Dec 12, 2022

Sinema Announces She is Leaving Democratic Party Transcript

Sinema announces she is leaving Democratic Party Transcript
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Arizona Sen. Krysten Sinema announced Friday she is leaving the Democratic Party to become an Independent, sending shockwaves through Washington. Read the transcript here.

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David (00:00):

Capitol Hill in the political bombshell today from Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema leaving the Democratic Party, registering as an Independent, citing what she calls, “the broken partisan system in Washington.” It comes just two days after majority leader Chuck Schumer and the Democrats celebrated their 51 seat majority. So the bottom line tonight, will Senator Sinema still vote for President Biden’s agenda as she has done more than 90% of the time and on his judicial nominees? Rachel Scott on the Hill again tonight.

Rachel Scott (00:27):

Tonight, the surprise announcement sending shock waves through Washington. Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema leaving the Democratic Party to become an Independent.

Kyrsten Sinema (00:36):

Registering is an Independent and showing up to work with the title of Independent is a reflection of who I’ve always been.

Rachel Scott (00:43):

Sinema citing what she calls, “the broken Partisan system in Washington.”

Kyrsten Sinema (00:47):

My stand today is about joining the many Americans and lots of Arizonans, in fact, the majority of registered voters, who don’t believe that any political party fits them perfectly.

Rachel Scott (00:58):

Her announcement comes at an awkward time for Democrats. Just days ago, they were celebrating Senator Raphael Warnock’s victory in Georgia, securing the party 51 seats in the Senate. The question now, can Democrats count on Sinema to keep their one vote majority? The first term Senator is already known for keeping Washington guessing.

Speaker 4 (01:17):

Hi Senator Sinema. Thank you. Do you back this deal? Sinema you said you were making progress. Do you support the framework?

Speaker 5 (01:22):

Can you comment on your stance on anything, Senator?

Rachel Scott (01:24):

But she’s proven instrumental on several bipartisan pushes, infrastructure, prescription drugs, and gun reform, all key parts of President Biden’s agenda. Tellingly, Sinema says she asked Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to keep her committee assignments, and Schumer agreed, calling her a “good and effective senator.” That move will allow Democrats to keep the majority on committees, exercise subpoena power, and push through President Biden’s judicial nominees. Today the White House insisting that not much has changed.

Karine Jean-Pierre (01:52):

She has voted with the president 93% of the time because she has worked with us on key priorities of this administration. We think that partnership will continue. We do not see a change in our democratic majority as it relates to the Senate.

David (02:07):

Really fascinated to watch all day long Rachel Scott with us live tonight up from the Hill, and Rachel the White House, obviously trying to make the case here tonight that not much changes here. They expect to continue working with Senator Sinema as they have on infrastructure, gun reform and prescription drugs, as you reported there.

Rachel Scott (02:22):

Yes, David, and Senator Sinema says herself that nothing will change when it comes to her values or her behavior. We know that confirming the President’s judicial nominees is a big priority for this administration, and Sinema made a point of saying that she has supported the president’s nominees in more cases than not. David.

David (02:38):

Rachel Scott tonight. Rachel, thank you.

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