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The 2020 Speech to Text Report is Here (New Research Report)

The 2020 Speech to Text Report is Here (New Research Report)

RevBlogTranscription BlogThe 2020 Speech to Text Report is Here (New Research Report)

We’ve compiled a research report with insights on how business professionals use Speech to Text services in their workflows. In our in-depth report, we surveyed 2,744 active users across multiple industries to shed light on trends and use cases for speech technologies.

In this original research report on how the rapidly growing Speech to Text market is evolving, we surveyed 2,744 professionals across nine industries around the world including Media & Entertainment, Education, Marketing & Advertising, Market Research, Software & Internet, Legal, Government, Medical, and eLearning. Through these conversations we were able to uncover detailed information about the usage, benefits, spend, and ROI influenced by Speech to Text services. 

In addition to those surveys, we also sought out and interviewed speech recognition experts about developments in accessibility, compliance, security, and emerging technologies as they pertain to Speech to Text services such as transcription, closed captions, and foreign subtitles. 

The 2020 Speech to Text Report: What’s Inside? 

Download the full Speech to Text Report to access the following research and analysis:

  • Introduction & Methodology 
  • Survey Participants by Industry 
  • Survey Participants by Location 
  • Key Takeaways 
  • State of Accessibility & Compliance Laws in Speech to Text Applications 
  • State of Security in Speech to Text Companies 
  • The Rise of Automated Speech Recognition
  • Speech to Text by the Numbers
    • Frequency of Use by Industry 
    • Top Features that Impact Vendor Selection
    • Expected Change in Spend by Service 
    • Percent of Content Converted Using Speech to Text Services
  • Customer Sentiment Analysis 
    • Speech to Text is a critical part of our workflow
    • We have increased productivity by using Speech to Text 
    • We have experienced positive ROI from Speech to Text
  • Top Industry Breakdown 
    • Media & Entertainment
    • Education 
    • Marketing & Advertising 
    • Market Research 
  • Summary & Conclusion

Speech to Text Technology is Here to Stay

Speech to Text services will continue to be an important part of workflows for professionals across a diverse range of industries. Among the many benefits that the use of speech services offer are an immense time and cost savings. 

In addition to these frequently cited benefits, speech to text technology has also made some major improvements to the accessibility and distribution of web, video, and audio content. As the demand for this sort of content grows, so will the use of speech to text services. 

For these reasons, businesses both large and small will invest in third party speech services that integrate transcription, captions, and subtitles more deeply into their product and educational offerings. This trend can be seen everywhere from popular social platforms like Facebook to academic settings like lecture halls and eLearning portals. 

We hope this report serves as a useful resource for those interested in the growing speech to text market. If you have more specific questions related to how your organization can take advantage of these technologies, our team is here to help. Feel free to contact us at

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