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Announcing: New and Improved Global Subtitles


RevBlogRev Product FeaturesAnnouncing: New and Improved Global Subtitles

From boosting your content rankings and search engine visibility to providing a more enjoyable and accessible viewing experience for your global audience, having subtitles in your videos just gives your content that extra…oomph.

That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our new and improved Global Subtitles. This enhanced offering is shaped by the many interviews we’ve conducted and feedback we’ve received from you. 

Now, you’ll get faster and more accurate Global Subtitles that are contextually accurate, accessible and affordable, making it easy for you to scale your English video content to reach your audience all over the world. From Spanish to Arabic to Chinese, and many more, our subtitles are supported in 15+ available languages — giving you plenty of options to choose from.

I like the sound of this! Can you share some more details? 

Absolutely! In order to deliver more contextually accurate subtitles and a more customer-centric service, we’ve made significant improvements to our Global Subtitles process. Let’s dive a bit deeper into the main benefits of our improved offering, as well as take a look at what’s changed.  

Quality you can trust

As a customer, we understand that you’re probably ordering subtitles without actually knowing the languages you need subtitles for — which means it’s super important that you trust in the quality of our subtitles. 

To make sure we’re delivering high quality subtitles, we start by hiring excellent translators. All of our translators are vetted for high standards of native fluency and contextual accuracy by Rev’s quality performance team, as well as by third-party professional translators. 

Once our translators complete their subtitle files, we randomly audit a percentage of these files to ensure they retain the original messaging intent and are communicating in a way that global language speakers would understand. This review also checks that grammar and spelling passes all standards, and that the timing of the translation aligns with the pace of the original communication. 

Haas Automation, the largest machine tool builder in the western world, can attest to the quality of Rev’s Global Subtitles. As a company that wants to expand their global reach and serve new markets, they faced the challenge of getting their video content in multiple languages to support their markets in Europe, America and Asia. 

With Rev, Haas can easily drop source links to videos through Rev’s self-serve platform. Rev delivers the Global Subtitles in addition to the English caption file back in one seamless process. Not only is this quicker, simpler, and more affordable than Haas’ previous process, Rev is also able to provide Haas with very technically accurate translations. Ultimately, Haas is able to distribute their videos to new markets and reach more customers, while saving up to two hours per video

Global Subtitles are not only high quality, they also meet ADA compliance standards so your  subtitles are accessible.

For example, The University Television Center (UTC) at Mississippi State University produces content for the university’s social media channels, educational outreach, and marketing videos. When making their content more accessible, they found that in addition to providing ADA-compliant captions, their viewers had a need for subtitles in a variety of languages. This was where Rev came in.

“It’s important for Mississippi State to be accessible to all those trying to get an education,” says David Garraway, Director of the UTC at Mississippi State University. “Having accurate subtitles is a key part of that.”

Industry-leading turnaround time

Delays are never fun — which is why we try to complete your requests for Global Subtitles as soon as possible and 90% of our files are completed within 48 hours. That’s a pretty big deal, if we do say so ourselves (typically, the industry average turnaround time can be anywhere from 7-14 business days). 

Furthermore, you’re able to streamline your workflow and save time by choosing from multiple file formats for your completed files. This allows you to deliver content to any platform, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Kaltura, Brightcove, JWPlayer, or a LMS. 

Take Home Depot, which saw huge cost and time savings after using Rev. The home improvement giant faced the challenge of getting their 450,000+ employees across US, Canada and Mexico aligned on Home Depot’s internal educational content. This content includes employee training videos, leadership training content, product knowledge videos, and more. 

With Global Subtitles, Home Depot managed to reduce their subtitle costs by 90% for both English and Spanish captionswhile also receiving their subtitle files seven times quicker than the previous service they used.

Affordable pricing 

In line with these changes and improvements, we’re also introducing new prices for subtitles ranging from $5-$12 per minute of content, depending on the language. 

This new pricing reflects the additional value and allows us to raise pay for our translators. And of course, we’re also including a free version of your content’s English captions with every subtitle order. 

I can’t wait! How do I get started? 

Ready to reach more people around the globe through your video content? We got you. All you need to do is upload your files, and we’ll take it from there. Give Global Subtitles a try today

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