Jun 28, 2022

Woman killed at Subway over ‘too much mayo’

Arrest made after woman killed at Subway over 'too much mayo' Transcript
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Atlanta Police held a press conference announcing the arrest following a murder at the Northside Drive Subway location. Read the transcript here.


Charles Hampton, Jr.: (00:00)
Deputy Chief Charles Hampton, Jr. I’m here to provide an update on a homicide that we had at this location yesterday shortly after 6:30. But before I give you the update, first, I want to offer our condolences to the victim in this case. The victim was a 26-year-old female who was here at work. We also had another victim who’s 24 years of age, who also was shot and injured, who’s currently in critical condition.

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (00:29)
I am here to announce that we did make an arrest. We made an arrest late yesterday evening of a 36 year old male out of Atlanta. As stated before, I won’t release the name as of right now because it’s still an ongoing investigation. We still need to provide some information and get some information from some other individuals.

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (00:48)
But as most people know, this was a very tragic situation that did not have to occur. What we know is that the suspect came inside the restaurant, ordered a sandwich, and there was something wrong with the sandwich that made him so upset that he decided to take out his anger on two of the employees here.

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (01:10)
What’s more important as well is that we had a citizen who contacted us, who gave us some viable information, and who helped lead this investigation in the right direction. As we always say, we can’t do it alone. It’s oftentimes that we rely on the support of the citizens of Atlanta. That’s what happened yesterday. So kudos to that individual who also is going to remain anonymous.

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (01:41)
But quick actions. Once we got the information, officers from our Zone 5 field investigation team, as well as homicide, descended on the location and we were able to take the suspect in custody without further incident.

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (01:56)
And so, again, very senseless act that, again, someone armed with a handgun, who could not resolve a conflict, decided that that was the way to resolve it. And so, now we have one female deceased and another female recovering from the injuries.

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (02:14)
Then also there was a five-year-old child also in the restaurant. So that child was also placed in danger. That child has to go through some type of trauma counseling. So, again, this is incidents that, one, that we always talk about that did not have to happen, but there’s still some residual offense that families are going to have to deal with, not only the homicide but this child that’s going to have a traumatic incident that they have to deal with. So I’ll answer a few questions at this time.

Speaker 2: (02:46)
Chief, I noticed that you didn’t mention the mayo in your summary. Is that still the case that he was angry or upset over mayo on his sandwich?

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (02:54)
Right. Again, I intentionally did not do it because, again, I want the focus to be on the gun violence. Again, it was something very senseless. Yes, the too much mayo on the sandwich. But again individual with a gun who decided that that was the course of action to resolve the conflict.

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (03:17)
So, yes, it’s a sandwich, but more importantly someone who failed to resolve a conflict by just walking away, having a conversation to just reorder a sandwich, decided to take actions into his hands. Now we have families who are devastated, and even his family. So, again, very tragic.

Speaker 3: (03:38)
Can you tell us whether or not the child who was inside the store, his mom was the woman shot?

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (03:47)
So his mother is the other victim who’s injured, yes.

Speaker 2: (03:51)
Can you talk me through? This happened at 6:30, busy section. What frustrates you the most about really just a senseless shooting like this?

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (04:01)
I mean it’s frustrating that we have a 26-year-old female who is no longer with us. It frustrates me that we had an individual with a firearm who decided that, again, that was the answer to resolve a conflict over a sandwich. Again, it’s frustrating for us to having to spend the investigator’s time to … That’s the homicide that we’re focusing on.

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (04:28)
Again, it’s the senseless act. It’s the gun owners who don’t make the right decisions. I mean, again, it’s very tragic, and more importantly for me, it’s the five-year-old that was there that’s going to have to deal with this long term.

Speaker 2: (04:44)
And the mother was the victim who survived?

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (04:46)

Speaker 2: (04:47)
A question here. Did the gunman leave and get the gun, or did he have the gun in the restroom?

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (04:53)
So I know there are a lot of questions, and I don’t want to give out too much information. We have to remember that this is something that ultimately has to be tried in court. And so, some of the details will be in the report that will be released later at a later time. But I don’t want to really get into everything that happened because this still has to be tried in court.

Speaker 3: (05:19)
The citizen that helped you … Lead information to get an arrest, was that a witness inside the restaurant?

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (05:20)
Again, I’m not going to go into detail.

Speaker 3: (05:22)
Can you tell us where you arrested? How far maybe, the way he was, or [inaudible 00:05:28].

Charles Hampton, Jr.: (05:28)
What I will say … I won’t give the exact location, but I will say it’s close, close to the incident location.

Speaker 4: (05:33)
All right. Thank you, everybody.

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