience: (02:36)
Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg.

Pete Buttigieg: (02:55)
I want you to know that you don’t just represent me well, you inspire me. I cannot say enough how thankful I am to our extraordinary team.

Audience: (03:14)
[inaudible 00:03:14] Pete. Yes. Vote Mayor Pete.

Pete Buttigieg: (03:18)
Thank you.

Audience: (03:19)
Mayor Pete.

Pete Buttigieg: (03:19)
Thank you.

Pete Buttigieg: (03:21)
We know that team stretches across the country. We go forward, fueled by hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters. From the woman in Minnesota who donated in honor of the wife she lost to lung cancer, to the veteran from Connecticut who sent $19.68 in honor of the year that he served in Vietnam. This campaign belongs to them.

Pete Buttigieg: (03:51)
If our campaign moves you, I hope you’ll go to peteforamerica.com and chip in whatever you can.

Pete Buttigieg: (04:06)
We go forward knowing that this is our chance, our only chance. Not just to end the era of Donald Trump, but to launch the era that we know must come next. The stakes could not be higher. We cannot afford to miss the mark or to miss this moment. We must get this right.

Pete Buttigieg: (04:31)
With Americans living under an unaccountable president who will cut taxes for corporations and then cut Medicare, Medicaid, and social security for the rest of us, we must get this right. When people of color fear for their own place in their own country, while infants are torn from their parents at the border, we must get this right. And when a commander-in-chief pardons war criminals and punishes war heroes while systematically demolishing the credibility of our country in the eyes of the world, we dare not risk four more years of this presidency. We must get this right.

Audience: (05:25)
President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete.

Pete Buttigieg: (05:44)
Now, we are clear-eyed about the challenge before us, and we must be equally clear about the choice at hand. My competitors and I share the same fundamental goals. Bringing balance to our economy, guaranteeing healthcare to every American, combating a climate crisis and a rising tide of gun violence. But we do differ in what we believe it will take to make that happen.

Pete Buttigieg: (06:10)
In this election season, we have been told by some that you must either be for a revolution or you are for the status quo. But where does that leave the rest of us? Most Americans don’t see where they fit in that polarized vision, and we can’t defeat the most divisive president in modern American history by tearing down anybody who doesn’t agree with us 100% of the time.

Audience: (06:32)
Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg.

Pete Buttigieg: (07:03)
Americans want the freedom to make choices for themselves on healthcare or on any other issue. Not to have Washington decide for them. A politics of my way or the highway is a road to reelecting Donald Trump. Vulnerable Americans do not have the luxury of pursuing ideological purity over an inclusive victory. We also-

Audience: (07:28)
That’s right. That’s right.

Pete Buttigieg: (07:30)
We know this. We also know better than to try to defeat such a disruptive president by relying on the same Washington framework and mindset. After all, if today’s Washington were serving America well, a guy like Donald Trump would never have come within cheating distance of the Oval Office in the first place.

Pete Buttigieg: (08:00)
So to win and to govern, we need to bring new voices to our capital. We need to get Washington starting to work more like our best run cities and towns, rather than the other way around.

Pete Buttigieg: (08:13)
I know that when you talk this way, you might get dismissed as a naive newcomer. But a fresh outlook is what makes new beginnings possible. It is how we build a new majority. And election after election has shown us that putting forward a new perspective is how Democrats win the White House, and we will win the White House.

Audience: (09:08)
President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete.

Pete Buttigieg: (09:11)
As we take this campaign to the rest of the country, let’s welcome that debate. Let’s have that debate. Let’s debate what the best way forward is. The best way to earn the White House and the best way to unify this country.

Pete Buttigieg: (09:26)
The answers, they lie in a vision that brings Americans together not only in the knowledge of what we must stand against, but in the confidence of knowing what we are for. This is the powerful majority we are gathering together. From Davenport to Dover, from Carson City to Columbia, it is a coalition of addition, not subtraction.

Pete Buttigieg: (09:59)
It is a movement reaching into church basements and barbershops, into universities and union halls, carrying the same values with us everywhere we go. We saw that coalition awakening. We saw it tonight in cities and suburbs from the seacoast to those industrial towns too often left behind.

Pete Buttigieg: (10:23)
Together we are building a future where there will be no such thing as an uninsured American or an unaffordable prescription. That’s what we can deliver with a plan most Americans can get behind. Medicare for all who want it, ensuring care for every American, but trusting you to choose whether you want it and when you want it.

Pete Buttigieg: (10:57)
Together we will stop enabling corporate greed and start raising wages. Empowering workers and making good on the idea that one job ought to be enough.

Audience: (11:07)
President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete.

Pete Buttigieg: (11:27)
Together we will stop sending our young people into the teeth of endless wars and start recruiting every American in the fight for our climate future.

Pete Buttigieg: (11:43)
Together we will mobilize the overwhelming majority of Americans demanding common sense action to protect our children and communities from gun violence.

Pete Buttigieg: (11:59)
Together we will ensure in our time that we deliver the day when your race has no bearing on your health or your wealth, your access to education, or your experience with law enforcement. We must deliver that day.

Pete Buttigieg: (12:24)
Together we will deliver a democracy worthy of the name. No more manipulated districts, no more dollars outvoting people. Whether it is the black vote in Georgia, the Native vote in North Dakota, or the student vote here in New Hampshire, no more voter suppression.

Pete Buttigieg: (12:55)
Together we can build that American experience defined by belonging. We can say to a young woman in a hijab enduring taunts because of her religion, to a young man feeling fear instead of safety when he spots the lights of a police vehicle, we can say, “You belong securely in the heart of the American project.”

Pete Buttigieg: (13:27)
We can show people of every religion and of no religion that this country belongs to you equally, and practice a politics that insists that God does not belong to a political party.

Pete Buttigieg: (13:49)
We can tell an autoworker, thrown around by tectonic shifts in our economy, that yes, our economic future has a place for you and we need you in it.

Pete Buttigieg: (14:03)
And we can say to a dreamer lying awake at night, questioning if this country is her own, [Spanish 00:14:11]. This country is your country too.

Audience: (14:19)
President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete.

Pete Buttigieg: (14:39)
That better future can be ours. That better future we are creating is not just a new chapter in American history, it is a new and better story in our everyday lives. That’s what’s at stake.

Pete Buttigieg: (14:52)
When you’ve held your father’s hand in a hospital room, grateful that thanks to something called Medicare, your family won’t lose its home even as it is losing one of its own, you know what is at stake. When you have written a letter and marked it just in case, and left it where your family can find it before you leave for a war zone on the orders of an American president, you understand what’s at stake. When the best part of your day is coming home to a loving spouse in a marriage that exists by the grace of a single vote on the US Supreme Court, you will never forget what is at stake.

Pete Buttigieg: (15:47)
This election isn’t just historic, it is personal. It is urgent. We know why we’re here. We are here because the purpose of the presidency is not the glorification of the president, it is the empowerment and the unification of the American people.

Audience: (16:03)
President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete. President Pete.

Pete Buttigieg: (16:27)
So as we prepare to go west for the first in the west contest in Nevada, as we head to a state that looks like the future, I ask you to join us in taking a stand for a better tomorrow. Join us as we turn the page to a new chapter in America’s story and a better day for each of us.

Pete Buttigieg: (16:56)
When we do, one day, books will tell not just of one election, but of the era that began with you here in New Hampshire. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for your support. Let’s go out and win this thing. Thank you. Thank you.

Audience: (17:14)

Pete Buttigieg: (17:14)
Thank you.

Audience: (17:14)
Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg. Buttigieg.

Amy Klobuchar New Hampshire Primary Speech Transcript

Amy Klobuchar: (00:00)
Wow. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Audience: (00:21)
Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy.

Amy Klobuchar: (00:21)
Thank you.

Audience: (00:21)
Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy.

Amy Klobuchar: (00:21)
Thank you.

Audience: (00:21)

Amy Klobuchar: (00:29)
Thank you, New Hampshire.

Audience: (00:30)
We love you.

Amy Klobuchar: (00:34)
Thank you, New Hampshire. We love you, New Hampshire.

Amy Klobuchar: (00:42)
Hello, America. I’m Amy Klobuchar and I will beat Donald Trump.

Audience: (00:58)
Beat Trump. Beat Trump.

Amy Klobuchar: (00:59)
My heart is full tonight. My heart is full tonight. Well, there are still ballots left to count. We have beaten the odds every step of the way. We have done it on the merits, we have done it with ideas, and we have done it with hard work, because we are resilient and strong as the people of this great nation.

Amy Klobuchar: (01:35)
Thank you to our incredible staff and our unstoppable volunteers. My wonderful husband, John. Our daughter, Abigail. And the people of New Hampshire. Because of you, we are taking this campaign to Nevada. We are going to South Carolina. We are taking this message of unity to the country, because we know in our hearts that in a democracy, it is not about the loudest voice or the biggest bank account. It is about the best idea and about the person who can turn those ideas into action.

Amy Klobuchar: (02:35)
We know that we cannot win big by trying to out-divide the divider in chief. We know that we win by bringing people with us instead of shutting them out.

Amy Klobuchar: (02:48)
Donald Trump’s worst nightmare is that the people in the middle, the people who have had enough of the name calling and the mudslinging have someone to vote for in November. I-

Audience: (03:18)
Vote Amy, beat Trump. Vote Amy, beat Trump. Vote Amy, beat Trump. Vote Amy, beat Trump. Vote Amy, beat Trump. Vote Amy, beat Trump. Vote Amy, beat Trump. Vote Amy, beat Trump.

Amy Klobuchar: (03:18)
I cannot wait to bring our green bus around the country. I cannot wait to win the nomination. I cannot wait to build a movement, and win with a movement of fired up Democrats, of independents, and moderate Republicans that see this election as we do.

Amy Klobuchar: (03:51)
We see it as an economic check on this president. We see it as a patriotism check. We see it as a decency check. Because in the end, we know that what unites us is so much bigger than what divides us. We know that we believe, so many of us believe that the heart of America is bigger than the heart of this guy in the White House.

Amy Klobuchar: (04:25)
Tonight is about grit. My story, like so many of yours, is one of resilience. I announced my candidacy in the middle of a Minnesota blizzard. There were a lot of people that predicted I wouldn’t even get through that speech, but not the people of my state and not the people of New Hampshire. Except then they predicted that we wouldn’t make it through the summer. We did. Then they predicted we wouldn’t make it to the debates. Man, were we at the debate in New Hampshire.

Amy Klobuchar: (05:06)
What we’ve been is steady, we’ve been strong, and we’ve never quit. I think that sounds pretty good for a president.

Amy Klobuchar: (05:16)
But across the months and months and miles of this race, we redefined the word grit. You see it with our happy, scrappy campaign. You saw it in our 10 county, 30 hour tour in the middle of a nor’easter. Let’s not forget that. You saw it in our early morning diner stops on our late night rallies. And yes, you saw it on that debate stage.

Amy Klobuchar: (05:46)
Just like so many of you out there, I know a little bit about resilience. My grandpa worked 1,500 feet underground in the mines in Northern Minnesota. He never graduated from high school because his parents were sick, he had nine brothers and sisters, and he had to help raise them. Every day he would go down in that cage in that mine, carrying a lunch bucket that my grandma would pack. His youngest sister, Hannah, was only eight years old when they put her in an orphanage. He vowed after his parents died that he would go and get her. Two years later, he borrowed a car, he went to Duluth, and he brought her home.

Amy Klobuchar: (06:28)
He and my grandma saved money in a coffee can in their basement to send my dad to a two-year community college. My dad then became a newspaper man.

Amy Klobuchar: (06:41)
My mom, she was born in Milwaukee, the site of our next convention. She came to Minnesota and taught second grade until she was 70 years old. I still meet people that say she was their favorite teacher.

Amy Klobuchar: (07:02)
So I stand before you today as a granddaughter of an iron ore miner, as a daughter of a teacher and a newspaper man, as the first woman elected to the US Senate from the state of Minnesota, and a candidate for president of the United States.

Audience: (07:19)
Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy.

Amy Klobuchar: (07:32)
That, my friends, that is because we live in a country of shared dreams. That no matter where you come from, no matter who you know, no matter the color of your skin, no matter where you worship, no matter who you love, that you can make it in the United States of America.

Amy Klobuchar: (07:51)
I didn’t have a perfect life. My dad struggled with alcoholism his whole life. By the time John and I got married, he got his third DWI. Then the judge said to him, “You’ve got to decide, jail or treatment,” and he chose treatment. In his words, he was pursued by grace. I believe that everyone in this country should have that opportunity to be pursued by grace.

Amy Klobuchar: (08:21)
When Abigail was born, we thought it was going to be this perfect thing, but she was really sick and she couldn’t swallow and she was in intensive care. Back then, the insurance companies had a rule and they kicked me out of the hospital even though she was in intensive care in 24 hours. A few months later, I went to the legislature, worked with a number of legislators, and we passed one of the first laws in the country guaranteeing new moms and their babies a 48 hour hospital stay.

Amy Klobuchar: (08:56)
That’s how I do my work. As my friend, Elizabeth, noted earlier tonight, people told me, just like they told her, that they didn’t think a woman could be elected. In my case, it was elected to the US Senate. No woman had ever done it before. But I came back, I defied expectations, and I won. I have done it over and over again in the reddest of red districts and the bluest of blue districts.

Amy Klobuchar: (09:33)
When I got to the US Senate, people told me, “It’s so hard to get things done.” Well, in that gridlock of Washington, DC, I have passed over 100 bills as a lead Democrat, because I did not give up.

Amy Klobuchar: (09:48)
And tonight in New Hampshire, as everyone had counted us out even a week ago, thank you, pundits, I came back and we delivered.

Amy Klobuchar: (10:08)
We have been on quite a journey together, and you’ve learned this about me, I never give up. But my story is nothing compared to the resilience that I’ve seen all over this country. The mom in California, who lost her child to gun violence. And even through her grief and heartbreak, she has joined the fight to keep our children safe. The immigrant who works two jobs and still struggles to put food on the table, but is determined to raise her kids in America so that they have a better future. The farmer who’s facing bankruptcy because of bad Trump policies, but persists in working the land just like his parents and his grandparents before him.

Amy Klobuchar: (10:59)
America deserves a president who doesn’t give up or give in, just because a decision is hard. America deserves a president who is as resilient as her people.

Amy Klobuchar: (11:18)
America deserves a president who’s going to take on the challenges of our time, climate change, and affordable education, and college, immigration reform, justice, and democracy, and yes, bringing down the cost of healthcare. Our country cannot take another four years of Donald Trump.

Audience: (11:41)

Amy Klobuchar: (11:43)
The rule of law can’t withstand another four years of a president who thinks that he is above it. Our collective sense of decency can’t handle another four years of a president who doesn’t care about it. Our democracy can’t tolerate another four years of a president who wants to bulldoze right through it. And our American dream cannot tolerate a president that thinks he can choose who lives it.

Amy Klobuchar: (12:18)
The president might as well have a sign on his desk that says, “The buck stops anywhere but here.” He literally, he blames everyone. He blames… Think about this. For anything that goes wrong, he blames Barack Obama. He blames the city of Baltimore. He blames the head of the Federal Reserve that he appointed. He blames the energy secretary that he nominated. He blames the city of Baltimore. He blames the entire kingdom of Denmark. Who does that?

Audience: (12:56)
No one.

Amy Klobuchar: (12:57)
My favorite recent one, he blames the prime minister of Canada for cutting him out of the Canadian version of Home Alone 2. That’s what this guy does. That is Donald Trump. I think we can do better. Because for the people of this country, when things go wrong, they don’t have anyone to blame. They just have to pick themselves up.

Amy Klobuchar: (13:22)
I can promise you this. When I am behind that desk, I will take responsibility instead of passing it on. I will reach across the aisle and work with Americans in good faith, instead of picking fights. I will bring this country together instead of tearing it apart.

Amy Klobuchar: (13:48)
Some of you have heard the story about Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was beloved. When he died, they put his body in a train and it went through the countryside to Washington, DC. People would spontaneously stand next to those rail tracks to show their respect. The story goes that one guy was standing there sobbing. Regular guy. Had his hat across his chest. This reporter says to him, “Sir, did you know President Roosevelt? Do you mind me asking, did you know him?” And the guy says, “No, I didn’t know President Roosevelt, but he knew me. He knew me.” That is what’s lacking right now in the White House. That empathy, that ability of a president to put himself or herself in the shoes of the people of this country.

Amy Klobuchar: (14:48)
What is lacking is that sacred trust between the people of this nation and the president of the United States. My friends, I will restore that trust.

Amy Klobuchar: (15:04)
If you are having trouble deciding between filling a prescription or filling your refrigerator with food, I know you and I will fight for you. If you cannot decide how you’re going to stretch that paycheck to pay for your rent or pay your mortgage, I know you and I will fight for you. If you are having trouble deciding how are you going to pay for the childcare for your kids and the long-term care for your parents, I know you and I will fight for you.

Amy Klobuchar: (15:42)
If you want a democratic nominee who can make our tent bigger, who can make our coalition wider, and our coattails longer, I know you and I will fight for you. If you feel stuck in the extremes of our politics and you are tired of the noise and the nonsense, you have a home with me.

Amy Klobuchar: (16:11)
If you want a nominee who can stand up to Donald Trump on that debate stage, which you well know I can do, I need your votes, yes. And I’m going to need those votes of the people in Nevada, yes. And I’m going to need the votes in South Carolina and beyond. But most of all, I need your hearts. I don’t have that big bank account. I don’t have that big name as some of the other people that are in this race. And I am not a newcomer with no political record. But what I do is get things done. What I have is your back. So I ask you to join us at AmyKlobuchar.com. Join our campaign. Join our campaign.

Audience: (16:56)
Amy. Amy.

Amy Klobuchar: (16:56)
Thank you.

Audience: (16:56)
Amy. Amy.

Amy Klobuchar: (16:56)
Thank you.

Audience: (16:56)
Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy.

Amy Klobuchar: (17:05)
Thank you. Thank you, New Hampshire. We are on to Nevada because the best is yet to come.

Amy Klobuchar: (17:12)
Now, I want to thank a few people before we start the music and everything, who have been here with me in New Hampshire from the very beginning. I am so proud to have their help and support. It has meant the world.

Amy Klobuchar: (17:40)
First of all, my great state director, Scott Merrick. Right over here. And my campaign manager and our team, Justin Buoen. And our team up here and all the incredible staff in New Hampshire that beat the odds when everyone counted us out, you never did.

Amy Klobuchar: (18:06)
And then I want to thank the incredible group of endorsers. So many legislators and former legislators and mayors and local officials that I can’t name all of them, but I will name a few. Councilor Debora Pignatelli. Thank you, Debora. Debora Pignatelli who is so well-respected, introduced me up here today. Thank you. Joe Foster, the former attorney general of New Hampshire, right over there. State senators Jay Kahn and Jeanne Diestch. Thank you to both of you.

Amy Klobuchar: (18:46)
Former brigadier general, Kevin Ryan, as well as Ambassador Jim Smith, who barnstormed the state for us. The amazing state House leaders, Karen Ebel. Thank you, Karen, wherever you are. Lucy Weber and Doug Ley. And two special mayors I wanted to mention because I saw them the last few days. Caroline McCarley of Rochester, and Andrew… Where are you, Andrew of Laconia? Right over there. There you are. Thank you.

Amy Klobuchar: (19:21)
Also, people who have been there and given me so much guidance and advice, Rich Siegel. Thank you so much. Ricia McMahon, thank you. Michael Atkins, Jim Callahan, Tom Silvia, and Karen Cornelius.

Amy Klobuchar: (19:46)
I want to thank all of you. We are so excited. We’re going to take this show on the road with all of this great New Hampshire goodwill. The best is yet to come. Let’s get to work, everyone. Thank you.

Audience: (20:12)
Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy. Amy.

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