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The best transcription software for Mac must be ideal for its users.  The tool needs to have a simple interface, good options for manual transcription or automated transcription, and the ability to transcribe both audio files and video files. It’s also helpful to have a human transcription option.


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Using human transcription can make transcripts more accurate when audio or video playback has problematic noise levels.  If the speakers on those files have heavy accents or quiet speaking voices, a human ear more easily hears the distinctions.  The transcription process is necessary for people in various fields like journalism, translation, law and more.

Best Human Transcription Option

Accuracy: Word-Error Rate

Word-Error Rate is a way to determine accuracy when transcribing using software for Mac OS. It has three items it takes into consideration. Those three items are substitution, insertion and deletion.

  • Substitution: A word someone said during audio or video playback is replaced with another word. For instance, if someone says “choose,” the file shows it as “shoes.” 
  • Insertion: In this case, the transcription file adds an extra word the speaker didn’t say. It may mistake an “uh” for “a.”
  • Deletion: This is the opposite of insertion.  This might occur when someone uses an acronym like “IRS” and it chooses “I are s.”

The Formula for Determining Word-Error Rate

The formula for Word-Error rate is S (Substitution)+ I (Insertion)+ D (Deletion)/Number (Number of words in the transcription)

Rev’s manual transcription’s accuracy is consistently at 99%, guaranteed.

How It Works

There are a few steps for you to order human transcription services.

  1. First, upload your audio or video file or paste a public URL 
  2. Then, one of over 50,000 transcriptionists available for our 24/7 service begins to work on your file
  3. You receive your editable transcript. Edits are easy with our tool with a simple interface, and you can share the document with anyone

Automated Transcription Software Option

Automated transcription software benefits people who need something quickly and have high-quality audio in their video or audio playback. Files from portable voice recorders and from audio players work well with this platform.

Automatic transcription is usually generated by machines rather than people. This usually means quicker turnaround times and lower costs, but also lower accuracy rates


If the audio quality is good, automated transcription software is 80% accurate. Good audio has limited background noise, clear voices and speakers on the audio file have minimal accents. If there are any concerns about quality, human transcription is your best bet.

How it Works 

  1. Upload audio or video file
  2. Review the transcript: automatic transcription is not as accurate as human transcription but is great for getting a quick result.
  3. Edit the transcript
  4. Share it and export it to another file or document. 

Some free features of the service include the ability to synchronize text and audio, and edit the text in the Rev Transcript Editor. Highlighting the text while you edit allows you to isolate a quote and share either that portion or the whole document. You choose whether to let others edit your transcript (sharing features & collaborative transcript editing) or simply you can share a read-only version.


The cost for automatic transcription software comes in at $0.25 per minute.

How Our Options Offer the Best Transcription Software for Mac

When comparing transcript results from Rev’s automatic speech recognition (ASR) to transcription from other companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and more, we outdo the competition. Additionally, our human transcription service offers a 99% accuracy guarantee which is not available with many transcription services.

PC Mag Recognizes Rev as the Best Transcription Service

PC Mag rated Rev as the top choice for transcription services. The editors at PC Mag gave the top rating due to affordability, accuracy and ease of use. The magazine also mentioned quick turnaround times as a benefit to using our services.

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