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11 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Podcasts and Videos Like a Pro

11 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Podcasts and Videos

RevBlogMedia & Entertainment11 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Podcasts and Videos Like a Pro

It’s time-consuming producing high-quality content, especially videos and podcasts. So, when I see podcasters and video creators not repurposing their valuable content beyond posting a couple of links to their favorite social media accounts, I cringe.

Posting links to social media is easy, but boring. Not to mention, if you’re like me, you’ve got a full schedule, so maximizing every piece of new content gains me valuable time and helps my clients fill their content calendars. Which means I do a happy dance everytime I’m able to repurpose a podcast or video into at least a half a dozen different content pieces with little effort.

So, don’t just post a couple of links! Create a bigger punch with your podcasts and videos by repurposing them into these 11 creative content forms.

  • Create a Transcript
  • Create Clips and Mashups
  • Build Memes
  • Write Spinoff Articles
  • Provide Case Studies
  • Make Free Downloads
  • Build Infographics
  • Host Online Live Q&A Sessions
  • Republish to Sites Like LinkedIn, Medium and Reddit
  • Write Guest Posts
  • Send an Email Series

1. Create a Transcript

Making a transcript of your video or podcast is one of the easiest ways to repurpose your content. And you don’t even have to make the transcript yourself! Just use an affordable transcription service like Rev and then post the finished transcript as a blog on your website or a guest post on other sites. It’s just that easy!

Making a transcript of your video or podcast is one of the easiest ways to repurpose your content.

2. Create Clips and Mashups

I don’t know about you, but those silly little 30-second to two-minute video clips on Facebook often have me giggling into my morning tea. And I’m not the only one. Turning those exciting or funny points of your videos and podcasts into clips or mashups is a great way to repurpose and create interest for the longer piece. Just remember, helpful or funny is the way to go. And don’t forget to add captions!

3. Build Memes

Everybody loves a good meme. Why? Because they are fun, rememberable and easy to share. You should love them because they are easy to build and you can quickly make several per track using meme generators, programs or software like Canva or Photoshop, or create personal ones using Bitmoji starring you as a cartoon avatar.

4. Write Spinoff Articles

Did your video or podcast touch on a subject that wasn’t the theme of the show? Or did you have time to delve deeper into a topic that could use more explanation? Spinoff articles or quickie podcasts and videos are perfect for adding to your original piece while continuing to establish your authority as an expert. Post the spinoffs directly to your site, social media, or guest post!

5. Provide Case Studies

Case studies aren’t just for scientists. Anyone can use them, and people love them because they feel case studies are trustworthy. It’s all about presenting a story from start to finish complete with solutions to problems while helping people achieve their goals. Just use plenty of visual components and make the writing easy to read. Case studies also make excellent infographics (another repurposing hint)!

6. Make Free Downloads

Your email list is one of your most valuable marketing tools. And the easiest way to build one is by giving away free stuff. People think nothing of trading an email for something of value. Build your list by converting the main points from your podcasts or videos into free downloadable marketing magnets. But don’t be like the cable company, only offering the free download to new subscribers. Reward your current subscribers by email!

7. Build Infographics

I love a good infographic and so do a lot of other people. Infographics are a great way to condense a video or podcast into its main points for quick retention and to entice the viewer into clicking through and listening to or watching your show. Plus, building them is fun and repurposes your show into easily shareable content. Pop them into a blog post or an email or share across your social media channels.

8. Host Online Live Q&A Sessions

Hosting a live Q&A session on Facebook or Twitter a few days after the original show is a great way to keep your viewers and listeners talking. You’ll not only gain valuable feedback and insight on where you can improve but get ideas for future shows.

9. Republish to Sites Like LinkedIn, Medium and Reddit

Up your views by republishing your videos or podcasts or the transcripts for your shows on sites like LinkedIn, Medium or Reddit. Rework as a new piece or republish the identical copy using the migration and import tools without fear of being dinged by the search engines gods. As a personal recommendation, I do recommend changing the title and intro when republishing, but it isn’t necessary if you’re running short on time.

10. Write Guest Posts

Expand your audience by writing guest posts for high-authority websites featuring your podcast or video topics. Guest posting builds your authority as an expert and works to build backlinks which are essential for increasing your SEO rankings while also growing your follower count.

Expand your audience by writing guest posts for high-authority websites featuring your podcast or video topics.

11. Send an Email Series

Create a three to five piece email series for each new video or podcast you create. Set the first email up as the announcement and intro for the original podcast or video. The second, announces the date and platform of your upcoming Q&A session. The third includes your free download for your faithful followers. Finally, the fourth and fifth emails contain links to spinoff posts, the transcript or guest post links. Don’t forget to add your snazzy memes, infographics, and clips interspersed throughout the series.

The Final Word on Repurposing Podcasts and Videos

Don’t just create an excellent podcast or video and post a couple of links to it. Repurposing your hard work into multiple content forms can reap enormous promotional rewards, such as:

  • Reaching a larger audience.
  • Boosting your SEO and expert authority.
  • Reinforcing your message with repetition.
  • Increasing your return on investment of the one piece.
  • Saving you loads of time.

So, make as much new content as you can for each new podcast or video and spread it far and wide across the web, expanding your base and getting the most out of your valuable time and money. And don’t forget, there are even more creative content style ideas out there!

Want more content marketing, SEO and influencer outreach tips or looking for help with repurposing your content (or creating new)? Check out my LinkedIn articles and posts for more valuable info.

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