Add SRT Subtitles to MP4 Videos: Hardcode, Burn, Embed & Merge SRT to MP4 Online

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Using captions and subtitles is a great way to expand your content’s reach. Not only do they make your videos more accessible, but they also boost SEO. With that in mind, you obviously want to add them to your videos. However, the idea of creating a massive text file for hours of content is quite an intimidating one. Thankfully, Rev can do all the hard work for you, saving you both the time and frustration. 

Follow this easy guide to learn how to add .SRT closed-captions and subtitles to MP4 videos.

Choosing Open Captions Over Closed Captions

Open captions, also referred to as “hard-coded” or “burned-in” captions, are permanently embedded in the video and can’t be turned off. This type of caption affords you much more control as it does not rely on any external video player for rendering. Therefore, you have more jurisdiction over the exact styling and placement of the captions. For many, this is very helpful as it helps them avoid the risk of captions concealing any on screen graphics. Furthermore, you can always be assured that your viewers can see the captions even on platforms with no CC functionality. 

Prefer open captions? Rev now offers burned-in captions (open captions). Just check the “burned-in captions” box at checkout and you’ll receive a video with permanent, hard-coded captions added straight to your videos. Also available for foreign language subtitles!

Burned-in Caption pricing

However, it is impossible for viewers to disable this sort of caption which may be a source of distraction for some. Additionally, the quality of the captions themselves are tied to the video’s quality. If the video is compressed or of poor quality, it may become impossible for viewers to read the captions.

Closed captions exist as a separate file that is also uploaded to the streaming platform. This gives viewers the ability to either turn them on or off in accordance with their preference. It’s also much easier to go back, edit and re-upload closed captions. 

Having said that, closed captions cannot be used with all streaming platforms. They can only be used where CC function is supported. This rules out some popular social networks like Instagram. Moreover, closed captions rely on your viewers being able to locate and use the CC button. If your audience struggles with technology, this may not be the best form of captioning to use. 

Since individual customization is key to viewing experience, you should use closed captions where you can. When it is very difficult or impossible to implement closed captioning, opt for open captions instead.

How to Get SRT Caption Files & Add to Your MP4

1. Go to 

First, go to the captioning service page. Then click on the Get Started button to start ordering your caption file.

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2. Upload Your MP4 

Once you have reached the ‘Order Captions’ page, upload the MP4 that you want captioned. To do this, choose the Upload Files button and then select the desired file from your device. There are also the options to upload a video from a public website or pull it directly from YouTube or Vimeo. 

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After you have uploaded your MP4 video, choose .SRT from Output File Format(s). If you would like your caption file to be burned directly into the video, select the Burned-In Captions checkbox. Additionally, you can expand your content’s reach by easily adding foreign language subtitles to your order.

Burned-in Caption pricing

Once you have filled in the order details, you can checkout. As soon as your order is finished, you will be notified by email. 

4. Editing Your Captions 

It is possible to review and edit your finished captions. To launch the caption editor, go to the ‘My Files’ page and select the file that you wish to edit. You can also access the editor by navigating to your ‘Order History’ and clicking on the View and Edit next to your desired file. Now that you have reached the editor, you can begin editing the captions.

Edit the contents of a caption group by clicking on it and adjust its position by dragging the group upwards or downwards. The editor’s menu options further allow you to alter atmospherics, replace casual words with their formal counterparts and replace US spellings with their UK alternatives.

6. Download or Add Your Captions

When you have edited the captions to your satisfaction, select Download from the editor’s upper right corner. If you checked Burned-in Captions when you initially ordered, you’ll be able to download a video with your captions embedded into the video. Otherwise, you can download the SRT caption file (or several other file formats) separately and burn it into the video using your preferred program should you choose to. 

If you choose to download the SRT file, use our guide for adding caption files to different video platforms right here.

Final Words 

Congrats! You can now order .SRT subtitles and add them to your MP4 videos. The next logical step is showing the world your captioned creation. Adding accurate captions to your videos is easier than ever with Rev’s quick and efficient captioning service.