Aug 17, 2022

Brothers who jumped off Martha’s Vineyard Jaws bridge identified Transcript

Brothers who jumped off Martha's Vineyard Jaws bridge identified Transcript
RevBlogTranscriptsdrowningBrothers who jumped off Martha’s Vineyard Jaws bridge identified Transcript

The U.S. Coast Guard recovered the body of a missing swimmer off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard Monday morning and are still searching for another.

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Speaker 1: (00:00)
Tonight, a family in mourning is arriving in Massachusetts with broken hearts. The parents of two young men who went missing after jumping off the famous Jaws Bridge on the vineyard are now on their way to the island. So far, one of the brothers has been found dead, the other is still missing. Ken MacLeod is live at Logan Airport tonight with more on these young men. Ken?

Ken MacLeod: (00:23)
David, Pastor Keith Bulgin and his wife Jackie should be landing here at Logan shortly, arriving from their home in Jamaica. Now tomorrow, they will head for Martha’s Vineyard as they try to come to grips with the tragedy that befell their sons.

Bulgin Siblings: (00:38)

Ken MacLeod: (00:43)
“Tavaris and Tavaughn Bulgin flanked their sisters recently singing at the Jamaican church where their dad is pastor,” says longtime family friend, Omar George.

Omar George: (00:51)
To every parent’s dream sons.

Ken MacLeod: (00:54)
26-year-old Tavaris spent last summer on the vineyard and brought 21-year-old Tavaughn along this year to work at the same restaurant, pocketing some American dollars for themselves and their folks.

Omar George: (01:05)
Their mom and dad is building a home in Jamaica. And I’m sure that’s why those boys came to work to help their mom.

Ken MacLeod: (01:13)
But on Sunday, they went to the Edgartown bridge made famous in the movie Jaws, perhaps to enjoy the same leap of novelty so popular with tourists. Searchers found the body of Tavaris Monday morning while Tavaughn is still missing. The family believes the youngest jumped in first and began to struggle.

Omar George: (01:31)
And Tavaris, who is the ultimate big brother, probably was trying to save him. And both of them went down.

Ken MacLeod: (01:39)
Both young men are described as godly, smart, and full of life with the older brother serving as the family guardian.

Omar George: (01:46)
In my estimation, Tavaris could be the next prime minister of Jamaica. He was smart beyond his time.

Ken MacLeod: (01:53)
Indeed, at the family home in Jamaica, a steady stream of mourners have come by to pay their respects.

Rohan Parkins: (01:58)
It’s a loss for the church. It’s a loss for the community. And I’m here to say, a lost for the country. It’s a very sad day for all of us.

Ken MacLeod: (02:05)
But tonight, the pastor and his wife are on their way to Massachusetts awash in grief.

Omar George: (02:10)
I think my friend is in denial. He’s saying, “No, my sons are alive.”

Bulgin Siblings: (02:17)

Ken MacLeod: (02:18)
They are spiritual people, of course, trying to find comfort in the fine example their sons set.

Omar George: (02:23)
And that’s the only consolation we have, that these were the two nicest kids.

Ken MacLeod: (02:32)
This afternoon, searchers suspended their efforts to locate Tavaughn’s body. Again, his parents will head for the vineyard tomorrow. Live at Logan tonight, Ken MacLeod, WBZ News.

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