Jul 13, 2022

Hallway footage in Uvalde school shooting leaked 7/12/22 Transcript

Hallway footage in Uvalde school shooting leaked 7/12/22 Transcript
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New, disturbing video is showing how police responded to the mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. Read the transcript here. 

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Speaker 1: (00:00)
New details this morning from Uvalde, Texas. A chilling look inside the elementary school, showing exactly what police did and did not do as a gunman killed 19 children and two adults. It is new video and it is so disturbing. It’ll make you mad to watch it. It’s why we’re only going to show you parts of it.

Speaker 2: (00:17)
And we believe it is so important to show this to you because of all those reports of the officers waiting before engaging with the shooter. John Sherrick walks us through the 45 minutes before officers entered the classroom.

Speaker 3: (00:30)
The video begins as the gunman drives up and runs his pickup into a ditch in front of the school. Then as two people rush to help, he shoots at them. Other cameras show the gunman approaching the school. He sprays gunfire outside. Police start receiving frantic 911 calls. The gunman walks down the hallway. He brushes his hair back, then walks to the two classrooms. A boy leaving the restroom stops when he sees the man down the hall. Then at 11:33, the first barrage of gunfire. The child runs back to hide. Three minutes later, the first officers arrive. Two of them approach the classrooms, but they do not open up the doors. No one goes in. Others stay back. One pulls out his phone, checks it, suddenly more gunfire from inside the classrooms. The officers retreat. One of them is sprinting away. There is more gunfire. No one goes in.

Speaker 3: (01:23)
Over the next 45 minutes, reinforcements arrive in full body armor, combat gear. Someone places a shield in front of one officer. Guns drawn as if ready for the gunman to come out. Officers texting, chatting, waiting. Then at 12:21,-

Speaker 4: (01:42)
We’re going in.

Speaker 3: (01:42)
… four more shots. It looks like they’re going in, but they don’t go in. 30 minutes later, Border Patrol agents rush the classrooms. You hear gunfire. They kill the gunman.

Speaker 3: (01:50)
A deputy on the lower right of the screen has to be restrained. He would soon find out his 10-year-old daughter was among those killed. Investigators are working on obtaining medical evidence to find out how many people were killed before the first law enforcement officers arrived, how many were killed as police waited in the hallway, and how many might have been saved if they could have received immediate medical attention.

Speaker 2: (02:14)
Can’t help but to have a lot of feelings after watching that story. And there are some mixed reactions this morning from the victim’s families about that video coming out. For some of them, they say it was necessary to see the officers’ response, or lack of one, while others, they didn’t want that video shared with the public.

Speaker 5: (02:30)
Because they got gunfire, they retreated. The officers ain’t trained to retreat when they’re going to do… They have to save these children, and they did not do that.

Speaker 6: (02:44)
We are pissed. These families didn’t deserve it. I don’t deserve it. That’s a slap to our babies faces, and we’re tired of this.

Speaker 2: (02:52)
There is so much more to this story from both the investigator’s perspective and also more from the families. You can find it on 11alive.com.

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