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RevBlogRev’s Startup Program Helps Budding Orgs Unlock Their True Potential’s startup program is an acceleration program for startups utilizing speech-to-text services. We help startups unlock their true potential by supporting them through their entire product life cycle. Being a part of our program will help you:

  • Unleash the power of voice in your organization
  • Access industry-leading accuracy in over 30+ languages

Startup Program Eligibility Requirements’s startup program is available to any startup that is backed by an accelerator, incubator, or VC firm. Organizations also need to meet all of the following requirements:

  • Less than $3 million in funding
  • Less than 2 years old
  • Fewer than 10 employees
  • Less than $2 million in ARR

Benefits of the Startup Program

Startups accepted into the program will receive up to $5,000 in credits towards use of services. These credits will last up to one year.

Additionally, accepted organizations gain access to an exclusive quarterly networking happy hour in San Francisco, Cal.


  • How do you select Startups?
    • If your startup is part of an Accelerator/Incubator that we recognize, VC backed, or referred by a employee and meets the criteria for eligibility. (NOTE: If your startup does not necessarily meet all of these criteria, we still encourage you to apply or contact us.)
  • What if I have already received credits for my startup?
    • You can only get accepted to the program once.
  • Why is doing this program?
    • Our founders want to help developers build more audio and video.
  • What is the duration of the program?
    • The duration of the program is one year. 
  • What if I am an existing paid customer?
    • As long as you are eligible for the program, you can apply. 
  • What can I use the credits on?
    • Credits can be applied to any product or service. 
  • Does my location matter?
    • Your location does not matter. 
  • Still have additional questions?
  • Do I need to have an account to apply?
    • Yes you do. In the form we ask you to provide your account ID. You can think of this as the username of your account.
  • How will I know I am accepted? 
    • You will receive a welcome email from letting you know credits have been added to your account. 

If your startup is eligible for the Startup Program, you’re invited to apply right here!

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