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46 Video Marketing Statistics: What Is the State of the Industry In 2024?

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RevBlogMarketing46 Video Marketing Statistics: What Is the State of the Industry In 2024?

Video marketing is when brands, companies, or marketers use videos to inform potential audiences or customers about their products. In an increasingly visual-focused media landscape, video marketing plays a huge role in appealing to new audiences and spreading the word about your company. The days of flipping open a newspaper or magazine are (mostly) in the past; now, consumers look to their cell phones for the latest products.

Let’s examine video marketing trends throughout the years and some key video marketing statistics to know for your visual strategy.

General Video Marketing Stats

All signs point to continued growth for video-focused content, including marketing. Online consumption is overwhelmingly focused on the visual. Let’s look at some key video marketing stats regarding general attitudes toward this medium and how video can be used to boost engagement.

  1. 92% of video marketers think video will play an important role in marketing in the next few years. (1)
  2. 90% of marketers say video marketing has created a good ROI. (2)
  3. 84% of consumers say watching product videos convinced them to buy the product. (3)
  4. 89% of consumers hope to see more brand videos in 2024. (2)
  5. 60% of video marketers target engagement rate as their top KPI, followed by conversion (56%) and click-through rates (52%). (4)
  6. Videos reach 92% of all internet users across the globe. (5)
  7. 48% of internal content marketers think that their organization is not reaching the fullest potential of video. (7)
  8. Almost 15% of those aged 26-35 spend somewhere between 10 and 20 hours per week watching videos. (6)
  9. 90% of marketers say using video has helped increase their brand’s awareness. (2)

Video SEO Statistics

Video SEO aims to increase the searchability and popularity of your videos. In an ever-growing video market, having a good video SEO strategy can help you become the best of the best. Let’s look at some video SEO statistics to help you nail it every time.

  1. Blog posts that include videos attract three times more inbound links than posts without. (10)
  2. 88% of videos ranking on Google are also ranking on YouTube. (11)
  3. Websites that include video content are 30 times more likely to rank on Google. (12)
  4. Brands that make video content earn 41% more web traffic from search than those that don’t. (13)

Video Production Statistics

A good video takes effort — it won’t be a good video just because you have an idea and a nice camera. A good video marketing strategy involves creating an engaging script, doing appropriate research, and editing. Let’s look at some video production statistics from marketers.

  1. 24% of video marketers look to external vendors to create their content. (2)
  2. 75% of video marketers leverage AI tools to help create or edit marketing videos. (2)
  3. 87% of consumers say the video quality impacts how much they trust a brand.(2)
  4. 96% of marketers think that the optimal length of a video is 10 minutes or under. (4)
  5. 43% of content marketers think their workplace lacks the in-house skills that are necessary to make good videos. (7)
  6. 48% of video marketers have created live-action video, making it the most popular type. (2)
  7. Most marketers in 2023 leveraged short-form video. (4)
  8. 39% of marketers believe that 30-60 seconds is the most effective video length. (2)
  9. 83% of respondents said they sometimes or always use captions or subtitles on videos for school work. (14)

Video Marketing B2C Data

How do video marketers get their videos in front of consumers? It’s all about drawing them in with good content that’s authentic and doesn’t feel phony. Let’s look at some key B2C video statistics.

  1. 39% of brands have created video testimonials, making video testimonials the most popular type of video marketing in recent years. (2)
  2. 90% of viewers will stay to watch a marketing video on YouTube. (3)
  3. 91% of consumers have watched a video explaining a product to learn more about a product or service. (2)
  4. 58% of consumers watch marketing videos on their mobile phones. (1)
  5. People are one and a half times more likely to watch daily videos on their smartphones than on their computers. (4)
  6. 67% of marketers say that the biggest ROI comes from sharing social videos on social media platforms platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. (4)
  7. 66% of B2C marketers use video marketing. (9)
  8. 86% of marketers say using video has helped them increase traffic to their website. (2)
  9. 82% of marketers report that videos keep visitors on their website longer. (2)
  10. 34% of students watch three or more hours of video content daily. (14)

Social Media Video: Facts + Figures

Social media is one of the main ways video marketers get their content out there. Video posting and sharing apps are a huge chunk of today’s social media world, so having a presence via video is crucial. Let’s look at social media statistics for video marketers.

  1. 79% of people indicated that they either “very much” or “somewhat” enjoy watching video content from brands online, with less than 3% sharing that they don’t like watching brand video content at all. (1)
  2. If respondents had to choose one social platform to distribute video content, 30% would choose LinkedIn, 25% would choose Instagram, and 21% would choose YouTube. (1)
  3. 90% of active Instagram accounts follow at least one business. (3)
  4. 77% of people have bought or downloaded an app after watching a video about it. (2)
  5. 90% of video marketers use YouTube. (2)
  6. 71% of videos created by companies are made for use on social media. (4)
  7. Videos account for 82.5% of all internet and web traffic. (3)

Data on the Cost of Video Marketing

If you decide to go all-in on video, how much can you expect to spend? Let’s look at video marketing cost statistics to see how the best video marketers are breaking down their budgets.

  1. 49% of respondents plan to spend $2,500 or less on their projects, with 15% planning to spend $10,000 or more. (1)
  2. 20% of marketers who don’t use video say it’s too expensive. (2)
  3. 85% of video marketers plan to maintain or increase spending on video in 2024. (2)
  4. 49% of marketers feel the costs of video marketing are on the rise, while 29% say it’s getting cheaper. (2)
  5. 56% of marketers reported that short-form video was the top trend they planned to invest in in 2024. (4)
  6. 40% of content marketers feel that their organization doesn’t have the budget to make videos. (7)
  7. Total video advertising spending in the United States was expected to increase to $78.5 billion in 2023. (8)

What Does the Future Hold for Video Marketing?

No matter how you slice it: video is definitely on the rise. With millions of people accessing video-focused apps like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube per day, this is a crucial avenue through which you can gain customers and increase brand awareness. If you haven’t already started investing some of your marketing spend on video, it’s a good idea to start.

You can focus on paid ads, or be part of the 31% of video marketers who rely on organic reach to spread their videos. You can set yourself up for an organic viral video through good production value, trend monitoring to see when you can join in on a relevant craze, and accessibility features like closed captioning and audio descriptions, which make your videos accessible to all audiences.

Lights, Camera, Action

Be part of the video revolution by making video marketing part of your content strategy. Many video consumption trends point to audiences enjoying short, engaging, informative videos that are accessible and helpful.

On the accessibility front, Rev can help. See how our closed captioning services can help up-level your video marketing by making your videos accessible to everyone.


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