Mar 28, 2022

Sian Heder Oscars Acceptance Speech for Best Adapted Screenplay

CODA Accepts the Oscar for Adapted Screenplay
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Tracee Ellis-Ross: (00:00)
All right. And the Oscar goes to Sian Heder.

Speaker 2: (00:10)
This is the first Oscar and nomination for Sian Heder.

Sian Heder: (00:36)
Oh, my God. I’m so glad I dressed as a disco ball. Oh, my God. This was an independent film, and it was incredibly hard to get made. So I want to thank my team, Doug. I want to thank my producers, all of you, for believing in me and how I wanted to make this movie. I want to thank Sundance for starting this journey. I want to thank Apple for being amazing partners on this ride.

Sian Heder: (01:10)
Writing and making this movie was truly life changing as an artist and as a human being. I want to thank all of my collaborators in the deaf community and the CODA community for being my teachers, [Ann 00:01:23] and Alexandria for bringing my words to life in this beautiful cinematic language. I want to thank my entire crew. I want to name you all. [Paolo 00:01:32], Geraud, Marius, Nick, Dave, Joe. Oh, my God. Diane. All of you. My incredible cast, Emilia, Marlee, Troy, Daniel, [Ohania 00:01:46], Ferdia, Amy. You guys are incredible, you’re my family.

Sian Heder: (01:49)
And I want to thank my real life family. My mom and dad are here somewhere up there. My sister, Tara. You guys are artists. You made me an artist. You made me make things. My husband, David, I couldn’t do this without you. It’s so hard to be a director and a mom, and you make it possible. And my kids, Nico and Milo, I love you guys so much. I love you forever.

Sian Heder: (02:16)
And Heather. And Heather.

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