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Top 10 Viral Subtitle Moments on Social Media


RevBlogCaptionsTop 10 Viral Subtitle Moments on Social Media

You’ve probably witnessed the viral phenomenon that is Subtitlemania; these pro-text posts often amass hundreds-of-thousands of likes and retweets across Twitter on any given day.

Considering their undeniable role in elevating the streaming experience (not to mention the fact that they’re entirely necessary for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers), the enthusiasm for subtitles and closed captions checks out.

To streamers craving clarity in a world where mumble-acting demands a “Huh?” every five minutes, closed captions show up looking like an absolute snack.

And to those who enjoy indulging in actual movie time snacks, closed captions give a voice to the crunched.

The love they inspire isn’t hard to understand. But what exactly turns these casual closed caption users into full-fledged tweeting loyalists?

What is it about those one-inch charmers that rouses such zealous adoration?

We scoured Twitter for answers *directly* from sub-porters:

1) Some just like it spicy

2) Big brain flex: incoming

3)  [CC] you later

4) To compensate for lost brain cells, a raise is only fair

5) What yard-sign dreams are made of

6) SO many (ahem: 2020 Revcommendation: Foreign Films Edition)

7) Hulu with the fire response

8) It’s called literacy, sweetie

9) This is your brain on closed captions: 😌

10) And finally, ACCESS IS A HUMAN RIGHT (a lovely thread)

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