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Celebrating Diversity: is Now Available in 26 More World Languages


RevBlogSpeech to Text TechnologyCelebrating Diversity: is Now Available in 26 More World Languages

Rev is well-known as the best you can get for transcripts, captions, and subtitles. But did you know that we also offer, a direct API to help you extract text data from huge volumes of audio and video content? That’s right! And we’re the best you can get in that department, too. Our customers love it, and we’re constantly making sure it stays that way.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that is now going global. Our Global Voice Recognition is now available in 26 more world languages (bringing the grand total to 31 languages!). It’s everything you know and love about our asynchronous Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) engine, now with even more languages at your disposal.

The languages include:

Arabic Finnish Korean Romanian
Bulgarian French Latvian Russian
Catalan German Lithuanian Slovak
Croatian Greek Malay Slovenian
Czech Hindi Mandarin Spanish
Danish Hungarian Norwegian Swedish
Dutch Italian Polish Turkish
English Japanese Portuguese

World languages were one of the most hotly requested features from our customers, with good reason.

Only 20 Percent of the World Speaks English

As the world gets more connected and barriers between us shrink,  your business’ speech needs are becoming global. The simple truth is that, out of the world’s roughly 7.5 billion inhabitants, only about 1.5 billion speak English. That leaves a lot of data to be explored.

For Both New and Established Global Programs

Whether you need to reduce the resources you already spend working with multiple ASR partners (both technical and otherwise), support your speech-to-text needs to focus on your core business problems, or want to finally expand out into the big, beautiful world by gleaning more data from all of your valuable non-English audio,’s got your back.

What are’s asynchronous speech recognition features?

The Best-in-Class Speech Recognition (Yeah, Still)

You’ve come to expect amazing things from Rev in English, and you’ll still be able to expect top-notch accuracy, ease, and speed in 31 languages. 

Solutions for *All* of Your Asynchronous API Needs

No more hopping around from provider to provider. You can do it all in one location, with us! We’ve built a streamlined offering around this very important use-case for our other global customers.

Security Assurance You Expect and Deserve

With the option to have zero data stored, we’re able to provide access broadly across your organization without risk to your business.

ID Individual Speakers No Matter Their Language

No matter the language, can identify who said what with our diarization flags.

Flexible Ordering for Your Convenience

You’ll be able to transcribe from any cloud storage provider – no limitations for you or your customers (and all ASR orders are accepted via API or website). 

Tailor Your Solution for Your Customers

Share unique names, industry-specific terminology, and more to improve the accuracy of your transcripts.

Affordable, fast transcription. 100% Guaranteed.