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Rev Compiled a Research Report on How Businesses Use Speech to Text Services

There are several types of text transcription services, from real time transcription to AI transcribed text and human-transcribed audio files. There are also several unique use cases for speech recognition technology, including voice commands, deep learning, call centers, and more. Learn more about how industries in 2020 use speech recognition.

Key Takeaways


The use of speech to text services is growing

As organizations continue to produce more content, there is a growing need for services that make content more digestible for internal and external audiences. Organizations convert audio to text to create this content.


of respondents saw an increase in the use of speech to text services this past year


of respondents expect the amount they spend on speech to text services to increase in the next 2-3 years


Speech to text services are becoming a critical part of respondents’ workflows

Users rely on speech to text services for many different reasons. These include sorting through hours of video, identifying specific people in audio with multiple speakers, or making content accessible to all customers.

of respondents say speech to text services are a critical part of their current workflow

of respondents have seen an increase in productivity by using speech to text services


The main benefits users are experiencing are time & cost savings

By off-loading these tasks to a vendor, users can focus on activities that are crucial to their business, which in turn saves them time and money.


of respondents selected Time Savings as a benefit from using speech to text services


of respondents expect the amount they spend on speech to text services to increase in the next 2-3 years


Speech to text users are more likely to use two or more services

An individual user can produce several types of audio and video content. Therefore, different users often need multiple services to meet different needs. These can include a combination of captioning, human transcription, and automatic transcription.

2/3 of respondents use more than one service
The most popular combination is human transcription & automatic transcription

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