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How to Record Phone Calls for Customer Support and Service Calls

How to Record Phone Calls for Customer Support and Service Calls

RevBlogProductivityHow to Record Phone Calls for Customer Support and Service Calls

Live phone support plays a major role in the customer engagement process. It’s much more personal and engaging than digital tools like chatbots and social media. Customer support calls are efficient, hassle-free, and safer than an in-person encounter.

To run an efficient phone support function, recording customer calls is a must. Contact centers record client communications to monitor quality and to deliver improved customer service. Call records can help customize services and boost sales conversions, and many businesses use phone call records for training purposes and to track the performance of customer service reps.

These call data are important for effective planning of your product or service delivery and overall customer engagement. In the event of a legal dispute, they can also serve as a point of reference.

Is it legal to record customer support calls?

Call recording and monitoring laws vary among countries and states. It could get even more complex when the caller and receiver are based in different states or countries. For instance, some US state laws require only one-party consent during a phone call. But two-party consent states like California demand consent to record from both parties.

Bottom line, you can record calls as long as there’s consent by the required parties. So, as a best practice, inform your customer that the call is being recorded. It’ll help you avoid the general confusion about one-party and two-party consent. 

Call recording software for customer support and service calls

There are several reputed customer service call recording solutions on the market, each offering a range of features. But remember, what’s best for your business will depend on your specific operational needs.

1. TalkDesk Call Recording

TalkDesk is one of the most advanced call recording software for contact centers that deal with high call volumes. It’s a cloud-based system that you can integrate with other popular platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Teams.

TalkDesk is packed with features to bring efficiency, speed, and agility to your business. These range from synchronized voice and screen recordings to IVR, intuitive interfaces, and in-depth analytics. It’s also highly customizable to various call center formats — from BPOs to tech support.

2. REV Call Recorder

REV’s call recorder solution is a popular automatic call recording app for iPhones. It’s ideal for small businesses looking for a simple and straightforward option for their daily operational needs.

The app covers both incoming and outgoing calls with free unlimited recording. There’s a transcribing feature for quick voice-to-text conversion. Plus, you can share recordings and transcriptions via Dropbox, email, and several other sharing tools.

3. Cube ACR

Cube ACR is a call recording app for android phones. It’s an excellent solution for on-the-go recording of business calls—from phone interviews to sales calls.

The app’s automatic call recorder function also extends to VoIP tools like WhatsApp, Zoom, and Skype. It even allows you to mark and filter recordings, retrieve contacts, and return calls. And a paid subscription provides access to premium features like cloud backups, SD storage, and audio formats such as MP4.

4. RingCentral

RingCentral is a call recording management system with a host of features for busy call centers. It allows both automatic and on-demand recording of calls with download, sharing, playback, and review facilities.

Its services are not just limited to the desk phones of your customer service reps. You can integrate multiple types of devices like smartphones and VoIP platforms. This makes it a versatile option for large-scale operations.

5. Aircall

Aircall is a popular end-to-end contact center solution that’s best suited for large call centers. Its call recorder facility is one of the best with high-quality audio. It also offers playback, sharing, and various customization options for recording.

In addition, Aircall provides call monitoring and call metrics tracking features. Its call whispering facility allows you to secretly speak to your call center agents during a live call. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate this system with other business tools like Salesforce and Zendesk.

Transcribing recorded calls

While recorded calls can provide some essential insights, transcribing them can extend their use even further. This is because transcripts can boost the analytical value of call content. They are not only easier to analyze but are also more searchable than audio records.

Manually transcribing recorded customer calls could be a drain on your employees’ valuable time. It can also affect the accuracy and the final useful outcome of the transcriptions. It pays to hire a professional transcription service for your speech-to-text needs.

Rev transcription services are an affordable and high-quality solution with 99 percent accuracy. Rev offers quick turnaround times which are essential when dealing with time-sensitive and business-critical information like customer support calls. This service is also available with Rev’s call and voice recorder apps.

A final thought

In today’s competitive markets, customer service call recording is a must, regardless of the scale of your business. But when it comes to selecting a call recording solution, assess your business needs first. This will help narrow down the most effective and affordable options for your organization.


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