Jul 24, 2022

Mike Pence’s Full Speech for Karrin Taylor Robson at TYR Tactical in Peoria, Arizona Transcript

Mike Pence's Full Speech for Karrin Taylor Robson at TYR Tactical in Peoria, Arizona Transcript
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Mike Pence has thrown his support behind Karrin Taylor Robson in Peoria, Arizona. Read the transcript here.

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Mike Pence: (00:02)
Well, hello, Arizona. Wow, what a great day. It’s great to be here with all of you, with so many great friends, just 108 days away from a great Republican victory, when we will win back the House, win back the Senate and send Karrin Taylor Robson to the State House. I appreciate the kind words that my friends expressed, and I appreciate that introduction from Karrin, but I must tell you that the introduction I prefer is a little bit shorter.

Mike Pence: (00:45)
I’m a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order, and I’m here because Arizona and America need Karrin Taylor Robson as the next Governor of Arizona. I want to thank Jason Beck and the whole team here for this warm welcome. It is good to be back at this great and growing Arizona company. And I also have the special joy, as you could see when we arrived, of traveling today with my favorite person. She’s a Marine Corps mom, she’s a former Christian school teacher, and quite frankly, she was the best Second Lady The United States of America has ever had. Would you welcome my wife, Karen Pence, back to Arizona. Our lives have changed a little bit since the last time we were together. We moved back to Indiana. I bought five acres and a pond. Got a John Deere lawnmower, 54 inch deck, zero turn radius, 25 horsepower. I became a grandfather for the very first time. And that baby was born right here in Arizona. So, thank you for that.

Mike Pence: (02:11)
The good thing about no longer being Vice President is you get to drive your own car. The bad part is you get to pay for your own gas. But Karen and I learned a very sublime truth, this is really true, Doug, after leaving office. And that is that you can be the Congressman from your home state for 12 years. You can be the Governor of the state that you love for four. You can even be Vice President of the United States of America, but when it’s all over, you’re still going to wait 25 minutes for a table at Olive Garden on Saturday night at 7:00 o’clock. It happened.

Mike Pence: (02:51)
I sent a text to my daughter when it happened. True. I said, “We just waited outside on the sidewalk.” And she just said to me, “That’s America, dad.” And you know what, she’s right. But it’s great to be with all of you, but especially great to be here with, frankly, one of the best and most accomplished conservative governors in the United States of America, Governor Doug Ducey. Thank you for eight years of leadership.

Mike Pence: (03:27)
I love to say it, I was for Doug Ducey before it was cool. I met him back when he was selling ice cream. And, boy, I knew he would be a Governor of great consequence. And you think about this record. Arizona is booming. This economy is unstoppable, 400,000 new jobs since 2015, and it didn’t just happen. Governor Ducey, with your support, cut taxes, rolled back regulation, cracked down on crime at the border, he promoted civics education, supported our veterans, strengthened election integrity, and created the first universal educational choice program in the history of the United States. Would you join me in thanking Governor Doug Ducey for eight years that have changed Arizona for the better?

Mike Pence: (04:30)
And after eight years at the helm, there’s no doubt the next Governor of Arizona’s got big shoes to fill, but your Governor knows what I know, and what I can tell all of you know. There is only one candidate in this race who will be ready on day one to lead Arizona, even to greater heights, and that’s Karrin Taylor Robson.

Mike Pence: (05:11)
Karrin Taylor Robson, as you all know with that enthusiastic welcome, she’s going to keep Arizona growing, she’s going to secure the border, she’s going to empower parents to create even better schools all across this state, and she’s going to defend all the God-given liberties enshrined in the Constitution of the United States and of the great State of Arizona. She’s going to do all the things and apply the principles your Governor has done, and she’s going to do just like we did with Arizona’s support for all four years of the Trump Pence administration.

Mike Pence: (05:49)
And I want to thank you. I want to thank Arizona for your support over those four years and for your prayers. Think about all that we accomplished together. We achieved the lowest unemployment, the highest household income, the most energy production, the most pro America trade deals, the most secure border and the strongest military the world has ever known. And Karrin Taylor Robson was there every step of the way. Just like you’ve seen in Arizona in the last eight years, we revived the American economy by cutting taxes, rolling back regulation, created 7,000,000 good paying jobs. We became a net exporter of energy for the first time in 70 years, we held China accountable for years of trade abuses, we reduced illegal immigration by 90%, we confirmed more than 300 conservative judges, including Justice Neil Gorsuch, Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and Indiana’s Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Mike Pence: (07:00)
And every single day, we stood for the sanctity of life, for religious liberty, and for all the values that have made this country great. But how times have changed. In one year of the Biden Harris administration we’ve seen the radical left in the saddle in Washington DC. They’ve unleashed a tidal wave of left wing policies that have weakened America at home and abroad, and created great hardship for American families. Frankly, the Democrats have moved so fast, sometimes I feel like the left hand doesn’t know what the far left hand is doing.

Mike Pence: (07:39)
Think about it though. I don’t have to tell Arizona, right now we have the worst border crisis in the history of this country. Inflation’s at a 40 year high. Gasoline prices are up 75%. New mothers are still struggling to get formula for their babies. Crime is skyrocketing in many of our cities. Our foreign adversaries like Russia and China have been emboldened by the weak and feckless policies of this administration abroad. Massive tax increases are on the horizon and our children and our grandchildren are facing a mountain range of debt.

Mike Pence: (08:18)
Now more than ever, Arizona and America needs strong, proven, conservative leaders to fight back against the Biden Harris administration. Arizona needs Karrin Taylor Robson in the State House for such a time as this. You’ve heard it already, I expect it’s why you’re here, but you’ve got to say it again for anybody listening. Karrin’s been a champion of the conservative movement her entire life. She served in the Reagan administration. She’s helped elect dozens of conservative candidates all across Arizona and around the nation. And I can tell you firsthand, no one worked harder for the Trump Pence ticket in 2016 or in 2020 than Karrin Taylor Robson. She volunteered. She helped raise millions of dollars for our campaign. When we needed Karrin, Karrin was always there

Mike Pence: (09:24)
And Karrin knows what Arizona needs in the days ahead. She knows there’s no greater threat to Arizona and to this country than the crisis on our Southern border. After inheriting the most secure border in history, Joe Biden and the Democrats have unleashed the worst border crisis this state and this nation has ever seen. Karrin knows what it takes to secure our border once and for all. She’ll deploy the national guard. She’ll work with other border states to share manpower and resources. And she’s going to do what Joe Biden refuses to do. Karrin Taylor Robson will finish the wall on the Southern border of Arizona. That’s probably why she’s been endorsed by the Arizona Police Association, the Arizona State Troopers Association and the heroes of the National Border Patrol.

Mike Pence: (10:23)
And with our economy struggling, Karrin Taylor Robson has the right prescription. Inflation at a 40 year high. Karrin’s going to return a portion of that state budget surplus to the hardworking people of this state through even more tax relief, and she’s going to follow the formula that we did, not just cutting taxes, but rolling back regulation. And Karrin Taylor Robson’s going to keep Arizona booming.

Mike Pence: (10:49)
And she’ll also build off the incredible progress, the groundbreaking progress, in education made by Governor Ducey and his administration. She’s going to protect universal school choice. You just heard her say the teachers’ unions are already spoiling for a fight. I guarantee yo, Karrin Taylor Robson’s going to defend the right of every parent to choose where their children go to school, regardless of their income or area code. She’s going to push back, keep critical race theory out of our schools. And she’s going to make sure our kids in school are taught to love their country and learn the great history and traditions of America.

Mike Pence: (11:40)
It would be enough just who she is for her to have your support in the upcoming primary and in this election. And her years in the conservative movement, her character, her proven leadership would be enough to vote for Karrin Taylor Robson in Arizona’s August 2nd Republican primary. But elections are about choices. And Karrin Taylor Robson is the clear conservative choice for Republicans in Arizona. When Karrin Taylor Robson, Doug Ducey and I were battling against the Obama Biden administration, Karrin’s opponent was supporting Barack Obama. When I joined the ticket in 2016 to help Donald Trump win back America, Karrin’s opponent was supporting Hillary Clinton.

Mike Pence: (12:36)
And as we all learned just this week, when Donald Trump and I were preparing for our inauguration in January of 2017, Karrin’s opponent put on our Facebook page that our inauguration day would be a, quote, “National day of morning and protest.” She actually encouraged people to not only join local protests, but boycott TV coverage, and use the hashtag, #NotMyPresident. Really, Carrie? Look, I’m always happy to welcome converts to the Republican cause, but Arizona and Republicans don’t need a Governor that supported Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. You need a Governor that supported every conservative cause from Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump. You need Karrin Taylor Robson in the state house.

Mike Pence: (13:49)
These are very challenging times in the life of our nation, but everywhere I go, I’m more encouraged every day that help is on the way. The American people want change, we want our lives back, we want our prosperity back. We want our freedom back. They want their country back. And the good news is it’s already happening. In the last election, we gained 15 seats in the Congress. We added 10 million more votes than we had gotten four years earlier. The highest vote total of any Republican ticket in history and the highest proportion of African Americans and Hispanic voters in more than 60 years.

Mike Pence: (14:40)
But since 2020, in the past year, over a million voters nationwide have switched their voter registration to Republican. In case you haven’t noticed, in just the last few months we elected a Republican Governor in the blue State of Virginia. Three woke school board members were pushed out of office in San Francisco. And my personal favorite, a truck driver who ran against the Senate majority leader in New Jersey and only raised $150 for his campaign, half of which he spent at Dunkin’ Donuts, defeated the leading Democrat in the State House in New Jersey. The comeback has started, Arizona. Now it’s your turn.

Mike Pence: (15:36)
I’m more convinced than ever, seeing all your bright shining faces. If all of us do all that we need to do in every day, between now and election day, if Republicans will nominate Karrin Taylor Robson to be our standard bearer in this election, I truly do believe that history awaits. I think this year could be bigger than 2010, the last time we retired Nancy Pelosi, and I’ll tell you what, we’re going to end Nancy Pelosi’s speakership in 2022 once and for all. You think about 2010, we got 63 seats in the House and put Nancy Pelosi’s majority out to pasture. Two years later, we won the Senate. Couple years after that we won the White House, and we’re going to do it all again, starting in 2022, and Arizona’s going to lead the way.

Mike Pence: (16:37)
So, be encouraged. Leave here today, I want to challenge you to take the opportunity to remind all your neighbors and friends that even in these challenging times, we don’t have to accept a future of economic decline and moral decay. We don’t have to exchange the American dream for a socialist nightmare. We don’t have to relegate our children to a future of cynicism, bitterness, and division. With the right leadership in the State House, and with renewed Republican majorities in Washington DC, we can begin to lead this country back to everything that’s always made it strong and great and good. And I know we will.

Mike Pence: (17:30)
Arizona has been blessed with strong conservative leadership that reflects that rugged individualism for which you are all known around the country and around the world. And you have a chance to renew it again. And the Grand Canyon State can continue to be a bastion of liberty, where people have the freedom to live, to work, to worship, in the warm sunshine of Arizona. And truthfully, it really is about freedom. That’s what Karrin Taylor Robson is fighting for. Now it’s our turn to fight for her.

Mike Pence: (18:20)
Now, there are those who want to make this election about the past. Democrats in this state want Arizona to embrace the failed socialist policies advanced by the Biden Harris administration. Arizonans know that the future belongs to freedom. So, let me say, when you get out and vote for Karrin Taylor Robson and this Republican team, you can say yes to a future of freedom for Arizona. You can say yes to our most cherished values of life and liberty. You can say yes to strong borders, safe streets, and great schools, and growing economy. And Arizona, make no mistake about it, when you get out and vote for Karrin Taylor Robson, you can send a deafening message that will be heard all across America, that the Republican Party is the party of the future.

Mike Pence: (19:23)
So, buckle up, get ready, time’s a-wasting. Just a few short days left between now and primary election day. And then the real fight begins. And I just encourage you all to continue to fight the good fight. Let’s finish strong. And above all, keep the faith. Let’s keep faith with the ideals of our founders, enshrined in the Declaration and the Constitution. Keep faith with the generations of courageous Arizonans that built this state into an economic powerhouse and a bastion for liberty. And most of all, let’s keep faith with every one of our countrymen who know in their heart that the sun is not setting on the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Mike Pence: (20:20)
And finally, let’s keep faith with him who has ever guided this extraordinary experiment in freedom. And he guides us still today. Above the mantle of our home, for more than 20 years, has been a frame parchment that traveled to the Governor’s residence in Indianapolis, it traveled to the Vice President’s residence in Washington, and it’s back in Indiana. It simply reads ancient words from the prophet, Jeremiah, that I think are words that every American of faith should cling to today.

Mike Pence: (21:06)
Before I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future, with faith in him and faith in freedom loving Americans all across Arizona. I know that the best is yet to come for Arizona and America, so help us God. Thank you very much. God bless you. Now, let’s get out and nominate Karrin Taylor Robson as the next Governor of the State of Arizona.

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