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3 Unexpected Ways to Increase User Engagement With Video


RevBlogMarketing3 Unexpected Ways to Increase User Engagement With Video

Are your video marketing campaigns giving you the ROI you’d expect or falling short? Video marketing has become one of the most compelling ways to market your business – and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 

So, if video marketing is where everyone’s at, why aren’t more people watching – and responding to – yours? Learn how to engage, and attract every target audience to your heart’s content, while enjoying more return than ever from your video marketing investment. 

Modern Video Marketing (and Some Staggering Statistics!) 

According to LearnHub, videos generate more likes and shares than images and text combined. Unfortunately, it’s been hard to compete with so many individuals and business owners on board and active in the video marketing space (a staggering 70% of marketers used video marketing last year alone!).

There’s an oversaturation of video on the internet – yet, there’s light at the end of the tunnel for marketers that want to enhance their content strategy with video. 

When executed the right way, video marketing can exponentially help to drive sales. So, whether you focus on landing pages, sales pages, industry-focused blog posts, SEO-rich YouTube campaigns, or paid ads, every effort in video marketing counts. 

Here’s a roadmap to optimizing every one of your efforts to generate the maximum ROI possible. 

Video Marketing – Where Do I Focus My Time and Energy?

Your video performance can depend on the content platforms that you use. For example, if you are a podcaster who publishes podcast episodes on Spotify exclusively but isn’t getting a high number of views, it could be just that – a numbers game. 

Spotify is oversaturated with audio content – meaning if you aren’t getting found because of the sea of other more visible podcasters, you won’t see much of a return on your time and efforts.

Yet, by optimizing each episode with transcripts, adding keywords people are already searching for, promoting it in your email sequence, and creating a video ad on Google, you’ll start to build momentum. 

Getting Started With User-Friendly Video Hosting Platforms

If you’re new to video marketing, it can be overwhelming to figure out where to publish your videos. Just Google “what platforms to publish videos,” and you’ll get over 50 million results. Here’s a short list of some of the most user-friendly platforms around:

  • YouTube. Creating and maintaining an active channel is key to scaling up in popularity and visibility with YouTube. As long as you have a Google account, you’re good to go. Optimizing your videos becomes a lot easier when you add transcriptions to each episode’s description (that way, major search engines can index your videos) and captions
  • Daily Motion. With over 300 million users, DailyMotion is another popular video platform. Be sure to limit your video files to 60 minutes or less, add as much SEO-rich content as possible, and use visual resources like captions, subtitles, and transcripts to optimize visibility.
  • Vimeo. Another popular video hosting platform, Vimeo provides a user-friendly interface, allowing users to publish videos straight to their website. Replace a video without generating a new URL, or manage larger volumes of video by quickly updating the video.

Kyle Brodeur of CXL Institute Courses, uses Rev captions and likes Vimeo for its nimble features: 

“Vimeo has the cheapest cost for storing our videos with the feature sets we require. Some of these features are privacy controls, ease of updating video content in place, and integrations with captions services like” 

Video Marketing Optimization – Utilizing the Power of Transcripts, Captions and Subtitles 

With so many videos out there, how do you increase your video views?  Through the power of consumer engagement. Here’s why the right video marketing strategy and execution count more than ever.

So, whether you’re a team of 1 or 20, our guide will point you in the right direction – one that viewers will react and respond to. 

Promote Appeal With a Larger Audience By Using Captions 

Did you know that captions can increase view time? This is especially important – now more than ever – considering 85% of viewers watch a video with the sound off. 

So, whether you worry about staying in compliance with ADA and making your videos accessible for everyone, or you want to improve your engagement for viewers while they watch your video with the sound turned off, captions are the ideal solution.  

Entice Greater User Engagement With Transcription 

Every time a video is created, a transcript should follow. For example, suppose you have a high volume of video that you need to sift through in order to find the ideal content to promote (a typical challenge for video producers and video production teams).

Without transcripts, this task can take hours.

With transcripts, it can take minutes. 

 Use transcription to quickly find those ‘golden moments’, highlight them on your social media platforms and news outlets, or even repurpose them with a content amplification strategy. Transcripts, when utilized correctly, will change the entire video marketing game. 

Build a Global Audience with Subtitles 

When you add subtitles to your videos, everyone can enjoy and reap the benefits of your product or service – regardless of the language they speak. The most successful video marketing campaigns offer inclusivity.

By using subtitles, you’re sending a clear message that’s everyone is invited and belongs to your community. Talk about powerful marketing! 

Because the use of subtitles allows your videos to be accessible for everyone, anywhere – regardless of their native tongue, you can expand your marketing into brand new markets. Utilize subtitles to reach a global audience that allows non-native viewers to engage, share your content, click through your offerings and become a loyal subscriber.

Without it, you’ve missed out on a potentially powerful opportunity to reach a whole new audience. 


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