Sep 20, 2023

Bear spotted inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom Transcript

Bear spotted inside Disney's Magic Kingdom Transcript
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A black bear was spotted inside Disney’s Magic Kingdom in Florida, forcing a temporary shutdown of Frontierland, Liberty Square, and Adventureland. Read the transcript here.

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Children (00:00):

Hey, Disney.

Guad Venegas (00:00):

This was no lovable Disney character taking a stroll in the park. Instead, a real-life bear was spotted Monday inside the Magic Kingdom. The wild animal, forcing a temporary shutdown of parts of the Theme Park.

Speaker 2 (00:14):

They’re blocking everyone from heading into Liberty and into Frontier Land.

Guad Venegas (00:20):

Including some of Disney’s most popular areas, Frontier Land, Liberty Square, and Adventureland, which all reopened in the early afternoon according to a Disney World statement. From above, this exclusive video from our NBC affiliate, WESH, appears to show the state wildlife officials capturing the female bear with fall just days away. Experts say the animal could have been in search of the bear necessities. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission telling NBC News in a statement, “The Magic Kingdom Bear was likely moving through the area, searching for food.”

Ron Magill (00:56):

Well, bears are very opportunistic feeders. They follow their nose. The Magic Kingdom is a potpourri of aromas of food.

Guad Venegas (01:03):

Florida is not only home to bears but other potentially dangerous wildlife, especially alligators. In 2016, a two-year-old boy from Nebraska drowned after he was dragged into a body of water by an alligator while playing in the Seven Seas Lagoon at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort. The park ultimately closing all beaches and adding warning signs and barriers around waterfront areas across its resort. In the five years since the deadly incident, wildlife officials have removed 250 alligators from Walt Disney World Property, and while attacks by bears are rare, wildlife experts say it’s best not to panic if you encounter one.

Ron Magill (01:44):

If you come across a bear, the worst thing you can do is turn and run. Never turn and run and scream. Put your arms up. Make yourself look as big as possible. Speak firmly, “Hey, bear. Hey, bear.” Slowly back up. Don’t run at the bear or anything like that.

Guad Venegas (01:59):

Good advice to keep in mind. Now, the Fish and Wildlife Commission tells us, usually when this happens, they let the bear make its way through. Of course, they had to intervene because of this location. The expert also telling us he wasn’t surprised because of this incident with so many bears in the weld in Florida, and you hear him talk about the aroma of the food at the park. I think we’ve all experienced that. When we go to Disney World, you walk inside and the first thing you smell is the food coming from all directions. Right, Hoda?

Hoda Kotb (02:27):

Yeah. We can see how the bear was attracted to all that. All right, Guad Venegas in Orlando. Guad, thanks. Bears, they’re just like us.

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