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New & Improved Real-Time Transcription and Captioning With Streaming API

Real-Time Transcription with

RevBlogTranscription BlogNew & Improved Real-Time Transcription and Captioning With Streaming API

Earlier in 2019, we announced automatic speech-to-text services through the Rev platform. Today, we’re announcing real-time automated transcription and captioning services through our speech recognition software,

While has previously enabled developers to easily integrate our speech recognition engine into their platforms and services, this new capability to process live audio and video for transcription and captioning is an industry game-changer.

So, what does real-time automated transcription and captions mean for your business? The implications reach far beyond the normal use case of our human-powered transcription and captioning services.

“We developed real-time audio transcription to meet market demand beyond the asynchronous market, and provide customers — from podcasters to call centers — with deeper speech to text capabilities.”

– General Manager, Jay Lee

With the Streaming API, you can add captions to live videos or display captions in real-time at conferences and events. It can also provide accurate transcriptions for keyword monitoring or implement an immediate action based on trigger words. However you might use it, real-time speech recognition offers huge benefits to new and existing Rev customers.

Benefits of Real-Time Captioning and Transcription

While human-powered transcription and captioning are the perfect solution for post-production, real-time captioning and transcription offer new and exclusive capabilities for your live productions and events.

Uses of Real-Time Voice-to-Text Services

Your business can use live captioning and transcription for many situations in real-time.

  • Live videos, webinars, and podcasts captioned in real-time
  • Events, conferences, and speaking engagements captioned live
  • Phone calls, meetings, and training sessions transcribed instantly
  • Speeches, announcements, and briefing transcribed on-location

Applications of Real-Time Speech Recognition Technology

Beyond the immediate implications of captions and transcriptions in real-time, your business can benefit from integrating our voice-to-text services for advanced business applications (examples below).

  • Communication access for the deaf and hard-of-hearing for live media and events with easy-to-read transcripts and captions containing proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • Monitor customer support call quality in real-time with artificial intelligence.
  • Easily search through transcripts of your archived live content and find specific keywords with web-based transcript documents without having to listen through audio files.
  • Advanced analytics and insights of spoken words for live content.
  • Voice typing features in your software or dictation app
  • Hands-free voice commands for your program or applications

Accurate Real-Time Speech-to-Text

Like our automated speech recognition services, the real-time captioning and transcription is powered by the same speech recognition engine that outperforms Google, Amazon, and Microsoft in our automatic speech recognition accuracy benchmarking tests.

“Since launching, we’ve prioritized delivering fast and accurate speech recognition for our customers through our unique API.”

– General Manager, Jay Lee is best-in-class for real-time speech-to-text accuracy. It’s powered by the same speech engine used by Rev automatic transcription, which had the lowest Word Error Rate (WER) of the competition in our recent benchmarking tests.

  • 13.9% WER – Rev
  • 15.1% WER – Google Speech-To-Text
  • 18.0% WER – Amazon Transcribe
  • 18.0% WER – Microsoft Azure Speech-to-Text

The real-time speech recognition offered by is able to understand a more complicated vocabulary, trained by our learning model based on a data set, which includes millions of hours of human-transcribed audio content. 

How Can I Get Real-Time Captioning and Transcription?

You can access the API to get started with real-time captions and transcription. The API comes with software development kits (SDKs), comprehensive documentation, and expert support.

Prices start at $0.035 per audio minute with no hidden fees.

Learn more about how’s real-time captioning and transcription can benefit your business.

Affordable, fast transcription. 100% Guaranteed.