Oct 19, 2021

Joe Manchin Reconciliation Bill Updates Press Remarks Transcript

Joe Manchin Reconciliation Bill Updates Press Remarks Transcript
RevBlogTranscriptsJoe Manchin Reconciliation Bill Updates Press Remarks Transcript

Senator Joe Manchin spoke to the press about negotiations on the reconciliation bill on October 19, 2021. Read the transcript of his remarks here:

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Speaker 1: (00:01)
Senator. Senator Manchin. Senator Manchin. Senator Manchin. Senator, you met with Jayapal, you met also with Biden and Sanders. Are you getting any closer to getting [crosstalk 00:00:11].

Sen. Joe Manchin: (00:11)
We’re negotiating. We’re communicating.

Speaker 1: (00:12)
Could you stop for one second? We don’t want to chase you.

Sen. Joe Manchin: (00:14)
We’re communicating and negotiating. Okay? That’s what it’s all about. That’s what the process is about. We’re having good conversations. We’re talking and everybody and all the players and everybody to understand each other’s position. The talks are very, very good. That’s all I can tell you.

Speaker 1: (00:29)
Are you getting-

Speaker 3: (00:30)
Sir, at what point does talking actually amount to action?

Sen. Joe Manchin: (00:32)
We’ve got a lot of action going on.

Speaker 4: (00:33)
Can I ask you about voting rights? Voting rights?

Speaker 1: (00:36)
Are you okay with the carbon tax?

Sen. Joe Manchin: (00:38)
No, no. We haven’t talked about that.

Speaker 5: (00:42)
[crosstalk 00:00:42] get done by the end of the month? By the 31st?

Sen. Joe Manchin: (00:46)
I’ll say this to all of you, I truly believe that if we work in good faith and we understand where we are today and where our country is and the needs we really have, and then the aspirations that we have further down the road, let’s do what we can do together. Let’s get that piece of legislation agreed upon that we can start working the framework of that and putting it together. That’s going to take a little while.

Sen. Joe Manchin: (01:05)
But with that being said, and we have the trust of each other, then we should be able to vote immediately on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which is a tremendous piece of legislation for the president to take with him to Glasgow, and also knowing in good faith that we have an outline of how we’re going to, working out the details with all the fine print. That’s where I would like to hope to be. We’ll have to see if we can get there.

Speaker 6: (01:25)
By the end of the month? [crosstalk 00:01:25].

Speaker 1: (01:25)
Can it be done by October 31st?

Speaker 7: (01:26)
On voting rights, do you think you-

Sen. Joe Manchin: (01:26)
No, that’s a committee. That’s [inaudible 00:01:28].

Speaker 7: (01:27)
The vote’s coming tomorrow.

Sen. Joe Manchin: (01:28)
Yeah, but this is the most important. Okay.

Speaker 8: (01:31)
Are you saying you oppose a climate tax or that you just aren’t talking about it right now?

Speaker 9: (01:36)
The carbon tax.

Speaker 8: (01:36)
Carbon tax.

Sen. Joe Manchin: (01:37)
Yeah. No, we’re not. We’re we’re not. The carbon tax is not on the board at all right now. Okay?

Speaker 10: (01:41)
Could you ever get the behind one?

Sen. Joe Manchin: (01:42)
We’re not on the board. Okay? Let’s just make it very-

Speaker 1: (01:44)
What about expanding Medicare? Expanding Medicare, are you okay with that idea?

Speaker 11: (01:49)
On the child tax credit, is 60,000 the right cap.

Sen. Joe Manchin: (01:49)
Yes, those are things we’re talking. We’re negotiating it and talking about everything. Let’s do what we can agree on now.

Speaker 11: (01:56)
Sir, I just want to make sure that we’re right on 60. Is 60,000 the cap for you on child tax credit?

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