Feb 26, 2024

2024 SAG Awards Highlights Transcript

2024 SAG Awards Highlights Transcript
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The 30th Screen Actors Guild Awards was packed with memorable moments. From epic reunions to surprising reactions, it was a night to remember. Read the transcript here.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):

From iconic reunions. To reactions that sometimes caught us off guard, well, and even a little bit tipsy Pedro Pascal.

Pedro Pascal (00:15):

Thank you so much.

Speaker 1 (00:18):

The 30th Screen Actors Guild Awards were a blast, full of fun and celebrity sparkle. Hold onto your seats, because we’re about to spill all the juiciest highlights.

Speaker 3 (00:28):

I love you, girl.

Speaker 1 (00:32):

That was a first. The SAG awards were broadcast live on Netflix without any commercial breaks, and as you’d expect with live events, there’s always the chance for things to go off script.

Idris Elba (00:44):

Here’s a question, since we’re on Netflix, what’s the rule around…

Speaker 1 (00:51):

Just look at Meryl Streep. She made quite the entrance. On top of nearly taking a tumble, Meryl said she misplaced her glasses and the winner’s envelope. But fear not because Emily Blunt and Anne Hathaway joined into save the day. It turned into one of the most delightful cast reunions ever complete with dialogue reminiscent of the Devil Wear’s Prada.

Meryl Streep (01:21):

It’s an age-old question, where does the character end and the actor begin?

Emily Blunt (01:27):

Well, as we’ve just seen Meryl and Miranda Priestly are sort of like twins. Right?

Meryl Streep (01:33):

I don’t think I’m anything like Miranda Priestly.

Anne Hathaway (01:36):

No, no, that wasn’t a question.

Speaker 1 (01:40):

In fact, the evening saw a parade of grand appearances. Nearly the entire cast of the Gilded Age graced the SAG Awards gray carpet with their presence. Everyone was excited about the recent news that season three is on its way. Adding to the star-studded event, the main cast of the beloved comedy series Modern Family took the stage as presenters. Naturally they kept the laughs coming with plenty of jokes, reminding everyone that their comedic chemistry is still as strong as ever.

Eric Stonestreet (02:14):

I know Travis Kelce. I could FaceTime him right now. I’m being serious, so things are really great for me. No, I’m serious. Things are really great for me guys.

Ed O’Neill (02:22):

Okay, we’re done now, right?

Eric Stonestreet (02:23):


Speaker 1 (02:25):

We also witnessed a mini Lord of the Rings reunion, the Hobbits version. Elijah Wood and Sean Aston took the stage reminiscing about their good old days, and that’s not all. True to the spirit of their iconic show, the cast of Breaking Bad presented in an unpolished yet unforgettable manner.

Betsy Brandt (02:46):

Listen you guys, I don’t mean to start “t” for trouble, but what do you think SAG would do to us if we didn’t do this?

Dean Norris (02:54):


Jonathan Banks (02:55):

It’s an award show for Christ’s sake. They can’t fire us.

Betsy Brandt (02:58):

That’s true.

Jonathan Banks (03:00):

[inaudible 00:03:01]them.

Dean Norris (03:00):


Speaker 1 (03:03):

Wow, what a night. Twists and turns were the name of the game. Who would’ve thought that Melissa McCarthy would ask Billy Eilish for her autograph right there on stage? The singer was happy to oblige, but in true Eilish fashion, she ended up signing Melissa’s forehead.

Melissa McCarthy (03:22):

When you and Finneas are putting down sick tracks and hot beats…

Billie Eilish (03:25):

I think that’s better. Yeah, that’s better.

All right.

Melissa McCarthy (03:31):

Of course, we can’t forget about the winners, the folks who make history in the world of film and television. Take Pedro Pascal, for example, who snagged the award for Male Actor in a Drama Series for his role in the Last of Us. He wasn’t exactly hiding his relaxed state, shall we say?

Pedro Pascal (03:49):

I’m a little drunk. I thought I could get drunk. Thank you so much for this [inaudible 00:03:58] honor.

Speaker 1 (03:58):

Pedro enjoyed himself the whole evening, starting from his appearance on the carpet. Naturally he couldn’t resist bringing up his friendly award show rival, Kieran Culkin, continuing their tradition of playful jabs at each other. This time Pedro mentioned Kieran Backstage.

Pedro Pascal (04:15):

I’m going to make out with Kieran.

Speaker 23 (04:19):

You heard it here first, but it’s because you’re drunk.

Pedro Pascal (04:20):

That’ll be my revenge.

Speaker 1 (04:21):

But that’s not how the story ended.

Kieran Culkin (04:23):

He also did ask if I want to smell his pits. That was weird.

Pedro Pascal (04:28):

Yeah. I would like to thank Kieran Culkin and Matthew McFadden and Brian Cox for this award.

Kieran Culkin (04:35):


Speaker 1 (04:36):

Bromance goals. The playful rivalry between Pedro and Kieran is a highlight of the award season. Speaking of frenemies…

Steven Yeun (04:45):

Oh, this is Pedro’s. I’m going to keep this.

Speaker 1 (04:53):

Steven Yeun and Ali Wong took home the award for their outstanding performances in the limited series Beef. But the most memorable reaction of the night? Hands down, it has to be Elizabeth Debicki’s. The Crown star was completely stunned when she won Outstanding Female Actor in a Drama Series.

Speaker 26 (05:12):

The Crown.

Speaker 1 (05:16):

In her rush to get on stage, she even got a little tangled in her dress. But ever the pro, Elizabeth simply kicked off her shoes and carried on barefoot. Backstage, she revealed her biggest fan girl encounter wish.

Elizabeth Debicki (05:36):

Who doesn’t have a big crush on Cillian Murphy? I think he’s the most magnificent human.

Speaker 27 (05:41):

What would you say if you met him?

Elizabeth Debicki (05:44):

I don’t know. I think I just sort of curtsy or something.

Speaker 1 (05:46):

We hope that dream came true for Elizabeth. Cillian Murphy rightfully earned a Leading Male Actor award.

Cillian Murphy (05:53):

28 years ago when I was trying to become an actor, I was a failed musician and I felt extremely like an interloper. But now looking out on all of you guys here today, I know that I’m part of something truly wonderful.

Speaker 1 (06:08):

His Opppen-homie, Robert Downey Jr., stole the show with his win for Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture.

Robert Downey, JR. (06:16):

Why me? Why now? Why do things seem to be going my way? Unlike my fellow nominees, I will never grow tired from the sound of my own voice.

Speaker 1 (06:32):

With characteristic humor, R.D.J. delivered a very modest acceptance speech, thanking his colleagues and giving a special shout out to his wife.

Robert Downey, JR. (06:42):

Now, why have I added my wife’s name to this list of otherwise super talented artists? It’s because for 22 years, she has flawlessly portrayed, a sane and rational individual who is happily married to an actor.

Speaker 1 (07:02):

Oppenheimer continued its award sweep, taking home the Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble award, the night’s top film honor. On the TV front, Succession and The Bear reigned supreme in the ensemble categories, winning for Drama and Comedy Series respectively. Ayo Edebiri took home the award for her breakout role in The Bear, while her co-star Jeremy Allen White received his statue at for Outstanding Male Actor. White admitted he’d always dreamed of being among such esteemed company.

Jeremy Allen White (07:35):

I love you. I love you. I love you. Wow. They give you a lot of time at this one. But that’s all I have. Thanks guys.

Speaker 1 (07:43):

But some audience reactions also caught our eye. Check out the mixed emotions on the face of fellow nominee. Jason Sudeikis when White took the stage. Was it joy or a touch of jealousy? Lily Gladstone pulled off a victory as the leading actress for her captivating performance in the Killers of the Flower Moon. Her win left her speechless, but the genuine joy on her face was contagious. Check out her main competitor, Emma Stone absolutely beaming for Lily. That’s true sportsmanship right there.

Speaker 14 (08:25):

Lily Gladstone, the Killers of the Flower Moon.

Speaker 1 (08:32):

Turns out, Lily and Emma have become close friends over the past year.

Lilly Gladstone (08:33):

She’s so smart, she’s so present. She’s got such a huge heart. She’s just, I think what makes her such an incredible performer is also what makes her such a remarkable human being.

Speaker 1 (08:45):

Da’Vine Joy Randolph also took home a well-deserved award triumphing over a stellar group of nominees in the Motion Picture Supporting Role category. The entire room erupted in cheers for her, proving that sisterhood truly thrives in Hollywood.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph (09:02):

Emily, Danielle, Jody, and Penelope, I am beyond humbled and I am so incredibly grateful to be considered amongst you.

Speaker 1 (09:11):

The night wouldn’t have been complete without celebrating the legendary Barbra Streisand. Presented by the ever charming Bradley Cooper and her biggest fan, Jennifer Aniston, she received the prestigious SAG Life Achievement Award.

Jennifer Aniston (09:26):

I mean that voice, this feeling just washed over my entire body. My eyes just welled up with tears. From that moment on, I was madly in love with Barbra.

Speaker 1 (09:38):

The standing ovation and tearful reactions from her fellow actresses were a testament to her immense impact on the industry.

Barbra’s heartfelt reception indeed was emotional, but instead of shedding tears, she chose to lighten the mood with relatable jokes.

Barbra Streisand (09:57):

If you don’t get it, you have to put on “Oh, such a happy face I’m so happy to lose.”

Speaker 1 (10:08):

Next, she shared her career story, certain to resonate with millions.

Barbra Streisand (10:13):

I didn’t like reality. I wanted to be in the movies, even though I knew I didn’t look like the other women on the screen.

Speaker 1 (10:23):

Remember, it’s the actors who choose the winners for this prestigious award, which perhaps explains the warm and supportive atmosphere. The stars genuinely seemed happy to celebrate each other. They exchanged compliments and admired their peers’ outfits. Everyone appeared satisfied with the results of the SAG Awards 2024.

Ayo Edebiri (10:57):

This is very cool.

Speaker 1 (10:59):

However, not everyone was a winner. The cast of Barbie once again found themselves left out, sparking the age-old question, do you agree with the actor’s choices? Who stood out for you? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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