Jan 26, 2020

Donald Trump Parnas-Yovanovitch Recording Transcript: Trump Discusses Firing Yovanovitch at Donor Dinner – “Take Her Out”

Donald Trump Lev Parnas Recording Transcript Yovanovitch Take Her Out Get Rid of Her
RevBlogTranscriptsDonald Trump Parnas-Yovanovitch Recording Transcript: Trump Discusses Firing Yovanovitch at Donor Dinner – “Take Her Out”

The audio recording of Donald Trump saying of former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch “take her out” and “get rid of her” was released Saturday January 25, 2020. The audio includes Lev Parnas, a Soviet-born businessman who worked with Rudy Giuliani to oust Yovanovitch. Trump has said in the past that he does not know Parnas. The audio also includes Trump asking how long Ukraine would last in a fight with Russia without US aide. Read the full transcript right here on Rev.com.

Mr. Gale: (00:04)
Hey, come on.

Speaker 1: (00:05)
Hey guys.

Mr. Gale: (00:06)

Speaker 1: (00:08)
First to ever golf. There we go, my boys. Okay, yes sir.

Mr. Gale: (00:14)
Get in here, baby.

Speaker 2: (00:17)
Are you related to Jack Nicklaus?

Jack Nicklaus III: (00:17)
That’s my grandpa.

Male: (00:18)
I love it, I love it.

Speaker 2: (00:18)
I’ll tell you what, he’s a great guy.

Jack Nicklaus III: (00:23)
Are you from Columbus yourself?

Speaker 2: (00:24)
Yeah, well actually we live in Mount Vernon.

Jack Nicklaus III: (00:27)
Oh Vernon, yeah absolutely.

Speaker 2: (00:29)

Jack Nicklaus III: (00:29)
I was up there just this past weekend.

Speaker 2: (00:30)
You live in [inaudible 00:00:32]?

Jack Nicklaus III: (00:30)
Well, Ohio, yeah.

Speaker 2: (00:31)
Where do you live?

Jack Nicklaus III: (00:36)
North Palm Beach, Florida. Yes sir.

Speaker 3: (00:39)
Well, the next time you come if you give us your card or something maybe we can [inaudible 00:00:48]. We have some really nice golf clubs.

Jack Nicklaus III: (00:53)
Not as good as [crosstalk 00:00:53] not as good as [crosstalk 00:00:52].

Mr. Gale: (00:53)
Crazy, right?

Speaker 3: (00:54)
Mount Vernon’s in Ohio. Mount Vernon, Ohio. We ended up owning the country club because [crosstalk 00:00:01:04].

Jack Nicklaus III: (00:59)
Good friend of mine [crosstalk 00:01:04].

Speaker 3: (01:00)
It’s a really nice country club which I subsidize but it’s a great… it was started in 1916 so it’s a really old course, big trees. It’s actually pretty challenging.

Mr. Gale: (01:22)
Does it have an original architect?

Speaker 3: (01:22)
Yes, yeah. Tom knows who it is.

Mr. Gale: (01:22)
Wow, is it near Columbus?

Speaker 3: (01:22)
Yeah, it’s about 50 miles north of Columbus and then Tom also belongs to [crosstalk 00:01:34] which is 30 miles [crosstalk 00:01:38].

Speaker 4: (01:34)
[foreign language 00:01:32].

Speaker 5: (01:34)
Some people may not want their pictures taken.

Speaker 4: (01:36)
All right.

Speaker 5: (01:36)
Just be aware of that.

Speaker 4: (01:38)
Just the President.

Speaker 5: (01:38)
That’s okay.

Speaker 4: (01:38)
No other people.

Mr. Gale: (01:46)
We go to Fairfield with them every year.

Male: (01:46)
[crosstalk 00:02:04]?

Speaker 3: (01:46)
Yes, we are. Very much.

Male: (01:46)
US Open [crosstalk 00:02:14].

Male: (01:46)
Beautiful atmosphere.

Speaker 3: (02:03)
Yes, it is. Yeah. Where we are is at the very edge of the Appalachians, it’s very pretty [crosstalk 00:02:26].

Male: (02:26)
All right everybody once again. Mr. President, thank you for being here.

Donald Trump: (02:39)
Please. They’re good genes, the Jack Nicklaus genes over there.

Male: (02:46)
You can get a putting lesson.

Jack Nicklaus III: (02:46)
I missed the golfing genes.

Donald Trump: (02:48)
So Jackie is your father?

Jack Nicklaus III: (02:49)
Yes sir.

Donald Trump: (02:51)
I don’t know if you ever heard this, but he made one of the best speeches I’ve ever seen, in the Rotunda right?

Jack Nicklaus III: (03:00)
That was during the Congressional Medal of [inaudible 00:03:01] right?

Donald Trump: (03:02)
Right. The congressional whatever it is.

Jack Nicklaus III: (03:03)
Yes sir.

Donald Trump: (03:04)
Freedom Medal.

Jack Nicklaus III: (03:04)
The Freedom Medal, yes sir.

Donald Trump: (03:05)
Which is a big deal and your father made one of the best speeches I’ve ever seen.

Jack Nicklaus III: (03:09)
Well thank you.

Donald Trump: (03:10)
And that’s pretty good, I’ve seen a lot of speeches.

Jack Nicklaus III: (03:12)
I’ll tell him you said that.

Donald Trump: (03:14)
But I said, “Are you a professional speaker?” He said, “No.” I said, “Then maybe you should be.”

Jack Nicklaus III: (03:17)
I’ll tell you he’s usually very nervous public speaking like I am right now, but we’re very happy for him. He did great, so thank you.

Donald Trump: (03:28)
So what is it your cousin or whatever had the hole in one the other day?

Jack Nicklaus III: (03:31)
Yes, sir.

Donald Trump: (03:32)
That was something. The swing looks good. How good a golfer is he?

Jack Nicklaus III: (03:35)
Much better than me.

Donald Trump: (03:35)
Oh really? His swing looked…

Male: (03:38)
He’s a real player. 15 years old.

Donald Trump: (03:39)
His swing looked perfect, yeah. He has the gene I guess, right?

Jack Nicklaus III: (03:43)
Yeah, it skipped me.

Donald Trump: (03:44)
Did it really? Why are you not that good of a golfer?

Jack Nicklaus III: (03:47)
No, I can play, but he’s…

Male: (03:48)
He’s just good looking.

Donald Trump: (03:49)
What was your lowest handicap?

Jack Nicklaus III: (03:52)
I’m a three right now.

Donald Trump: (03:53)
See a three would be a bad player in the [crosstalk 00:03:57].

Male: (03:54)

Male: (03:58)
Everyone aspires to be a three unless your last name is Nicklaus.

Donald Trump: (04:01)
What’s that?

Male: (04:01)
18 is a perfect handicap.

Donald Trump: (04:04)
Oh yeah, it’s a great family. Say hello to all.

Jack Nicklaus III: (04:07)
Yes sir. They say hi as well.

Donald Trump: (04:10)
Special guy.

Jack Nicklaus III: (04:10)
Thank you.

Donald Trump: (04:12)
Special people. Thank you all very much. Great to be with you. You see what’s happening? We’re doing really well. I don’t know why, I get nothing but bad publicity and the polls keep going up. They’re at the highest level they’ve ever been since we’ve been in office. Quite a bit higher than election day, which was pretty amazing. That was an amazing day, right?

Jack Nicklaus III: (04:34)
Amazing. We were there. History.

Male: (04:42)
You’ve got that right. 2:30 AM.

Donald Trump: (04:44)
I told your grandfather that, he said it was incredible. I said, what you did is more incredible. You won 18 Majors. He said, “No, it’s not.” I said, “Yes it is.” I still say it. It’s harder and more improbable to win 18 Majors. Just ask Tiger, right?

Male: (05:03)

Donald Trump: (05:03)
It looks like it’s going to be a tough one. But we’re doing better than ever before and we’re accomplishing a lot. The North Korea thing is moving along really well. We have a site now, we picked a site. They announce pretty soon and a location plus a date. He really wants to do something, I’ll tell you. Part of the reason he wants to do two things, I mean maybe the rhetoric and maybe we put sanctions like you wouldn’t believe. The team is heading over to China today, tonight to work on the whole trade craziness because they’ve been averaging $500 billion a year.

Mr. Gale: (05:40)
Thank you for doing that.

Male: (05:41)

Donald Trump: (05:42)
Somebody has to. It’s brutal. They’re tough. But I always say when you’re $500 billion down, you can’t lose the trade war. You can’t lose. It’s like somebody said today, because I’m doing a very aggressive thing, this is all like off the record, right? But they said, “Why would you be doing that with China blah blah blah. You could do much less,” I said, “Yeah but much less doesn’t get you…” I said this is like you own a baseball team and it’s the first inning and the other team scores 32 runs, what do you have to lose? You walk away, you start a new game the next day. 32 runs in the first inning because that’s basically what it is. We’re $500 billion down with China. We’re $800 billion down throughout the world. $800 billion a year.

Mr. Gale: (06:31)
That’s the sad part about it.

Male: (06:34)
That’s crazy.

Donald Trump: (06:34)
So we lose $800 billion in a year. Then you have the globalists that think that’s okay, but they’re wrong. They think it’s fine when a factory or a plant moves to Mexico and opens up and you lose 3,000 jobs in Michigan. It’s not. You have people, smart people they really believe it but then you have other smart people that don’t believe and I’m one of them.

Male: (06:52)
Thank God.

Male: (06:52)
Barry’s in that world with steel and Ohio.

Donald Trump: (06:54)
Tell me and I hear steel is doing better now.

Barry Zekelman: (06:57)
We definitely are, we have 15 plants in the US making steel tubing, one in Canada. Originally, yeah, I started in Canada, 19-years-old, 2,300 employees and we’re now the largest steel consumer in the US. We actually buy more steel than General Motors. But it’s been a huge-

Donald Trump: (07:15)
We put very substantial tariffs on steel. We’re doing pretty big numbers on stopping some of it from coming in. I don’t want to stop too much because I don’t want to run out of steel because the economy is doing really well. Are you finding it’s better now because of what I’m doing?

Barry Zekelman: (07:30)
There’s no question the price of domestic steel has gone up, which has helped the domestic steel industry, which is where it needs to be. There is a healthy price, right? There was too low and too high. So there’s a healthy price where you can make nice returns and invest in the equipment and invest in the industry. We’ve certainly seen that on our product. The tariffs definitely had an effect. The issue we still have is now that the price of domestic steel has gone up, Chinese steel infiltrates… Everyone says China doesn’t import a lot of steel.

Donald Trump: (08:02)
They do.

Barry Zekelman: (08:03)
They do. It’s all backdoor. It’s all whack-a-mole. So they’re still using that steel to go through Thailand through Taiwan. The worst, unfortunately is South Korea.

Donald Trump: (08:13)
Can you believe it?

Barry Zekelman: (08:15)
They pound a lot of steel.

Donald Trump: (08:16)
We’re doing a big number for them, can you believe it?

Barry Zekelman: (08:19)
What’s amazing is we spend billions of dollars to save them from North Korea and the things we get ruin our industry. So the tariffs are definitely helping-

Donald Trump: (08:28)
So they do the transshipping, right?

Barry Zekelman: (08:29)

Donald Trump: (08:30)
So they’re transshipping what steel? China’s steel?

Barry Zekelman: (08:32)
Chinese steel primarily.

Donald Trump: (08:34)
Yeah, South Korea. I could write a book on it.

Barry Zekelman: (08:36)
South Korea is the worst, Thailand would be next. Japan [crosstalk 00:08:39].

Male: (08:40)
South Korea.

Male: (08:40)
Hyundai [inaudible 00:08:42].

Donald Trump: (08:42)
How we ever got involved in South Korea in the first place, tell me about it. How we ended up in a Korean war, fighting a Korean war to keep these two places from [crosstalk 00:08:55].

Male: (09:03)
Don’t give up now. [crosstalk 00:09: 05].

Male: (09:03)
You haven’t heard anything yet.

Donald Trump: (09:07)
Not only that, I mean they’re one of the toughest traders we do business with. They’re probably tougher than China, they’re just smaller so the numbers are smaller. We have a $32 billion deficit with South Korea. I asked the General, “Why do you think we’re doing this service for trade?” I say, “We’re $500 billion in that area.” We’re doing this for trade, but we’re losing $500 billion including China. We’re losing $32 billion with South Korea. It’s crazy but it is what it is and it’s coming out good. A lot of good things are happening and the trade deals are being renegotiated, including the deal with South Korea. What do you think of the quota deal we had?

Barry Zekelman: (09:48)
Well, the quotas are the key.

Donald Trump: (09:50)
We lowered it by 30%.

Barry Zekelman: (09:52)
Yes, that’s absolutely key. If we can do that once you throttle [crosstalk 00:09:57]-

Donald Trump: (09:58)
I don’t want to be at a point where we don’t have enough steel in this country. All of a sudden steel triples.

Barry Zekelman: (10:04)
Remember I’m a steel buyer, I’m not a producer. So I’m on the end of that. I have to compete to buy that steel and I don’t want to be at a point where I don’t have steel or it’s too high. So I fully support steel prices going up in the steel industry being healthy, because if I don’t have them, I’m dead. But the quotas, throttle it back enough where we can sit there and have a consistent-

Donald Trump: (10:27)
Did you know what we’re doing with South Korea, 30%?

Barry Zekelman: (10:29)
Yes, perfect.

Donald Trump: (10:30)
30% back.

Barry Zekelman: (10:33)
If you use that number for most of the other bad players, what I call the dirty dozen if you will, that would solve everything.

Donald Trump: (10:44)
Don’t forget when I do the tariffs and nobody talks about that, they talk about jobs, they talk about steel. Now steel has been doing much better and your steel is opening up like four plants now, which is unthinkable. They haven’t done it in 30 years. Don’t forget that the country’s taking in billions of dollars. Nobody talks about that. When you charge 25% and 15% or 10% for aluminum and all that stuff is pouring in and you’re charging a 25% tax, so the steel that’s coming in, we’re taking in as a country billions of dollars. Nobody talks about that.

Donald Trump: (11:17)
They talk about jobs and they talk about steel plants. But to me the big thing, I mean we’re taking in billions and billions of dollars by doing nothing. We’re also negotiating deals that we could’ve never negotiated because countries are now coming to us begging to negotiate deals that had been screwing us for years. They’ve been screwing us so badly it’s hard to believe and now they’re coming, “We’d like to talk,” like the European Union. That’s another beauty. We don’t make with anybody, we lose with everybody. There are about two countries, one sells us lemons, Argentina. We made about $3 with Argentina. We have actually a trade deficit of $800 billion including.

Barry Zekelman: (12:01)
Mr. President, we were the first company ever to beat China at the WTO. When we went there and explained-

Donald Trump: (12:08)
Well the WTO is the problem.

Barry Zekelman: (12:09)
It is the problem. No question about it.

Donald Trump: (12:10)
Without the WTO China’s…

Barry Zekelman: (12:13)
But we beat China and all they did was transship the steel-

Donald Trump: (12:15)
That’s right they go to a different location.

Barry Zekelman: (12:17)
… and ship it in through 11 different countries.

Donald Trump: (12:19)
Yeah they get it in all sorts of ways, but it ends, it ends.

Barry Zekelman: (12:24)
Look, our company does well and we’re very happy, but we could employ another 1,000 people making $70,000, $80,000, $100,000 a year.

Donald Trump: (12:33)
If it was more expensive?

Barry Zekelman: (12:35)
If we could throttle back the raw quantum of these imports coming in. I have three plants now that are completely idle, closed because of South Korea and Thailand. I would open them up overnight if those imports were throttled back and what we’ve seen in March and April is actually they’ve gone up because they’re trying to beat the deadline and we’ll see if they throttle back and supposedly they’re using up their quotas which hopefully start January 1 of this year and they use up, but we would have another 700-1,000 people working for us.

Donald Trump: (13:12)
Well, you’re going to see prices go up. Hopefully not too much. See, I have a theory that if we didn’t put quotas on it, China subsidizes their steel, they have to. If we didn’t see quotas, the steel wouldn’t even go up. Because they’ll put more money into it even with the 25% tax, it’s still not going to come up because they’ll just put more money into it. We take it a lot of money, we make a fortune on it, so we’ll see. Aluminum has gone down. I put a 10% tax on aluminum coming in, it’s actually gone down 4%. Now it’s about even, but it actually started out going down 4%.

Donald Trump: (13:50)
So it’s been pretty wild. I think we’re going to have some very good times, but we have some very big trade deals to worry about. China, when they hear what we’re proposing, they’re not going to be too happy.

Barry Zekelman: (14:06)
No, I don’t think so.

Speaker 7 : (14:06)
Are you hoping to discipline them with the WTO eventually? They steal everything, they cheat, they lie.

Donald Trump: (14:16)
Well the WTO is worse than them. The WTO is totally in their pocket. The people that made the deal with the WTO were not smart people. They made a deal with the WTO where we lose every lawsuit until the last year. In the last year we’ve won every lawsuit because they often got to pull our country out.

Donald Trump: (14:33)
We’re like the punching bag. We’re like the dummies that get punched in the face all day long and come back for more. But they now know that I get the WTO. China didn’t become great until the WTO. From the day they joined the WTO, which was a Clinton disaster, they went up like a rocket ship. They were this way for 1,000 years and then they got into the WTO and they’ve taken it… Look, I give them credit.

Speaker 7 : (15:02)
Well they have taken advantage.

Donald Trump: (15:04)
Yeah, but I give them credit.

Male: (15:05)
We let them. [crosstalk 00:15:09].

Donald Trump: (15:10)
Our former leaders are great geniuses [crosstalk 00:00:15:14]. Bush, he gets us into the war. He gets us into the Middle East, that was a beauty. So we’re in the Middle East right now for $7 trillion. If you want to fix a window on a school, they don’t have the money. But we’re into the Middle East as of this moment for $7 trillion, now that’s over 18 years.

Speaker 7 : (15:36)
Did we borrow that from China?

Donald Trump: (15:37)
Yeah, probably.

Speaker 7 : (15:37)
So no big deal.

Donald Trump: (15:39)
Well that’s the beauty of it. China rips us off for years and we owe them $2 trillion and $2 trillion more through our bonds.

Speaker 7 : (15:47)
Maybe we should just call it even.

Donald Trump: (15:51)
Yeah well eventually that’s what we’ll do.

Male: (15:57)
They manipulated the currency to get there, so we might as well.

Donald Trump: (15:57)
So the WTO allowed China to do what they’re doing. The WTO was a weapon to hurt the United States, to allow people to enrich themselves. The European Union’s the same thing. The European Union is a group of countries that got together to screw the United States. It’s as simple as that. Frankly, they’re probably worse than China in a sense, just smaller. They’re worse than China in the sense of barriers. We lose $151 billion to them.

Speaker 7 : (16:27)
Maybe not so much as copying though. Because China does that enough.

Donald Trump: (16:31)
Yeah, but the European Union’s really bad. It doesn’t sound like it. The European Union, we’re all sort of from there, right? But the European Union’s brutal, but we’re changing that around too. They can’t even believe it. So we’re having fun, it’s what we do.

Male: (16:48)
I think it’s the resolve that is finally [crosstalk 00:16:54].

Donald Trump: (16:53)
But you have people that work for me that just don’t realize they’re so… They want to make these deals, they’re just nothing deals. Not only Congress when they come, “Please don’t go after NAFTA too hard.” I said, “I’d like to terminate it.” It’s like oh my God, they’re petrified because they know what they have. Like the farmers who are great, actually, the farmers know what they have and they’ve been on a downward trend for 15 years. So I said, look, you guys are on a downward trend, you could be on an upward trend, but to do that you have to shake it up. Meaning you terminate a couple of deals like NAFTA. NAFTA’s the worst deal we ever made. I think that WTO is actually the worst deal ever. I think the World Trade Organization maybe is worse because it allowed China to kill us, but we don’t have any good ones. Hillary Clinton made a deal with the South Koreans, that was a South Korean deal. You know that deal, that was a Hillary special. We’re going to make 250,000 jobs and she was right, for South Korea. Good job. She said this is going to create 250,000 jobs. 250,000 jobs and she was right, in South Korea.

Mr. Gale: (18:09)
Before you sign off on that deal…

Donald Trump: (18:10)
How’s your golf club [inaudible 00:18:12]?

Mr. Gale: (18:11)
The golf club is doing great.

Donald Trump: (18:13)
Have you seen it?

Jack Nicklaus III: (18:13)
Yes sir.

Donald Trump: (18:17)
Is it a nice club?

Jack Nicklaus III: (18:18)
Oh it’s fantastic.

Donald Trump: (18:18)
Is that where they had the… What?

Mr. Gale: (18:20)
The Presidents Cup.

Jack Nicklaus III: (18:20)
The Presidents Cup was there in 2015.

Mr. Gale: (18:20)
Yeah, yeah. 2015.

Donald Trump: (18:20)
How did you like the Presidents Cup?

Mr. Gale: (18:20)
Loved it.

Donald Trump: (18:21)
So the Presidents Cup has never been the Ryder Cup and you think the concept is better. The Ryder Cup is the most unbelievable sporting event. The Presidents Cup is good, but it’s never been the same. You would think the concept is better.

Mr. Gale: (18:42)
Concept is better, the rest of the world; but the competition is not quite there as it is in Europe.

Donald Trump: (18:48)
You know what doesn’t make sense, we’re playing Britain or whatever, UK and that competition is tougher than when we play the world. Figure that one out.

Mr. Gale: (18:59)
Well golf began there. I don’t know what to tell you.

Donald Trump: (19:06)
No, but isn’t that right? The Ryder Cup is tough to win. The Ryder Cup is only the UK, but the spirit at the Ryder Cup is really a unique experience and the Presidents Cup so far has never captured it.

Mr. Gale: (19:24)
But I will tell you it was an amazing venue for Korea. It’d never been to Asia, it’d been to Australia-

Donald Trump: (19:33)
Don’t they have a women’s tournament too, a big one?

Mr. Gale: (19:34)
It’s called the Crown. The LPGA Crown, and it’s eight nations and you have four-player teams. Womens. It’s US, Germany, Spain, Korea, et cetera. It’s being held at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club this fall.

Donald Trump: (19:51)
How’s it doing? How’s business over there? Good?

Mr. Gale: (19:53)
The golf is unbelievable. The collusion and the corruption with the government is horrendous. We’re getting screwed.

Donald Trump: (20:00)
Oh in South Korea?

Mr. Gale: (20:00)
We’re getting screwed so badly.

Donald Trump: (20:03)
I wrote you a letter of recommendation, right?

Mr. Gale: (20:06)
Did you ever.

Jack Nicklaus III: (20:07)
I spoke to my grandpa I think two days ago, three days ago, and he was very appreciative and gracious of your reaching out on his behalf.

Donald Trump: (20:15)
No that letter is fine. I know they have the letter because the President told me he got the letter. So they must be treating you pretty good.

Mr. Gale: (20:23)
For eight years of Obama I went up the same chain and I’m suffering over there. I took a chance and took a risk. Eight years and of the guy, finally hit Congress. “Mr. Gale don’t waste your time. The president is not interested in helping business.” It’s true.

Donald Trump: (20:44)
It must be tough dealing with these people.

Mr. Gale: (20:45)
No, but I’ll tell you what, that is all part of the Free Trade Agreement. Don’t sign that agreement. Don’t sign that agreement until it’s right but also [crosstalk 00:20:59]. Jack and I worked together at National. He has another message for you.

Donald Trump: (21:06)
Go ahead.

Jack Nicklaus III: (21:07)
You prefaced the conversation here, you’ve chosen a spot for your meeting with Kim Jong-un and the North Korean leadership in the coming months. But if you would consider Songdo. Songdo is the city that stands the 70% owner and the master planner of my family specifically, the Gales as well would be honored if you would consider it.

Donald Trump: (21:37)
We’re very far down the line, but I will. You know that Kim Jong-un is a great golfer you know that right?

Jack Nicklaus III: (21:48)
Best in the world.

Male: (21:48)
Course record, 18.

Mr. Gale: (21:49)
By the way, his whole goal in life is to meet you. It’s true, his whole goal in life. He wants to meet the President. He would like to be you.

Donald Trump: (22:06)
[crosstalk 00:22:06] look like a beginner. Did you ever hear that? He shot an 18.

Mr. Gale: (22:11)
That was the grandfather wasn’t it? Was that the father or the grandfather?

Donald Trump: (22:19)
[crosstalk 00:22:17].

Male: (22:19)
It’s that rocket driver of his.

Donald Trump: (22:22)
It was actually his [inaudible 00:22:22] who say said shot an 18.

Male: (22:25)
Hole in one on his first hole.

Male: (22:26)
If I could, the best line ever: “I didn’t call him short and fat.” That is the greatest line ever. That is the great line.

Male: (22:43)
I thought the best line was: ” [inaudible 00:22:46] is the prize,” when they were talking about the Nobel Prize because he was very…

Donald Trump: (22:49)
Absolutely. Thank you fellas that was good. Business is good, look at this. What a great [inaudible 00:22:58]. Business is good, right? Look see that they [crosstalk 00:23:00]. No, he said today that President Trump should get the Nobel Prize. I said it’s a little early because Obama got it and never did anything.

Male: (23:17)
He was nominated eight days in.

Donald Trump: (23:19)
He got it for winning the election.

Male: (23:20)
That was so bizarre. .

Male: (23:21)
That’s exactly right, for winning the election that’s the only reason.

Male: (23:23)
That didn’t make any sense.

Barry Zekelman: (23:25)
We shipped 125,000 tons for the border wall and that started up again in New Years. We just started shipping, we just ordered 20,000 tons of tubing for that wall replacement barrier.

Male: (23:40)
[crosstalk 00:23:40] barrier?

Barry Zekelman: (23:40)
Yes, that’s what we make.

Donald Trump: (23:42)
Are you doing the shiny finish or are you doing a rough finish?

Barry Zekelman: (23:45)
We’re that basic black finish and then we take that.

Donald Trump: (23:51)
I can’t believe how they can plant that thing.

Barry Zekelman: (23:53)
Yeah, they do but [crosstalk 00:23:56] great, but it’s a fantastic win for the steel industry in the US and we’re proud to be the supplier for that.

Donald Trump: (24:04)
That’s great. Are you doing that with the Army Corps of Engineers?

Barry Zekelman: (24:09)
No in ’08 we did it with Boeing actually who procured that, but now we’re doing it through companies like Gibraltar Steel and other who are the fabricators who bid on that. All-American steel, all-American jobs.

Donald Trump: (24:23)
That’s great. Well it’s going up.

Barry Zekelman: (24:26)

Donald Trump: (24:26)
It’s going up.

Barry Zekelman: (24:27)
We’re very proud.

Donald Trump: (24:28)
Do you see what’s going on at the border though? Can you believe it?

Male: (24:30)
I saw it yesterday, that’s incredible.

Male: (24:31)
Good thing Obama is not president.

Male: (24:31)
Thanks for identifying the problem.

Donald Trump: (24:37)
Well you take a look at that, you’ve got thousands of people and if you really look to take the wall down, they’d just keep walking in. You can see it, now a few people can get up. It’s amazing that they can shimmy up that steel though. Now that’s old stuff and it’s rough on the outside and rusty, it’s been there a long time. You do have to be able to see through the wall I think. If you can’t see through the wall that’s a problem because then you don’t know what’s on the other side.

Barry Zekelman: (25:07)
Every border agent tells us that. They want to be able to see what’s coming.

Donald Trump: (25:11)
Because I really wanted a concrete wall 30 feet high, very slick outside. You know they actually said that these drug dealers, it’s so dangerous to have a solid wall because they take the drugs and it weighs a hundred pounds approximately, a bag or satchel, they call it a satchel. They throw it out over the wall and it goes over the wall and it will land on a guys head and it kills him.

Male: (25:38)

Mr. Gale: (25:38)
Our border guys?

Donald Trump: (25:41)
No our border guys will be walking and they throw it from one side. So if you can’t see through the wall, they throw the drugs, they have a catapult, they throw it over the wall and it lands on the other side of the wall. It can hit people. Can you imagine you get hit with a hundred pounds of drugs.

Male: (25:57)
I thought you were saying they were hitting people on the other side.

Donald Trump: (26:06)
No, no.

Male: (26:06)
They weren’t very smart to begin with so…

Donald Trump: (26:08)
They usually have the deals on the other side ready, but when they see the border guys they head out. The whole thing is preposterous. I would’ve loved to have seen a concrete wall, you just can’t do that.

Male: (26:20)
The whole thing in California is preposterous with these cities.

Barry Zekelman: (26:26)
You’ve seen the designs and it slows them down, it slows the migrations over so they could get to that.

Donald Trump: (26:32)
We actually have the new one is like that now it’s taller, it’s got the thing. It’s got nothing in between. It’s held to the ground like lead bolts and it’s got very strong points at the top. That’ll be much tougher.

Mr. Gale: (26:47)
What is that the wall?

Donald Trump: (26:49)
It’s like pointed, yeah a wall.

Barry Zekelman: (26:50)
The points are cut on a diamond corner to corner and [crosstalk 00:26:57] all the fabrication [crosstalk 00:27:01].

Donald Trump: (26:58)
How sharp is that?

Barry Zekelman: (27:00)
Very sharp. Razor sharp.

Donald Trump: (27:03)
That’s pretty cool.

Barry Zekelman: (27:03)
Yeah it’s cut on a laser.

Donald Trump: (27:06)
It’s very hard to shimmy over that.

Barry Zekelman: (27:09)
You’re not popping over.

Donald Trump: (27:10)
[inaudible 00:27:16].

Male: (27:10)
Mr. President, how are we going to win in terms of giving you a heck of a lot more power?

Donald Trump: (27:30)
Well I know.

Male: (27:32)
Just kick somebody.

Donald Trump: (27:33)
As you know, most times you don’t. But I think the economy is so good. That’s good. That’s fine. I think the economy is so good that we’re going to do much better than [inaudible 00:27:47]. I guess it’s complacency. Something happens when you win the presidency, then you go on and you win the presidency 10 years after that. History, it’s almost like 100% of… it’s a lot. There’s nothing 100%, I think-

Donald Trump: (28:03)
… it’s a lot. There’s nothing 100%. I think 93% of the time, they lose the Mid-cap. But look, we have to see what the economy is in a few months.

Speaker 10: (28:12)
It’s going to be good.

Speaker 6: (28:12)
It’s booming.

Donald Trump: (28:13)
I think so, right?

Speaker 6: (28:13)
It’s absolutely booming.

Donald Trump: (28:15)
The stock market’s up 40% since I won. But actually, the economy is actually better than that.

Speaker 6: (28:24)
I got into a discussion with someone in real estate about immigration. “I like everything President Trump’s doing except for immigration. We need people over here.”

Speaker 6: (28:32)
I said, “Of course, we do.” By the way, what did President Trump say that we didn’t need in immigration? I said, “Look, let me put it to you in a really easy example. You’re in real estate. You own buildings. You’ve got a water main that comes into the building. You need water, good clean water in the building to make it run, yeah. What do you do when the water main breaks? How do you fix it?” He said, “Well, you shut it off.” I said, “Yeah, you shut if off, and then you fix it. And then you turn it back on, and you bring nice water in. You don’t shut the pump into the basement and pump it up while it’s still broken.” I said, “That’s all President Trump want to do. The water main’s broken. We need to shut it off, fix it, and bring the water back into the building control.

Speaker 7: (29:14)
It’s all merit. You need someone who’s going to come here who can actually contribute, not just fuck off.

Speaker 6: (29:20)

Speaker 7: (29:20)
It doesn’t work.

Lynn: (29:20)
Everyone wants to come here, as opposed to just-

Speaker 7: (29:24)
It’s free.

Speaker 6: (29:25)
For handouts.

Speaker 8: (29:25)
Do you see what’s going on in Dearborn, Michigan? It’s unbelievable.

Lynn: (29:28)
Because of the-

Speaker 8: (29:33)
Unbelievable. It’s unbelievable.

Speaker 7: (29:35)
What about the Century City? That’s completely incredible. It’s like you live in a different world.

Donald Trump: (29:40)
It’s all changing.

Speaker 6: (29:41)
They’re changing, because they realize it’s terrible.

Donald Trump: (29:44)
This whole caravan is a positive thing because it’s showing people how crazy it is.

Speaker 7: (29:50)
Where is it now? Are they at the border waiting?

Lev Parnas: (29:52)
Yeah. Whoever’s left, yeah.

Speaker 6: (29:54)
These aren’t the base that’s going to land the House or the Senate. The people that came to the voting booths in ’16 need to wake up from you, from [inaudible 00:30:10] help, and get, they’ll be complacent.

Speaker 8: (30:16)
Well, part of our job is to make sure that they realize that just because he is not on the ticket, doesn’t mean he’s not on the ticket, because he is on the ticket. [crosstalk 00:30:24]

Donald Trump: (30:23)
But they won the race in Arizona three nights ago. Of course, we’re getting no credit for that. They’re saying we shut it, because I won it by 22. She won it by six.

Speaker 6: (30:33)
You don’t even hear about it.

Donald Trump: (30:33)
I would’ve taken the, two votes is okay as far as I’m concerned. The headline is, “Oh, it was much closer.” We lose and then they win. You know we won six of them and nobody talks about it. We won six special races. I think we lost one, and we lost the one in Pennsylvania. [crosstalk 00:30:50] that was a separate race.

Speaker 6: (30:54)
Two and a half years ago I was with Goldman Sachs. I said, “President Trump, Trump’s going to win the election.” He said, ” You’re crazy.” I said, “Absolutely, and I’ll bet you anything you want.” They all sat there, and they thought I was nuts. They said, “Well, why do you think that?” I said, “Because I’m in the heartland. I know what’s going on. I see what the real workers, the forgotten people, want. Not everybody can work in Silicon Valley. I’m not going to retrain someone in Sharon, Pennsylvania to go to Silicon Valley. They’re 55 years old. They can’t sell their house there. They deserve to earn a good living. What’s wrong with working with your hands?” My point is, sure enough, you did. That night we were jumping up and down with our son on the bed, and I’m texting these guys at Goldman Sachs saying, “I told you. I told you.” So, you can’t—

Donald Trump: (31:40)
Well, that was the most exciting evening.

Speaker 7: (31:43)
That was incredible.

Speaker 6: (31:44)
You can’t believe the polls.

Donald Trump: (31:46)
ESPN said that was the greatest sporting event.

Speaker 8: (31:47)
That’s what it was. It was a sporting event.

Donald Trump: (31:51)
It just didn’t stop. It’s Ohio. It’s this one.

Speaker 6: (31:53)
Standing up there in the second [crosstalk 00:31:54].

Speaker 7: (31:56)
At 99% it had like three votes left.

Lev Parnas: (31:57)
Right? And we’re watching it with [crosstalk 00:32:02]. They tried to do everything not to announce it. CNN just—

Speaker 7: (32:04)
Two and a half hours.

Speaker 6: (32:05)
Yes, it was. I was there. Absolutely.

Donald Trump: (32:05)
And honestly, they’re going more crazy now. The press is now more crazy.

Speaker 7: (32:12)
Mr. President, I’ve got a thousand employees in Pennsylvania, and there’s a hard hat signed by about 200 of them sitting in a bag over there for you saying thank you. So, we appreciate it. They’re very-

Donald Trump: (32:22)
Well, I think the press is now more crazy than they were. They’re going totally bananas.

Lev Parnas: (32:27)
They keep doubling down.

Speaker 7: (32:28)
Maybe it’s in their head. Your best real estate deal is getting rent free in their heads for two years. They’re going nuts.

Donald Trump: (32:38)
It’s all right. What the heck. I think we’re going to do well. I don’t want to say it too much, but I think we’re going to do better than people think [crosstalk 00:32:48]. Well, they have low light. You have this one woman, Maxine Waters. She’s a very low IQ person.

Speaker 7: (33:04)
We’ve heard that one [crosstalk 00:33:13].

Donald Trump: (33:12)
You don’t hear from her anymore, it’s the craziest thing. Since I’ve said that, I don’t hear from her anymore. Really. It’s crazy. How’s the food? Good?

Speaker 6: (33:20)
It’s excellent.

Lynn: (33:22)
I do want you to touch on this whole pop culture Candace Owens, Kanye West. That was a big, for that younger African- American-

Donald Trump: (33:30)
It could be good.

Lynn: (33:30)
…generation. I think it’s going to be a turn and shift in that.

Donald Trump: (33:30)
People think about it, right?

Speaker 6: (33:34)
Connie and I do a lot of work with Candace and Charlie Carson, and so yeah, it’s been great.

Lynn: (33:38)
It was a great show.

Speaker 6: (33:38)
I’m actually traveling with both of them this whole week.

Donald Trump: (33:42)
She’s really become-

Speaker 6: (33:44)
She’s great. She works for Charlie [inaudible 00:33:46].

Lev Parnas: (33:46)
She’s smart.

Speaker 6: (33:47)
She’s a genius as well. They’re just brilliant. You saw there was a big article today in one of the big papers talking about how the Democrats are losing the stranglehold in the millennials, and it’s literally all hip.

Lynn: (33:57)
But, I have to tell you. Our son is 16, our daughter’s 20. They’re texting us, “Did you hear? Did you hear? Did you see on Instagram?”

Speaker 6: (34:06)
They’re moving.

Lynn: (34:06)
Now, my son sat me down last night. “Did you hear the Kanye West song, mom?” I’m like, “No, Jack. I didn’t.”

Speaker 6: (34:12)
Have you heard the new song?

Lynn: (34:16)
Then he talked the lyrics through, and so it was just interesting that the young people, they are talking about it. The high schoolers are talking about it, and this is in Canada by the way.

Speaker 6: (34:25)
Yeah, even more.

Lynn: (34:26)
Right. You’re talking about it from both sides. Our daughter’s in the States.

Speaker 7: (34:30)
NAFTA was good before I got my wife.

Donald Trump: (34:36)
How are your businesses going? How are they doing?

Speaker 8: (34:39)
Well we’re pumping a lot of natural gas or will add to this house and everywhere else.

Donald Trump: (34:46)
So, why are the prices so high? There’s so much oil and gas.

Lynn: (34:49)
The natural gas is high.

Donald Trump: (34:55)
Is that OPEC? But oil is so high. Oil’s almost at 70.

Speaker 8: (34:57)
Wall Street.

Donald Trump: (34:57)

Speaker 8: (35:00)
I would think that somebody’s—

Lynn: (35:02)
There’s no good reason for it because there’s money.

Donald Trump: (35:02)
Well, it’s the monopoly of OPEC pricing.

Lynn: (35:07)
Yeah, but OPEC has, they shot themselves in the foot when they started the whole supply thing in 2015. They don’t know what-

Donald Trump: (35:21)
Aren’t the frackers-

Lynn: (35:21)
…they’re going to do.

Donald Trump: (35:22)
Yeah. Aren’t the frackers out now because of the price, and they’re going crazy opening up new wells?

Speaker 8: (35:25)

Donald Trump: (35:26)
That’s what I’ve heard.

Speaker 8: (35:26)
Yeah, you can’t have… 30’s too low. 80, 90’s too high. That healthy range in there, they can make money there.

Lynn: (35:34)
65 to 70 is probably about right.

Speaker 8: (35:35)
Yeah. See, fracking’s changed. You used to frack a well four times, but I make the two, four day if the pump’s good.

Lynn: (35:41)
It’s really called exploration in production in a frack.

Speaker 8: (35:43)
Yeah, there’s much more production. You can frack the well 30 times now.

Lynn: (35:48)
It’s like fracking because it sounds bad. [crosstalk 00:35:50]

Donald Trump: (35:55)
Is the fracking starting, Lynn? Because for a while now, the price was too low and then it goes up.

Lynn: (36:00)
Yeah, no. Last year was a recovery year. This year’s a really good year.

Speaker 8: (36:06)
Texas is booming. West Texas is really booming.

Lynn: (36:07)
It really is.

Donald Trump: (36:10)
So will that drive the price home? [crosstalk 00:36:20]. Is it going to?

Speaker 7: (36:23)
We’re actually self-sufficient really right now basically.

Speaker 8: (36:26)
Absolutely. 100%.

Speaker 7: (36:27)
Meaning, producing as much as our own.

Lev Parnas: (36:29)

Speaker 7: (36:29)
If it wasn’t for West Texas we’d probably have $85 oil.

Lynn: (36:33)
Oh yeah, even more.

Speaker 8: (36:33)
No, probably more.

Lynn: (36:34)

Speaker 7: (36:34)

Donald Trump: (36:37)
So, how big is West Texas? Comparing West Texas to Saudi Arabia okay, what’s your difference?

Speaker 8: (36:45)
Well, probably 60%.

Donald Trump: (36:47)
60? Is that right?

Lynn: (36:47)

Speaker 8: (36:48)
It’s 6 million barrels a day.

Speaker 11: (36:51)
Don’t forget about North Dakota.

Donald Trump: (36:52)
That’s a lot.

Speaker 8: (36:53)
Yeah. That’s just West Texas.

Donald Trump: (36:54)
What’s the quality in West Texas?

Speaker 8: (36:57)
Light and sweet.

Lynn: (36:58)
It’s really good. It’s sweet.

Donald Trump: (36:59)
So what’s the quality of Venezuela? Very bad right? It’s very heavy?

Speaker 8: (37:02)

Donald Trump: (37:03)
And is that hurting oil prices?

Lynn: (37:05)
And we’re importing Venezuelan oil because our refineries aren’t able to-

Speaker 8: (37:10)
There’s the problem.

Lynn: (37:12)
…change to light, sweet crude like we have here.

Speaker 6: (37:14)
That’s why we export.

Lynn: (37:14)
Yeah. So, we’re exporting it to other refineries-

Speaker 6: (37:14)
You need new refineries.

Lynn: (37:14)
…because we can’t refine it.

Speaker 6: (37:14)
Right? That’s the problem.

Donald Trump: (37:22)
You need what? New refineries.

Speaker 6: (37:22)
New refineries that are able to refine the crude [crosstalk 00:37:26].

Lev Parnas: (37:26)
When’s the last time we built a new refinery?

Donald Trump: (37:27)
Under the tax plan, we can—

Lynn: (37:28)
That was 35 years or so, that’s a long time.

Speaker 8: (37:29)
1974 or ’78 was the new refineries.

Lynn: (37:32)

Donald Trump: (37:34)
Yeah, just put it down.

Speaker 8: (37:34)
Before cell phones.

Lynn: (37:35)
Yep. A long time before cell phones.

Speaker 8: (37:38)
A guy told me last week, in Big Lake Texas, which is a little bitty dot out in the Permean Basin, he pulled into a Motel 6. It cost him $450 per night.

Speaker 7: (37:48)
Wow. Pretty big.

Donald Trump: (37:50)
When was that?

Speaker 8: (37:51)
Last week.

Speaker 6: (37:52)

Speaker 8: (37:53)
But the geopolitical conduit and that’s L&G changes the game right? If we export L&G we can supply Europe and Putin’s done.

Lev Parnas: (38:02)

Lynn: (38:02)

Donald Trump: (38:03)
Yep. But that’s more expensive.

Lynn: (38:03)
Which is why Putin is-

Speaker 11: (38:06)
It’s great from a National Security standpoint, how fantastic.

Speaker 8: (38:08)
But, he’s over. He’s done.

Donald Trump: (38:10)
Well how about Germany opening up a pipeline into Russia? We’re supposed to be fighting Russia. So Germany is paying Russia like $2 billion a month.

Lev Parnas: (38:20)

Donald Trump: (38:21)
And they’re a member of NATO.

Lev Parnas: (38:23)

Lynn: (38:25)
And they’re building coal plants in Germany.

Donald Trump: (38:27)
And we’re paying 90% of the cost of NATO.

Lev Parnas: (38:30)
We’re in the process of purchasing an energy company in Ukraine right now that should help cut off Russia’s-

Donald Trump: (38:35)
How’s Ukraine doing? Don’t ask.

Lev Parnas: (38:39)
They love you though. I can tell you that much. They love you.

Donald Trump: (38:41)
Great. I’ll tell you, they’re great fighters.

Lev Parnas: (38:43)
They’re great fighters. They love you.

Donald Trump: (38:45)
I think they are. They’re great fighters. They’ve been fighting for so long, they don’t know what to do without fighting.

Lev Parnas: (38:49)
Russia’s had them under for so long.

Donald Trump: (38:53)
Yeah, well they’ve been fighting for a long time.

Lev Parnas: (38:54)
They need directions. They’re waiting for direction. I can tell you that much. They’re ready. I think there’s definitely a good opportunity.

Donald Trump: (38:59)
But, it’s a problem, a big problem.

Speaker 6: (39:01)
Just like the order of javelin and missiles over there right? The antitank missiles.

Lev Parnas: (39:05)

Donald Trump: (39:07)

Speaker 6: (39:08)
I read about it today. I don’t know when it happened. It must have happened within the last couple days.

Lev Parnas: (39:12)
They’re getting it but—

Donald Trump: (39:12)
Do you think Russia ever goes in and gets Ukraine or no?

Lev Parnas: (39:21)
They would love to. They would love to, but they’re scared of you. Right now—

Speaker 6: (39:26)
But, they got what they wanted. They wanted access to the sea.

Lev Parnas: (39:28)
Not really. No, they want Ukraine. Ukraine is a vast, not even criminal. The resources in Ukraine are tremendous.

Speaker 11: (39:31)
Huge. It’s like West Texas.

Lev Parnas: (39:31)

Speaker 8: (39:31)

Lev Parnas: (39:39)
And right now, not only that, but Ukraine has a sore in their throat because of supplying the pipeline, because all the pipeline goes through Ukraine too.

Donald Trump: (39:48)
Ukraine has oil?

Speaker 8: (39:49)
Oh a lot.

Lev Parnas: (39:50)
Of course. Number one in Europe.

Donald Trump: (39:53)
Ukraine? How come they [crosstalk 00:39:55] they don’t have any money.

Lev Parnas: (39:57)

Donald Trump: (39:58)
Why aren’t the companies doing it? Too risky?

Lev Parnas: (40:02)
Because exactly the point. They were supporting the Clintons for all these years in hoping they won. Obviously you won. Biden, that was a big thing over here.

Speaker 6: (40:13)
Having Ray Washburne in OPEC, he’s able to ensure some of the economic investment in Ukraine. The geology is very similar to West Texas. You’ve got a lot of these guys in West Texas who are going over there.

Lev Parnas: (40:25)
But the potential’s number one.

Speaker 11: (40:26)
The potential is number one.

Speaker 6: (40:27)
The Communists kept great records of everything on the ground.

Lev Parnas: (40:31)
Yes, absolutely. They have everything there. They’re just right now waiting for your support a little bit, to make sure. Obviously if they go on their own, Russia won’t let them do it because they’ll cut off a lot of their revenue.

Donald Trump: (40:45)
How long will they last in a fight with Russia?

Lynn: (40:47)
Not very long.

Lev Parnas: (40:49)
I don’t think very long. Without us, not very long. But Russia also, keep in mind, talks a big game but they’re not ready to play.

Lynn: (41:03)
Well Russia is what, 13th economy?

Lev Parnas: (41:09)
The economy yeah.

Speaker 6: (41:09)
Big game but not.

Lev Parnas: (41:10)
He talks a big game but with Syria it was a great great job he did there.

Donald Trump: (41:15)
How’s Ukraine feeling about it all right now?

Lev Parnas: (41:18)
They’re actually-

Speaker 12: (41:19)
Very much appreciate.

Lev Parnas: (41:20)
Very much appreciate everything you’re doing.

Donald Trump: (41:22)
No, but do they feel they’re going to be okay?

Speaker 12: (41:24)

Lev Parnas: (41:25)
They feel they’re going to be okay if you support them, yeah. If you don’t help Russia.

Donald Trump: (41:26)
What do you think of the leader?

Speaker 12: (41:26)
The leader is good.

Lev Parnas: (41:29)
Poroshenko is a good guy. He wants the right thing for it.

Donald Trump: (41:32)
See it’s always us that has to support everybody.

Lev Parnas: (41:34)
Well the biggest problem is the corruption there.

Donald Trump: (41:36)
And you wonder why isn’t Germany supporting?

Speaker 12: (41:38)
He’s very much, he needs support. Germany has supported him, yeah. Not at all.

Speaker 10: (41:43)
Germany is going behind-

Donald Trump: (41:44)
Germany is not doing much.

Speaker 12: (41:45)
They’re supporting Russia.

Donald Trump: (41:48)
You think so?

Lev Parnas: (41:48)
Oh 100%.

Speaker 12: (41:48)
To beat them to pay Russia.

Lev Parnas: (41:51)
100%. 100%.

Donald Trump: (41:52)
It just makes no sense.

Lev Parnas: (41:54)
It doesn’t, exactly. It doesn’t make sense.

Donald Trump: (41:55)
It makes no sense.

Speaker 12: (41:55)
I’m sure they need support from you the President.

Lev Parnas: (41:58)
Exactly. A lot of the European countries they’re backstabbing us basically and dealing with Russia. That’s why you’re having such difficulty. I think if you take a look, the biggest problem there I think where you need to start is, we’ve got to get rid of the ambassador. She’s still left over from the Clinton administration.

Donald Trump: (42:14)
Where? The ambassador where? Ukraine?

Lev Parnas: (42:15)
Yeah. She’s basically walking around telling everybody, “Wait, he’s going to get impeached. Just wait.”

Donald Trump: (42:20)

Lev Parnas: (42:22)
It’s incredible.

Donald Trump: (42:23)
“He’ll be gone tomorrow.”

Lev Parnas: (42:25)

Donald Trump: (42:26)
What’s her [crosstalk 00:42:30]?

Speaker 12: (42:26)
I don’t remember.

Lev Parnas: (42:26)
I don’t have a name off back.

Speaker 6: (42:31)
So one of the things that will be, now that we have a Secretary of State-

Donald Trump: (42:34)
Get rid of her. Get her out tomorrow. I don’t care, get her out tomorrow. Take her out, okay? Do it.

Lynn: (42:40)
Take a note.

Lev Parnas: (42:41)

Speaker 8: (42:43)
Congratulations [inaudible 00:42:47].

Donald Trump: (42:47)
Pompeo is going to be good. He’s doing a good job. Already he’s done a good job. Now we got to go, I’m pretty good. We got a lot of interesting things.

Lev Parnas: (42:59)
All good stuff.

Speaker 6: (42:59)
Mr. President, why can’t you walk down to the FBI with the certificate? No really, and I mean this sincerely, with TV cameras, and say, “Give me the $1.2 million.” Literally with TV cameras, “Give me the 1.2,” and if they don’t, “You’re fired, you’re fired.”

Lev Parnas: (43:18)
[crosstalk 00:43:18] it’s so incredible I can’t even believe it.

Speaker 6: (43:23)
I can’t yell at the TV any more than that.

Donald Trump: (43:25)
No it’s a deep state deal but it’s going good. You see the other side.

Speaker 7: (43:33)

Donald Trump: (43:34)
Yeah. The stuff that they have is so bad about the other side, that they’re trying to keep it. It’s now coming out.

Lynn: (43:43)
Are you waiting for the timing of it to be released?

Donald Trump: (43:45)
Yeah I have to wait. I’m waiting for the timing, the right timing.

Speaker 8: (43:48)

Donald Trump: (43:51)
It’s such bad stuff. Like Combe is guilty already.

Lev Parnas: (43:55)
Oh he’s a disgrace.

Donald Trump: (43:56)
Every time he goes on television he gets another-

Speaker 6: (43:56)
He changes the story.

Speaker 7: (44:03)
[crosstalk 00:44:03] Their attempt to settle was the biggest backfire in the history.

Lev Parnas: (44:08)
Yes, yes.

Speaker 7: (44:09)
They were so shocked when they had went in, they weren’t prepared for it.

Lynn: (44:12)

Lev Parnas: (44:13)
You can’t even look at him on TV. It’s embarrassing.

Speaker 6: (44:15)
But even the left-

Lev Parnas: (44:15)
The left, it’s not even a conversation.

Speaker 7: (44:20)
They sound like a whiny teenager.

Speaker 6: (44:21)
Joe Allen make a toast.

Donald Trump: (44:22)
But they’re not so happy.

Lev Parnas: (44:22)

Joe Allen: (44:26)
I’d like to make a toast to Mr. President. Thank you very much for the sacrifice that you and your family-

Lev Parnas: (44:31)
You’re not kidding. Cheers.

Joe Allen: (44:33)
When you put up with this shit.

Lev Parnas: (44:43)
Thank you so much.

Speaker 7: (44:43)
Well said.

Donald Trump: (44:43)
Thank you sir.

Lev Parnas: (44:43)
Well said.

Donald Trump: (44:43)
Thank you everybody. Guys enjoy your meal, whatever it is.

Lev Parnas: (44:43)
We got the Presidential.

Donald Trump: (44:45)
I can’t have different from other people. Who wants a steak? Who wants a steak?

Speaker 12: (44:50)
No, no, no.

Speaker 7: (44:51)
I got Presidential burger [crosstalk 00:45:03]. We just like the burger.

Speaker 11: (45:06)
You’re going to a hotel.

Speaker 7: (45:06)
The habits.

Joe Allen: (45:07)
Enjoy. Everyone had a choice.

Donald Trump: (45:08)
I was going to say they brought my a shrimp cocktail, I’m looking who else has one?

Speaker 6: (45:13)
You are the President.

Speaker 7: (45:13)
And owner of the hotel.

Donald Trump: (45:22)
The hotel’s pretty great.

Speaker 12: (45:22)
It’s great. It’s amazing meal. I said this is great.

Lynn: (45:26)
There were no democrats [crosstalk 00:45:28].

Lev Parnas: (45:27)
Mr. President?

Donald Trump: (45:27)

Lev Parnas: (45:36)
Have you thought about allowing banking in some of these states that allow cannabis? From the banking, allow them to bank the money?

Donald Trump: (45:45)
Yeah, and what led cannabis, look, you mean you’re talking about marijuana right?

Lev Parnas: (45:48)
Right, but we’re talking about just the states that already legal. I’m talking for-

Donald Trump: (45:50)
Why? You can’t do banking there?

Lev Parnas: (45:52)
That’s the biggest problem. None of the banks have-

Donald Trump: (45:55)
Yeah, it’ll be, it’s all working out. That whole thing is-

Lev Parnas: (45:57)
Because that’s so important-

Donald Trump: (45:59)
I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing [crosstalk 00:46:00].

Speaker 6: (46:04)
It’s a big issue with a lot of people [crosstalk 00:46:04].

Speaker 7: (46:04)
The military and the vets, it’s a big one there.

Lev Parnas: (46:04)
Well the reason why I’m bringing it up is because we’ve been working very hard to try and figure out how with the midterms and everything that’s going on. Like you said, I think it’s a tremendous, tremendous movement with a lot of the young, the millennials-

Donald Trump: (46:22)
But do you think the whole marijuana thing is a good thing?

Lynn: (46:22)

Speaker 6: (46:22)
Nope. I can’t even hire people.

Lev Parnas: (46:29)
I think it’s a combination. I think it’s something that is the future, no matter how you look at it. I think it’s something that is so far out that you’re not going to stop it. I think you need to be ahead of it and I think you need to control it.

Donald Trump: (46:40)
In Colorado they have more accidents. It does cause an IQ problem.[crosstalk 00:46:46].

Lev Parnas: (46:46)
But then you take a look at your opioid crisis and then the veterans-

Donald Trump: (46:55)
But it’s actually good for opioids.

Speaker 12: (46:57)

Lev Parnas: (47:02)

Speaker 12: (47:02)
It’s fight against.

Lynn: (47:03)
Better alternative.

Speaker 6: (47:04)
Between that and alcohol, as far as I’m concerned alcohol does much more damage.

Lev Parnas: (47:08)
Much more damage.

Speaker 6: (47:11)
You don’t see people driving even-

Lev Parnas: (47:13)

Speaker 6: (47:13)
You don’t see people beating their wives on marijuana. It’s just different.

Speaker 7: (47:21)
I agree with you.

Lev Parnas: (47:21)
This is what I want to recommend. What I want to recommend to you-

Speaker 7: (47:21)
The issue is this-

Lev Parnas: (47:23)
…is not to move one way or the other, but what I want to recommend is to set up a committee. A bipartisan committee, no politicians. Just leading people in the [inaudible 00:47:32] so you can have your ear, and so you can know what’s going on to make the right decision. By just putting the committee together, I think would give you such a boost in the midterm with a lot of the millennials. A Presidential committee on cannabis to be able to set up of, we’ve got a lot of professionals like even Baynor right now joined a [crosstalk 00:47:55].

Lev Parnas: (47:55)
I think there’s a lot of people, if you get the right information. One of the things I did also, I’ll leave it behind. There’s some statistics and information that I think is extremely important for you to take a look at, that I think for the midterms could be, again, we’re not talking about going one way or the other. I think the most important thing is for you to be ahead of the game. We got 30 states, they already legalized it, you got over 90%. I’m not involved in that business, but I have a lot of friends that are. I’m in the LEG industry, but I’ve been watching you evolve over the years. I live in Florida. I’ve seen what it does in Florida. I’ve seen-

Donald Trump: (48:42)
How’s Florida doing now with Rich Scott?

Lev Parnas: (48:44)
Rich Scott’s doing, we’re actually holding a fundraiser for him-

Donald Trump: (48:47)
How’s he doing?

Lev Parnas: (48:48)
He’s great. Rick is great.

Donald Trump: (48:48)
Is he going to win or is it-

Lev Parnas: (48:51)
He’s going to be close by [crosstalk 00:48:53]. I think if we’re ever going to win it’s this time. We’ve been going hard for a while but I think we got a good shot this time. I think if it’s anybody’s going to do it, Rick’s going to do it. But we have a great city. Pam’s great. I just had lunch with Pam last week. [crosstalk 00:49:12] and so that was fantastic. [crosstalk 00:49:23]. Again, it’s a very common subject that’s controversial, it’s not something that we need to go one way. I think that as long as you have a committee, that can give you the right direction, that’s bipartisan, that’s not one way or the other, I think then you can be ahead of the game and make the right decisions. You will make the right decision which way it goes. I’ll leave some stuff behind.

Donald Trump: (49:47)
How are you doing?

Speaker 12: (49:48)
Good. Thank you very much.

Donald Trump: (49:49)
So now, what are you doing?

Lev Parnas: (49:50)
He’s my partner in the energy industry.

Donald Trump: (49:52)
Oh good.

Lev Parnas: (49:52)
We’re purchasing right now, we’re in the process of, in the bidding. Ukraine is privatizing one of their biggest energy companies.

Donald Trump: (50:01)
So you’re involved [crosstalk 00:50:02].

Lev Parnas: (50:02)
Yeah, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Turkey.

Donald Trump: (50:12)
Poland is great.

Lev Parnas: (50:12)
Poland is great actually. We’re very close to [crosstalk 00:50:14]. Brian’s dealing with Turkey.

Speaker 12: (50:15)
They try to play you know.

Lev Parnas: (50:18)
Already got them yeah. They play both sides. One of the things we’re trying to do with Lithuania if it works out, Turkey is in talks with the Russians right now to put a pipeline for their energy. Nuclear active [inaudible 00:50:32]. If we’re able to do what we’re doing, we’ll be able to cut off Russia at the knees and put a pipeline from Ukraine under the water and supply Turkey with energy. [crosstalk 00:50:43] under water.

Speaker 6: (50:46)
I know. That pipeline is called [crosstalk 00:50:51].

Donald Trump: (50:56)
How’s that going? [crosstalk 00:51:06].

Speaker 7: (51:07)
My grandpa, he’s 78 years old and he doesn’t need to deal with that kind of ego. He came in with a sizable investment and-

Donald Trump: (51:19)
At the time it was the right thing to do.

Speaker 6: (51:20)

Speaker 7: (51:21)
We figured for his-

Donald Trump: (51:22)
So are you just sort of sitting back now? He was telling me he’s just going to sit back and, who cares? Or is he-

Speaker 7: (51:29)
We’re trying to figure out ways to deal with it as non-compete right now because within the company he’s got I think a five year non-compete.

Donald Trump: (51:39)
At 78, five years is a long time.

Speaker 7: (51:43)

Donald Trump: (51:45)
It’s happening. Between him and your father, they’re great designers. And they work, you don’t want to waste five years. At the end of five years you can do what you want to do?

Speaker 7: (51:58)
If you have any kind of celebrity attached to you, it’s kind of hard to enforce a non-compete of that length. All the news that we’re getting back is positive, on the five year span. In the meantime, they’re trying to figure out ways. They’ve got a few things in the pipeline where they can restructure some deals to, if they’re not taking up front design fees, then maybe you factor in a charitable aspect. He’s going to find a way to do some work.

Donald Trump: (52:30)
Which he likes any way.

Speaker 7: (52:31)
Exactly. He’s got, as you know the [inaudible 00:52:35].

Donald Trump: (52:35)
It’s just an exhausting part, because I know him. I know the guy.

Speaker 11: (52:39)
Howard. These New York guys huh? [crosstalk 00:52:46].

Donald Trump: (52:47)
Did he buy it?

Speaker 11: (52:48)
I believe so. Within the last year or so.

Speaker 6: (52:51)
What’s that?

Speaker 11: (52:52)
Golf magazine.

Speaker 6: (52:53)
Golf magazine the what? The club company? What company?

Donald Trump: (52:58)
Howard bought Golf magazine. Bought if for $15 million. 10 years ago you would have paid $300 million.

Speaker 8: (53:05)
$15 million that’s a-

Donald Trump: (53:06)
15. Can you believe that?

Lev Parnas: (53:07)
That’s where our a print is going. Print is going there. All magazines.

Donald Trump: (53:11)
Magazines are dead.

Lev Parnas: (53:12)
In that business print is out the door.

Speaker 6: (53:17)
What do you think happens to cable TV?

Donald Trump: (53:19)
I think cable TV is okay, right? Is it? I will say, if we ever lost an election, cable TV is dead. You can imagine if they had a normal candidate. That’s all they talk about. Trump stories, Trump, Trump, Trump, that’s all they talk about. They have a normal candidate. They had Hilary, crooked Hilary.

Speaker 8: (53:39)
Oh my God.

Donald Trump: (53:40)
Their ratings would be 1/5th.

Speaker 6: (53:42)
Well they just hope for her case.

Donald Trump: (53:44)
That’s why I tell everybody they’re going to endorse me. About six months before the election they’ll endorse me and then they’ll un-endorse me after that. Now, but they’re bad, they’re bad.

Lynn: (53:55)
You are the only one that could have won against her. You are the only one. You are the only one that actually called her on her lies, and her constant stuff. Nobody else would have done that. Everybody else would have been too polite, they would have not mentioned it.

Donald Trump: (54:15)
Obama would have been easier. Second term.

Speaker 12: (54:17)
You would have destroyed him.

Donald Trump: (54:18)
Romney should have never lost anything. Obama would have been much easier second term.

Lev Parnas: (54:21)
The big mistake was [inaudible 00:54:21] opening up his mouth and getting that tape with the Hispanice.

Speaker 7: (54:21)
You think Obama would have been easier than Hilary?

Donald Trump: (54:22)
I think so. I think Obama, second term, not first [crosstalk 00:54:43].

Speaker 7: (54:42)
Bernie would have beat Hilary [crosstalk 00:54:45].

Lev Parnas: (54:44)
Right. There was no hatred. [crosstalk 00:55:04].

Donald Trump: (55:06)
All those people that hated her so much who voted for me. I got 20% of Bernie vote, people don’t realize that, because of trade. He’s a big trade guy. He’s basically said we’re getting screwed on trade, and he’s right. And we can do something about it. Had she picked Bernie Sanders, it could have been tougher. [crosstalk 00:55:31].

Donald Trump: (55:27)
If they had a conversation.

Speaker 13: (56:00)
He has three beach houses.

Donald Trump: (56:02)
Of course.

Speaker 13: (56:03)
He should be going nuts.

Speaker 14: (56:03)
Of course, 100%.

Donald Trump: (56:03)
Is he going to be running again?

Speaker 14: (56:07)
I don’t think so.

Donald Trump: (56:07)
I think he might.

Speaker 14: (56:07)
You think he might, again?

Donald Trump: (56:09)
Because he does a lot of television. Usually when they do a lot of television that means they’re running. [crosstalk 00:56:13]

Speaker 13: (56:13)
Biden seems like he’s still [crosstalk 00:56:14].

Donald Trump: (56:13)
I like him because I’m a big Giuliani fan. I hope Biden runs.

Speaker 14: (56:13)
I hope Biden runs.

Speaker 15: (56:13)
He’s in our video.

Speaker 13: (56:20)
Let me ask a question about wind and solar versus and natural gas, and electricity versus natural gas for vehicles. I have all four, the momentum that electric vehicles have. But here we are in North America with Shell oil and gas, with Shell gas, which we have an abundance of natural gas, but here we are permitting these L&G tankers to ship them in and try to sell it to us. Now …

Donald Trump: (56:54)
Well, that’s good though. Right?

Speaker 13: (56:57)
It’s great. It’s great but here we are, we have these car manufacturers that are just standing ready, and they’re trying to figure out a way to meet emission standards, and everything else.

Donald Trump: (57:08)
Yeah, but we’re going to lower them.

Speaker 13: (57:10)
We are, we are.

Donald Trump: (57:12)
You know that the café standard?

Speaker 13: (57:14)
Absolutely, I mean you’ve done a great job of that, by the way. How can, I mean there is a huge opportunity to open up, compressed natural gas, C&G, to be on parity and unlike electric vehicles, we don’t want any tax credit. All we want is-

Donald Trump: (57:36)
Is that what business are in, compression?

Speaker 13: (57:38)
Yes. Gas business.

Donald Trump: (57:39)
Compressed or-

Speaker 13: (57:40)
We’re on the compression side. We’re not on the production side.

Donald Trump: (57:44)
They make the compressors to move the natural gas through the pipeline.

Speaker 13: (57:47)
To move the natural gas through the pipeline. But if we can make C&Go natural gas vehicles to be on a par basis for manufacturing with electric cars with the manufacturers who have a choice-

Donald Trump: (58:07)
How are electric cars doing now?

Speaker 13: (58:09)
Not good. Why? You know what happened-

Donald Trump: (58:10)
Well, Tesla, he’s got an electric car.

Speaker 16: (58:15)
Well, Tesla’s broke. [crosstalk 00:58:18] 100%.

Donald Trump: (58:23)

David: (58:23)

Speaker 13: (58:23)
Just going down the lineup of most popular cars-

Speaker 15: (58:27)
But this thing is not-

Donald Trump: (58:27)
Because they can’t produce them.

Speaker 13: (58:28)
Well a number of reasons.

Speaker 16: (58:29)
Well, a) they can’t produce them. He’s already, these auto companies have caught up to him. The other auto companies have caught up to him. He’s never generated anywhere close to positive cash flow. He’s subsidized by $25,000 per vehicle. It’s over. The other thing that people forget about, it’s great to have an electric vehicle, but you got to plug it in and get it charged somewhere.

Speaker 16: (58:51)
And the carbon footprint of this phone is the same as a refrigerator running. You need to generate the power. And generating it with wind and solar, wind and solar only generate 3-1/2% of our power usage. You would take 50 years to get up to 5% at the rate we’re growing. It’s still the fossil fuels generating power. You have to have nuclear. You have to have-

Speaker 13: (59:14)
Oil and gas.

Speaker 14: (59:17)

Speaker 16: (59:17)
… Oil and gas, and you have to have coal. [crosstalk 00:59:20].

Donald Trump: (59:20)
How come the stock price is so high?

Speaker 16: (59:24)
Because he’s a great salesman.

Speaker 13: (59:24)
Because he’s a great salesman.

David: (59:24)
The millennials are buying. Exactly. [crosstalk 00:59:26]

Speaker 13: (59:26)
I took my son to my market. My son is 16 years old. I gave him a little bit of money and money he made working to invest in stocks. He said, “What about Tesla?” I showed him the cash flow. I said, “Look, even if he starts making money today, he’s 10, 12 years from where he’s going to break even.”

Donald Trump: (59:44)
But the stock is still doing very nice.

Speaker 13: (59:48)
Yeah. [crosstalk 00:59:48] That stock is history. He’s done.

Donald Trump: (59:50)
[inaudible 00:59:50] against it?

Speaker 16: (59:51)

Speaker 13: (59:53)
He’s a very smart guy. He’s a brilliant guy.

Speaker 15: (59:55)
He’s a little off socially.

Speaker 16: (59:57)
He’s a brilliant guy, but the company’s done. Tesla as a car maker is done. [crosstalk 01:00:01]

Speaker 13: (01:00:01)
But, regardless, regardless. I think the nation-

Speaker 16: (01:00:06)
You got to relax once in a while.

Speaker 13: (01:00:08)
They’re going electric, they’re saving the planet. I think it’s awesome that they’d want to do that. But give the auto manufacturers an opportunity to put out C&G cars where we have all this natural gas-

Speaker 16: (01:00:28)
100%. Free almost free.

Speaker 13: (01:00:30)
We have all this natural gas that-

Speaker 15: (01:00:38)
Plus, plus …

Speaker 16: (01:00:38)
Saudi, Brazil, Venezuela and Russia has natural gas. We have the most natural gas of anywhere.. [crosstalk 01:00:38] Plus the many country operations, it’s all [crosstalk 01:00:38] to converting existing engines to natural gas engines versus-

Donald Trump: (01:00:46)
So that’s a third type of car now you’re talking about?

Speaker 13: (01:00:48)

Speaker 15: (01:00:49)
But the good thing is [crosstalk 01:00:51] it’s great for trucks.

Speaker 16: (01:00:51)
Trucks and buses.

Speaker 15: (01:00:57)
Like Ford F150. You know, which is the most popular truck and vehicle.

Donald Trump: (01:01:02)
It is?

Speaker 15: (01:01:03)
I think so, yeah.

Speaker 16: (01:01:04)

Donald Trump: (01:01:04)
Why is that?

Speaker 13: (01:01:07)
Because it’s a light utility truck that everyone-

Donald Trump: (01:01:09)
Is that the aluminum one?

Speaker 17: (01:01:10)
It’s what I drive. [crosstalk 01:01:12]

Speaker 13: (01:01:13)
You’re thinking of the Raptor. It’s aluminum frame. They invented an aluminum truck.

Speaker 17: (01:01:20)
I’ve got the aluminum body, yeah.

Donald Trump: (01:01:21)
What do you think of it?

Speaker 15: (01:01:21)
But you can’t do that in electric vehicles.

Donald Trump: (01:01:21)
Oh, you like it?

Speaker 17: (01:01:21)
I love it.

Donald Trump: (01:01:21)
Is it strong enough?

Speaker 17: (01:01:21)
Yes sir.

Donald Trump: (01:01:24)
Does it dent easier?

Speaker 17: (01:01:28)
I’m sorry?

Donald Trump: (01:01:28)
Does it dent easier? You think so?

Speaker 17: (01:01:36)
It takes a lot [crosstalk 01:01:36] As far as the bed’s concerned, it’s lined properly so if you throw anything in it, properly [crosstalk 01:01:40]

Speaker 13: (01:01:36)
The problem is repairs.

Donald Trump: (01:01:36)
You have the aluminum body?

Speaker 17: (01:01:45)
Yes sir.

Donald Trump: (01:01:45)
And did you request that?

Speaker 17: (01:01:47)
No, actually Ford, I think the new line of trucks, I think 2017, they started-

Speaker 13: (01:01:51)
They started with the Raptor.

Donald Trump: (01:01:52)
Has that turned out to be a good investment for them, or not?

Speaker 13: (01:01:55)

Speaker 17: (01:01:56)
I’d have to look more into it. As a consumer, I like it. Back in the day, I had, about 10 years ago, my first truck was a 2008 250, and I mean, I can just feel the difference driving the thing.

Donald Trump: (01:02:10)
It’s lighter?

Speaker 17: (01:02:11)
So much lighter. I mean the performance. It drives like a high-performance vehicle.

Speaker 13: (01:02:15)
I think guys that are doing heavy work probably prefer the steel body.

Speaker 16: (01:02:18)
Well you have high [crosstalk 01:02:21]

Speaker 13: (01:02:20)
… that have made up that ground tremendously. The aluminum, when you go to a body shop to repair aluminum, it’s three times the cost, or more

Speaker 17: (01:02:30)
No way.

Speaker 13: (01:02:31)
It’s just a whole different level of technical-

Donald Trump: (01:02:32)
Also, repairing aluminum stuff-

Speaker 13: (01:02:34)
Yeah, the welding takes a whole new skill set. It’s a-

Speaker 16: (01:02:37)
Well, the parity between electric and C&G, will provide incredible jobs for your auto manufacturers-

Speaker 15: (01:02:45)
Well, just because of the variety.

Speaker 13: (01:02:46)
Imagine the drilling and crafting.

Speaker 16: (01:02:48)
Natural is locally-

Speaker 13: (01:02:52)
We can’t store enough of it.

Speaker 15: (01:02:57)
And it’s clean. That’s the other thing. It’s very clean

Donald Trump: (01:02:58)
So is that happening?

Speaker 13: (01:02:58)

Donald Trump: (01:02:58)

Speaker 13: (01:03:02)
Because today, the auto manufacturers are not incentivized at all to put sealing carbon.

Donald Trump: (01:03:11)
But people still like gasoline cars?

Speaker 13: (01:03:14)

Speaker 14: (01:03:14)
Still the majority.

Donald Trump: (01:03:16)
They really don’t want the aluminum. I mean, they don’t want the electric. They majority is still gas.

David: (01:03:19)
Because they don’t understand.

Speaker 15: (01:03:19)
It doesn’t work for a truck.

Speaker 13: (01:03:19)
Hybrids are definitely more popular.

David: (01:03:19)
Much more than just electric.

Donald Trump: (01:03:22)
Is hybrid working?

Speaker 13: (01:03:29)

Donald Trump: (01:03:29)
But not great?

Speaker 15: (01:03:30)
For trucks and stuff. [crosstalk 01:03:32]

Donald Trump: (01:03:34)
People still like gasoline right?

David: (01:03:36)
It’s a millennial thing. It’s a hippy, millennial thing. 100%. [crosstalk 01:03:40]

Donald Trump: (01:03:40)
That’s interesting.

David: (01:03:47)
He wants …

Donald Trump: (01:03:47)
You like 547s?

David: (01:03:52)
Big engine. Two miles a gallon.

Speaker 15: (01:03:58)
And you are not alone. [crosstalk 01:03:58] Everybody does.

Speaker 13: (01:04:00)
Mr. President, we run some C&G trucks. Semi-trucks. And actually is more, it’s prevalent. You can get it. But it’s a lot less power. It’s a lot less miles per gallon. There’s a $.50 tax credit. If you don’t get that, it really is not feasible-

Donald Trump: (01:04:25)
Wait, but you said it doesn’t have the power and it doesn’t run as well. I think that is wonderful. [crosstalk 01:04:32]

Speaker 16: (01:04:33)
Isn’t also that it’s not as prevalent?

Speaker 13: (01:04:34)
It’s not as prevalent.

Donald Trump: (01:04:34)
But maybe you’re taking the routes that may not be the most effective route?

Speaker 17: (01:04:38)
Not really. Yes and no.

Donald Trump: (01:04:41)
What do you mean trucks? What do you mean trucks. What do you do?

Speaker 17: (01:04:45)
Our main thing we do, we haul mail for the postal service.

Donald Trump: (01:04:47)
Oh, I see. So you know the difference, right? You have every kind. Is there anything like gasoline?

Speaker 17: (01:04:53)
Nope. Well diesel for trucks.

Donald Trump: (01:04:56)
How is diesel compared to regular gasoline? [crosstalk 01:05:00]

Speaker 17: (01:05:00)
Diesel, you can’t run diesel in a semi. Big tractor.

Donald Trump: (01:05:04)
Oh, I see. Why can’t you? It’s not as strong?

Speaker 15: (01:05:06)
But you can run-

Speaker 17: (01:05:08)
It doesn’t have the BTUs that diesel has.

Donald Trump: (01:05:10)
But in mail trucks you’re using diesel?

Speaker 17: (01:05:13)
Well, semi. We’re long haul.

Donald Trump: (01:05:15)
And you’ve tried with the compressed gas?

Speaker 17: (01:05:18)
We do run it. We have some C&G trucks.

Donald Trump: (01:05:21)
And how do you find them?

Speaker 17: (01:05:23)
We don’t like it. The C&G, the pricing is really good.

Donald Trump: (01:05:29)
But you said it’s more expensive. [crosstalk 01:05:33]

Speaker 13: (01:05:33)
… technology has been around for ever, but it’s shut off because everyone went to battery. But the truck [crosstalk 01:05:43] touching on trucks-

Speaker 17: (01:05:45)
The distance, you have to keep refueling. So there’s issues with it that aren’t hard to overcome, but you got to understand that world is going either electric or fossil fuel.

Donald Trump: (01:06:03)

Speaker 17: (01:06:03)
But the rate they’re held back, the millennials and the rest of them, are-

Speaker 13: (01:06:04)
… afraid of holding back. We could be doing more business, you can’t get trucks. And there’s two reasons why.

Donald Trump: (01:06:13)
You can’t get trucks?

Speaker 13: (01:06:15)
You can’t get trucks.

Donald Trump: (01:06:16)
You can’t buy them?

Speaker 17: (01:06:17)
No, no, no. People are not going into the business. And now it’s gotten worse. [crosstalk 01:06:25]

Speaker 13: (01:06:25)
Sorry, I guess what I’m saying. You can get trucks, you can’t get somebody, another driver. You need somebody-

Speaker 17: (01:06:33)
So, Mr. President, while trucking is a tough job to go into, so that’s number one, and they made it a lot tougher with the e-logs. So e-logs limits, any time the wheel turns in a truck, it’s part of the log for the day. It’s a 14-hour day. So let’s say if someone is half an hour from home in their truck, in their long-haul truck, they literally have to pull over on the side of the road and stop. They can’t go home. So they don’t even want to do it anymore. So we have people that don’t want to go into the trucking business and we can’t get enough drivers and tractors to haul our product around the country.

Donald Trump Jr: (01:07:12)
Does a lot of this get solved with some of the automated …

Speaker 17: (01:07:15)
Yes, but it’s a long way away.

Speaker 15: (01:07:17)
That is not going to happen.

Speaker 17: (01:07:19)
You’re going to have pitch and catch for it, but it’s still a long way away.

Donald Trump: (01:07:25)
So you say you don’t have manufacturers that can make enough trucks?

Speaker 17: (01:07:28)

Speaker 13: (01:07:28)
No, they’re making trucks. The drivers [crosstalk 01:07:30]

Donald Trump: (01:07:29)
You can’t get drivers?

David: (01:07:29)
Soon they’ll all be driving by themselves. [crosstalk 01:07:36]

Speaker 13: (01:07:36)
The guy’s going 90 mile per hour trying to make up time, he’s working an 18-hour day, it pays. But when you have those limitations, you can’t do it.

Donald Trump: (01:07:47)
You mean they can only drive so much?

Speaker 13: (01:07:49)
It’s like a pilot.

Speaker 17: (01:07:51)

Speaker 13: (01:07:52)
Exactly. [crosstalk 01:07:53]

Donald Trump: (01:07:53)
So they have a method that you shut down a truck?

Speaker 13: (01:07:58)
So every truck now is on an e-log, you’re electronically watched so if that truck, if he turns up for 14 hours, if he’s at 20 minutes to get home, he could be fined huge and actually done trucking. [crosstalk 01:08:15] No, everything’s e-log. It has to be e-logged.

Male: (01:08:19)
The average used to be able to do it. He said, “Hey, I’m willing to work a 12 to 14-hour day so I can make up the difference by doing it. Now they limit it to eight hours, you’re sitting there for the other-

Speaker 13: (01:08:27)
It’s meant for safety. They can drive for 11. They have to be home within 14 hours.

Donald Trump: (01:08:35)
What happens if you have two drivers?

Male: (01:08:36)
Like a tandem or a team? You can continue.

Speaker 13: (01:08:38)
You can continue, but again, it works best if it’s rare. So it’s very tough. If you were to ask me five years ago, what my biggest problem in business would have been, I couldn’t tell you. Imports are always number one, that we’re battling. What I would say almost without a doubt today is transportation. I can’t move my material.

Donald Trump: (01:09:00)
How’s Amazon doing?

David: (01:09:01)
Oh, they’re doing great. They’re doing great. [crosstalk 01:09:05]

Speaker 14: (01:09:04)
You deliver something, you pick it up, you deliver it.

David: (01:09:11)
It’s a fad. It’s a fad.

Speaker 14: (01:09:12)
How do you make money?

Speaker 13: (01:09:13)
You can lose money for 20 years. You get a [inaudible 01:09:16] on doing it. You decimate everybody else. You’re going to own the industry.

David: (01:09:19)
Exactly. That’s what they’re doing.

Donald Trump: (01:09:20)
That’s what the other guys are starting now, Walmart and all these.

David: (01:09:23)
They’re all starting to drive something.

Donald Trump: (01:09:24)
I know them very well.

Male: (01:09:26)
That was a great call on Amazon.

Donald Trump: (01:09:28)
They’re ripping off the post office.

Male: (01:09:29)
I think they’re spot-on.

Speaker 13: (01:09:34)
The postal service can do-

Donald Trump: (01:09:36)
But 40% of the business you do is with Amazon. And they don’t pay-

Speaker 13: (01:09:40)
No, 2% to the postal service.

Donald Trump: (01:09:42)
They say it’s 40. They actually said it’s 40. Maybe because you’re using compressed gas, you can’t [crosstalk 01:09:42]

Speaker 13: (01:09:42)
I have a lot of information on the postal service, if you want to get it.

Donald Trump: (01:09:47)
How is the postal service doing?

Speaker 13: (01:10:06)
Actually, I’ve been dealing with them for over 40 years, and I think they’re the best they’ve ever been.

Donald Trump: (01:10:12)

Speaker 13: (01:10:12)
They have great management. They basically break even other than the pension that they’re re-funding. But as a solution rather than a problem, I do think that the government should do a 500-mile piece of road, dedicate a lane on both sides for autonomous trucks. Talk about a driver shortage. If these trucks, all the technology is there right now. There isn’t any reason to not have autonomous trucks, other than putting amongst the cars. You can’t put them with cars.

Donald Trump: (01:10:53)
Why can’t you put them with cars?

Speaker 13: (01:10:56)
Just the shortage, the regulations, the states, the perception. But if you would put a separate lane, just-

Donald Trump: (01:11:01)
How safe is autonomous?

Speaker 13: (01:11:03)
It’s absolutely safe. If you-

Donald Trump: (01:11:05)
So why isn’t it [crosstalk 01:11:15]

David: (01:11:15)
Yeah, I’m with you. [crosstalk 01:11:15]

Speaker 13: (01:11:15)
If you had a lane where you could put some of these truck drivers and say, “Hey, you can work a 15-hour day, you’re just riding along, you’re pitch and catch.” Long routes would be.

David: (01:11:21)
I’m still scared of those. You see those cars driving by themselves, it’s weird.

Speaker 13: (01:11:27)
I don’t understand why Amazon, when they’re getting a bulk rate, because that bulk rate is actually sucking up and using the postal service’s capacity, which forces us to actually add. Why if you’re using up that much capacity in the bulk rate, why don’t you just charge more?

Speaker 16: (01:11:42)
It’s the same. Everyone at this table can get that rate.

Speaker 13: (01:11:48)
No, I understand. That’s not the point [crosstalk 01:11:51]

Speaker 16: (01:11:54)
A little off the subject. The head guy in Ukraine, and some of the Rabbis in Israel-

Speaker 13: (01:12:00)
They want everybody-

Speaker 16: (01:12:06)
… in the Hebrew religion, they’re waiting for the Messiah to come. So the Messiah motions [crosstalk 01:12:13] you take your name, you see where it adds up 424. You take your name, Donald Trump, and there [inaudible 01:12:19] it adds up to 424. It’s something that is very unbelievable.

David: (01:12:24)
It’s unbelievable.

Speaker 13: (01:12:25)
What does that mean?

David: (01:12:27)
It’s like you have the same numbers as the Messiah. It’s like not good, it’s like best. It’s like miracle.

Speaker 13: (01:12:38)
Why 424?

David: (01:12:39)
It’s like name of messiah.

Speaker 16: (01:12:42)
That’s the messiah, it comes out to 424.

Speaker 13: (01:12:44)
What other numbers you got?

Speaker 16: (01:12:44)
No, no it’s not the numbers.

David: (01:12:44)
Exactly the number.

Speaker 16: (01:12:49)
Your name, in the numbers, it adds up to his name.

David: (01:12:52)
It’s 424, 424 in the Jewish. So it’s like messiah is the person that’s come to save the whole world. So like you’re the savior of the universe. It’s amazing. We just saw it and went … It’s amazing, you know? So all Jew people of Ukraine’s praying of you. They’re like …

Speaker 13: (01:13:14)
Talk to Jared, he’ll explain it to you.

David: (01:13:23)
He’s like …

Speaker 13: (01:13:23)
Are you going to Israel on the 14th? Is she going to go ahead and-

Donald Trump: (01:13:26)
I don’t think so. I said I was going to spend $1 billion building a building, I spent $150, 000.

Speaker 13: (01:13:31)

Donald Trump: (01:13:32)
We took the building and we just … did you ever hear that?

Speaker 13: (01:13:37)
The hotel?

Donald Trump: (01:13:38)
So we were going to spend $1 billion on the embassy in Jerusalem. And I had to pay for it. [inaudible 01:13:47] $100 million. And David, he said we can take the existing building that we have-

David: (01:13:57)
Of course. It’s [crosstalk 01:13:57] just saying, great location.

Donald Trump: (01:13:57)
Yeah, take a corner of the building.

David: (01:14:01)
[inaudible 01:14:01] just change the name.

Donald Trump: (01:14:04)
So, I said, you don’t have to make it $150,000. Make it $250,000. [crosstalk 01:14:07] It would be open in two weeks. It took like three months to build.

David: (01:14:16)
Amazing. Amazing

Donald Trump: (01:14:17)
And we have an embassy that’s [crosstalk 01:14:18] If it’s the other way, if we spent $1 billion, so we were going to spend $1 billion. It would’ve been 10 years before it opened.

David: (01:14:28)
Of course. [crosstalk 01:14:29]

Speaker 16: (01:14:28)
It’s very Jewish to [crosstalk 01:14:32]

Donald Trump: (01:14:32)
That doesn’t mean we’re not going to knock it down. [crosstalk 01:14:34] They had to go out and buy a site, so a tremendous amount of money. But they have a building on an existing that’s a better location, the best location.

David: (01:14:45)

Donald Trump: (01:14:45)
It’s even set back. It’s a fairly large site, a setback, which is good for safety.

Speaker 16: (01:14:49)
And I heard other countries are now joining in and will-

Donald Trump: (01:14:51)
Yeah. So they took a corner of the building, fixed it for $150,000.

David: (01:14:57)

Donald Trump: (01:14:57)
So instead of the $1 billion, they spent $150,000. Isn’t that amazing?

David: (01:15:03)
That’s amazing, yeah.

Donald Trump: (01:15:03)
One of my favorite [inaudible 01:15:04] when he called-

David: (01:15:10)
You saved the world, Mr. President.

Donald Trump: (01:15:10)
For $150,000 versus a billion, and we have a better location because there was no location as good.

Speaker 16: (01:15:13)
Mr. President, can I share with them about what the Rabbi did to you? I think it’s special.

Donald Trump: (01:15:19)
Yeah. Go ahead.

Speaker 16: (01:15:21)
Since you’re Jewish, you know about the messiah. So the head rabbi was saying, we took the president, Donald Trump’s name, and they came out the same lettering as the messiah. So it’s a very special thing that they have [inaudible 01:15:36]

David: (01:15:35)
It’s the same number, they know. It’s amazing how it’s counted.

Male: (01:15:37)
My father, they were very close friends in the [inaudible 01:15:45] As a kid I went to the [inaudible 01:15:49] in Israel. They had dinner there. And very [inaudible 01:15:53] It was amazing. Now I realize the significance of it.

David: (01:15:56)

Male: (01:15:58)
But my dad didn’t talk for two years when he came back [inaudible 01:16:04].

Donald Trump: (01:16:03)
So folks, I want to thank you all very much. I’ll get back.

Speaker 13: (01:16:06)
Thank you so much.

Donald Trump: (01:16:07)
It’s not a long trip.

Speaker 13: (01:16:09)
You don’t have to wait for lights and stuff like that either.

Donald Trump: (01:16:11)
Because every time I’m here you’re moving at about 125. You never saw anything like it. It’s incredible. And they do a great job. The Secret Service does. But we have like 115 cars. So it’s not that easy to come over. Don always says, “Oh can we do it outside of the White House. I guess, I don’t know-

Donald Trump Jr: (01:16:29)
That’s White House Council’s idea. I’d be happy to do it the White House.

Donald Trump: (01:16:33)
There’s a ridiculous campaign thing about that, which I think is wrong. Doesn’t make sense. They spend a fortune getting over here.

Speaker 16: (01:16:39)
Doesn’t make sense. Cost nothing.

Donald Trump: (01:16:39)
Costs nothing.

Speaker 16: (01:16:41)
It has to come to you. It’s a mistake.

Donald Trump: (01:16:43)
I’m sure it’s a mistake. But I like this hotel anyway. We can’t get [crosstalk 01:16:47]

Speaker 17: (01:16:49)
I have a MAGA hat I wear all the time, if you can sign it for me.

Donald Trump: (01:16:53)
Yeah give it to me, where is it?

Speaker 16: (01:16:55)
Mr. President, in the meantime, we’d like on behalf of this group here tonight, to offer you two honors. One is the great Teddy Roosevelt, 1913, created the famous speech, The Man in the Arena. And we framed it here tonight and would like everybody to sign it on your behalf. But it says here, and you against all odds, “Never having run for office.”

Donald Trump: (01:17:22)
That is true.

Speaker 16: (01:17:23)
“Taking on 17 plus Republican candidates and winning substantially.” And we’re going to win for you again.

Male: (01:17:30)
Yes we are. 2020.

Speaker 16: (01:17:32)
The Man in the Arena, Teddy Roosevelt, 1913, [crosstalk 01:17:36] “It’s not the critic, et cetera, et cetera. The credit belongs to the man who was actually in the arena, who’s face is marred by dust and sweat and blood. Who strives valiantly. Who errs. Who comes short again and again and wins again, but never gives up. Never will his heart be with those cowering souls that know neither victory or defeat.”

Speaker 16: (01:18:05)
This is for you. We’re all going to sign it. It’s going around the table.

Donald Trump: (01:18:08)
You don’t have to sign it. You know, I’d rather have [crosstalk 01:18:24]

Male: (01:18:23)
I love it.

Speaker 16: (01:18:23)
Why is it going to be worth something? [crosstalk 01:18:24]

Donald Trump: (01:18:30)
I want Jack Nicklaus to sign it. [crosstalk 01:18:30] Thank you.

Speaker 16: (01:18:42)
Thank you so much. This is Jack Nicklaus.

Male: (01:18:43)
To Karen and Tom.

Male: (01:18:45)
Oh, waiter.

Speaker 16: (01:18:47)
… briefed a little bit on it. But that is the poster to the event.

Donald Trump: (01:18:50)
He’s a good guy.

Speaker 17: (01:18:53)
Yes sir.

Donald Trump Jr: (01:18:54)
We were looking at deals years ago. We [crosstalk 01:18:56]

David: (01:18:56)
Mr. Trump has the pen.

Speaker 16: (01:19:06)
We’ll take it after the president.

David: (01:19:06)
Should we sign it, or what?

Speaker 16: (01:19:07)
Yeah. [crosstalk 01:19:13]

Donald Trump: (01:19:15)
See the other side doesn’t want to go to South Carolina, which I understand. Let me see it. Did you sign it?

David: (01:19:22)
Not yet. [crosstalk 01:19:24]

Speaker 16: (01:19:32)
No we were giving it to you. [crosstalk 01:19:38] He wants to save the frame. Well thank you all.

Donald Trump: (01:19:43)
That’s very nice. Easy job, right?

Donald Trump Jr: (01:19:50)

Donald Trump: (01:19:52)
Good. Hold that for me, will you?

Male: (01:19:54)
Mr. President, I also have a job [crosstalk 01:19:54]

Speaker 13: (01:19:54)
Thanks everybody.

Speaker 16: (01:19:54)
Thank you.

Speaker 13: (01:19:54)
Good seeing you.

Speaker 16: (01:19:54)
Yeah. We got it.

Donald Trump: (01:20:03)
Thank you everybody.

Speaker 16: (01:20:03)
We appreciate everything.

Donald Trump: (01:20:03)
Good job.

Speaker 16: (01:20:06)
Keep up the good work.

Donald Trump: (01:20:06)
Thank you, I will.

Speaker 15: (01:20:08)
You’re doing a great job.

Donald Trump: (01:20:09)
Thank you. This was fun tonight.

Speaker 15: (01:20:12)
Don’t listen to those idiots in the press. [crosstalk 01:20:12]

Male: (01:20:12)
Everybody please stay in the room, if you would.

Speaker 13: (01:21:18)
Tommy, thank you so much. I appreciate it. Couldn’t have been better. You know what but to be able to make a couple of points and hear how he feels. It’s fantastic and reassuring.

Male: (01:21:43)
How you doing, baby?


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