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Announcing the Free Rev Online Audio Trimmer Tool


Sep 1, 2020

Rev Trimmer

RevBlogRev SpotlightAnnouncing the Free Rev Online Audio Trimmer Tool

We are proud to announce here at Rev that we have released a tool to fulfill one of the most common requests by Rev customers: the ability to trim audio files. With the new, completely free Rev Online Audio Trimmer, you can trim a variety of audio files including:

  • MP3
  • AAC
  • WAV
  • FLAC
  • OGG
  • ALAC
  • M4A

The Rev Online Audio Trimmer can even trim the audio from an MP4 video file, the most common video format used on the internet.

How to Use

The Trimmer & Cutter tool is extremely easy to use, just start by going to the Rev Online Audio Trimmer page and click “upload” to add your file.

Upload Audio File


Once your file is uploaded, you will see a waveform with vertical white “trimming” bars on each end. Drag the trimming bars to select the audio you want to keep. The waves and spikes indicate sections of audio, so it’s very easy to find “dead” sections of audio (it will be where there are no vertical spikes and just straight horizontal lines).

You can click the “play” button to hear the audio, so you know you’re trimming the right sections of sound.

Trim your file

Trim bars in

Once you have dragged the vertical white bars where you want them, you can click the “Transcribe” button, which lets you transcribe the section of audio you’ve selected. You can also download a trimmed audio MP3 (the down arrow to the right of “transcribe”), or you can click the trashcan icon and start over.

More Rev Tools

We hope you enjoy this new tool from Rev! If you love our Audio Trimmer, check our our Online Voice Recorder and our Caption File Converter too.



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