Jun 13, 2022

Chemical Plant Hit as President Zelenskyy Asks for More Help

Chemical plant hit as President Zelenskyy pleads for more help 6/12/22 Transcript
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Intense street fighting in the Donbas region continues as Ukraine aims to hold off Russian advances. Read the transcript here.


Eva: (00:00)
… intense street fighting rages in the Donbas region, outgunned Ukrainian forces, desperate to hold off the Russian advance. ABC’s Britt Clennett is in Kiev with the latest. Britt, good morning.

Britt Clennett: (00:12)
Good morning, Eva. That’s right, Ukraine claiming to make some gains in the East, but Russia is slowly advancing an attack at a chemical plant as President Zelenskyy pleads for more help from the west.

Britt Clennett: (00:24)
This morning, an urgent call for support as heavy Russian artillery makes headway in capturing Eastern Ukraine. This Ukrainian military video, showing an attack on Russian forces in Kharkiv. And a sudden blast quickly filling the air in this undated Ukrainian military video, claiming to show another strike on a Russian vehicle in the Donetsk region. Casualties on both sides in the city of Severodonetsk, the epicenter of the battle where Russia is gaining control. British and Ukrainian officials say Russian bombers are using anti-ship missiles. And when used in ground attacks, they are highly inaccurate and can cause severe collateral damage and casualties.

Britt Clennett: (01:05)
Ukraine’s military now worried about running out of ammunition to fight back.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: (01:09)
Nice to meet you, Ursula.

Ursula von der Leyen: (01:10)
What a pleasure to see you.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy: (01:12)
You’re welcome. How are you?

Ursula von der Leyen: (01:12)
Good to see you again.

Britt Clennett: (01:13)
The European Commission President meeting with President Zelenskyy in hopes to accelerate Ukraine’s membership into the EU. Russia meanwhile saying it will neutralize potential threats in response to a buildup of NATO forces in Poland.

Britt Clennett: (01:29)
Meanwhile, hundreds still fleeing the war-torn east. And in the darkest of days, a bittersweet moment.

Speaker 5: (01:37)
[foreign language 00:01:37].

Britt Clennett: (01:37)
We now pronounce you husband and wife, says the celebrant. This soldier and his partner, tying the knot in the devastated town of Borodyanka…

Britt Clennett: (01:46)
Congratulations guys.

Britt Clennett: (01:47)
… just before he returns to the front line.

Britt Clennett: (01:52)
Now this bridge was destroyed by Ukraine to stop Russian advances. This a reminder of just how close Russia came to the capital and a reminder that this war rages on. Janai.

Janai: (02:02)
All right, Britt. Thank you.

Robin Roberts: (02:04)
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