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Add Sentiment Insights to your Node.js Application


RevBlogSpeech to Text TechnologyAdd Sentiment Insights to your Node.js Application

Rev AI’s sentiment analysis API provides additional speech insights by analyzing sentiments in a written conversation. As an application developer, you can use this API to understand the emotions at play in a transcribed conversation and then build applications to act on those insights.

Some common applications for sentiment analysis include:

  • Tracking Customer Service satisfaction levels from customer agent interactions or written complaints
  • Scoring leads based on sales team member interactions with prospects
  • Understanding witness attitudes in depositions

If you’re a Node.js developer, check out our tutorial on integrating Rev AI’s Sentiment Analysis API with a Node.js application. It demonstrates how to use the Node.js Axios HTTP client to interact with the API, complete with detailed code examples, explanations and a sample application.

If you’re new to sentiment analysis, here are some additional resources to learn more about this API:

We hope you find this tutorial useful – write in and let us know what you think!

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