Mar 28, 2022

CODA Oscars Acceptance Speech for Best Picture

CODA Oscar Acceptance Speech for Best Picture
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Lady Gaga: (00:00)
And the Oscar goes to …

Liza Minnelli: (00:03)
Okay. CODA.

Sian Heder: (00:10)
We’re not.

Announcer: (00:20)
CODA has three Academy Award nominations this year, winning all three for Actor in a Supporting Role, Adapted Screenplay, and Best Picture.

Philippe Rousselet: (01:00)
Oh, wow.

Patrick Wachsberger: (01:03)
Oh, wow.

Philippe Rousselet: (01:04)
Thank you to the Academy for letting our CODA make history tonight. And congratulations to all of our fellow nominees, your movies were all so incredible. We’re so honored to be here. Sian, it hasn’t been an easy ride from our first day of shooting, when our cast and crew were supposed to be at 4:00 AM at sea, fishing, when we were told a giant storm was about to hit us. It was only the beginning of our problems. But you’ve kept the boat afloat, and you’ve been the best captain a producer can ever dreamed of, really.

Philippe Rousselet: (01:50)
To our incredible cast. You guys have made such a wonderful and loving family on screen, but also offscreen. And everybody want to be a part of it. And contrary to you, Ruby, no one seems to want to live it. So you guys. And I want to thank Eric, our partner in Paris and our team at Vendôme. I want to thank my better half Leah, and my kids who are all here. I love you. I want to thank Terry Semel for mentoring me at my early days. And lastly, I want to thank my dad. I hope you’re watching from [Avere 00:02:39]. I love you very much, and this one’s for you too.

Patrick Wachsberger: (02:46)
Well, I really want to thank the Academy for recognizing a movie of love and family on this difficult time that we need today, and this is CODA. Sian, you’ve been absolutely … Where are you?

Sian Heder: (03:05)

Eugenio Derbez: (03:05)
Here. Here.

Patrick Wachsberger: (03:07)
You’ve been absolutely amazing from the first day. I’m so blessed that I’ve met you. And to our cast, Academy Award winner, Marlee Matlin, new Academy Award winner, Troy Kotsur, Daniel Durant, Emelia, your voice charmed us. And you Eugenio Derbez, you made us laugh so much. And you really took really great care of the Ruby family. I want to thank also the incredible crew that we had, including the fishermen community in Gloucester, the incredible team at Apple TV. They’ve been absolutely amazing from day one, and really were able to basically put this movie everywhere in the world. Really thank you, all of you. All of you and the most amazing team. And to my father who is not there, and my mother who is not there. But my beautiful daughter, Olivia, she’s here. The other one, Justine is not here, and my wonderful wife who have been supporting me. I don’t know how they made it for so long. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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