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Introducing the New & Improved Rev Call Recorder

Introcucing the New and Improved Rev Call Recorder

RevBlogRev Product FeaturesIntroducing the New & Improved Rev Call Recorder

Historically, recording important phone calls has been a tedious, complicated process — one full of multiple devices, cables, and opportunities for dropped calls or lost recordings. 

Not anymore. 

Now, thanks to Rev’s newly updated Call Recorder, recording your calls — and immediately ordering transcripts of those calls thereafter, should you choose — is easier than ever.

Here at Rev, we’re constantly working to improve our services so that our customers can enjoy a better experience. That’s why we updated our Call Recorder based on extensive customer feedback related to our original version of the app. If phone interviews or business calls are a regular part of your workday, then this free app is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

What’s this about recording phone calls?

We launched our original Call Recorder app in 2019, in an effort to make our customers’ lives easier. We knew that you had used all kinds of workarounds to record calls that you would then send us for audio transcription (ever the creative bunch!). 

But we wanted to simplify that experience. Our Call Recorder offers free, unlimited, no-merge recording, making it effortless to record your audio and then easily transcribe your phone calls and meetings directly from your phone — all within the same app

Gotcha. So, what’s new in the Rev Call Recorder 2.0?

Great question! We’ve made a few key changes to benefit our customers, including: 

  • A new call flow that improves and simplifies the user experience 
  • A UX facelift to make the app more aesthetically pleasing (who doesn’t like pretty stuff, right?)


Sweet! How does the new call flow work?

The new call flow consists of three incredibly easy steps:

  1. Tap Start Recorded Call button.
  2. Enter the phone number you want to call.
  3. The user will be placed in a conference line, which will automatically call the second user and start recording when they pick up. Nothing will change on the recipient’s end — they’ll see an incoming call from the dialer’s number, not the conference line.

NOTE: Before you start recording, make sure you’ve brushed up on the phone recording laws in your state. Better safe than sorry!

And you said the app is free?

We did say that! It doesn’t cost anything for users to record with the updated Rev Call Recorder app — you can record as many calls as you want. For free.

AND… if you want those calls transcribed, Rev is the best, most affordable option on the market. Plus, the app integrates with any existing Rev account, making it incredibly easy to order those transcripts.

Affordable, fast transcription. 100% Guaranteed.