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How to Get Portuguese Subtitles For Videos, TV Shows, and Movies

How to Get Portuguese Subtitles For Videos, TV Shows, and Movies

RevBlogSubtitlesHow to Get Portuguese Subtitles For Videos, TV Shows, and Movies

If you wish to share your message with the world, first, you must make sure that the public is able to understand you. Portuguese is one of the most important languages in the world. It is spoken by over 258 million people across multiple continents. Let’s look at the reasons why you need to consider integrating Portuguese subtitles into your videos, and what is the best and most convenient way to do this.

Why you might need Portuguese subtitles for your video content right away

To show just why subtitles might be important for you, let’s take a look at what these have done to help others. A recent study has shown that Facebook videos using subtitles have an engagement rate higher by 12% than those that do not. Furthermore, a different study showed that 85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound turned off. 

And, that’s not all. It’s been argued that, in general, captioned videos are watched by 40% more users than uncaptioned ones. If that’s not enough to drive the point home, you should also know that users are much more likely to watch the entirety of a video if it is captioned. 

Captions and subtitles are not only used only by people suffering from various hearing impairments, although in the U.S. alone, more than 28 million people also depend on them for this reason. They are used by large portions of the general public as a way to boost their understanding and enjoyment of a video. 

Subtitles help make video content much more accessible. They serve to grow your audience and welcome people whose main language might not be the one being used in the video. Last but not least, subtitles can prove to be an incredible SEO tool, helping your content fight its way to the top of search engine showings, the main way in which any information is found on the internet today. 

Source: Juan Ordonez on Unsplash  

The Portuguese-speaking world and their information needs

If you are creating video content with the purpose of selling a product or popularizing your brand, you first need to know your audience and its needs. Serving information that can only be enjoyed by an English-speaking segment, for example, greatly reduces the likely reach of your content. 

A recent study showed that of the entire Portuguese-speaking world, nearly 170 million are internet users. In 2017, more than 150 million were active Facebook users. The numbers are also growing. Back in 2013, only 47% of speakers were connected to the internet. The statistics seem to suggest that the percentage will only continue to increase. 

It’s not just the number of speakers, but also the fact that Portuguese is a global language, one spoken on multiple continents. From Angola to Brazil, from Mozambique to Portugal itself, these millions of people depend on the internet to provide them the news and entertainment that they need. Globally, the video streaming segment is expected to reach $62 million in 2021. Simply put, using Portuguese subtitles can open your brand to an audience of hundreds of millions.

Order Portuguese subtitles that meet quality requirements

If you’ve been convinced of the need to include Portuguese subtitles in your videos, your focus will now be on finding a partner capable of delivering the subtitles without hassle and at a suitable level of quality. 

The bad news is that despite the need for these types of subtitles, not all major streaming platforms accommodate them. It is not standard, in the U.S. for example, for movies with Portuguese subtitles to be incorporated as an option, as is the case with Amazon Prime. 

The good news is that well-versed professionals can help you. REV, one of the most esteemed captioning and subtitles services on the internet, is able to guarantee you 99% accuracy on the subtitles files it provides. Furthermore, you won’t be left waiting long as REV is able to deliver within 24 hours and at a highly competitive price. 

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Portuguese is among the languages they include. And, if you are new to this, or simply not very tech-savvy, there’s no need to worry. All you need to do is upload your video on the platform and let the 1,000+ professionals do their work. After closely reviewing the accuracy of the file, REV will be able to send you a file that you can easily integrate into your video. 

Choosing between burned-in and open subtitles

It’s also important to note that there are several differences between the type of subtitles that you can integrate. Let’s try and clear up any confusion. 

First of all, while the words “captions” and “subtitles” are, sometimes, used indiscriminately of each other, they refer to different things. Captions tend to involve the written form of the words being spoken in the video. Subtitles, on the other hand, are the translation into various languages of those words. 

Closed and open (burned-in) captions are also two different elements of which you should be aware. Each helps offer viewers a different type of experience. Closed captions can be turned on and off. On the other hand, open captions, also called burned-in captions, are directly added to the video file. These cannot be turned off and, generally, are an immense help for people that suffer from a certain type of hearing impairment, although they are not used exclusively in this circumstance.

If your decision is to include burned-in captions, REV can easily help you. The service will integrate the information and send you back a video file that includes the permanent captions.

What’s the future of content sharing and why you need to be prepared

Numerous studies have shown that videos have the tendency to attract a larger public and boost engagement. Nearly 80% of web traffic is made up of internet videos, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down. 

A recent study showed that 84% of people who were convinced of purchasing a product did so after watching one of the brand’s videos. Furthermore, 87% of marketers claim that videos have increased the traffic to their website, and 80% of them have reported that videos have helped boost their sales.  

If you are looking to sell a product or build your brand, you most certainly need to consider creating video content. Also, you need to consider including subtitles, the best tool to reach a global audience. 


The greatest thing that the internet may have done for you, regardless of your brand or type of business that you are in, is to connect you to people from all across the world. These potential customers, or supporters, all have their own cultures and speak their own languages. 

More than 260 million people across the world speak Portuguese and many of them are avid internet users. If your goal is to reach them and grow your audience, one of the best ways to do so is to make sure that your video content is subtitled in Portuguese. With well-versed professionals, the task of adding quality subtitles has never been easier. Now, you can really make your words count.

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